SWTOR Nvidia Rule the Galaxy Giveaway Items

SWTOR Nvidia Rule the Galaxy Giveaway items have been sent out.

Check your Nvidia Geforce software (Notification icon) to see if you have received the codes or not. If you have the code, redeem it here:

After you redeemed it, you will need to log into SWTOR and check your mail. It should be sent to all characters. The items you will receive in the mail are the Force Veteran armor set and the Chiss Talon Interceptor. The Outlander Token and access to the expansion won’t be in the mail.

Here are the images of the Chiss Talon Interceptor and the Force Veteran armor set.

Force Veteran

Chiss Talon Interceptor

By Dulfy

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170 replies on “SWTOR Nvidia Rule the Galaxy Giveaway Items”

Hm, I was pretty salty about nvidia screwing this up, but now seeing the armor up close, and that nails on the chalkboard sound the mount makes… perhaps not as salty.

meh, they’ll probs put em both up for direct sale within a month… cant miss out on any opportunity for more cash now that they’re “exclusive”… :/

people that hate spoilers a day or 2 after a SW movie comes out well you deserve to see or hear them. If you are a true fan you are there opening night or the next day to see the movie. I dont care what you have going on ( unless family emergency) you are there.

They don’t have time to announce S9 rewards. They don’t have time to fix KDY after few months even though they said it’s fixed – it isn’t, just came back from bugged KDY. They don’t have time to fix bugs which were in game for like 4 years now. They promised us full ops run by the end of this year.
They have time to make terrible giveaways and screw up comp gifts to the point of those becoming an exploit.
Good job.

Half the shit in the last patch notes is still broke and they don’t address it at all.

1. Eyes – partial fix partially broke
2. KDY – 50/50 whether it works
3. GSF – emp missile changes did not get the damage increase
4. CXP – still highlights all and shows additional cxp+uc’s if you don’t manualy clear it.

I once had a non-NVIDIA graphics card installed. Worst mistake I did in my gaming life. NVIDIA all the way. I don’t care about the promos. I care about a good, fast, reliable graphics card. THAT they do deliver.

i’m reporting to the ASA in the uk as the whole thing feels a mess and fixed and the nvidia comment in the own forums is a bloody joke

how? you never update your graphic card drivers? go to nvidia site, go to drivers section, add what type of card u got your OS version and download them, then run the exe file to install

It makes us players that played from the f***ng start, or some that played the beta feel loved. I got zilch. I use NVIDIA products for a long time. I play since beta. And I have a CHANCE of getting that awesome mount. I don’t care about the armor but that speeder…. damn it BioWare… just damn it.


Yeah, It’s quite a disappointment. I’ve been, like you, playing this game since beta and I’ve used nvidia products and geforce experience since I remember but I’ve never received a single giveaway and clearly not even this one that was quite interesting…

It will not take long for the speeder to appear recolored in some pack.
But the armor maybe fews pieces thrown on random outfits.

With admissions on the Nvidia forums from some people that they received multiple codes while most received nothing, this whole thing was rather poorly managed by Nvidia.

I didn’t even try to get this. No fault on BW’s side this time: GeForce (Bad) Experience is so buggy it makes TOR look like a game with no bugs lol. I had the program installed, and it gave me more trouble than it’s worth. If I want to update my drivers I’ll do it myself tyvm.

I stopped using Nvidia when I caught them straight up lying.

When Secret Worlds launched, Funcom partnered with Nvidia to do a SystemRequirementsLab-style analysis of your gaming computer on TSW’s home page. I was running the game on Ultra-High everything with the Radeon 6800 I had at the time. Nvidia said I couldn’t even run it on the lowest settings and recommended I upgrade to an Nvidia card. I’ve had no trouble since then and am still running TSW and SWL on Ultra-high on a Radeon 7800.

Well when you take into play all the fans here and on Discord. I’m sure someone supplied an extra code if they got multiple.

Its not a requirement. I didnt make it. Just adding awareness as a lot of other people are upset but not really doing anything….

So you’d rather just whine your ass on the forums like a 13 yr old girl instead of actually doing something? Awesome.

What the fuck are you on about? Signing a useless petition because you’re crying over a movie and you’re going to call me a 13 year old girl? LMAO. Go join a support group to talk about how Rian Johnson hurt your feelings and ruined your childhood.

