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SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Jan 4

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Jan 4

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First! Sorry, couldn’t resist. 🙂

Kind of annoying that they’re pulling Life Day stuff before the end of the event.

The Cartel Market items for Life Day got pulled, but the in-game vendors should still be there. Doesn’t help you if you had to delay buying the Life Day pack, though.

I can buy stuff off of the GTN. Not really worried about that. Just assumed (And yes I know assuming with these folks is a bad idea.) that the items would be available until the end of the event. Silly me.

I don’t understand why they put those “Grand” Packs back on the market and why they have to be so overprized. I thought there would be something special in there or at least one “real” item like an armor set or rare mount, but it’s just the same chance as the normal packages only filled with old items from Explorer or Shadow series.

Bought one Explorer Package, got two jawa scrap and two bronze crytals for 500 CC. Not to say that the price policy always was that fair, but this is (at least for me) a new level of wtf.

Because they are waiting for suckers to buy them and make more money. It’s sad when the only news and changes you have are the weekly filth of a mini-game known as the Cartel Market.

shawn you fucktard he get’s the hypercrates by getting coins via referrals

wait’s for sarcastic reply….

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Awesome updates guys. It’s great to see that even through the holidays you work as hard as you can to keep people gambling. What a bunch of little bitches.

Could be worse. It could be a “SWG players,you can come home now” type of announcement for a zombie game 🙂

just imagine how fast tor will die if legislation is passed against gambling packs dulys star wars portion of the site will be empty with 6 month updates if your lucky lol

It will only affect the ones like SWTOR that depend mostly on the sale of those loot boxes. Games that aren’t dependent on cash shops and loot crates and only have them as secondary systems will weather the storm.
If we lose a bunch of online games because of the removal of gambling boxes then the world is a better place and those companies should have created better products that didn’t need to rely on gambling boxes.

every game with Lootboxes depends on them. All that it really means is that SWTOR will switch to selling the items straight more so then they already do.

what makes you think ESO isn’t dependent? You do know that ESO didn’t even sell 1 million copies right?

SWTOR is the only game that advertises its dependency on its cash shop by having weekly updates and changes for it.
Not even 1 million copies? Yet they report their supported players at about 8.5 million? Maybe my math is off, but I think you are wrong…

As I said above I play ESO casually so I don’t give a fuck about what anyone has to say about it or any other game, I don’t let the games I play define me unlike SWTOR fanboi’s. So say whatever you wish, it doesn’t hurt my feelings the way people criticizing SWTOR obviously hurt yours.

umm that’s accounts made for a Free 2 play game. Box sales never reached 1 million.

Easy way to see this at Launch there were 20 instances of Cyrodiil with less then 1 million acconts.

now there are about 5, the Cyrodiil instances haven’t gotten bigger.

I’m not trying to hurt your feelings I play ESO as well , I’ve played it since launch. I got my copy of ESO 3 weeks after launch for $20 at Walmart due to dispaointing sales.

Just because I disagree with you about 1 thing doesn’t mean I hate the game or I’m trying to hurt your feelings.

Rotating the content doesn’t mean anything every loot box game does it look at Overwatch, TF2 and Hots.

ESO is a buy to play game not a free to play game. You MUST purchase a copy of the game to be able to play it, but once you own it you may play it with out paying a subscription.
All the DLC’s, including Cyrodil, are also buy or subscribe to play. Therefore if they are supporting 8.5+ million players then sales of the game are 8.5+ million. I too bought the game for $20 months after launch, but that price has not wavered and has never gone completely free.
Your link went to a website that hasn’t updated it’s ESO information since June 25th of 2014, about 2&1/2 months after ESO launched. The data is extremely outdated and very inaccurate. Granted my link was from Feb 13th of 2017 and is nearly 1 year old at this point, but the information is much more recent and more accurate.
The report of 8.5 million supported players is across all 3 platforms, but it is still a buy to play game, so 8.5 million people had to purchase it to be playing it.

that’s not entirely true, it’s be free for months on Xbox Live and PS4 network before. They do limited runs where if you are PS+ or Xbox Gold subscriber you get to play the game free for a period.

Think about this, ESO would be the first game in video game history to sell 8 times more copies years AFTER its initial launch… then during it.

Think about that for a second.

