Black Desert Jan 3 Game Update Patch Notes

Black Desert Online Jan 3 Game Update Patch Notes.


It has been the moment we’ve all been gearing up for the past month: Mystic Awakening is now available! Perhaps our new Campsite feature may help you level up your Mystic. Set up your Campsite wherever you please and enjoy all its pleasant amenities. We also have released Marni’s Stones, an exclusive content for characters eager for EXP that help you level up your characters much faster. Finally, enjoy our revamped daily Attendance Rewards and the bountiful Flurry of Snowflakes Event.

Event & System


  • Thank you for helping us grow all of those Cron Trees! You have accomplished in growing Cron Trees to the maximum form in every single channel!
    As a follow-up event, we want to introduce the Flurry of Snowflakes Event!

    • Period: January 4th 00:00 UTC ~ January 24th Before Maintenance
    • Play 30 Minutes and claim your [Event] Snowflake as a Challenge Rewards (Y)! Max 10 will be given per day.
    • Exchange the collected [Event] Snowflakes from NPCs for various rewards like the [Event] Delicate Snowflake Ornament Box, [Event] Resplendent Snowflake Ornament Box, [Event] Shining Snowflake Ornament Box, [Event] Black Magic Crystal Box, and Fine Accessory Box which you can claim
    • Click < Here > to check this rewarding event out in detail!
  • Loyal, Rookie, Return, and Guild Check-in Rewards have been renewed.
    • Attendance Rewards have been revamped and vastly improved. You can now receive highly desirable items like Value Packs and Memory Fragments when you check-in daily for your spectaculous rewards.
    • Special rewards for Rookie and Returning adventurers! If you’re entitled to either of the benefits, you are expected to obtain the renewed [Event] Settlement Pack on the last day of Attendance. Please note that the Pack’s contents for Rookie and Return are slightly different from each other.
  • Little Monster Box will be available for purchase until Jan. 10, before maintenance.


  • There will be no cooldown time when putting items into the Inventory.
  • Fixed the focusing issue when clicking on nodes on the World Map.
  • When a player or a mount dies while carrying trade items, maximum of 10 items will be destroyed.
  • Effect options (high, mid, low) will be optimized according to the Graphics option.
  • Fixed the issue in the tutorial where F3 was being displayed as a key to close the quest window instead of ESC.
  • Fixed the slow response time of the Pearl Shop and Marketplace during purchase and browsing.

Game World, NPC and Effects


  • The disassembly time of Fence, Garden, Fortress, and so on has been decreased to 15 seconds (previously 30).
  • Fixed the issue where a player’s Savage Point remained in the ranking after exiting the session via Escape.
  • The following contents are now available.
    • Mystic Awakening
    • Campsite
    • Marni’s Stone
  • Build your own cozy Campsite!
    • Set up your campsite wherever you like while you are out adventuring, and customize it to suit your needs.
    • Some of the features you can add to your campsites are: buying or repairing certain items, putting items in storage, doing currency exchange, and buying buff scrolls.
    • Setting up a campsite should make it easier for you if you want to go off the grid to defeat monsters in remote areas, far from any towns or cities.
    • Adventurers who complete the quest ‘[Boss] Witch-Hunting’ which is one of the Calpheon Main Quests, can accept the Quest ‘Survival Guru’ from the Black Spirit.
    • Go through the quest chain and complete the following quests ‘How to Survive the Wilderness’, then ‘Old Moon Guild and Survival Skill’ to receive Old Moon Camping Tent, Old Moon Camping Anvil, and Old Moon Campsite Shop as rewards which you can install at your Campsite. Right-click on the Camping Tool you exchange from Jensen in Behr for Gold Bar 100G to open up Camping UI, then place these items onto your installed Campsite for use.
    • You can place Campsites on flat grounds in Combat Zones but not on slopes or roads. You can’t set them up on areas with objects placed beforehand.
  • Marni’s Stone is a great addition to those who look for more training.
    • Check out < Here > to learn more about Marni’s Stones.
  • Some areas used in Node Wars will be changed from Combat Zone to Safety Zone. Please check < Here > to see visuals and specific areas affected to change.