A petition against a movie that’s already made and in theaters? Oh that’s a worthwhile project right there… You want the director to admit the movie is awful? What’s the point in that? Even if he did, what’s the point? Does it make you feel better? Is it going to change ANYTHING? Are they going to re-shoot the movie?

I fail to see the point in such a petition. Mind you, it has nothing to do with my own opinion of the movie. It just makes absolutely no sense to do this. Or to sign it.

It’s kind of all this game is and pretty much has always been. Someone getting cosmetics with the intention of the majority feeling disdain because they are the peons. SWTOR is only about dress up and nothing about the game being fun in any way.

They put the mount under the collection but not the armor, guess I need to hold on to that until they fix it, just in case…

Oh nice, so another unobtainable item leaving a glaring hole in the collections page for those of us who are collector-types.

Rigged giveaway, Nvidia already disclosed they’re freely choosing WHO they’re giving these too.

People really need to stop using the term ‘Giveaway’

There are a lot of f2p players in the game and they stopped paying for sub. It’s called reality check and taking care of what matters. Not his fault you don’t have a life.

I need a life because I can afford a trivial amount per month for a hobby and don’t go around asking for handouts? Curious logic.

Reality check; if you can’t afford something as inexpensive as a sub, you’ve got more important shit to do than be playing games. Like, sorting out your precarious existence so that you’re not in such a shitty financial position.

The sub fee is nothing. I’ll never understand why F2P cheapskates think they should get anything extra purely because they won’t pay for their entertainment.

Completely agree. Now: is the game worth a sub, cheap as it may be? That’s a completely different can of worms to open. But I am slowly starting to think maybe it is, at least for me…

Aye, whether it’s worth it comes down to personal preference and how long you’ve played, really. For me it’s worth it just to do away with the retarded restrictions, since they make it unplayable. No idea how people manage to play with a 350K credit limit.

Well, as an almost die-hard preffered, i can say that with the new legacy bank, the cap has become a very little problem actually, all you need to do is dump your creds in your bank, and if you want something above 350K, give the creds to a sub friend/guildie you trust and ask him buy that item off the GTN.

Yeah? Might consider that then. As it stands, my sub gets me little else. Credits are the main issue. Thanks for the tip. Keep forgetting we have a legacy bank now XD

No problem dude! As i don’t find a full sub worth it for me (don’t play THAT often to sub) so i try to figure out the best way to handle cred cap as preffered, with the new bank it’s been a very welcome change 🙂

Legacy bank is a godsend. Not only what you mentioned, even for subs it’s a great improvement. I must have spent the equivalent of a month’s sub just sending money through mail to all my characters…

Can’t afford it =/= don’t want to pay for it. I suggest you learn the difference. Your assumptions make you look like a trailer-trash tosser with siblings for parents.

If he’s so poor that he can’t afford it, he needs to get off his lazy arse and sort his life out instead of begging for handouts online. But I did say that in my last post, which you clearly didn’t read before you decided to start white knighting.

Whow. all I did was ask for an extra and im just 14 years old i cant even get a job yet…

I just love it when people on the Internet start blowing things out of proportion and completely missing the point…

Maybe someone can’t actually afford to pay for the game. My two sons that played couldn’t. They started f2p, and then got me to pay for a couple of subs, because they couldn’t get anything done. I can understand that. Last time I checked my government didn’t pay for students to attend school…

But if you’re an adult and you won’t pay for the game why do you “need” a specific speeder? You care enough to look cool, but not to support the game? That makes NO sense. You need a speeder to get around? A speeder costs 10,000 credits at the Fleet. I can make 10 thousand killing trash in any given planet. Running ONE Heroic. Or anything, feel free to insert your favourite method for quickly making 10 thousand credits in this game.

If you can’t pay for it as an adult… Well, Ben already covered that topic.

If you don’t want to pay for it, don’t come asking for handouts.

That’s actually not correct. Those that stop paying for a sub (myself included) do not become f2p. They become Preferred players. Subtle but important difference.

That status still makes the game as unplayable as F2P. Surprised nobody has noticed they jacked the price of server transfers back up to 1000cc’s.

