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SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Jan 2

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Jan 2

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Weird- Some of the stuff for 5.7 looks like it got added with 5.6, specifically the armor sets. Esne Fanatic, Battlefield Technician, Nomadic Gunslinger, Resistance Specialist… Am I getting it wrong on how Datamining actually works?

And another piece of unique gear gets reskinned and shit on. I did wear my Merc Revanite chest piece often because it was one of the few unique pieces left that didn’t get re-skinned that you actually had to earn. Oh well.

Similar to other no longer available endgame sets, a lot of people have been wanting access to the rare Revanite sets.

Unique? In mmo game? Even special hard to get things are bound to be in possession of other players. You can combine parts from different sets and recolour it and thats it

Im gonna buy the fuck out of that and grind all over the place with it…oh yeah! Im gonna wear it so much youre never gonna wanna see it again. Lol

Technically, that’s a reskin of the Rakata set, while this one is a Columi reskin, but they’re both PvE sets. Smedley’s probably whining about the Revanite gear reskin, which was originally obtainable from BOTH PvE and PvP.

Yep, you’re right! The Kingpin’s armor is similar too (without the hat) and the set you get with the level 60 token creating an smuggler (don’t remember the name).

Interestingly enough, the crafted Trimantium set matches the Rakata Field Tech (PvE) set, while the Veteran Mender/Targeter set matches the Champion Field Tech (PvP) set.

They’re all the same minus the colors, no? Seems like both Columi and Rakata “Field Tech” sets look like that Trimantium craftable, and the Columi/Rakata “Field Medic / Enforcer” sets are closer to this new “Restored Columi Smuggler” set. And other than the facemask, every set I just listed is basically idenitical, or is there some other difference I’m not seeing?

There might be some minute differences, but you’re right about the 1.0 PvE endgame gear for Smugglers basically being the same model w/ different colors.

Ah well…
BioWare is selling us the shells of the old end game gear. Greedy bsdrds.

“You like this? Yeah, we’ll remove it and make you pay for it!”

They should have added Calculated Mercenary”s Armor Set to Alliance crates like they did with lots other sets.

Not sure if I can completely agree with you. My storages are full of different gear I refuse to destroy or sell, I`m not against being able to reclame them from collection.

Or, they’re bringing back old endgame sets that went rare years ago to please those who have been asking for them. If they did it without them costing CC in some way, those who grinded for the originals would get upset.

You must not be one of the many people who have been asking for the old Columi or Revanite gear to come back in some form.

“Instead of adding another set of old operation and endgame armor to the existing sources for acquiring old endgame armor, let’s add it to the Cartel Market because we haven’t fucked our players enough this year. Gotta get 2018 off to a good start.”

That’s what this game has become. Content, features, and items we’ve been wanting and asking for for years, put into the damn Cartel Market and Cartel Packs instead.

I’m not excited about how these are brought back, but that seems to be the pattern; they’re either in Cartel Packs (Nightlife & Stronghold) or direct sale.

Silver lining: CM atleast means you can have infinite copies for your account and permanent access if you need to delete something to free up space. Overall, I think this CM method is desirable IF you plan on using the sets on multiple characters.

OR they could expand the collection system to include collectible items OUTSIDE of the damn Cartel Market. Reputation sets, Flashpoint sets like those character-bound Chiss sets from the latest one, all kinds of stuff could be tossed in with that fantastic system, but noooooo, it has to be exclusively saved for microtransactions.

I embraced something new … calls itself EVE Online 🙂 (no interesst waiting for never-be-released-Star-Citizen-Hoax anylonger).
Up to now it’s quite more entertaining than SWTOR.

When I’m online, on very few hours per week compared to earlier times, I’m only running flashpoints for achievements out of fun or playing pre 4.0 content. No interesst in this whole Zakuul & later nonsense.
Never entered this new “we are the super robots you must fight as in meele and can’nt nuke us from afar even as super-being-alliance-mega-overlord”.
Never entered this new flashpoint – no interest.

I hated that turtle-back merc armour the first time around. What makes them think I’d pay to wear it now? ALSO makes my hips look big. Nuh.

As for the other … yah yah … aka king pin shiner equivalent as everyone’s already mentioned.