  • Fixed an issue where monsters NPCs were intermittently teleporting.
  • Fixed the issue that placed Atui Balacs in Sand Grain Bazaar in the air.

Class Changes

<All classes>

  • Skill guide videos for all characters have been replaced with the new ones.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch where back head of Grolia Hat looked empty for Valkyrie, Sorceress, Mystic, and Kunoichi.
  • Enemy’s summoned creature is now not following you when using Emergency Escape.
  • A graphical glitch of lips after customizing them and changing faces has been fixed.
  • You can now continuously roll with sitting with Q W key on.
  • Your weapon will be disappeared when you lie down.
  • The movement speed has been increased when moving left, right, and backward when holding a Harpoon or Fishing Rod.
  • An issue where a character wasn’t able to move left, right, and backward properly on Galley, Epheria Sailboat, Epheria Frigate or Old Bartali Sailboat holding a Harpoon or Fishing Rod has been fixed.
  • Fixed the issue where pressing directional keys while turning at an angle larger than 45 degrees during an auto-run will make it impossible to stop the character.
  • Fixed the strange character movements that occur while spiriting.

  • Attack range of the skill Reckless Blow has been adjusted to be circular range of effect.
  • The description of conditions to obtain AP/Critical buff on Great Sword Training has been changed.
  • Fixed the graphical glitch of Warrior’s Clead Outfit that occurred during certain poses.
  • Fixed a graphical issue where Warrior’s face came out from Snowflake Helmet when his face was customized.

  • Attack ranges of skills Nature’s Tremble and Regeneration have been modified to be correct.
  • Improved the lagging issue while using the skill Spirit’s Shackles.
  • The Invincible effect of the skill Breezy Blade applied while moving has been changed to Invincible before attack.
  • Basic AP at Lv. 60 has been increased by 9 on average.
    • The PvE damage has been increased as well.
    • PvP damage has been decreased by approximately 2.8% for balancing purposes.
  • The Stamina consumption of Evasive Shot (mid-air) will be correctly working according to the skill level.
  • Cooldown time has been applied to Ultimate: / Extreme: Charging Wind. Forward Guard applied when it is used outside the Cooldown time.
  • After learning Ultimate: Evasive Shot, using Q + directional keys will activate the skill Blasting Gust.
  • Simply holding LMB after Descending Current will activate Ultimate: Descending Current.
  • Using Blasting Gust during PvP after canceling Evasive Shot will have Knockdown effect (NOT during Cooldown).
  • The attack range of the following skills has been increased.
    • Tearing Arrow (1.5M)
    • Charging Wind (1.5M),
    • Pinpoint (8M)
    • Evasive Shot (10.5M)
    • Bow Skill (12M)
    • Razor Wind (11M)
  • Fixed the issue where falling motion was performed upon using Flow: Rushing Wind after using Vine Knot on high grounds.
  • The PvP damage of Ultimate: Charging Wind and Extreme: Charging Wind has been increased.
  • The MP recovery type of the skill Regeneration has been changed.
  • On the Awakening stance, switching to Longbow while moving forward then using the skill Blasting Gust will be executed more smoothly.
  • The hit count part of the skill description of Wailing Wind has been fixed to be Max hits.
  • Super Armor effect has been applied to Blasting Gust except when it is used during Cooldown.

  • Fixed the issue where the Sorceress could have been intermittently seen by others upon using Nightmare.
  • Fixed the prolonged camera vibration after using Dream of Doom with Black Spirit’s Rage.
  • Fixed the information discrepancy in the description of the skill Nightmare.
    • Super Armor has been added.
  • Fixed the issue where Flow: Night Crow could be activated on the Awakening stance even when Night Crow was locked.

  • The backward movement distance of Giant Leap has been extended compared to the forward movement.
  • Visual effects have been added to Berserker’s normal skills (hitting after jump).
  • The skill Rooting will now give you Bound effect when Grappling fails.
  • Pressing W and F together will not activate Titan Step anymore.
  • Fixed the issue where the Berserker seemed unstable while using the skill Giant Leap in a place with a considerable height gap. (This may cause the Berserker to stay mid-air momentarily if it gets hit while mid-air.)