Hummm… Yeah, I get what you’re saying. It’s not completely unplayable for me personally. But I dedicated a good part of a couple o’subs to buying every possible unlock in the game. I can use Artifact equipment, I can go to Section X and do the dailies and get my beloved HK-51… You know the drill.

The real pain was going to Ops. But even that was ok, since you used to have Ops passes. I still have some laying around in my cargo hold. Useless now, obviously. And even if I didn’t have some, there were always passes with the Guilds I ran with. So that was not a problem really. It is NOW.

Other than that, the other real pain was crafting. I wouldn’t recommend crafting as a f2p unless you have some sadistic instinct to suffer deep inside yourself. But then I can only hold 350K, so as Pref I buy EVERYTHING I can get, equipment-wise. Used to craft everything, all crafters leveled to max. Provided some Guilds with everything I could make, if the guys gave me the mats. Don’t bother with that these days…

They didn’t “Jack up the price of server transfers” they were on discount because of the server merges. And they announced this. Also, what does server transfer price have to do with anything in that comment thread?

thanks lol but I play with my brother and we cant get past lvl 50 and cant use most items. Its sad thats why i wanted a code so I can get the free expansion till lvl 65 atleast i can play what I want a bit more.

Get over your homophobia and get a clue. Who gives a damn who is fucking who when they can’t even get the damned story even close to right? Fuck off already, done with your whinny, Christian bullshit.

Look, I’m not defending Smedley, but there is no need to bring religion into this. There are a great many people, from many different belief systems and walks of life that believe a great many different things. I don’t agree with Smedley, nor do I think that religion should be part of the conversation or used as a way to “bash” someone.
I dislike Smedley as much as everyone else here and his bashing others peoples choices just proves how much of an idiot he is, but singling out a just one belief system for something that the majority of them hold in common is wrong.

A thousand pardons but well over 95% of the time I hear such homophobic statements they are being shouted out by Christian dick heads. Until I hear another religion blasting that out anywhere near as much I’ll give Christians some slack. “When you hear hoofbeats, one thinks of horses not zebras”.

Yeah, well in Middle Eastern countries and such the Muslims just stone them to death rather than make a holler lol

Oh gee! Why didn’t you say so? That just makes it all better then now that those pesky Muslims are doing worse! An asshole is an asshole, religion or location.

You really see no difference between a comment “I think this is wrong” and executing someone for being gay? just people “being assholes?”

I did see above. What is clear is your absolute hatred and prejudice against Christians. It’s is clearly not about Homosexuals at all. If it was you would be more outraged at muslims who Murder homosexuals, than Christians who say they think that this is wrong behavior. Logically.
You can stop pretending you care about homosexuals now, bigot.

As you know not the slightest thing about me cupcake you can fuck off. Christians have earned my contempt as has Islam. The difference is Christians like to pretend they are so much better and pure while any other religion is evil just for existing. You don’t give a damn about what my issues are, you are just cheerleading for the White Religion That Never Sins.

Actually, I’m not defending anyone, just pointing out your insane bias. The hate is coming quite clearly from your keyboard, no magic insight necessary. Just to point out the obvious, if you reread my comments I defended absolutely no one or any beliefs, yet you imagined I did and lashed out at me because of your hallucination.
Please continue your irrational venom coming my way. Makes you look so well adjusted. I suggest some therapy. It’s not a good look.

Please note, you shouldn’t judge and hate an entire group of people numbering in the billions based on the behavior of just a few.

It is always okay to bash Islam and other religions but oh don’t dare point out the bs from Christianity or you are being hateful. To be honest I find all religions a con game in this day and age but whatever gets people though the night. Just don’t try to justify centuries of crap by saying “Oh but this religion is being bad now!” while children are still being molested by priests. What you are perceiving as hate is anger. I dislike abuse of power no matter the form. If that still puzzles you then I don’t know what else can be done. A good day to you.

You’re still hallucinating. I didn’t bash anyone or defend anyone. You tried to say you care about gays, yet you attack group A that mistreats gays at level 2, yet ignore group B that mistreats gays at level 10. This makes no sense.

Obviously you care nothing for gays – you just use them as window dressing to disguise your bile and hatred toward a group based on some wild hallucinations or bad behavior of a small minority of that group.

