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SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Dec 19

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Snoring her head off, quiet loudly on my bed, is my beloved beagle Mia, even she knew he was undercover and it was a long con.
You would have to be Dat dah fucking dah to not have seen this from the get go.

Get over yourself, no one is saying it wasn’t obvious, the point is these rubes are spoiling their own story with an item in their cash shop.

fuck yeah, the look of hunger and despair on my children’s faces when they don’t eat this week will be soooo worth it for a Kylo Ren Saber!

Why would you pay 1800 CC for the Czerka Life Day mount when you can get it free throwing snowballs? 100 parcels or almost $20, hmmm…

The armor set isn’t bad looking but if you preview it the colors are bland as f***. Some of the latest dye’s improve it.

Finn is like Jar Jar Binx. Utterly stupid and utterly useless. And it’s not because he’s black. It’s because his face is that of a dumb person, unscathed by any deep thoughts or thoughts at all. It’s also a badly written character. Mace Windu, also black, was on the other hand so freaking cool! Giving roles to black people just because they are black is a racism.

Finn is a Stormtrooper … well … ex-stormtrooper at least.
He is raised and trained to follow orders NOT to think about orders.

Even if, unlike to all 99.99% of ‘troopers, his conditioning broke he is still bound to years of NOT to think and just follow orders. Such mechanisms are not overcome that easily.
Just speak to a soldier who was in actual combat. From a certain moment on training takes over and he will automatically do what he was trained for and not think about it.

What would have become of the galactic empire, or the new orders, if there would be thinking and reflecting stormtroopers, TIE pilots, etc. etc etc.

“SIR YES SIR YOU’RE RIGHT SIR … we will attack over this open plain with no cover, no tank support, no air support, heavily dug in enemies trice our numbers in fortified position and will surely emerge victorious
For baby-face Ren … ATTACK … aarrrgh… MEDIC”

Think the guy means the whole Finn character has become pointless.
He started off interesting in TFA with deserting the First Order too then in TLJ be in a rubbish side story with that Rose character.
Could edit their entire scenes out the movie and end up with the same movie.

yep i was so pissed off at the end i was like wtf did we waste all this time with this pointless subplot oh thats right to be politically correct hey everyone look disney has asians in star wars!

John Boyega being black has zero to do with how his role was written. Even if you think he did a bad job his race is irrelevant and his acting is far from the worst in this film and far from the worst of the film’s many problems. You’re bringing it up makes no sense.

“Far from the worst of the film’s many problems”…

You can say that again. In capitals. More plot holes than a Swiss cheese.

disney: lets be politically correct and shove an asian into the movie with a pointless subplot that goes nowhere and we can add an sjw theme to it and attract millenials!

True, same with my disliking Rey. Nothing to do with sex. I love tons of strong women characters from Ripley to Connor, but she’s cardboard and Disney shoehorned stuff in. What traits does she have? Any? She isn’t funny, cynical, doesn’t talk much. She’s just nothing. Truly awful protagonist for this new trilogy.

I came out of TFA really liking Rey. I thought she had the potential to become one of my favorite SW characters. She was guarded, a loner, had some mystery around her, and was kind of awkward; all of which I liked. Everyone wants to talk about how Luke’s character wasn’t done justice in TLJ and, while I agree, I think the far more egregious character assassination was done to Rey.

There were acceptable reasons, imo, for why she could do what she did in TFA; just as there were for Luke in ANH and the beginning of ESB. But now? No way. We and the character are given NOTHING to work with. She was abandoned to lazy writing and coincidence. They made it perfectly clear she can just do whatever they need her to do whenever they need her to do it just because. That isn’t interesting at all. RIP my interest in Rey (and SW for this and many other reasons.)

Right on. Luke has an arc. It makes no sense and it’s completely wrong, but it’s there. Boy, is it there…

But Rey has no arc whatsoever. There is no character development. None. She simply is. And can.

Kylo has an arc, small as it may be. His mood swings still feel a bit forced to me. But generally all the characters introduced in TFA were given a very poor treatment. Finn’s was HORRIBLE as well. The dou Poe/Finn that worked so well in TFA is gone.

There is an underlying problem with these movies, and it’s one I don’t JJ Abrams can solve in the last film. They didn’t have a story going in. They’re writing it as they go along.

It almost feels like an ego war was going on. Seriously, this movie is the second in the trilogy, but it might as well be the first one. Like Rian Johnson wanted to make sure he put his stamp on the proceedings at the expense of the most sacred element in movies: storytelling.

That’s a recipe for disaster, in a trilogy.

I agree that Finn is just one of many problems of The Force Awakens, but he’s the one that bothers me the most. He has a dumb face. That dumb face is fine for other roles in other movies. And he is there for most of the movie. His character is so badly written that it makes Ray look fantastic. In fact, I wasn’t bothered by Ray at all, although now that you mentioned her shallow character, I tend to agree with you with her assessment.

Where to start?

Nobody said anything about TFA. “Dumb face”? Sounds like something I’d hear my 5 year old nephew say. I never mentioned Rey at all. Get off the drugs, kid.

