Destiny 2 The Dawning Engram Armor Cosmetics Gallery

A gallery of all the new armor and cosmetics from the Dawning Engrams.

Bright Dust purchase prices

  • Armor: 1200 for chest, 800 for rest (each)
  • Exotic sparrow: 2500
  • Legendary ship: 500
  • Legendary shell: 400
  • Common emote: 400
  • Common transmat effect: 450
  • Shaders Pack: 150


Titan (Mobility) 

Hunter (Survivalist)

Warlock (Resilience)

Ships & Sparrows



Ghost Shells & Emotes

Ghost Shells


Shaders & Transmat Effects


Transmat Effects

  • All of this stuff looks the same to me. They need to change out designers from time to time. Why do all of the Titans just look like midevel space marines?

    • Jalen Dmello

      The sparrows especially, it just seems like they are removing/ swapping fenders/bumpers/spoilers around -_-

      • Drago Musevini

        Kind of like ricers.

      • minion_condi_necro

        The paintjobs are awful IMO. Two-tone color patterns? Pure laze. There’s some really good patterns even on the base game’s Sparrows, why are these so bland?

      • DiamondDNice

        seriously, it makes me think they don’t have enough people to do the stuff like redesigning so they just change paint. same with some guns too. well and lots of the missions and enemies.

  • Zenis

    Is armor just regular equipment or we can get it as ornament and use on other gear?

    • Regular equipment

      • Zenis

        Thanks Dulfy. Really wish more armor sets can be made in to ornaments and especially Ghost Shell as they come in various models and with random perks. I would never guessed that this would bother me so much.

  • minion_condi_necro

    Wow these look good and the shaders are great but… Ugh. The implementation is awful. Bungievision too sucked up in their own greed.

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