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SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Dec 22

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Dec 22

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that makes sense. Though I wouldn’t use them, cause I’d be too afraid to loose my characters on which I have spent so much money :O

Disney has no interest in gaming other wise Ea would not have gotten the license. And in 2023 EA will get it again, unless some other gaming company will pay for it Your choice/ guess which big gaming company will put up the money

Disney want’s to make money out of the Star Wars license. What makes people think Disney doesn’t like what EA is doing?

Btw. SWTOR’s licence deal is older that the Lucas Film/Lucas Arts deal with disney.

Disney has a long history with games. They knew exactly who they gave the license to. There have been problems before with developers, since then Disney knows who is making games with their license, they know exactly how these companys work. Disney isn’t the messiah you are hoping for.

Disney made argreement with EA as publisher because they wanted to give PC and console gaming to ONE publisher when they bought lucasfilm and SW IP.

Disney does not interest one old pc game. For them this game doesnt EXIST and they dont ever put any money into it because they know EA already struggling to keep this game going.

Only time will tell if this game will be around more than a year.

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