GW2 Gemstore Update–Glacial Glider and Winter Monarch Outfit

GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Glacial Glider and the Winter Monarch Outfit for 500 gems and 700 gems respectively.

Glacial Glider – 500 gems

This glider is not dyeable


Winter Monarch Outfit – 700 gems

Dye Pattern
















Wintersday Appearance Package – 2000 gems

  • Winter Monarch Outfit
  • Glacial Glider
  • Total Makeover Kit
  • Immortal Weapon Choice
  • 5x Winter Chimes Dye Kit
  • Retsurai

    immortal weapon are shit tho

    • Dlew

      I personally like the shield. The shape of it at least, while I am a little iffy on the color

  • LOL Really?

    Not digging the outfit. The branch clutter kills it for me. Ah well.

  • Hills Lin

    10/10 without those stupid branches, but I still bought it anyway…

  • Suan

    Interesting, both this Winter Monarch and the Spring Promenade outfit give me the same feelings which are:
    head – I don’t really care, always hide it with outfits.
    chest piece – very cool, Winter Monarch some skin exposure on both genders while Spring Promenade had this cool corset going on. [female version]
    shoulders/gloves – don’t mind them, nothing special but also nothing ugly.
    legs – I really don’t like it on both outfits. WM has something that ANet really loves and that is robes, robes everywhere while SP has this peacock thing going on [speaking about female versions here].
    feets – kinda like both, more the one on SP. We need more heels in this game which are super rare so I would be cool with both as a standalone skins in gemstore for 400 gems.

  • Jalen Dmello

    The artic outfit makes a perfect santa outfit if dyed
    Don’t get why they did not release it this year for other players, there is still time i guess

  • Emil33

    undecided … I collect outfits, and this ones kinda ok … I like the chest on it …

    but why branches though? Just … why?

    Love the glider and Im happy to see that they are still making them!

  • Darkye Rhiadra

    I haven’t checked it yet in game, and I kind of like it… but… ugh. I find Anet’s fixation with hiking the pants to the neck… like wth is that??
    I know it’s something to do with the model and whatnot (like the bow-leggedness of characters) but it just looks bad…

  • Green

    Another long buttcape… pass.

  • Nikal A. Katha

    I previewed this on male humans and Sylvari. It makes them look like their shoulders are hunched up. If only we could turn outfit shoulders off as it seems these are the biggest hurdle to people liking, and buying, outfits.

  • minion_condi_necro

    I like the outfit! I’m a sucker for plant stuff so this is a (b^_^)b from me.

  • kazerniel

    Both the outfit and the glider are just too flashy :/ (in all meanings of the word) What made the designers associate a winter outfit with bare skin on the chest? Looks perfect for catching pneumonia.

    • Suan

      Well it is called Winter Monarch for a reason. A person like that would probably be immune to cold anyway so they could aswell just walk around naked with nothing but a crown on their heads.

  • 🌻Ellie🌹

    Looks good on Norn, would look a million times better if it were a short skirt with big furry boots tho instead of the extremely overly done long robe thing.The ram horns are majestic.

  • Bryan Turner

    Nice outfit, nothing I’d buy personally but as that NPC always says “that’s quality armor!”

  • minion_condi_necro

    No backpack on the glider 🙁

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