GW2 Black Lion Garden Plot Deed Guide

An overview of the GW2 Black Lion Garden plot deed available on the gemstore for 1000 gems each.





They cost 1000 gems each and you can have a max of 2 plots in your home instance. Each plots allow you to plant 4 seeds that can be harvested daily.


To get seeds, you purchase from the gardener near the plot. He will have a selection of seeds available initially but some are locked. To unlock the locked seeds, you will need to go into the open world and harvest seeds corresponding to a new collection that unlocks when you purchase the plot.


Here are the seeds and recipes that he sells


Dedicated Gardener Collection

Drop rate for the seeds from the items you need to gather seems to be about 1/3 to 1/4. Some are more tricky to get seeds than others (i.e. Lemongrass)


Garden Antichoke Seed

  • Mount Maelstrom


Garden Blackberry Seed

Iron Marches

  • Ebbing Heart Run
  • Lamprey Grottoes
  • Champion’s Shield
  • Stonesheath Overlook

Sparkfly Fen

  • Fort Cadence
  • Darkweather Rise

Timberline Falls

  • Gentle River
  • Gyre Rapids
  • Nonmoa Lake
  • Scale Strand
  • Hunting Banks
  • Serpent Stones

Garden Butternut Squash Seed

  • Fireheart Rise


Garden Cactus Seed

  • Cactus in Dry Top/Silverwastes

Garden Cayenne Pepper Seed

Fireheart Rise

  • Forge Plains
  • Havoc Steppes
  • Keeper’s Sanctum
  • Simurgh Timberland

Straits of Devastation

  • Bramble Pass
  • Fort Trinity
  • Half Circle Cove
  • Plinth Timberland

Garden Clove Seed

  • Found in Mature Herbs (40-70 areas) and Verdant Herbs (55-70 areas)

Garden Garlic Seed

  • Found in all sorts of herbs

Garden Grape Seed

  • Fields of Ruin

Garden Kale Seed

Blazeridge Steppes

  • Soot Road
  • Twin Sisters Crossing

Fields of Ruin

  • The Siege Plains
  • Vulture’s Sweep
  • Warrior’s Crown

Garden Leek Seed

Sparkfly Fen

  • Astrozintli Forelands
  • Saltflood Mire
  • Thundertroll Swamp
  • Toade’s Head

Mount Maelstrom

  • Criterion Canyon
  • Dysphoric Rim
  • Govoran Terraces
  • Judgment Rock
  • Whitland Flats

Garden Lemongrass Seed

  • Cluster of Herbs (Straits of Devastation)

Garden Parsnip Seed

  • Frostgorge Sound (Winter Root Vegetables)
    • Arundon Vale
    • Frostwalk Tundra

Garden Passion Fruit Seed

  • Southsun Cove/Ember Bay (Blooming Passiflora, Passiflora)

Garden Potato Eye

  • Plains of Ashford


Garden Raspberry Seed

Fireheart Rise

  • Fuller Cistern
  • Icespear’s Shelf
  • Pig Iron Mine
  • The Toughstone

Frostgorge Sound

  • Arundon Vale
  • Frostwalk Tundra
  • Glacial Collapse
  • Highpeaks
  • Wayward Climb
  • Trionic Lattice (above)
  • Leopard’s Tail Valleya
  • Refuge Shore
  • Shattered Ice Floe

Garden Saffron Seed

  • Found from Black Crocus in Cursed Shore, Malchor’s Leap, Siren’s Landing

Garden Spinach Seed

  • Gendarran Fields


Garden Strawberry Seed

  • Diessa Plateau


Garden Sugar Pumpkin Seed

  • Bloodtide Coast


Garden Tarragon Seed

  • Cluster of Herbs (Straits of Devastation), Verdant Herbs (55-70 areas)

Metabolic/Utility Primer Recipes

These primers only last two hours and are account bound on acquire. The new flowers required to make these are also account bound and obtained from these Black Lion plots only.Recipes require 400 artificer.


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63 replies on “GW2 Black Lion Garden Plot Deed Guide”

For a literal shit ton of gold.
And that’s 1 hit a day, when this patch could’ve meant 4 hits.
So no flax or truffles are a deal breaker for me

They’ve included nodes as part of the long-term rewards for Statuettes, so expect the price of the nodes to come down. Also, some of the plants you can plant are actually worth MORE than flax. 🙂

what the big deal about flax? I see a ton of it, in just walking into any of the Heart of thorns area, but it not really a worth while get, unless i am missing something

2 plots, so 8 hits, it’s a shame, but I get it. I’d be so mad if my awesome hypothetical expensive node was suddenly trash. I still really need to get the orrian truffle node…

Maybe because there is already a flax harvesting node?

I didn’t see truffles either and those also have nodes already too.

its pretty easy to do, im not sure why every mmo hasnt done it.
old ones have toyed with it, but it seems the WoW generation of mmos just totally skipped it.

I’d assume its a question of storage space – as in how much memory does it require to store individual home layouts when compared to the data for guilds halls. If we ever do get them they will probably be the poster offering for an expansion though – like guild halls and mounts were for HoT and PoF respectively.

Because it adds nothing, but costs tremendous resources of which anet doesn’t have much.
I’d rather they spend their resources on actual content

The missing crops from the achievement are:
Butternut Squash
Cayenne Pepper
Passion Fruit
Sugar Pumpkin

Wonder if friends can harvest from this? Its a fairly expensive purchase to grow veggies from – the most useless crafting mats in the game.

