GW2 The Lion Arrives Black Lion Chests & Upcoming Items

GW2 The Lion Arrives Black Lion Chest revamp overview and upcoming Items from Jan 9 Patch.


The contents of these newly revamped BLC chests are available with the Jan 9, 2018 Game Update. Here is a quick look at their contents.

  • Guaranteed: Mini Yellow Jackal Pup, Black Lion Statuette
  • Common: Dyes, Tyrian Exchange Voucher (can be used to exchange dungeon tokens and map currency) , Crafting Bags, Guaranteed Unlocks
  • Uncommon: Merciless weapon skins, Black Lion Ticket, Griffon Hatchling Package, Svanir Gauntlets
  • Rare: Dragon’s Jade weapon skins, nodes.
  • Super Rare: BLC Contracts


Black Lion Statuette/Tyrian Exchange Voucher

Black Lion Statuette

These Black Lion Statuette drops from every BLC chest and can be used to purchase specific items.


Tyrian Exchange Voucher


Griffon Hatchling Package

This is an uncommon drop from the BLC chests and contains the Griffon Hatchling Backpack and Glider (undyeable).



Jackal Pups

You get Mini Yellow Jackal Pups with every BLC chest. To make pups of other colors, you will need to combine them in the mystic forge with other Jackal Pups and Unidentified dyes.


  • 3 Yellow + 2 Unidentified Dyes  = Red (3 yellows)
  • 2 Red + 1 Yellow + 4 Unidentified Dyes = Blue (7 yellows)
  • 1 Red + 2 Yellow + 4 Unidentified Dyes = Green (5 yellows)
  • 2 Green + 1 Yellow + 8 Unidentified Dyes = White (11 yellows)
  • 1 Red + 1 Blue + 1 Green + 8 Unidentified Dyes = Black (15 yellows)
  • 1 Red + 1 Black + 1 White + 12 Unidentified Dyes = Gold (29 yellows)
  • 2 Blue + 1 White + 12 Unidentified Dyes = Silver (25 yellows)
  • 2 Silver + 1 White + 20 Unidentified Dyes = Aqua (61 yellows)
  • 2 Gold + 1 Black + 20 Unidentified Dyes = Stardust (73 yellows)

Totals and combos taken from this post on reddit by /u/TheWhiteWolves

Upcoming Items

Images taken from that_shaman’s post on reddit.

Summit Chevon Springer Skin


Sandshark Finisher


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46 replies on “GW2 The Lion Arrives Black Lion Chests & Upcoming Items”

Important note for people who don’t know: once a week you can get a free black lion key by redoing a starter quest. I’d suggest the human commoner combo up until the jail cell instance.

Lot of nice stuff there. Guaranteeing the ability to eventually get specific items from black lion chests is a huge experience shift – and a huge plus. Though not as nice as being able to get leyline crystals without ever going to the tangled depth ever again.

On a side note though I wonder if they’ll ever work out the tech to have a mini which sometimes functions as a backpack and sometimes as a glider. If that baby griffon sometimes walked after you, occasionally rode you back while on mounts and jumped after you when you jumped (and attached to your back for gliding) then you’d have one snazzy pet combination.

I do it every week on 3 accounts. I just finished this week’s run and got an Iron mining node. 😀 I rarely get something that cool from one. The last great thing i got was a Permanent Repair Canister, and that was some time ago.

Yup. At the end of the first story arc (related to the second character backstory choice you make) you rewarded a black lion key once per week.

You need to be lvl 10 to start that quest but if you log in each day for the daily reward you passively generate above 10 instant lvl scrolls a week.

The last mission in the lvl 10 arc rewards the key though. So if you choose the human commoner backstory you’ll do the earth elemental prologue quest, the bandits in the inn quest, the bandits in the bandit cave quest, the bandits in the orphanage/hospital quest and only at the end of the bandits in the jail quest will you be given the key.

You also have a rather good chance of getting keys from map exploration (although I believe the city maps (Lion arch and cultural cities) are excempt and you can only get transmutation charges.

With mounts now, you can explore maps really fast. I was doing world completion before PoF launch, and more than half of my chests had a key. I’m at around 75% map completion and I got 13 keys.

I think you can complete the lvl10 mission for a key in about 23 minutes (with a raptor for travel and a banked set of lvl 10 gear with minor runes for the +10 power buffs). Any idea how long map completions take?