  • Fixed the awkward sheathing motion activated by pressing TAB key while moving.

  • Fixed the information discrepancy in the descriptions of Breath of Elion and Elion’s Blessing.
    • Super Armor has been added.
  • Fixed the awkward space between Valkyrie’s Jousting Helmet and hair.

  • The targeting range of Mana Absorption and Ultimate: Blizzard has been increased.      (16M > 20M)
  • Fixed the information discrepancy in the description of Sage’s Heart.
    • Accuracy information has been added.
  • Mana Absorption, Blizzard, and Meteor Shower will aim at the caster’s designated target. (Not applicable for Meteor Shower with Black Spirit’s Rage 200%)
  • Removed the thick black lines inside Witch’s thighs.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch with Witch’s hair while wearing Treant Camouflage.
  • Reworked the sound effects for Meteor Shower and Blizzard.

  • The targeting range of Mana Absorption and Ultimate: Blizzard has been increased.      (16M > 20M)
  • Fixed the information discrepancy in the description of Sage’s Heart.
    • Accuracy information has been added.
  • Mana Absorption, Blizzard, and Meteor Shower will aim at the caster’s designated target. (Not applicable for Meteor Shower with Black Spirit’s Rage 200%)
  • Fixed the graphical glitch on Wizard’s Inquirer’s Destiny Hat.
  • Fixed the issue where Wizard’s default body and the body after Reset All were different.
  • Reworked the sound effects for Meteor Shower and Blizzard.
  • Wizard portraits in the ESC exit window and Character Create screen have been changed.
  • Wizard’s banner in the Pearl Shop has been changed.
  • The default face of the Wizard has been changed to the younger one.

  • Fixed the issue where the buff effect would not disappear when putting away the weapon after using Maehwa’s awakening skill General Apricot.
  • Basic AP at Lv. 60 has been increased by 17 on average.
    • The PvE damage has been increased as well.
  • PvP damage has been decreased by approximately 6.5% for balancing purposes.

  • A new skill Spirit Consumption has been added. This passive skill is automatically learned at Lv. 15. It increases Max MP by 150.

  • Fixed the issue where the graphics of Kibelius Gauntlet and Gloves were overlapped.

  • Fixed the information discrepancy in the description of Martial Spirit.
    • Target’s MP/WP/SP -5 on a good Dragon Shatter combo

Item Changes

  • Character Name Change Coupon is now able to be bound to your family.
  • The item Awakening Weapon Box has been unbounded. Now you can hand it over to other characters.
  • Item grades of Good Feed and Organic Feed have been changed to green.
  • The selling prices of the following items have been adjusted.
    • Cheap Feed
      • 500 -> 3,000 Silver Coins
  • The weight of following items has been adjusted.
    • Organic Feed
      • 0.3LT -> 0.2LT
  • Instructions on using Alchemy Stones/Spirit Stones have been added.
  • Skill EXP +20% has been added to Book of Combat.
  • The following item has been added.
    • [Event] Appearance Change Coupon (1 Day)
  • Instructions on making Spirit Essence with Spirit Stone Fragment has been changed.

[Pearl Shop]

  • Snowflake Reindeer has now been tagged as a limited item.
  • Effects have been removed from Raise Hair Button in the Pearl Shop.
  • Pearl Shop preview has been added for Little Monster Box.
  • Monster pet effect (Golem) has been added.
  • Monster pet effect (Tree Spirit) has been added.
  • Green mesh effect for Chimera Tier 3 and 4 has been added.
  • Fixed the issue where pet Golem (Tier 4)’s head was swapped with Tier 1’s head.
  • Fixed the awkward animation for Deer’s eating motion.
  • Fixed the abnormal movements of Neurotic Cabby.
  • Fixed the pet feed EXP bug.
  • Fixed the issue where the visual effects around Chimera Tier 3 and Tier 4 were misplaced.