On the other hand the last vendor tab lists recipes for flask of utility primer and guaranteed purple/grey dye unlock. Oh my :/

Very interesting, either this is ANet way of telling us that there will not be housing as a next big feature with the 3th expansion as some leaks said or perhaps it’s the other way around and they are prepping us for it.

If we get housing I’m pretty sure all our bought nodes will appear there – in the same way they appear in every racial home instance.

it odd that there seem like there is room for 3 plots.
also does this work like other node, 1 a day per account. or if my partner get a set, could I farm from her also, like I let her use my nodes?

Not the lesson I’d have liked them to learn but one of the statements Anet made after the rng mount loot box outrage was that they had come to the conclusion that they were wrong to release all 30 of the rng mounts at the same time – as opposed to making them all rng based to begin with -.-

Its possible that they releasing 2 plots now and will release the third one later to avoid the player backlash it supposedly creates.

My partner was able to use it too. What I was wondering, if she have a plot, would we be able to harvest from her instance too.

Bit off topic but I still can’t believe they never made a home instance for all of those orphans wondering destitute around the streets during wintersday – the ones you give literal pieces of junk to before riding off to farm more “karma”.

Make the option to start your own orphanage free (as in no gems required) but you need to input a vast quantity of resources (foods, herbs, paper and some basic scribing productions like chairs and tables) before the divinity’s reach authorities (who are doing such a marvelous job as is) will allow you to house orphans. The stacks of supplies at your orphanage go down every day (based on how many orphans you trying to cater for) and if your orphanage runs out of any supply groups the divinities reach people will retract your orphan housing licence until the next Wintersday when you can start again. Orphan node gives a single karma item each day per visit for each orphan you housing and the size of the karma item increases for each 3 months you manage to keep the orphanage operational. Black lion gem purchases to stop supply decay for 1 month and permanently cater for one orphan freely (except for furniture which will always decay albeit very slowly and will reduce karma rewards when depleted, not evict your orphans) and friendlier messages in the case that you lose your orphan housing permits. Random (very low chance) of orphans actually getting adopted each month and leaving you a viewable crayon drawing on a wall.

Every refugee in this game is a well clothed, able bodied 20-30 year old fleeing to provinces who’s work forces have repetitively been decimated by the invasions of elder dragons, sylvari rainbow troopers and now (for convenience) undead popping out of portals – plus the inevitable re-engineered scarab plague. Pretty sure this particular batch of refugees will find some role to keep themselves occupied -.-

Thank you very much for responding. 🙂 I got 2k gems for my birthday today…know what I’m going to spend it on now!

I think your guests have to farm BEFORE you; because once you farm, the plants change to their growing state.
Not sure if that’s a feature or a bug.

does not have to be done before you. They change to growing for you, but on their screen, it’s still fully grown. Tested today with a guildy. It’s a feature to remind you you farmed them for the day but that they’ll be back tomorrow

further testing is required but so far it seems that people you bring with you CAN harvest the plants you planted using this garden, but only under this condition:

the nodes must have been available for you to harvest when you opened the instance

aka. you CAN harvest them first and the guests after you. but what you can’t do is harvest them, then leave the instance, open it again, and expect your guests to harvest them as well.

Finished the collection and the dye unlocks say it will unlock a random dye you don’t already have and that the dyes are account bound on acquire. Anyone know what happens if you already have all the dyes?

Gem Store Garden Plot. Let me guess you just got your garden
plot and needed help. Well you came to the right place. Here are Way points for
all seed locations in alphabetical order. I also have a video that shows all these locations with timestamps.


Start with straits of devastation and there is 8 node in a corner

mount maelstrom

[&BOwCAAA=] and [&BNICAAA=]


sparkfly fen all over the zone

then iron marches start south and hug the west side of the map going north



Butternut squash

Fireheart rise and cayenne pepper there so will be
heading east

Now if you really need it to Frostgorge sound for one
more node area

In FS you can get parsnip from the winter from the winter
root vegetables



I went to the silverwaste


Cayenne Pepper

Straits of Devastion and Fireheart Rise

[&BB0CAAA=] and [&BOwCAAA=]


Rng plants can be found in mature or verdant herbs

Mount Maelstorm


Head of Garlic

Straits of Devastation and head down

The other location is gendarran fields

Iron marches



field of ruins and also lorarn pass



Field of ruin if going from grapes just go north

And then go to Blazeridge Steppes toward



I started in sparkfly for other things and got mine there

Frostgorge sound

Mount Maelstorm


Head south

Straits of Devastation head down toward coast



Harvested rng
from winter root vegetables and those are in Frostgorge sound


Passion fruit

Southsun cove



Metrica Province small jumping
And plaints of ashford



I got in frostgorge sound

Head south toward the vista

Fireheart Rise Toughstone bc there is only one node



From cursed shore start at waypoint and only so far as
half the map

hen waypoint over to Malchor’s Leap and hug the wall
close to the hp between Follower’s Bridge and Bayt Fallahin



Gendarran fields on a hill to the west of proven shore

Brisband wildlands and south karston chambers



Kessex hills


Sugar Pumpkin Cookies

Bloodtide Coast to Lorantl Grounds poi

Iron Marches


Tarragon Leaves

Straights of Devastation and head south

Mount maelstrom has a few verdant herbs from bard’s
valley to gautlet gulch


I hope this helps someone

aidda out


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