• Cartel Update
• Cartel Update
• Cartel Update
• Cartel Update
• Dogshit Giveaway/Scam
• Cartel Update
• Exploiters

Gee guys, way to really keep the game alive with gambling packs, reskins and doshit scams. Lemme guess, “these guys need to make money somehow”… right? OK. I’m sure this is the *only* think they can do. These guys are a bunch of clowns.

How many people are actually left playing this game? Is it less than 1000? Or is 1000 a huge stretch and im crazy.

This is why corporations always win in the end. The state of this game is awful and you still have losers not only defending the actions of those that have murdered the game but also still playing the very same game they criticize.

So are you the jackass that sits on fleet and says “This game is shit” or the jackass who sits on fleet saying “This game is dead”?
I was logging on various toons the other day on 3 different servers. I found an average of 300 players on fleet split between 3 different instances and probably an average of 75 players on all the planets (as many as 175 on some, as few as 10 on some but 75 seems to be a good ballpark). Figure there are 19 planets so that’s 1,725 people on that afternoon at one time. Maybe this was a busy day due to kids being out of school etc but the fact is there are a good amount of people playing this game. The game is not dead.
The state of the game is clearly not awful enough to make thousands delete it and move on. I still play and I still enjoy doing so. If you don’t I would suggest deleting the game and moving on. I’ve quit playing many games in the past and I did just that, never looking back and had no regrets. I also never felt compelled to bitch about those games in their chat rooms or fan sites. You should try it.

You fanboys can’t come up with anything else than “game is alive!!”‘ So are people on chemo. Game is dying whether you people agree with it or not. 2000 people is NOTHING. In ESO we had two times that amount just in Orsinium and Gold Coast. Deal with it.
You are feeding the vegetable that deserves kill of mercy.

I along with thousands of others play it. I’m sorry but the reality is it is still alive. I understand that you have some bizarre obsession with perusing the fan pages of a game you are convinced is dead so you can tell the people that play it that they shouldn’t because it is dead but I kind of think by definition if you have to tell the people playing it that it is dead that it isn’t. Maybe you should find a healthy hobby? I, for my part will continue playing SWTOR until it actually is dead (which I will be able to confirm by it’s being… dead). I do support mercy killing so I’d you need any advice I’ll be happy to assist.

I along with milions of terminally ill patients are treated so illness is curable, whoooo.

I have a healthy hobby and bashing this game isn’t it. I know you want to come up with psychoanalysis that would fit your arguments but it won’t work. Not at all. Please tell me how saying game is dead, one time in a long period of time, qualifies as obsession? You can rant all you want, okay. You can play this game if you love it, okay. But saying this game is in good condition is just wrong. It isn’t. I suppose most people who defend EAWare didn’t play this game pre-3.0 or even 4.0 so there is no point in discussing with them.
Also, 2000 people. Okay. When Bioware merged THREE servers into ONE. Congratulations. Three servers barely make it 2000 people. Let’s tie potatoes to our ankles and run across Austin yelling “thanks for caring for us!”
I will just say how I enjoy every single time you people come up with “if you don’t like it, leave it”. Okay. And that kind of ignorance made the biggest and the best guilds in game leave. People asked for better endgame content and mediocre players came up with “leave the game if you don’t like it”. Progression is now dead, unless you count doing DF, SnV, EV and KP HM as progression. On Darth Malgus server, which are big and progressive guilds? Impside: Reincarnated and Disciples of Babylon, maybe For We Are Many? Repside: The Last Batallion? I am talking about really good and big guilds where you can find good players interested in real progression. I won’t count trash guilds like Untempered Dread and Wardens of the Republic which are joke even among RPers.
PvE lost it’s value as most people just grind one or two uprisings and Hammer Station for cxp. Ranked is alive but nowhere the place it was pre 5.0 because now most silver tier players are actually shitters who farmed cxp farmers and can’t get to gold because THAT’S where they find good players they can’t compete against. Bioware tried to save PvP by adding one reskinned warzone. That’s really a great move, kappa. They promised us full operation by the end of 2017 and they managed to gives us 3 bosses and “ops” that is cleared in 25 minutes. Also, great choice of devs. I will not count FPS and uprisings because no one does them for other reason than cxp. Even q’ing as tank or healer takes sometimes 20-40 minutes to get a pop.
Of course, we could find an excuse in saying it’s EA’s fault, they left Bioware with skeleton crew REEEEEEEE. But players are paying. They have every right to expect devs to care about this game and add more than reskinned armors and maps. So I am really sorry but except for “you don’t like it, don’t play it” and “game is alive because servers are online” you got nothing.