I liked the ending. Resistance needed time and Luke gave them that. All the while making the new leader of the First Order look incompetent and stupid. It was a display of his incredibly strong connection to the Force. And he did all those without killing anyone. So very typical Jedi. I liked it.

hmm the thing about making the First Order look incompetent and stupid you would require an audience and there was no one there to see hmm

What audience?
It was luke and the first order outside only.
Rebels were sneaking out the back.
No one to inspire was within eye shot.

Well the kid in the last scene was retelling that same story, so apparently a word did come out.
On the other hand that whole scene didnt have any place in the movie or at least not in the end. They had the perfect shot with everyone on the Falcon and cue the credits!! But alas no, we get some out of place scene with some kid

It’s not out of place. I bet that scene is setting up another movie, like Rian Johnson’s new trilogy, or the Solo movie. I mean, it IS out of place, but there’s something going on there.

Yeah, we’ve come to the point where they have to set up future movies with nonsensical scenes in a SW movie. Like we’re supposed to give a fuck about some kid picking up a broom with the Force.

A BROOM??? What is this shit??? Harry Potter???

Just kill me already…

So this is SW’s way of a post/after credits scene… A pre credits scene? Jee thanks Paulo, now I trully hate this xD

reminded me of the throw away scenes at the end of Marvel movies to remind you it’s ‘all connected’

Definitely worse. Worst Star Wars movie in existance. Yes, TPM is better. Jar-Jar Binks is a more character consistent than cowardly Grandmaster Luke Skywalker.

This movie has so many things wrong in it I won’t even go into that, or else I may break the record for the longest post here on Dulfy.

Star Wars ended for me in TLJ. It’s a mockery that pretends to be a serious movie. At least “Spaceballs” knew what it was and what it was trying to do.

Someone else posted on Facebook saying “Does anyone else feel like the movie was mocking you for watching it?” and sadly it really did.

Yeah I just walked out flat. I immediately hated the kid looking up at the stars at the end *vom* … but the cumulative effect of the film was disappointing when I was so hungry to be thrilled. Poe and Finn had a lovely dynamic in TFA. Poe and Finn in TLJ were nothing. I 100% agree with the single negative critique I read in a paper that using meaningless Holdo instead of legendary Ackbar in the chase scene was disgusting. And just generally … sigh.

Now you’ve done it… You reminded me of Ackbar…

Ok people:


How in the Force’s name could they just dispatch Ackbar like that? Goddamn, that’s an iconic Star Wars character right there! To have him killed without ANYTHING… No part in the story, no nothing… Disrespectful. Just fucking disrespectful. Like most things in this movie actually. Better if they didn’t include him at all.

While I agree wholeheartedly about Acbar being the perfect choice to remain behind on the ship and take command in general, the rest of your complains actually doesnt bother me at all. Lets not forget, this isnt a sci fi genre. This is fantasy set in space, just like lotr is fantasy set on Earth or similar world. So the rules and laws of our galaxy may not apply 100% to the SW galaxy. I just roll with it

There’s a fine line between “rolling with it” and insulting your intelligence. I personally feel insulted. You don’t, that’s fine. I do.

Well it is a fantasy like I said. Why would magical world insult you? Do you also feel insulted that every planet so far in all 8 movies have had the exact same gravity as Earth? And lets not forget the whole sound of blaster and explosions in space. But what will SW be without that awesome sound effects? So yeah, I roll with it.

Because from now on, no rules apply anywhere! NOTHING has to make sense. Yes, it’s fantasy, not sci-fi. But come on, at least make a credible plot to get me through the movie without vomiting! loooooooool…

Well Luke the Grey did indeed something badassery too. Whether it was the thing you wanted/expected him to do is whole new story. Personally it would’ve been unrealistic for me for him to show up in flesh and tear down star destroyers from the sky, or wave his hand and send all the walkers flying into each other. And not because it wouldnt have been awesome! But because it wouldnt have been realistic. If he can do this why the jedi in the CW didnt just obliterate the droid armies like that? Heck Yoda would have done it by himself

Some people have problems with “astral-projected through the Force” Luke.

Not me. And if you know your Star Wars Expanded Universe stuff like I do, that’s a direct rip-off from the story where Luke goes up against Jacen Solo, aka Darth Jaedus. Not EXACTLY in the same circumstances, but it was done before. By cannon that Disney revoked looool…

I thought that part was cool. The ONLY part where Luke was indeed cool.

Oh I do know that indeed. I think I mentioned it somewhere but Mara Jade is my 3rd favorite character in all SW 🙂 So yeah the EU lore and stories had such diamonds in it, it makes you want them to be movies or at least cannon so badly….
Also Im pretty sure force projections were shown in Rebels but I have to rewatch the episode where Yoda appeared to Ezra to be sure.

Oh man, Mara Jade… You see? This is why Disney has to be careful with what they do! We adore this stuff! Mara Jade was SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!

