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Destiny 2 The Dawning Event Guide

Destiny 2 The Dawning event guide. This event will run for three weeks from Dec 19  to Jan 9.


Getting Started

Go to Ikora in the Tower, she will give you a new emblem for The Dawning and start the new weekly milestone.


The weekly milestone is simply completing 5x matches in the Mayhem Crucible playlist and do 5x Strikes. While this can be done on each character, it will only give Dawning Engrams to the first character that completes each step.


For the daily Milestone, you will want to interact with the Dawning Gift schematic next to Ikora. This schematic will go into your ghost slot and there are a couple of different ones, each with a list of requirements to complete.


Daily Milestones

These daily milestones will give you A Gift In Return, which are like mini Dawning Engrams with some unique items. There are a bunch of different Daily Milestones so each day you will potentially get a different one.  You can also do them on each of your three characters.


Unique Items from A Gift in Return




  • Collect 10x Dusklight from EDZ and Kill 50 enemies on Nessus
  • Dusklight is the resource on EDZ. Having a ghost shell that detect resources on EDZ would speed this up.



  • Collect 10x Phaseglass Needles on Io and kill 50 enemies on Titan. While the description for this says to get Phaseglass Spires (blue version), it is actually the green version (needles) that you need to collect thankfully. Phaseglass Needles can be a bit difficult to find if you don’t have the ghost shell that shows resources on Io.
  • For the 50 enemies on Titan you can just do a Lost Sector and that should have enough enemies if you do it twice.



  • Collect 10 Datalettices from Nessus and defeat 30 Vex Hobgoblins.
  • Datalattice is the resource on Nessus where you can also find the Vex Hobgolins (annoying Vex snipers that goes immune when you attack them). A good place for Hobgoblins is the Lost Sector by Artifact’s Edge. There is around 9-10 of Hobgoblins in one Lost Sector and you can just fast travel after you cleared it to repeat.



  • Collect 10 Dusklight Shards on EDZ and kill 15 Hive Wizards.
  • Dusklight is the resource you collect on EDZ. Having a ghost shell that can detect resources on EDZ will make this a lot easier.
  • Hive Wizards are found on Titan. There is one by the room in Siren’s Watch and the event by The Rig usually spawns two. The Solarium also has a wizard. You can kill them and then reset the room by quick travel to the nearby landing platform. Another option is to run the Savathun’s Song strike as that spawns tons of Wizards.



  • Collect 10 Alkane Dusts and defeat 30 Vex Fanatics (exploding Vex).
  • Alkane Dusts are resources found on Titan.
  • For Vex Fanatics, go to Ikora and replay the Mediation, “Six”. The first respawn restricted section in the mission have a bunch of fanatics that spawn. If you don’t get everything in one go, just kill yourself and repeat. If this Mediation isn’t available, you can try the Vex Construction events that occur frequently on Nessus. They spawn a lot of fanatics on the 3 plates that you need to activate to trigger heroic.


Lord Shaxx

  • Collect 10x Phaseglass Needles on Io and defeat 15x Servitors
  • Phaseglass Needles can be a bit difficult to find if you don’t have the ghost shell that shows resources on Io.
  • Servitors are hard to find in the wild but there are two public events in EDZ (Ether Supply) that have ~5 servitors per event (Outskirts and Firebase Hades). Additionally, there are two Servitors in the first room of the Lost Sector by Exodus Black on Nessus. You can clear the first room, quicktravel to the landing zone to reset the instance and then rinse and repeat.



  • Collect 3x Alkane Spores from Titan and Defeat 50 enemies on Nessus
  • Killing on enemies on Nessus is easy enough but the most annoying one is collecting Alkane Spores. Alkanes are all around on Titan but most of the time they only give you Alkane Dust, the green version. You have to do this for a long time to get 3 Alkane Spores to drop. Having a ghost shell that detect resources on Titan would help a lot here. The drop rate is about 1 Alkane Spore for every 15 Alkane Dust. If you already have an Alkane Spore in your inventory, you can store it in the vault and then take it back twice to complete this objective.
  • For a quick 50 enemies on Nessus go do the Lost Sector by Exodus Black, has a lot of enemies clustered together.



  • Collect 10 Datalattices on Nessus and Defeat 30x Thrall.
  • Thralls can be found on Titan (they are the lowly minions of the Hive)  and Datalattices are the resource on Nessus. A good place to farm Thralls are the rooms by Siren’s Watch and The Rig that houses Taken Wizards. You can clear the room, then quick travel to the nearby landing platform to reset it.