Don’t get mad at me because I see through your bullshit. I want to make sure you see it to. Stop deluding yourself, own your bigotry. I won’t defend anyone.

That’s okay little one, keep on grasping at those straws. I’m sure sooner or later something will stick the way you want. You be a cheerleader for the “White Religion That Never Sins” and I’ll continue to point out the bullshit. Enjoy!

Again, no need to make it about religion, it’s more about common decency and respectfulness, not religion.
I had to “collect” the body of a man in Afghanistan who was beheaded for being gay and drove a badly burned young lesbian woman to our Hospital a few weeks later. Some people don’t write, yell or say terrible things, they DO terrible things.
Lets make it about respectfulness and decency, not religion.

Don loco take a pill or smoke some weed, something and get over yourself. Muslems just cut the heads off of Gays, nope they are way beyond hating christians, yep!

Wrong, try again. The Muslims are just doing another copy of the Christians though they are being nicer I must say. Take a wee walk though history not dictated by the church and you’ll learn some pretty fuck up things. Believe what you will little one, wiser heads than yours know the truth.

It’s okay we’re here for you the tingle in your pants from looking at them will go away just pray it away honey (:

Oh noooooooooo! Someone said “homosexual romance” and you got triggered. Did I use a gay slur? Did I attack your fragile little protected class? Nope. Just the mention of GAY or HOMOSEXUAL and the warriors come out of the woodwork.

We just think you are a worthless piece of Rump droppings. No triggers, just decent human beings unlike you. Hard to understand I know but that’s because you are what you are.

Homophobia still eliciting an emotional response? Good, we can keep it alive for another ten years. With the state of education today they’ll never learn.

John Smedley: I honestly support you in this … don’t need disgusting homo stories in a game (don’t need lootboxes nonsense either). Thumbs up!

And i don’t need that disgusting psychopath Jaesa in the story. Let the hateful comments from juggs and virgin nerds flow!

Fuck this lottery dipshit. What will be next? A fresh birth child will be packed in the lootbox so other “adults” could pay money for it and see what child they’ll get because they can’t have their own? LoL

According to my GeForce Experience Redeem page, this isn’t redeemed yet. If any of you redeemed it or you try it and it didn’t work, post it here, so others won’t try. I got 4 codes and I heard some might not work, but so far 3 of them works and this is the extra one.

Can someone give me an extra code please ? I got Nvidia but it’s not an avaible giveway in France… Please i really love Chiss race and i need so badly this mount…

In my GeForce Experience window, I don’t even have a notification icon, or the triangle thingy next to it in your screen shot. Just the portrait and the gear (settings) icon. I’m guessing that I didn’t get any codes, but the fact that I don’t even have a notification button to click to tell me “You have no notifications at this time” makes me wonder if I needed to update something. Does anyone else not have either of those two icons (notification bell or the triangle) next to the settings button?

the only cool thing about geforce experience is that you can display all your fancy games in a single library, then it becomes useless

Find “Programs and Features” on your computer. Scroll down until you find NVIDIA Ge Force Experience. Right-click and uninstall. 😉

Please don’t. The Gray Jedi are the definition of edgelords in Star Wars, and the Revanites are just brainwashed puppets.

Actually hack director rian johnson got rid of all that. No Jedi/Sith or anything. Just penguin hamsters in space.

well disney need to R*** the hell of of the ip and screw everyone over with useless toys , i still have a falcon from 1980 it’s better made then the crap disney is over selling

Well, damn. I didn’t think it was a random draw kind of thing. I’ve been eagerly watching my notifications. Any kind soul out there still have a code to part with? dmarkhood@gmail…

If someone can be so kind as to share a code, I’d be most grateful.
my email is:
Thank you so much if you can (I’ll post, if i get one) and God bless. I try to do the same whenever I get a code; good karma (hopefully).
Happy holidays, folks.

hope to not end all the codes so someone to gift me one, its my 1st time
that im asking in public for something. The speeder is amazingly
beautiful. (

If anyone is still looking for a code then please be aware that the time to redeem has expired as of 12/31/17.

FYI, I redeemed two of the codes just now, and they worked. If you still have not gotten a chance to use it, do it now!

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