I swallowed the pill when they revoked the EU. I thought ” well, they have to do a clean slate kinda thing for this new stuff to have ANY impact…”

I’m not swallowing the TLJ pill. No free pass from me. Not anymore.

The revoke hit me pretty hard at the time. But even to this day I put my EU books right after the episode 6 book.
I am yet to see anything from the new cannon that is as good as the Thrawn trilogy. Even bringing Timothy Zahn and the said Thrawn into the new stuff isnt working. The book felt… well it was ok but nothing major like before. And the rest has been just whatever. Lords of the Sith and Lost Stars are the only books that cross that “whatever” line for me.

“Legacy of the Force”, “Fate of the Jedi”. The fabulous “Dynasty of Evil” trilogy, with the stupendously awesome Dart Bane, the Thrawn trilogy… I could go on, but these pop up to mind IMMEDIATELY….

Are you fucking kidding me??? Nothing Disney has done has come close. And from now on I seriously doubt they ever will. Ep IX I have absolutely NO expectations. The Han Solo spin-off I am curious, but Solo IS Harrison Ford. Ok, I’ll get a free pass for that one… Only McGregor coming in as Kenobi puts a glimmer of hope in my heart. If they get someone competent to direct him…

P.S. – Yes, I know: “Dinasty of Evil” is a book, not the name of the trilogy. Second mistake I make today. Sorry.

I got what you mean, dont worry xD Man that Bane book!!! And yes on everything Jacen-Jaina.
I think even if an author come up with a cool idea Disney wont let him write it cause they will wanna use it in a movie eventually. So Im not expecting anything major good there.
The Han Solo movie…. you said it, Harrison is Han. I just dont see anyone else, no matter how talanted, coming close to portraing that character. I will check the movie ofc but my expectations for it arent high. Kenobi on the other hand…. I’d prefer they have done that movie now instead of Han Solo, Ewan was my shinning light during the dark times of the prequels.

He was a parody. Winking at 3PO and brushing dirt off his shoulder like some Bruce Lee film. Then topping it off by straight up pulling the Neo bend-over move from The Matrix. All while having a Just For Men beard. Terrible.

Sorry for all the replies to your posts…lol. You’re firing me up about how much I hate this movie.

That’s ok, it makes two of us.

2 fun facts about this abortion:

1 – As you may have guessed, I’ve gone into discussion with other people that liked, or even loved this excrement, outside the protective walls of the Internet.

No one – I repeat: NO ONE – that I talked to could explain the main plot of the movie to me. Go on, if you loved it so much, tell me about this amazing plot.. They can’t. THAT should tell people something about.

2 – This is the first and only movie in the Star Wars saga that does not employ the famous “I have a bad feeling about this…” phrase. BUT 2 characters, the commander of the medical frigate that gets blown up and Vice-Admiral Holdo employ the “godspeed” expression. I’m waiting in giddy expectation for Ep IX to fill me in what God exists in the Star Wars world, since it’s the first time I’ve heard this… loooooooooooooooool…

This guy in Lucasfilm, Pablo Hidalgo, he is in charge of cannon continuity. Some people asked him on twitter about this godspeed and he explained it there but it was like 2 weeks ago, I dont remember what he said.

I’ll play a devil’s advocate for the other question. What was the main plot of ESB? Or was it 2 equally important plots that crossed paths in the end?

Very good point.

The plot in ESB is: Luke needs to find someone to complete his training. Kenobi appears as a Force ghost in Hoth to tell him precisely that. He does, and against his master’s wishes (Yoda) goes up to confront Vader, because of a Force vision. He fails, and ultimately instead of rescuing his friends he is rescued by them, and triggers the BEST TWIST IN EFFING MOVIE HISTORY! He loses his hand and is confronted by the fact that Vader is his father…

Now is that a good plot or what? Now going back (or forward) to TLJ, the reason people miss what the plot is is because we don’t have an arc for Rey that is properly defined. And they mix both the first trilogy with the prequels, because they put both Rey AND Kylo as main protagonists. Remember: we don’t get to know what Vader’s motivations were about until the prequels! Vader was supposed to be killed between IV and V! But because Lucas is an intelligent guy, he saw the phenomenon that Vader was creating with the FANS, and decided to alter course.

So, you see: these guys got it all wrong. It puzzles me when people go “let the past die”, because Rian Johnson did something new and exciting…

Excuse me? New by re-enacting Eps V and VI? And not having a properly defined lead protagonist? Oh man, it’s new all right… For all the WRONG reasons…

The Pablo Hidalgo thing must be what I expect it to be: “godspeed” is not really about God, it’s an expression. Sure. You guys fucked up, and now you have your own Expanded Universe guy to try and fix it for ya.

