GW2 Arenanet to host biweekly Developer AMAs starting Feb 2018

Arenanet will be hosting biweekly developer AMA on the official forums starting Feb 2018.

As we look to the start of a new year, we want to let you know about an exciting new initiative we’re going to offer here on the forums: Bi-weekly ArenaNet Forum Chats with Guild Wars 2 developers or development teams. These chats will be our take on the concept of a developer AMA.

The GW2 AFC series will begin in February. On a bi-weekly basis, an individual dev or team of devs will join the forums for a few hours to engage with you in real time on the topics you care about. You can create a thread to ask a question, give feedback, express a concern, or share a kudo. Or you can join an existing thread to share your thoughts on the topic at hand.

As always, we’ll be talking about the game as it is at the current time, rather than focusing on future development, although it’s always possible that some predictive info will be shared. Also, it goes without saying that in a two-hour event, it’s likely that we won’t be able to get to every thread that is created, nor answer every question that may be raised. However, the benefit of players and developers sharing ideas during these sessions could have far-reaching benefits, and we hope you’ll join in!

First order of business will be setting up a guest list. So, please share your ideas for dev or dev team participants. If you would also give a little idea of why you’d like that person or team to take part, that would be very helpful, as well.

We look forward to seeing you as participants in the AFCs!



  • FrycoN

    All i ask i more wvw maps and merging of small populated servers already so there is no more linkin server system pls.
    Thats really all.
    Praise the Sun.

    • Belph’gor

      Praise Joko!

  • Trillium

    Sounds good.
    Will be fun to see how they’ll manage dodging actual important questions so much more often.
    Not to mention what will they talk about themselves. I mean, you can’s advertise a LS chapter more than once, that’s crass.

  • Jalen Dmello

    Come on guys, its the forums like the minority of the minority goes over there.

    The only ppl complaining would be the “we want balance” players typically raiders, high end pvper/wvw players. Whereas the average joe that represents majority playing his power necro in the open world wouldn’t give a dam, probably doesn’t even know what a forum is

    So this feels more like a mock up thing where new devs will are learning how to dodge questions 😛

    • Thanathos

      Well, not Anet’s fault that the mayority isn’t interested in forums / talking with them.

      • meonthissite

        It is actually you see, they filtered the forums a few months back and won’t accept hard questions about anything or they ignore those entirely. It’s why while on the forums if someone needs the devs I suggest they post on reddit and on general reddit to reach the devs or to let regular folks know that the devs are ignoring post.

      • Ayakaru

        It kind of is, anet have made it clear the past 5 years theydont like to communicate with us, so many people gave up and left. I still report anything I think is wrong with the game, but I dont expect anet to read anything on the forums.. at all

  • meonthissite

    Sadly those are completely filtered so none of the hard questions will come out so it’s useless to have those.

    • Alot

      This piece is a bit vague but I do feel there are softball questions which could be asked which would be fairly interesting – and by softball, I mean anything that doesn’t have a gemstore price attached to it -.-

      If you manage to get someone down to talk about their views on how the prices of t6 materials have changed over time or ask if kralk ore being more easy to come by through the meta then the meteor was intended or not.

      I’d love to ask about the veto process for introducing new stat combinations with each (or ever second) release and if they feel there are stat lines which would be detrimental to the health of pve or wvw.

  • Chris S

    I.e. we don’t like Reddit AMAs since we can’t control those. These are just a PR move, they’re not gonna answer any hard (e.g. class balance or lack there of) questions at all.

  • Ayakaru

    I only have one question for them, why the mursaat-forsaken combat tonics still have a 15 minute timer when we can already manually deactivate them when we’re done. Dont they know how infuriating it is to use a combat tonic only have it uddenly disapear for nonreason at all

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