So if you wanted a mercy killing, you will find none. Because I have tons of mercy, I will just put you in my ashtray. You got smoked.

I get your point Abby.

But before I get into that, I hope the New Year came in with a bang, and that you and your close ones are in perfect health. May the Force serve you guys well. 🙂

I think this is a turning point in this game. Unlike many others, I have NOT lost faith completely in this game. I returned to playing, if just in a very shy, loose and relaxed manner. Call me a “filthy casual”, because that’s exactly how I’m playing. Doing the new stuff, getting my Umbara Stronghold… You know the drill. Still just as Pref. When the new Op is completed I might do a sub just to check that out.

Why is this a turning point? Well, what is it now? The third server merge? There are more people playing. More people online, that is. Not exactly MORE, they’re just concentrated now.

If BW can put out some good content this year I think the game can hold on. This game went through an identity crisis. The devs never really made up their minds if this was going to be KotOR 3 or a MMO to challenge WoW. A lot of lost momentum in this game. A LOT. They even failed to capitalise on the recent Star Wars movies to draw more people in (But I REALLY don’t want to get into that looooool).

All in all, I still love this game. No, it’s not in perfect health. Far from that. But I really don’t want to see it die. If I did I’d have moved on already. But my expectations are really low. Maybe that’s why I returned to playing in the end…

I do love this game, though it’s love-hate relationship and with every day it’s getting more and more toxic. I mentioned two months ago I am giving SWTOR last, final chance to interest me and fill me with hope. Well, two months have passed. I had tons of fun playing SWTOR but it all came down to doing SM ops and farming mats in group ranked only. In the end game made me more agitated than thrilled. I really wanted SWTOR to succeed but today I stopped giving a crap. I have unsubbed for the last time and I doubt I will be ever coming back. I hope Bioware will -finally- do something right and get thousands of players back. Star Wars franchise deserves it. But Bioware and EA don’t.
That said, I hope you enjoy your time while playing SWTOR. I lost my interest in playing it but as “real hater” I will frequently visit Dulfy for any news about the game. Have fun but stay true to facts like you always did. You and few other people, who love SWTOR but still see what’s wrong with it, are hope for this game.

Oh, I don’t think I’m converted yet. I still “hate” pretty much everything I “hated” hehehehehe.

I feel your pain. This game had so much potential. But too many things went wrong, too many to recount here.

The most fun I’m having is doing a few class stories. I picked up a couple of toons at endgame to do the new stuff, but I really did miss the class stories. With the new server merge I was no longer capped at maximum toons, so I went ahead and did a couple. But it’s a very relaxed, casual kind of playing. Long gone are the days of progression raiding, and I doubt they will come back.

Sometimes I wonder: was it only the game that changed, or was it me? I played ESO, and if one complains about lack of content in TOR, I actually had that complain reversed in ESO, I could not keep up. I lacked the stamina.

So maybe it was ME that changed also.

Agreed on every single point.

You just forgot one simple thing. Whenever people play the “if you don’t like it, leave” card with me, I just go:

“Sure. I will. If you kindly point me to the next Star Wars MMO that I can play.”

Thought so.