Excuse me while I check all the LotR movies to see if Gandalf turns to Frodo and says “may the Force be with you”…

Actually the explanation was semi “it’s an expression” and semi “the term for God and Hell” were used before in the OT so it isnt so uncommon to hear it”, I think he even quoted Luke and Han using them, and also gave example about C-3PO being refered to as a “god” from the ewoks.
The plot for Rey in tlj actually was working pretty well up untill that confrontation with Kylo, it didn’t go anywhere, in the end of it they are exactly where they started it – she hates him and thinks he’s a monster, and he is… the same emo vader wannabe, but now in power positon. (so maybe a slight upgrade for him). She fell a bit to the sides in the final act of the movie but I think that was more to the fact that it was as much her path as it was about Luke’s journey to become this spark of hope, or even this legend everyone neeeded him to be (whether you like or not how they treated his character throughout the previous 2 hours of the movie).
I have my own theory about Rey’s display of power and why it doesnt bother me that much as most ppl, but it may take a while to explain and this post is already long lol Although I do agree – maybe if they have showed up a week or 2 of actual training (and not 1 day with 2 verbal lessons), and especially if in the end if it was just one bigger rock blocking the way, and she just put immense effort to barely push it like half a meter away so people can squeeze through the opening, opposed to her just lifting 30 rocks simultaneously.

Oh please, explain away! She not having a particular, or any kind of training is not a fact that worries me too much. Or it shouldn’t, if the story was any good.

You see, the first Jedi didn’t have Masters to train them either. I guess they had to sort it out as they went along too. She may be a convergence in the Force, for all I know.

It’s not the training, or lack of it. It’s the WHY. This bull of one side, the Dark, becoming strong and the Force compensating for that by making Rey, the Light, stronger is really a nonsense.

Think about it. If that was the case, then Palpatine and his apprentices (Maul or Tyrannus) should be immensely more powerful, since there were hundreds, maybe thousands of Jedi in the universe!

Unexplained, silly stuff. And the more I think about the movie, less of it makes sense, I tell ya…

Oh well I had explanation for her power levels with the little to no training, but you had that covered already 😛
I cannot help you with the WHY (yet). To be honest I didnt delve too deep into Snoke’s “darkness rises and light rises to meet it” speech, I thought it was just some evil boasting monologue when you’ve captured the hero cliche.
Mind you, if they go on with that philosophy in ep9 and it’s not explained, then I will totally be on board that it doesn’t make any sense (maybe that’s their version of balance???)

I’m not so bothered about the Hyperspace destruction bit, if I hadn’t read about the bad ‘space mechanics of it I wouldn’t have know that, and I thought it was a good sacrifice moment.
However, to kill off an iconic character like Akcbar in a throw away moment like they did, ‘they’re all dead, ackbar and all the leaders’ is just wrong.
Plain wrong.
And although there was plenty Sci-Fi action it was repetitive to have the rebels destroying a giant First Order Dorito at the start AND at the end. Overkill if you ask me.
As for the story line to find the guy to shut down the tacker…..completely pointless, got captured, and did the guy not help the empire track the escaping rebel small ships and kill hundreds of them? That was all Poes, finns and Roses fault lol. Great plan.
And how did Rose and Finn survive the explosion on snokes ship when so many others died? And what happened to the turncoat the brought back?
I did like the dynamic between the excellent Rey and Ren though, some great acting despite what was happening around them.

As far as story goes my expectations were so low to begin with it doesn’t matter.

I felt leia’s special effect scene looked like something out of the first Harry Potter, it had more resemblance to Marry Poppins riding her umbrella to any special effect I’ve ever seen in a Star Wars movie.

I also found very off putting how the cuts from one scene to another seemed to keep the audience displaced in time, some cuts would skip time like a normal movie (like not showing people walk through a door) while other times it would cut to other characters for a whole scene then cut back to right before the first cut. It seemed super amateurish and unbecoming of a major motion picture.

My biggest take away is that Star Wars is now in the hands of a directer that somehow gets the masters at ILM and Lucasfilm to produce hacky effects with bad art school edits.

chewbacca will get it in the next one tlj was the worst movie ive ever seen id rather watch the holiday special then that pile of shit again lol

Im actually thinking the next one will be better, ya know, I think Ive come around on the Han Solo movie and now Im looking forward to seeing it too.

You know Eban: to fully understand the ways of the Force, you have to embrace both sides…

Have I told you the tragic tale of Darth EA and his apprentice Lord BioWare???

Believe me, when you think it can’t get any worse… It does!!!



I just hope I’m not left fantasizing about what a Colin Trevorrow ep9 would’ve looked like, I’m already thinkin Josh Trank would’ve done just fine.

Yeah, good point.

But speaking of Leia: where was she?

I mean the REAL Leia, the witty, snappy, sarcastic Leia of the original trilogy. She’s NOWHERE to be found. Yes, she’s “older and wiser”… Fuck that! Just browse YouTube for the several Carrie Fisher interviews and stand-up acts of her later years. She’s as caustic as ever, if not more! Oh what a missed opportunity. Still, good to see Carrie one last time, God rest her soul. Pity that it had to be in this poor excuse for a movie.