Here’s actually an even more accurate look

“and reached ten million players earlier this year (and 2.5m monthly active users”

10 Million players (read accounts or possilby even characthers) and 2.5 million active.

So 2.5 million spread across Xbox PS4 and PC yeah that I could believe. ! million Xbox 1 million PS4 and 500k across PC

Allthough Steam activity suggest less.

Now the bump in steam activty in Nov 2016 is when they released ESO on steam so you had a large shift from people going from the stand alone launch to Steam like myself.

You ccould only play for free for 1 week, it was just a free trial and it was the only free to play weekend they have had recently. It was a very specific week that ZOS allowed a F2P trial . But only 1 week, not months and months worth of free game play, so I doubt they count those players in their metrics, especially since the F2P week was recently and they hit 10 million supported players in June of 2017…

I read that link and it sounds to me like it is a similar announcement as the February one where they are supporting 10 million players with 2.5 million active subscribers. Again, you have to buy the game to play it and a subscription gets you free access to DLC’s and some nice little perks.

Steam only tracks Steam players. Not Xbox, PlayStation or players that purchased a digital download from Amazon, Game Stop, The Bethesda Store or purchased a physical copy from a retailer. The Steam Stats aren’t indicative of anything.

Spin it however you want, but ESO is in a very successful place and my original statement stands, they aren’t dependent on their cash shop and gambling box sales.

no like i said they have given the game free for months at a time for Playstaion + and Xbox Live Gold before.

Again 2.5 million active players and 10 million accounts.

Steam stats are extremely active, if they are actually at 10 million that means they sold half as many copies as Skyrim and have more players then World of Warcraft. That would be huge and a much bigger deal.

Not to mention the servers would be far more populated and the forums woudlnt’ be full of topics talking about the dwindling server popultion.

I looked through the history of the game, ZOS hasn’t given any free to play months. If you purchased the game they allowed access to the DLC’s for free for a week here and a week there, but that’s it.

Read it again 2.5 recurring subscriptions and 10 million players across all platforms.

Steam only tracks steam players, not those who purchased the game through other means such as Xbox, PlayStation, retail copies or Digital downloads from other sellers.

As I said before, spin it however you like ESO is more successful than SWTOR and isn’t dependent on their gambling boxes for income.

Like I said it’s through ps plus and Xbox gold accounts. They allow you to play full free games every month.

I never said eso or Swtor were more successful.

I’m saying they don’t have 10 or even 8 million players not even spread across 3 systems.

At best they have 2.5 players with 10 million accounts

Read it again it’s clearly 2.5 million active players not paying subscribers accounts and 10 million accounts.

You don’t need to pay to be an active player.

Again just think about what 10 million active players would mean. That is just short of WoW at it’s peak.
Yet eso has fewer cyrdril servers now then at launch when it didn’t even have 1 million players.

So how would that work?

You have more palyers but significantly fewer people per server?

I did read it, 4 times. He says “ESO just released its eighth piece of DLC, Clockwork City, and reached ten million PLAYERS earlier this year and 2.5m monthly active users”
and “we announced we had ten million PLAYERS last June”

Players, not accounts PLAYERS.
Active Monthly users = Subscribers in game dev lingo, they all use that same term, WoW Devs, ESO devs, SWTOR Dev’s, even the blade and soul devs refer to recurring monthly users when talking about subscribers. ETC PLAYERS = people playing the game MONTHLY USERES = Subscribers. The whole reason they are making a big deal out of announcing that they hit 10 million users is because, yes, it is a big deal!

This is across 3 platforms in a world of over 7.6 Billion people and an estimated 44% are avid video gamers, so yes I can believe that ESO has 10 million players world wide across 3 platforms.

I looked at the Xbox plus page and the history of announcements of perks for Xbox plus with gold membership and in the past 12 months ESO has not been one of the games that was offered to be played for free, except the 1 week of free subscription time for people who already own the game, but are not current subscribers. There was no offer to let me play ESO, for free, without buying the Xbox ESO copy, on my Xbox One for a full month anytime with in the past year. Not one mention of it, at all.

Look dude I have looked up your claims and found you to be wrong at every turn. Sorry, but I always research a persons claims to make sure that they are valid and yours aren’t.
See ya. where it says active players = subscribers. Not to mention this us buy 2 play so just like guild wars 2 saying 10 million players is accurate.

