Black Desert Lahn Awakening Coming to KR Servers Jan 11

Pearl Abyss is releasing the Lahn awakening on Jan 11 on Korea servers.

Pearl Abyss posted a teaser today on their facebook regarding the Lahn awakening that is coming Jan 11.

  • Frozenize


    • not sword, its more like Kratos from God of War.

      • Pedro Chacon

        the chains are only decorations of the costume, so she has dual swords as weapons FINALLY

  • Razyiel

    Just can’t wait to see that in action 😀
    Even if u just fell in love with my Mystic^^

  • Luna Dash

    no it has been confirmed that those swords she holds, they are connected to the chains and no the chains are not merely cosmetic, you actually are whipping the swords around on the chains

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