It seems these people running the show nowadays want to erase everything that made these movies a worldwide phenomenon. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel guys, it’s perfect as it is…

That is one of my biggest bugbears of the new film (films) is the zombie, smiling, tripping Leia.
I mean wtf really, where is the acidic, wisecracking kickass princess from the early movies.
I don’t mind so much the disillusioned Luke, I felt it made sense that as the saviour of the Jedi order he lost it all, including his nephew (and also his best friends son) because of his actions, destroying the Jedi order forever. He was going to be a broken man.
And don’t get me on the awful side plot with Finn, Rose and the space jockey nonsense.
In an already overly long film that needed to be cut.
Finally why do Republic bombers fly slower than Leia through space?

This is just bad storytelling at the highest degree. And no, I’m not ok with Luke being a coward, because that’s not what the first trilogy tells us.

You play TOR, right? You KNOW your Star Wars? Find this familiar?

“There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.”

Now, the way I see it, I either throw away Ep VI, or I throw away EP VIII. Which one do you think I should throw away?

You’re telling me the guy that tried to save Vader, the second most bad-ass, evil, charismatic villain in the history of movie making, against the will of his two Jedi Masters, because he saw a GLIMPSE of good in him… Now for a brief moment tries to KILL his nephew? Does not compute. Not for me.

Bad storytelling. No, scrap that. HORRENDOUS storytelling.

Want proof? Ok, I ask you this…

What are the MAIN protagonists of these farces Disney is making? Kylo and Mary Sue, right?

Well… What are their motivations? Why did Kylo turn to the Dark Side? He misbehaved and Solo grounded him??? “You’ve been a bad boy, No Internet for a month. No more playing TOR…” “Daddy, NOOOOOO! I’ll turn to the Dark Side and kill you!”

Seriously, why did he turn? does ANYONE know? it’s the second movie in the trilogy, and WE DON’T KNOW!

And Mary Sue… Where do I start with Rey… Well, for one, scrap the title of Ep VII. It’s not “The Force Awakens”. It’s “The Force Incarnate”. As of now, she has literally kicked the ass of EVERY SINGLE Force user in these films, including Luke! She is a goddess. Forget Anakyn, who was like Jesus. She is God of the Force.

And the only link to an emotional anchor of some kind we had for her were her parents. Scrapped. Gotcha there suckers! Seriously, why is she doing these things AT ALL? She could be in that AWFUL casino world, playing dice and using the Force to get filthy stinking rich, for all we know. I know I would! Fuck the Resistance! I wanna get rich, enslave minorities and exploit exotic wild animals! Livin’ the vida louca (here’s looking at ya Ricky Martin). NOTHING makes sense! There are NO MOTIVATIONS!

Lucas used THREE MOVIES to take Anakyn to the Dark Side. THREE MOVIES!

Look man, I’m sorry. It may came out as being overly aggressive. It’s not, I guarantee you. I’m just so passionate about this. If you find a flaw in my argument, ANY FLAW, I’m open to discuss it. I sincerely welcome someone that points out EXACTLY where my argument is wrong. Peace, and Merry Christmas.

No, we didn’t. But that would imply we gotta have another trilogy to explain why Kylo turned. And Rian Johnson’s new trilogy supposedly doesn’t have anything to do with this one.

And the first trilogy is NOT about Vader. It’s about Luke, and HIS journey. HIS motivations, not Vader’s.

Idk man, Ive always thought everyone’s motivations in Star Wars a bit suspect. There weren’t very many stories out there with more MacGuffins than the prequel trilogy.

But whatever, dissecting this movies failures isn’t going to help any of us at this point.

I know man, you’re right… I just gotta let it go, no point in doing this. I’m just pissed off.

Hey man no worries, wow you are VERY passionate about this and I can see your pain.
I agree with pretty much everything you have said, the lack of any backstory to how Ren became ‘bad’, the bizarre lack of Rey’s backstory, the completely missing part of how Snoke turned Ren and their backsory, it was all beautiful empty CGI.
Like I’ve said I kinda get the Luke depression thing but like you I draw a complete blank at the extent of Rey’s power (virtually untrained) WITH NO FRICKIN BACKSTORY and now NO LINEAGE to actual powerful Jedi’s.
I really like Adam Driver as an actor and Daisy Ridley and I think they do amazingly well given the horrible dialogue they are given and I think that comes across well on screen but the rest are all just padding.
And now I’m growing to dislike Poe and Finn because they were poor in the film, but maybe that’s just because they were sidelined for the CGI and the best sequences given to Rey and Ren.
Anyways I hope you and your family have a great christmas man.
Take care. 😉

I don’t think it’s worse than Phantom Menace personally, but it’s just slightly ahead of it. Even then I put Attack of Clones dead last because it was hot fucking garbage.

There are a lot of problems with Last Jedi. The schizophrenic cuts, the amateur story, the stupid chase sequence, all of Luke (I now understand why Mark had a problem with the direction of the film), Supergirl Leia, how they did NOTHING to address who Snoke was, how they revealed Rey’s lineage in a throwaway line of dialogue that any Star Wars fan looks at as bullshit since it came from the Dark Side, etc. People like Kevin Smith sucking it off to the point where he starts crying like a fucking pathetic bitch because of R2 and Luke on the Falcon need their heads checked. The movie was not good.