  • Collect 3x Dusklight Crystals from EDZ and kill 20 Vex Minotaurs.
  • Dusklight Crystals are the rare (blue) version of the Dusklight. They have a low drop rate and is a pain to collect. Having a ghost shell that can detect resources on EDZ will speed this up a bit. If you already have a Dusklight Crystal in your inventory, you can store it in the vault and then take it back twice to complete this objective.
  • Vex Minotaurs can be found on Io, Nessus and Mercury. They are the heavily shielded Vex variants. Vex Construction events on Nessus tend to spawn a ton of Minotaurs. You can also go to Nessus Artifact’s Edge and when you drop down from the landing platform there is a group of Vex that spawns frequently with a Minotaur. You can keep quick travel back to the landing platform to load into a different instance after you cleared them.



  • Collect 10 Legendary Engrams (can just purchase them from Rahool) and kill 50 Taken (you can find them on Io). Try the Lost Sector if you have trouble getting enough Taken kills quickly. The one by The Rapture has a ton of Taken inside.



  • Collect 10 Datalattices on Nessus and kill 40 Acolytes (can be found on Titan).
  • A good place to farm Acolytes is the Lost Sector by the Rig in Titan. It is a room full of Acolytes and you can finish it in ~2 runs.



  • Collect 10 Phaseglass on Io and kill 50 Red Legion enemies. Phaseglass is the resource on Io and you can find Red legion pretty much anywhere (EDZ has a lot).


Weekly Milestone

This weekly Milestone has two steps and each step rewards a Dawning Engram. While you can do this on all three characters, only the first character that complete the Milestone steps will receive Dawning Engrams. This means that you can receive a max of 7 Dawning Engrams for the duration of the event (2 per week for 3 weeks and then the free one from Eververse).

Step 1: Mayhem

Go to the Crucible and complete 5x Mayhem Matches. Mayhem is a special version of the crucible matches where your super, grenades, class abilities and heavy pick ups recharge much faster so it is more chaos and mayhem.

Step 2: Strikes

Complete 5 strikes (nightfall, regular strikes, or heroic strikes all work)

After you completed both steps, return to Ikora and you will get a Boon of the Dawning from her.


Cosmetics & Rewards

The Dawning has its own selection of cosmetics in the form of Dawning Engrams. Eververse also have a different selection of items for purchase each week for Bright Dust. You can only get a max of 7 Dawning Engrams from the event so you will need to rely on A Gift in Returns daily rewards or buy more with Silver.


Eververse also sells a Star of Dark Nights Bundle for 1500 silver (~$22 USD) that give an unique legendary sparrow, 3 Dawning Engrams and a bunch of shaders.


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24 replies on “Destiny 2 The Dawning Event Guide”

The gifts you get from completing the daily thing have unique rewards too. I saw a cloak in the one I got from Hawthorne (didn’t get it, unfortunately, looks really nice), and I know it’s a new one that isn’t part of the other Dawning armor set.

There’s a trick that if you put Blue minerals such as Dusklight Crystals into your storage and take them out it counts as you acquiring them. Only appears to work for the blue elements versions though. So you can have just 1 and keep putting it in and out of your inventory to increment the quest.

I feel this should be added, but putting a blue resource needed for the gift into the vault and then taking it out will count multiple times for the gift’s tracker. I saw that it worked for hawthorns and I just did it for Failsafe’s.

For Cayde’s gift: Easiest way I found to get the Hive wizards is to do the “Deathless” adventure on Titan. There is a point where respawning is restricted and there are two wizards. Just kill them and then let yourself die. Rinse and repeat until done. 🙂

For the Minotaurs on Nessus Artifact’s Edge, you don’t actually have to reinstance. You can just run back to the area right next to the base of the slowfall elevator thing and the Minotaur group will respawn.

You can even shoot from there with Nameless Midnight and after you kill the whole pack they will respawn. Rinse and repeat.

For the Phaseglass Needles, I am always able to find one right near the Giant’s Scar spawn point in the area with the handful of fallen (before you go to the next area where the drill is). I was able to find the needle and then respawn and find the next and so on. They just change location each time within that same area.

Another tip is if you don’t have a ghost that shows you gathering nodes for whatever you are looking for, just use your hunter with the top tree of the nightstalker subclass. It will add gathering nodes to your minimap in the upper left corner.

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