I’m sorry you were ill and am sincerely happy to hear you beat it.
I understand where you are coming from and I have been playing since day one so I am aware of the decline. That said I am also a realist and as such recognize that nothing will change in this game. I’m not defending the game. I’m not defending EA or the developers.
I simply said in my original statement that the person saying the game is dead was incorrect. I realize that a few thousand players is nothing in the scheme of things but as one of those few thousand that still play, what the game has become is enough to maintain my interest. I don’t want to see the game go away because I still enjoy it. I’m not sure how this adversely affects anyone but based on some of the responses I received it clearly seems to. Perhaps it’s a misery loves company mindset which seems very unnecessary for such a trivial topic.
In my opinion the game has reached the point where it is “take it or leave it”. I feel that you would like to see it return to what it once was. The sad fact is it won’t. If the only alternative to this is putting the game out of its misery in your opinion I simply disagree. You don’t like being told “if you don’t like it then don’t play” but unless there is a viable alternative that is essentially the only alternative to accepting it for what it is and playing until it dies.
Complaining achieves nothing.
Criticizing those who for whatever reason still enjoy it achieves nothing.
Wishing it would just die and go away achieves nothing.
As long as anyone feeds enough money into the game to pull a profit it will exist. Clearly it does so it must make money.
I’ll enjoy it until it doesn’t. That’s all.

Likewise Syok, and I apologize for my earlier comments as well. I think I managed rude, condescending and flat out mean… none of which were in any way called for.
Thanks and I hope ESO and anything else you play brings you many hours of joy!
Take care.

I will say I tried ESO and Wild Star did not like them. Still have WOW to play but,.. honestly I prefer this game do to fact I like TOR better. When this game dies then I will move on

Mate those numbers are not a sign of a healthy MMORPG, quite the opposite actually.

Even if we double them and say at peak times it’s 4k people on that server then generously say that all servers have approx 4000 players online at peak time thats total of 20k players playing SWTOR.
A game that at one time had 2 million subscribers.

You could also argue that of those 20k players how many actually subscribe?
How many are free to play or preferred?

SWTOR is alive due to the wonder that is cartel whales but with the population decreasing every year it’s not a question ‘is SWTOR dead?’
It’s a question of ‘When will SWTOR be dead?’
Cause it’s on it’s knees begging to be put out it’s misery.

Dude I’m sorry but this is an unhealthy obsession. I like the game and so I play it. The same goes for thousands of others. Why is it so important for you and these others that the game die if we still like and play it? If you were banging an ugly chick but you liked her and enjoyed banging her would it be my place to say “stop banging that chick now… she’s ugly and shouldn’t be banged anymore”? Of course not. If you liked it and she liked it, bang away! When it’s dead it’s dead… until then it’s alive and I play it. I honestly don’t care if it’s 9/10 dead or 99/100 dead… until I log in and it says the game is no longer available I will play it. Why does this bother you people?

Mate you’ve just gone on a rant because you don’t like whats being said.

The classic ‘if you don’t like it there’s the door and leave us to live in blind ignorance’ is all fine and dandy until you’re on here answering questions to people telling them the game is doing fine when quite clearly it’s not.

The original poster asked a question that you answered with numbers, I merely replied to them.
You want to play the game and be happy then don’t go forums and tell people everything is fine when it’s clear to everyone that it’s far from it.

I think the guy is not saying the game is doing amazing, he’s saying it still has a pulse. Which is true, technically. Personally, I have given up on thinking what could’ve been done better. The dev team, I dare even say Bioware as a whole, is simply not capable of bringing this game back to it’s old glory, however short-lived it may have been. At this point you should take it for what it is or leave and keep the pleasant memories you have with it, if you had any to begin with.

I agree with you, it can’t be saved, it won’t be saved.
There won’t be a sudden influx of cash to bring everyone back or the game back to old glory.

The guy (IMO) wasn’t saying it has a pulse, he was making out that 2000 people playing during the afternoon is a good amount and a sign of good health which is ludicrous.

To say that it has that number of people playing is a sign that the state of the game is not awful is beyond wrong.

In my reply I doubled the numbers to be generous and even then it’s a sign that the state of the game is indeed woeful.

Appreciated… you get what I’m saying and I agree with your statement as well. Thinking that it could return to what it was is futile, it won’t. In my humble opinion what it has become is still good enough to keep me coming back. Once it’s not I won’t.

I never said everything was fine, I said the game is not dead as evidenced by the people who still play it including myself. There has clearly been a decline in numbers… the new Satele Shan server has the same numbers online that any of the servers that were combined to create it used to enjoy. I just recognize the difference between declining and dead. My neighbor is 70, moves slowly and definitely doesn’t enjoy the quality of life he did 20 years ago but that doesn’t mean I should run out with a shovel and bury him the next time I see him outside.
Again, the game isn’t dead and I like it. It’s that simple. I’m not telling anyone else to play and I’m not saying it won’t die. I’m just saying I’ll enjoy it until it does.

