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SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Jan 9

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Jan 9

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21 replies on “SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Jan 9”

already wasted that much for the vented saber, and i dont really mind missing the tythian saber much

I’d guess we’ll probably get one like that in a cartel pack around the time Episode IX comes out. The “full Kylo” effect.

The only thing I see with those sabers are Tiki torchs, lightsaber tiki torches.

Well sold 2 staff versions while back so people seem to like them.

I also noticed that the Dathomir Shamen Armor set was put up as a standalone direct sale recently – mulling over to get that if I ever decide to create a rattatki off-shoot of a Dathomir Nightsister witch…speaking of which, why don’t the devs just give us the actual Dathomir Nightsister outfit? Was sexy af in Clone Wars:

Maybe you’re not familiar with the work involved, but cartel updates really don’t require much in the way of resources compared to content expansions. So you’re right, there’s no shortage of “resources” there, but don’t act like their ability to do one (cartel updates) is preventing them from doing the other (Content updates). It’s really more the opposite.

I mean, I know you’re being sarcastic but you do realize that if the game loses its’ primary means of making money, that doesn’t mean EA/Bioware is suddenly going to start pushing out massive content updates, right?

they sell a lightsaber for 5700 CC? My wallet is so greatfull that i uninstalled more than a year ago. Do they still have those rng boxes they used to sell? I wanted to get some screenshots from a few of my old characters so i reinstalled but since i no longer have a sub it said that i could only choose one character to play i think…is this for real?…Well EA killed mass effect too so i guess this is it. If i ever wanted a confirmation that anything EA is a waste of money this was it.

Honestly SWTOR hasn’t been an actual game for a really long time. It’s a business disguised as a game.

Congratulations. You’ve just described pretty much every video game in existence, all of which were made to make money for the company that produces/publishes them.

we need to go back to the days of tic tac toe, no business can interfere there! Lol i see what youre saying, but thats not necessarily what im suggesting. Im just saying that the developers have become so dissasociated with their actual game because of how money hungry they are. it feels like there arent any actual humans behind this. no passion. its just a money pit.

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