Black Desert Grow A Cron Tree Event Guide

Black Desert Online Grow A Cron Tree event guide. This event is running from Dec 20 to Dec 27.


Event Quests

This event is running from Dec 20 to 27. There are two quests and they can be done once per day per account daily.

To start this event, you will need to talk to one of the six NPCs in the major cities. This will start [Event] You Better Watch Out, Your Better Not Cry!

  • Velia – Cronay
  • Heidel – Crona
  • Calpheon – Crony
  • Altinova – Croro
  • Valencia City – Croleh
  • Grana – Cromy


For this quest you will need to talk to NPCs. Autopath will lead you to one so you may need to open your map to locate the other.


After you completed that quest, pick up [Event] Grandpa Cron Knows It All! from the same NPC and interact with the nearby Cron Tree to decorate it. The tree has 13 stages of appearance as more players decorate it and once it is done it will have a star ornament on top.



Completing the two quests will grant you [Event] Grandpa Cron’s Gift.


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