The question of ‘is the game dead?’ is all relative.
20k people playing a subscription based MMORPG suggests death to some people or the reaper is coming soon™

Squeezing whats left of the gaming population together onto 5 servers to give people the impression of health makes others believe the game still has life in it.
That is exactly what ‘UNITED FORCES’ was all about.
The server merge was all about bullshitting whats left of the games population into believing there’s still life in this twitching roadkill and hope they can continue to milk the cartel whales abit longer.

So it’s not about is the game dead but the other point ‘is the state of the game awful’?
Yes the state of SWTOR is in fact awful.
You responded to the OP saying it wasn’t and used numbers to try and back that up, those numbers in fact show the game is in fact a mess.
And now you’re saying ‘I never said everything was fine’ so which is it, is the state of the game awful or is it fine?

Looking to what you wrote it’s just contradictions galore ->
the game is not dead but there’s only approx 20k people playing this AAA MMORPG (that’s shockingly low btw)
And the state of the game is not awful but everything is not fine (which you conveniently didn’t go into detail about, I’m curious to someone who’s still in denial, what is not fine in SWTOR I wonder)

No contradictions here. I said the game isn’t dead. You say 20k playin a game is dead I have to say we clearly have different ideas of the meaning of dead. Dead to me is dead. No players, servers shut or are shutting down literally every sub cancelled and moved on dead. There is alive, dying and dead. I agree the game is dying… no argument there. My point and the point I have made all along is that at whatever state of dying, if it is fun enough to appeal to myself or anyone else so as to be playable and we play it and are happy doing so then that’s our prerogative. I don’t see why it affects you or anyone else at that point. I’m not asking you to play it, I’m saying I am and will until it actually dies or I get bored. I continue to not understand why this is an issue for you.

As I said before the whole is SWTOR dead is all relative.
To some 20k population in a MMORPG is a dead MMORPG and to others it’s not.
There is no right or wrong there.

No one here is saying you liking SWTOR is wrong and we should argue over your enjoyment of the game, it’s when you say the current state of SWTOR isn’t awful when every piece of evidence points to the opposite.
I even used your numbers and doubled them and that still makes the current state of SWTOR look awful.

Happily play SWTOR no one is saying you shouldn’t but don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining 😉

What about people that yell, when others demand something to change, and they get in turn: “If you don’t like it, don’t play it / leave” and guess what they do… they leave… LOL. Ironic, isn’t it? Who’s a jackass then? The one who demand this game to be better or that one which tries to convince others to leave just beacuse “they don’t like it” in their eyes? I don’t know who taught you to bow heads everytime and thank EAware that they give you shit nicely packed and you still make the same choices. You’re just perfect sheeps to be shaved.

I don’t know man, I guess the jackass is the person saying that. Since it’s not me I don’t really get your point.

It’s ok man, don’t listen to this clowns if you are enjoying this game with your friend its ok, everybody is entitled to have their own opinion… i only have one little doubt:
What the F are you doing here then? You are wasting your “precious” time here instedad of playing your lovely game, that pretty much is telling me you’re a LIAR who only likes to antagonize others.. my 2 cents for you and your dying game EA employee…

What a bizarre conclusion to jump to. I am on here when I’m at work and can’t play games. I also am on COC, GOH and GTA chat on my phone while I’m at work.

A lot if this gear is craftable and the pve sets come out of alliance crates. Also the pvp consular set was reskinned quite a while ago in a cartel pack. Not sure which one, but it was an older pack.

Remove the shoulder pads and spiky stuff coming out of random places and these sets are really good. But MMO devs love to put shoulder pads on everything for some reason.

Sans the helmet my Chiss Darth used that armor, the blue, black hole, version of it since BH was added and up to when I dropped my sub just before the latest mergers. Very Juggernaut looking!

No, no, no, Side quests are 10cc. Ops are 2,500cc per run.
This way, as long as paying extra to run Ops remains popular they can finish the current one in a couple years and maybe try to pop our another Op in 2024.

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