But just to be clear you think ESO has more players then WoW right now?

You are saying more people play ESO a game that couldn’t even sell 1 million copies at launch (a feat that Warhammer Online and even Age of Conan managed to do) is now somehow at 10 million players
Which is more then WoW which is still considered the largest MMO in the world??????

You can’t even comprehend can you? You read the words, but can’t understand them.
Players means players, they announced they have 10 million players and they made a big deal out of it. If you don’t understand that 10 million players is 10 million players that is your issue, not mine.

My orrigonal statement still stands, ESO is far more successful than SWTOR and is not reliant on Gambling boxes the way SWTOR is.

Have a good life, Au revoir, addio, arrivederci, goodbye, Hosta la bye-bye.

Drivan this is a nutso bipolar fanboi who i had to have a discussion with dulfy about hes been either banned for a couple years or locked up not sure he wents nuts awhile back tryed his best to get me banned smh you me paul gomes 9 out 10 people here know tors on its way down this guy thinks its 2011 or something lolz. Eso isnt down to 5 servers ill say that much

then they would just take the items out of the packs and sell them individually…. funny you’ve been saying the game has been dead for 6 years and its still here.

Hahahaha hey everyone look my stalker is back! Fresh outta jail are we? Guess what your the last fanboy left rofl

As you can see from the first ramblings you won’t get a relevant or intelligent response, so I wouldn’t even bother asking the question.

Says the tool who thinks im trolling always hey dipshit legislation is being made about gambling smh

true, but i thought for a split second showing him the truth might make him drop this particular line of idiocy

Lol yeah ok youve spent the last couple years fanboy raging trying to get me banned ive even had a talk with dulfy herself about you back for more? Its down to you dude the rest have left

Guess you dont realize ur the last tool in the shed here take a look around. Keep white knighting though dude down to 5 servers lol smh

you’re posts are so bizzare. You combine 3 different things in each post as if they are some how equivalent. What do these forums have to do with, 5 servers or white knighting?

i’m really concerned for you

Oh i know ur concerned alright considering the long talk i had with dulfy about u when you went nuts back then trying to get me banned your ban must been for only a couple years lol

Sigh the cartel market is the game that goes the game goes. If they sell everything seperately your going to be paying 40 bucks for a dye 20 for a saber LOL good luck with that

…. you can already buy individual dyes… they range from $2 to $10 Weapons are the same you can buy individual ones.

All this would mean they would spend less time making garbage items to fill loot box and concentrate on high quality times that will sell.

They would have to raise the prices just to break even after they remove the gambling shit. Its not going to be better dude it will be worse then now lol at high qaulity items they could do that now

why would they have to raise prices? if they weren’t making any money of just selling them they wouldn’t do it. I’m not sure you understand how business works.

I have a degree in business and run a medical marijuana dispensary dude so i know. The prices will go up to compensate for the packs its simple business your not getting the big bucks for those packs and everything piece mealed out has to equal to before profit and ea’s case more since there greedy fucks. They sure as hell aint gonna charge less thats for sure. Why do you think ea just copyrighted an algorythm to see what players buy the most? Its not charge less smh

lol what? i’m supposed to believe you have a college degree, yet you can’t write a proper sentence? Or that you own a business and spend all day on a SWTOR fan site?

haha this is hilarious i’ve got to know how much does your dispensary make in a year?

You want to know whats really funny you go nuts trying to get me banned before to the point i had a talk with dulfy about you. Then you magically disapear for years then come back when the games on its last legs to restalk me and obsess post to me “again” spend all day here lol my phone tells me when peopl reply i dont have to even look here lolz. Yeah i dont care about how i type on the internet especially to a crazy nutjob who only comes here to post to me and obsess on me just like before smh guess i need to talk with dulfy again….

I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. What did I do to try and get you banned?

How is SWTOR now on its last legs? As opposed to the past 6 years?

yeah… iget how notifications work i have them too. But what no phone does is tell you to make 10 new posts randomly thorugh out the day like you do.

What you are doing is called projecting.