[Item Changes]

  • Fixed the issue where the Enhancement spec tooltips were in different color in the following items.
    • Ring of Crescent Guardian
    • Ring of Cadry Guardian
    • Forest Ronaros Ring
    • Rainbow Coral Ring
  • Food buffs and Elixir buffs now have differently colored icons.
    • Elixir: Violet
    • Food: Yellow
  • The Cooldown time of Destruction and Protection Alchemy Stones has been changed from 3 to 5 minutes.
    • Alchemy Stone of Destruction
    • Stone of Protection
    • Destruction Spirit Stone
    • Guardian Spirit Stone
    • Wild Spirit Stone
    • Vell’s Heart
  • The HP recovery amount of Carrot and Carrot Juice has been doubled.
  • The following items are now bound to Family. (Previously character-bound)
    • [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (1 Day)
    • [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days)
    • [Event] Value Pack (7 Days)
    • [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (1 Days)
    • [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (7 Days)
    • [Event] Character Name Change Coupon
    • [Event] Pet Box
    • [Event] Extra Skill EXP Scroll
    • [Event] Small Energy Tonic
    • [Event] Medium Energy Tonic
    • [Event] Large Energy Tonic
    • [Event] Luck Increase Scroll
    • [Event] Max HP Increase Scroll
    • [Event] Item Brand Spell Stone
    • [Event] Tear of Repentance
    • [Event] Large Energy Tonic
    • [Event] Character Slot Expansion Coupon
    • [Event] Extra Combat EXP Scroll
    • [Event] Extra Skill EXP Scroll
    • Elion’s Tear
    • Elion’s Blessing
    • Elion’s Tear
    • [Event] Elion’s Tear
    • [Event] Elion’s Blessing
  • Fixed the issue where some item spec tooltips were missing actual numbers. (This applies to the higher-grade Food/Elixir/Party-Elixir too.)
    • Elixir of Will
    • Elixir of Assassination
    • Elixir of Detection
    • Elixir of Carnage
    • Elixir of Sky
    • King of Jungle Hamburg
  • The green-grade [Event] Frosted Matchlock has been removed from the game.
  • Fixed the issue where the shield part of Epheria Frigate’s Zafina Cannon could appear to be penetrated by objects.
  • Fixed the awkward texture issue that occurred in certain cases when Epheria Frigate is equipped with blue-grade items such as Cannon, Prow, etc.
  • For details in these exciting additions, please click < Here > to go to the Pearl Shop Update Announcement.

Monster Changes

  • The drop system for boss weapons has been reworked so that more Adventurers can have chances of getting them.
    In a World Raid Boss session, Adventurers within the top 80% of damage dealing have a chance of obtaining the items. (If 100 Adventurers participated, up to 80 of them can loot the boss.)
    • The drop rates have been leveled so that more Adventurers can have chances at the boss items.
      • Looting chance for the top damage dealing tier has been lowered by approximately 60%.
      • Looting chance for the mid damage dealing tier has been raised by approximately 20%.
      • Looting chance for the low damage dealing tier has been raised by approximately 300%.
  • World Raid Bosses will disappear if their HP does not drop below 70% within 15 minutes after being spawned.
  • The drop rate of boss weapon boxes (from World Raid Bosses) has been increased by 50%.
  • When an Ancient Kutum disappears due to time-out, it will not leave a trace.
  • You can now exchange 30 Shakatu’s Seals for a Kutum’s Sealed Sub-weapon Box.
  • Moved the monsters in Kamasylvia that blocked auto-running path to other locations.
  • Kamasylvia Scrub Stoneback Crab hidden near NPC Milden in Navarn Steppe has been moved away a little bit from Adventurers.
  • Fixed the issue where sometimes too few monsters were aggravated in the Forest Ronaros monster zone.
  • Fixed the issue where a Forest Ronaros Scout performed an awkward motion when you attacked it when more than 7 monsters areit was not aggravated at a time.
  • Fixed the chasing motion of Forest Ronaros Scouts to look more natural.
  • The following monsters can now be pulled or pushed.
    • Fadus Dual Wielder
    • Fadus Archer
    • Fadus Shaman
    • Fadus Warrior
  • Fixed the awkward motion of Saunil Mobile Catapult when it got hit.
  • A list of obtainable items has been added to the descriptions of the following items.
    • Ancient Relic Crystal Shard
    • Ancient Relic Crystal Summon Scroll
    • Forbidden Book
    • Cartian Spell
    • Scroll Written in Ancient Language
    • Pila Fe Scroll
    • Manshaum Voodoo Doll
    • Manshaum Narc’s Stone
  • Lava Fafaluns will now drop up to 2 Sulfur Fragments at once.
  • The chance of obtaining Scroll Written in Ancient Language from Lava Fafalun, Lava Searcher, and Lava Faolun has been increased by 50%.
  • HP and AP of the monster Poacher have been decreased by 75% and 25, respectively.
  • Poachers will now only drop max one Poacher’s Token at a time.