I want to also mention in the black lion chest is Tyrian materials. You can select tyrian or dungeon supplies (i.e. tears, blooms, unbound magic, crests etc.) . Each one has a different amount. I got 5 packs out of 50 keys, I needed tears and blooms they offer 300 of each. So I was able to get my Nightmare & Monk runes.

Two things though the second one may be wrong so take it with a grain of salt. First, I think this is a wonderful change to the BLC as it gives it more of a rewarding feel. Second, heard this was a change due to the hate on lootboxes going around especially how one politician is looking to do stuff towards said lootboxes of any kind.

No matter what, I actually enjoy this outcome on the lootboxes. Makes it feel like the Cartel Crates during and before the Shadow of Revan expansion as you got a lot out of one box.

These changes don’t go nearly far enough. This was their opportunity to do a real reset on their very greedy random loot box strategy and they failed dramatically. These are still the least fair random loot boxes I’m aware of in a Western game. They needed to get ahead of the issue. They didn’t.

ow yesh on ur face ppl who always spike da prices of nodes on TP

now i can complete my home instance node collection

As like the Raptors beforehand, you can buy them off of the Trading Post for X amount of gold and do it that way.

I bought 72 pups + the one I got for free @ 1g16s5c each. I will farm the unid’d dyes from WvW (my main game mode) and spvp (during upcoming season) to cover the rest and save about 117g.

ow yesh on ur face greedy players who always spike da prices of nodes on TP and keeping the nodes now face da wrath of ur greediness 4 losing profit on home instance nodes

now i can complete my home instance node collection

I think this change to the BLCs is a major step in the right direction. It has vastly increased the “value” of the chests, as well as allowing you to work towards rare items that you would otherwise need to gamble for. (Can’t save up for the service contracts yet, but one can still hope.) Still, I hope that it actually does spur more players to consider buying gems with money, because ultimately that’s still what ANet needs to stay in business.

In other news, that Griffon Hatchling glider is surprisingly adorable. 😀 I will, however, be keeping my Bunny as opposed to getting a Goatface springer. 😛

If they want to get more people to spend money on gems more regularly, they need to do much, much, much better than this. The industry wide backlash against rip off random loot boxes is growing and these are still among the least fair in a Western game.

Total drop list from the chest was nerfed, no armor skins and costumes, lot of trash items (like 6 slots of dye packs) also awfull weapon skins with low quality textures=(

I found a glitch in the crafting up of the Jackal pups. I was crafting for a black pup and received a mini instead. Already put in a trouble ticket.

I didn’t have any minis in my inventory. I either sell them right away or consume. Plus it was one red, blue & green pups plus dyes.

The jackals themselves are minis. If you put any type of jackal in all 4 slots of the mystic forge, then you get a random mini. You probably misclicked it and put an extra jackal instead of dyes.

I can’t help but feeling a little betrayed after buying the 20 keys offered this weekend.
Then.. 20 Wintersday gift. Now, 20 mini jackal pups and 20+ statuettes

I’ll give you a tip to start from. In her statuette store she is listed as having 90 statuettes – and each lock box gives 1 guaranteed statuette with a chance of 2-4 more.

I know lots of people that got it in their free chests. And one person that got theirs after opening 104. So u kno’ >.<;

For the full set of Jackal Pups, you will need:
230 Yellow Pups + 462 Unidentified Dyes

That will make, in order:
55 Red
22 Green
12 Blue
8 White
5 Black
3 Gold
3 Silver
1 Aqua
1 Stardust

Which by the end, you should have 1 Jackal Pup of every type.

All of that just for a mini..! If only minis had some kind of boost to them like raise Power or hp ~5-10%.. until then.. I won’t even bother going after those minis..!

When you equip the jackal mount it appears in a puff of sand. What would be a really cool thing to do with this mini would be to add a brief animation where the mini would turn into a stream of dust and race underneath your character while you were equipping the jackal mount – giving the impression that your jackal always accompanied you in chibi form and enlarged itself be to ridden you desired it.

That would be a total of 10 Jackal Pups (one of each kind). That completes the Mini Jackal Pup Collection (listed under the Black Lion Collections) which awards 10 AP and a chest with 5 BL Miniature Claim Tickets and 5 BL Chest Keys.

Granted, this isn’t something everyone will want to aspire to given the gold cost.

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