Is it akin to rectal cancer like some people are acting? No. But, that said, it’s still pretty terrible. And some people (meaning retards in the media) think that criticism about this movie is about some weird purist elitist bullshit. That Star Wars is about the Skywalker bloodline, and it should be like that. No deviation. No. Star Wars, first and foremost, is about the fight between light and dark. Between good and bad. But it’s also about interesting characters. I do not find any of the “new” characters interesting. BB-8 has more charisma than all of the characters we’re told to care about, combined. Even characters I’ve loved for years they managed to fuck up. This movie made me not like Luke Skywalker.

Actually it is worse than rectal cancer.

Let’s pick up on the “Luke” thing. Think for a second…

This must be the worst Grandmaster Jedi in the history of the Order.

So he runs into one problem. I repeat: ONE PROBLEM as he is trying to erect the Jedi Order again. Yes, his most promising student, his nephew, is turned by Snoke.

What does he do? He throws a Jedi tantrum! Yes, he failed his family, his nephew, sister, brother-in-law. And it’s not like he hadn’t faced family problems before, right???

So he goes into exile. He FAILS THE REST OF THE GALAXY by doing this. And no one taps him on the shoulder and goes like: ” Dude, you have a responsibility here…” I don’t know, maybe some Force ghost, like Kenobi? Anakyn? Yoda??? Noooo, they bring back Yoda to blow up the first Jedi teachings we know of! It’s insane! You go play your Jedi Sage in SWTOR, be the Barsen’thor NOW. And know that it’s all crap. That in thousands of years to come someone is going to crap all over that shit!

Sure, Yoda went into exile too. But that was all different. The Jedi were all but extinct. They go into hiding to protect what’s left of the Jedi Order, possibly to regroup in the future and also take care of Leia and Luke as they grow up. TOTALLY different.

They made Luke a coward. The rest I could even turn a blind eye and pretend wasn’t all bad…

THIS I cannot forgive.

“Noooo, they bring back Yoda to blow up the first Jedi teachings we know of!”

Those Jedi books were on the Falcon at the end of the movie, in the drawer that Finn got a blanket out of. So there’s one more reason this movie sucked. They couldn’t even commit to destroying the Jedi Order.

Yeah, but I thought he was referring as something she possessed inside her, like the knowledge of it, not the actual books. My mistake. Hey, I only watched it once, on IMAX, and by that point I was not really paying attention to all the details. Sorry, I meant to see it again, but quickly dismissed that idea.

Well at 1st I thought the same but when I noticed the books on the Falcon it hit me. And in retrospect I gave Yoda props for trolling :d

Yoda destroyed the tree “first” because if Luke went in to burn everything he would see that Rey stole it and go after her. Yoda was preserving the Jedi by yet again lying to Luke. Some things dont change lol

Not too worried about the fate of the Jedi with this game considering this was based off on the EU content. The game itself isn’t really considered canon by Disney.

No, it doesn’t relate to the game at all. I was using an example to make a point.

But you know what this movie DID do to me? After a LONG period away from the game, I had started playing again. Not too much, maybe a little bit any day I could…

Since exiting that forsaken movie theater, i haven’t picked up the game ONCE. Plenty of opportunities. Just don’t feel like it.

WHERE are the Knights of Ren?!?! Like, seriously. Where are they?? On vacation? Shouldn’t they have been around in one of the first two movies? I assumed that was them in the part of Rey’s vision in TFA when Kylo impales someone with his lightsaber…but like the rest of TFA I guess that’ll just be tossed in the bin? Maybe shoehorned in to Ep IX? Whatever.

My 10 cent worth is it could possibly be worse than TPM cause->
Leia and her Mary Poppins/Superman scene WTF
The Comedy fell flat at every opportunity.
The Bombers dropping bombs in space with zero gravity.
Snoke’s death
Snoke’s lack of story
Where is the knights of Ren?
Everything with Luke in it.
Luke milking a sea lion thing then grinning at Rey like some creepy freak WTF
Luke throwing the saber over his shoulder.
Luke going to kill Ben Solo because he sensed dark side in him??
Luke being the dude who wanted to save Darth freakin Vader but fook it kill his nephew!
No wonder Mark Hamill was pissed.
Rey is the jesus christ of the jedi world.
She has instant super doper powers with zero training.
Rey’s parents are nobodies even though in TFA it was made out they were someone important.
The awful side story of Rose and Finn that was worthless.
They end up in a jail cell conveniently with a hacker who’s waiting to break out WTF
Rose falls in love with Finn in a few hours??
Snoke’s throne room has nothing in it apart from a giant magnifying glass WTF
The mutha fookin PLOT!
And last but not least the ending Luke’s death OMG that was horrible writing.

It all could have been forgiven if at the very end Luke came out with his green saber and kicked all the Walkers ass’s but nooooooo he wasn’t really there GTFO here Rian you dick!

Sorry man, I can only upvote this once.