Quest & Knowledge

  • Fixed the possible Trade abuse associated with the quest that teleports you to Ancient Stone Chamber.
  • Fixed the issue that made Finlin’s signboard disappear during the quests Most Painful Finger, To Elric Shrine, and Incarnation of Illezra.
  • Fixed the issue where quest navigation for Shroud Knights Reconnaissance quest was pointing incorrectly at the top of a cave.
  • The buttons for choosing paths in the quest related to Al Rhundi have been rearranged.
  • The rewards for certain Kamasylvia guild quests (related to Navarn Steppe and Manshaum) have been enhanced.
  • The summon range of Org during the quest [Boss] Org the Greedy has been shrunk.

Interface Changes


  • Fixed an issue where a text box on Enhancement Window was overlapped with other area.
  • When you buy Pearl Boxes, it will no longer be highlighted in your Pearl Inventory.
  • Inventory highlight effect during Processing has been reactivated.
  • Fixed the issue where there was no error message when Alchemy fails.
  • Fixed the Savage Rift UI so that the round and time texts are aligned to the center.
  • Removed the F1 shortcut from the Hotkey Help in the ESC menu.
  • The Purchase button has been slightly enlarged in the Marketplace window.
  • Using Beer through Quick Slot (and Auto-align Quick Slot) will open the Worker List window.
  • Pressing F1 will load the Help page instead of the Hotkey Help.
    • Buttons linked to Hotkey Help and Crafting Notes have been added at the bottom of the Help window.
  • Fixed the issue where Margoria was on the list of World Map’s Conquest War history.
  • Sound effects for toggling Enhance animation and Enhance results have been added.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bird Meat icon was not displayed in Crafting Notes.
  • Fixed the issue that froze the UI window after changing UI Hotkey Settings.
  • Fixed the issue where A, D, and other directional keys did not work while doing Conversation.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the issue where right-clicking Lauren Family Coin did not activate a navigation guide towards NPC Panzy.
  • Fixed the infinite fall bug at Gyfin Rhasia Temple.
  • Fixed an issue where grass appeared in the air in Altinova.
  • Fixed an issue where underwater effects were applied on characters at certain spots in Serendia.
  • Fixed the issue where Workers did not move.
  • Fixed the navigation for obtaining the knowledge of Gorgath. It will now point to the current location of Norma Leight.
  • Fixed the issue where it was impossible to set navigation destinations near Hope Ferry in Valencia.
  • Fixed the issue where eating Couscous in a Safe Zone activated the bread-eating motion.
  • The Safe Zone along Demi River (across from Heidel) has been expanded by 3M on average.
  • Fixed the issue where the movement of Chimera made some objects disappear and appear again.
  • Removed the borders around Velia on the Minimap.
  • Fixed the sink hole near the residence Heidel 7-5.
  • Conditions for re-watching story cut scenes have been changed.
    • The re-watch button will only appear to characters who completed up to the next following quest after the main-story quest associated with the video.
    • This is to prevent the re-watch button from appearing out of context for new characters when another character in the Family has already completed the quest.
  • Fixed the issue where Snowflake Reindeer did not appear intermittently when taken out.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented your character from moving naturally on the fences around the small Arena in the Battle Arena.
  • Fixed the sinkhole at residence Heidel 7-5 and the pass-through walls in front of Heidel Workshop.
  • Fixed the sinkhole on the road in Caduil Forest Path.

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