GW2 Coalescence I: Unbridled Collection Guide

A guide to the first collection for the legendary ring Coalescence.


Transcendental Binding

Loot it from this chest across from Soulless Horror’s chest after you defeated the Soulless Horror.


Transcendental Ink

Below the solid bridge leading to Dhuum after you cleared all three encounters.


Transcendental Parchment

Behind Dhuum’s throne after you have killed him.


Mediation Logbook

Create this by combining Transcendental Binding, Ink and Parchment and 100x Pulsing Brandspark in the Mystic Forge.


Mediation Log: Crystal Oasis

Next to the griffon roost. Type /sit, look for the buff and after 1 min passed and the buff expires you will get the item.


Mediation Log: Desert Highlands

This one is inside a hidden room on the cliff with the waterfall. There are two ways to get to here. You can go through the Dwarven ruins and then look for hidden tunnel filled with destroyers. Once you arrive at the end with the waterfall, /sit and get the buff.


The other way is to look for a hole in the waterfall by Enchanted Bluffs. This hole is right below the rock with the Forgotten Chest.


Mediation Log: Elon Riverlands

On a small rock behind the waterfall in the corner. Make sure to /sit and wait for the buff to expire for the item.


Mediation Log: The Desolation

There is a jackal portal that allow you to enter the room with the Abaddon statue. /Sit next to the statue.


Mediation Log: Domain of Vabbi

Atop the glass dome in Garden of Seborhin.


Mediation Log: Completed Log

The location of this NPC is super obscure and is boxed in by invisible walls. Actual NPC has little lore connection. Go to Desert Highlands and then climb that tall mountain with the Grand Temple Chest on top. Then from that high point, use your griffon to fly to the cliff where Hasara resides.


Talk to Hasara, who can sometimes completely bug out and won’t give you the dialogue to hand in the item. If that happens. relog to a different character and try again. After you get it done, ponder how the hints are suppose to help to find this guy. Location of the item credits to /u/kirjavan on reddit.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

38 replies on “GW2 Coalescence I: Unbridled Collection Guide”

Its a conduit for negative energy – so just state on the forums that its okay that its a raid exclusive and people will start hating on you -.-

2/3rds the way to being able to starting crafting legendary armor pieces. This ring on the other hand is not something I think I ever need worrying about possessing.

I don’t visit the living world maps, is the accessory then still available for me? No.
In the same way, this ring isn’t available to you if you don’t do raids.

Typical gardener dog “if i can’t have it neither can you”.. with that attitude you should play single player games only.
And by the way i dont do pve but for leg accessory i spend time doing it cose only that was require so i could do it myself, but i cant say same thing about raids can i ?!

So you saying ” i can’t have it so no one else can have it” ???
Whats the issue of having an item being obtainable multiple ways other than making snowflakes feel bad??

might as well doesn’t exist, since they almost always asked for specific class with specific build/equipment.

bet they`ll make like: pve leg ring, wvw leg ring, raid leg ring. so yeah, dont expect the next ring to be world map pve leg ring.

You all are so mad about it. Just get two pairs of ascended weapons/armor/rings/trinkets/accessories. Its not that hard, yes, you have to work for it but its not time gated (if you do it right) and there sooooo many different ways to do it. Also it will teach you how to better play the game, so when its raiding time, you will be some what prepared.

Another item closed behind raids.
No, i’ m not complaining about the item.
I’m complaining because this is the only way to be able to get it.
So many modes in this game and only closed behind one.
Nvm. But they could add aquisition behind all modes. Simple as that…..

Not true. Plenty of items locked behind fractals, PvP, WvW, map completion, festivals.

Even the other legendary trinket is locked behind living world season 3 episodes and map achievements.

I humbly disagree…..I don’t play pvp or wvw for example, and I’m not complaining I can get none of the pvp/wvw legendary gears.

Yes, but map completion you can solo it. PvP just need to keep trying. WvW is quite easy to find a squad (especially weekend). Even Fractals is doable if use LFG. Raid however, if you have no guild that do raid or your time is not suitable, good luck finding a random group in LFG that doesn’t kicked you out.

Just found out about this ring today. Couldn’t be bothered with anything
raid related. Tried it a few times, never a good experience.

Transcendental Ink

Below the solid bridge leading to Dhuum after you cleared all three encounters. <– wrong, after you do the escort part. The 3 encounters chest does not give the item.

“After you get it done, ponder how the hints are suppose to help to find this guy. ”
I totally love how even Dulfy cannot hold it back hahahaha…..

Need to run these articles by an editor or proofreader before posting. Mediation and meditation are two different things.

Just watch a video and learn the raid mechanics by heart and go join a exp, giving those asking kp/li or 2000g to carry the silent middle finger by faking your li/kp. As long as you know what to do and play right no one will ever know nor care

Any of these item are random drops? I got Transcendental Binding in the first kill but Transcendental Ink didnt drop.

The Transcendental Ink chest is actually a different chest close by on a lower level, south of the platform after soul river.
I just ran into this 🙂

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