Smh what you are doing is bipolar skitso you know how many posts i make? Your not obsessed at all…

the other ewokingdead? there is only 1 account named ewokingdead. Seriously man what are you talking about

I just think it was a very bad decision to charge for an armor set that was once FtE (free to earn) and I think it sends a horrible precedent on things to come. Imagine no more in-game vendors at all and every thing has to be bought off CM? Countries’ governments can’t intervene soon enough on the gambling loot packs and charging of gear that was free to earn.

I don’t mind that they have these old sets available on the CM for purchase since they are now unavailable. What I mind is that they are the same price as as a new set and are gold rarity. (therefore costing 200cc to account unlock). They should be significantly cheaper then a brand new set that cost them man hours and unlock should be if not free then at least throw us a bone and make them bronze so they only cost 60 to unlock. C’mon EA!

Seriously dude?
Micro Transactions are killing gaming as a whole, taking something that used to be free to earn and making it available only in the CM is garbage.

I’m so sick of everything in this game requiring real world money to obtain. It just gets worse with every update and every patch. I’m glad I stopped playing, but every time I thunk about reinstalling the game and playing again I come to Dulfy or go to reddit and realize SWTOR still has nothing worthwhile to offer.

youll be paying 40 bucks for dyes 20 bucks for a lightsaber hilt and the mounts will most likely be 20 bucks to lolz. If the gambling legislation passes theyll go that route it will be worse not better no way it will be cheaper

Logged in to the game late Sunday. This was on my launcher:

Now I visited the official site, and there’s no mention of this, except on old news that refer it to 2016.

Can anyone confirm if this is going to be happening? Or is it just a launcher “error”? I’d REALLY like to play the HK Chapter. In fact, it’s the only thing I’m missing from this period of the game.

Confirmed on my launcher as well. The people who are in charge of running this game are fucking up left and right….

*sarcasm on*

BW is fucking up this game??? How can you possibly state something like that??? It’s not like they fucked it up before… Is it???

*sarcasm off*

BW bots have taken over…..Devs are still on their winter holiday …It’s just to cold for them to go to work….. They are mourning Luke the wise becoming one with the force….. Just like normal BW loves to F…up again

This is just one of the many bugs that swtor has… i get galactic starfighter update as my launcher all the time…

I just think it was a very bad decision to charge for an armor set that was once FtE (free to earn) and I think it sends a horrible precedent on things to come. Imagine no more in-game vendors at all and every thing has to be bought off CM? Countries’ governments can’t intervene soon enough on the gambling loot packs and charging of gear that was free to earn

There are several different issues arising from your statement.
Firstly I totally agree that we have free to earn gear in Swtor and all MMO’s. It’s WAY more fun and rewarding for the player.
There is FtE gear in swtor however whenever they issue a new vendor a lot of players on here don’t like yet another reputation item to collect i.e Iokath shards.
In fact they go ballistic claiming there is way too many to collect in the 1st place.
Secondly, direct purchases are in all games, I have no issue with that as long as they give a player NO ADVANTAGE in-game. A lot of players like the ‘dressing up’ part of MMO’s and they should remain a part of the game, it provides much needed money for the developer to put back into the game.
Caveat however, there needs to be a good balance between vendors and direct purchases, something I personally think swtor has lost over the years. However most direct purchase items will be available on the GTN soon after release to buy with credits earned in-game.
If you want that item badly enough anyone can grind for the necessary credits.
Gambling loot packs are a completely different story as they differ from game to game, some giving you advantages in-game, some don’t.
Swtor boxes give you NO in-game advantage so I doubt that they will change these anytime soon, their contents being only cosmetic.

Jesus you tell me i ramble fuck you wrote a novel. Legislarion is being passed to remove this shit its only going to get worse when the gamblings finally removed if tor survives the legislation and trys charging 40 bucks for a dye or 20 bucks for a saber hilt lol

No wonder less and less people are on your side, the way you talk to people.

Convince instead of insult, you’ll go further that way.

im not trying to convince anyone you should tell that abandonababy there. I dont care if anyones on my side but i notice LOT more tend to agree with me then disagree shrug…

When I look at Dulfy’s SWTOR page, it strikes me how sad is this time for the game… A November/December, a time when SWTOR usually got major updates, the only “news” are for cartel market updates…

The real question I have is when BW Austin will put Eric the public persona on. Then tell us what they have plan for 2018 besides CC market…..Which I do not think will be a lot

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