Regarding plot, 2 things:

– Since when did the First Order take command of the known galaxy? Last time I checked, there was a New Republic in charge. Geeee, Rian Johnson did something that took 3 movies for George to do IN BETWEEN movies! The movie starts not making any sense AT THE FUCKING INITIAL CREDITS FFS! Seems like “The Force Awakens” did not exist. Which leads me to:

– If Grandmaster cowa… Sorry, Luke Skywalker went to that island “to die” (omg, this sucks so much)…


haha yeah I’m in hiding waiting to die so don’t contact me!!…. but here’s my mobile number and pager and email address oh and skype contact and postal address plus Facebook and messenger details and I’ll be on teamspeak every night.

The whole First Order story seems to be forgotten to be told.
Spawn instant fleets of Dreadnoughts out of no where.
Fookin plot is just horrendous.
“Oh lets make it that the rebels are moving away very very slowly and the first order have to follow them til they run out of fuel”
“genius idea, APPROVED PLOT!”

The new republic goverment plus their military was destroyed by death star 3.0 in the previous movie. What is left from it are just planets with local defenses or lack of. And the FO isnt taking command, they are moving to take command (which tbh makes sense, after their preemtive 1st strike against the heart of the republic).
As for Luke I think he has found this island long before the incident with Ben Solo. In the BFII story(which is cannon) he finds the same compass you can see in his hut. I assume this compass was the start for his search of the ancient jedi temples and he was mapping his route. In one of the new comics he teams up with Max Von Sydow character for this search. So again my assumption is that he found the island, made a map for it, split one part of it that he have to Sydow, the other one remained with R2. So when he failed emo Ben and decided to retire, he just went to the place.

Now… does the movie has problems? Sure! But half of this problems for me personally come from too much internet and too much fanfuction

Too much internet and fanfunction? Let me tell you something: I realised all these things sitting in an IMAX chair, in the teather. I didn’t need someone on an YouTube channel to explain these things to me.

Of course the FO thing makes sense. But the delivery is all wrong. “Here is this fact, Star Wars fanboy sitting in the theater. Deal with it, this is my freaking SW movie, not Wikipedia. Screw you.”

If George Lucas had done anything similar he would be crucified alive by the fanbase. And he should. If anything, George went to painstaking detail to explain every little thing, sometimes too much detail. But I’d much rather have that than THIS…

You’re talking about external sources to explain things that are in-explainable in the movie. I don’t need to go play fucking BF2 to know these things! By the way, BF2 being cannon is ANOTHER joke. But that’s a different can of worms, won’t go into that…

What were these people thinking? That every second of this movie was NOT going to be scrutinised by every Star Wars nerd in the world? That plot holes the size of a Death Star weren’t going to be noticed?

Don’t blame the internet or the fans. They’re not to blame if the movie is SHIT.

You missunderstood me. The internet was a problem because of the hype it created for some of the plots in the movie before its release. Lets be honest, everyone had their favorite theory about who Rey, Snoke and etc were, and what will Luke do. And I am not saying that every person hating the movie does so because his/her theory didnt come through. But some % of the angry people out there trash the movie based on – “Snoke was a waste, Rey was a waste, Luke should’ve done this and that”. Whether right or wrong is subjective, I dont have problems with people having different opinions.

As for the other part, I simply stated my own interpretation of the story, I have no idea if it is true or something. And yes I agree, BF2 is total piece of shit that needs to be burned on a pyre along with all the zakuul nonsense in swtor lol.

I agree. And to show you I’m not completely against everything in the movie: there were two things I disliked in TFA: the Death Star facsimile… And Snoke.

I’m glad they killed him. I don’t really care about Snoke. He’s a footnote. He’s there for Kylo’s character. Could it have been handled better? Sure. But I’m ok with the way they did it. We didn’t know who the Emperor was anyway, in the first trilogy. Better to kill him (Snoke… what a stupid name anyways, it sounds like something you could name a cat, ffs…) sooner than later.

Exactly! Spot on on Snoke, I was so glad they killed him off. Didnt care for him at all. Also spot on that he mirrored the Emperor from the OT and yet people still rage we didnt get his whole autobiography before he died.
The death star 3.0 in TFA made me rage waay more than anything TLJ did, yes even the handling of Luke.

I like the death of Snoke myself with two glaring exceptions:

1. It is important to know who the hell he is and why/how he had access to Ben Solo so I can accept why he’s so screwed up. This could’ve been done with a few sentences of dialog. We didn’t know the Emperor’s backstory in the OT but the political state of the galaxy was far better defined and we knew the Emperor was Vader’s master and was the top dog in the galaxy. Instant badass cred and we can move on. With Snoke we have nothing to grab ahold of. There’s no sense of a foundation for anything and this is part of the reason I think Kylo Ren is a weak ass villain. Was Snoke a senator? A homeless dude? Distant relative? Random dude who had way too much plastic surgery over the years?

2. I can also take that death easier if that scene ended the way it should’ve ended which was with Rey and Ben Solo teaming up to reject the expectations put on them both and finding their own way to balance the Force. That brief 2 minutes or so when they were kicking ass together is the only moment of excitement for me in the entire film.

“Random dude who had way too much plastic surgery over the years?”


Michael Jackson IMMEDIATELY came to my mind when I read that…

Snoke is MJ. That’s it, it’s my personal canon, and that’s that. End of story.

Some poor guy at work came up to me today and said that he saw TLJ and really liked it. I turned around and said, “I hate it more and more every day. I don’t want to rant for 30 minutes but here’s what I didn’t like…”

10 minutes later he’s like, “Well, I have to get to work…” LMAO.

“Here is this fact, Star Wars fanboy sitting in the theater. Deal with it, this is my freaking SW movie, not Wookiepedia. Screw you.”

That. That right there is what I felt watching the movie.

You do know Rian Johnson ACTUALLY said that, right? When questioned by someone about explanations about the plot (OBVIOUSLY!), he actually replied “it’s a movie, not Wikipedia”…

Just another idiot who’s movies I wont bother watching. I went into that theater with ZERO expectations, only the hope it would at least be as good as TFA. However, I got goosebumps several times throughout The Force Awakens but not a single time during The Last Jedi. Weakest damn story I’ve ever seen this side of a rip off kids direct to video movie.

“You’re talking about external sources to explain things that are in-explainable in the movie. I don’t need to go play fucking BF2 to know these things! By the way, BF2 being cannon is ANOTHER joke. But that’s a different can of worms, won’t go into that…”

Thank you. I laughed out loud at B&N the other day when I saw there was a fucking book about that dumb ass casino they went to. I’m sure somewhere there’s someone saying, “Well, if you read Canto Bight you’ll know that Benicio was in prison cause…..blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah” I DON’T CARE.

I’ve always felt this way. 20 years ago a gf’s cousin started telling some shit about how IG-88s head was controlling the Death Star II and that the dog thing barking in the hallway of Jabba’s Palace was actually an intelligent assassin and I was like, “I don’t care. That all sounds stupid. If it isn’t on screen. I. Don’t. Care.”

Hey, I love the EU. I know you don’t. But if something has to come out of there for the movie to make sense… That’s a serious problem.

It means the director wasn’t competent enough to tell a story in the first place.

Non Star Wars fans being put charge of making movies where they’ve never bothered to learn about the characters in the EU. Lazy. Won’t see TLJ. My fears of them killing off an original cast member every movie have been realized I’m out.. Makes SWTOR seem like a leftover relic from the George Lucas era. Hard to play Jedi Sith themepark game knowing an angry ginger bearded feminist cuck destroyed them in the current film.

Yeah, most stuff people said is right. I want to add a fact no one seemed to get around in internet posts: Kylo Ren repeating “the past must die” more times than needed. I think the actual plan of Disney is exactly this… erase all the other movies, erase everything from the past and make a reboot clinging on the huge brand that is Star Wars. This is highly backed up by Disney wholeheartedly supporting this amateurish director to kickstart a new trilogy after this one… one that will revolve exclusively around the Disney continuity.

Yup thats their goal. They are planning to milk it for good. This trilogy wont stop there. New young characters will be introduced….
I can say now that Disney will ruin this IP

Shit man, I could almost get my head wrapped around that concept.

But really: did they have to go as far as erasing all the shit they set up in EPISODE VII??? Hey, I get it, we’re old guys… I’m 45, I saw the original trilogy in theaters. So they want to move on, and want nothing to do with the prequels… I get that, I can deal with that…

But freaking Ep VII was 2 YEARS AGO! THEY MADE IT! This is not a real trilogy, they’re winging it! It’s completely ad hoc! JJ Abrams is currently selling his idea on Ep IX to Disney. They don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

Scrap that. I’m wrong. They know EXACTLY what they are doing. Milking THE SHIT outta this, until it bleeds no more.

I never thought they would trash the EU to set up just another new hacky disjointed bunch of stories that don’t really match up to each other by constantly changing authors that don’t even confer with each other on the greater arch.

It’s hard to explain but if you look at the item before you preview it it looks way different and way better.

Closest I’ve seen to it ingame is the promo pic w/ the Pureblood female on SWTOR’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

All I want for Christmas is Valkorion’s arbor set. Too bad the devs and community relationship guys hate us so much 🙁

It’s probably a lag/layering issue, and his armor is part of his character model, meaning the proportions might be off on player characters.

I suspect that this armor is made for a character with male (2) proportions and they haven’t made it yet for female chars, gay (thin) males, big fellows and fat bastards. I still don’t care and I want this armor! They can patch it later 🙂

I’m pretty sure the “gay (thin) males” are actually older boys, teenager characters.

However, I expect most people who are insecure with their body to assign a perceived negative trait to being skinny as a male.


That’s pretty far fetched reasoning. In other words, it makes no sense. I suspect you’re gay, cause you took it quite personally 😉

ahhh Darth Malgus, what a great bad guy he was, shame we couldn’t get someone like him in the movies instead we get Darth Emo 🙁

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