SWTOR Game Update 5.7 coming Jan 23

SWTOR Game Update 5.7 is coming Jan 23 along with the next operation boss Scyva

Game Update 5.7 and Beyond | 01.09.2018, 01:20 PM
Hey folks,

Since we are formally in 2018 now, Happy New Year to all of you! We know there have been some questions about what is coming next, so we wanted to give you some details. The big “what is coming” type question will be addressed as always in Keith’s Roadmap, which is being worked on now. I would expect a few more weeks before you can read that. However, before the roadmap is in your hands, let’s talk about the next Game Update!

Game Update 5.7 – Legacy of the Creators
Release date: January 23rd

  • New Operation Boss: Scyva
    • Available in Story and Veteran Mode
  • Returning Companions! (these Missions will be Class-specific)
    • Risha & Corso
    • Andronikos
  • New Cartel Market Pack
  • Various bug fixes / updates

Although we will save the specifics for the Roadmap, beyond 5.7 you can expect additional Companions returning, a new Flashpoint, and more! Thanks everyone, we are looking forward to an exciting 2018.


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“(these Missions will be Class-specific)”


“a new Flashpoint”

Good too. But if it’s another lvl 70 only fp, it’s kinda meh. See: I repeat and play a flashpoint tons of times because it’s on group finder and a lot of players can acess it, not only maxed endgame players.

The Copero one I did it one single time for the story progression and never again.



I disagree partly on the whole “make it open for all levels” idea. They have been going the route of making flashpoints harder, similar to how they used to be way back. In their current state even with bolster most players simply would not be able to complete the newer FP’s or they would significantly weigh down their group (Can’t do a role if you only have 3 abilities to use for said role).

However if they changed their approach and made the newer FP’s easier than Umbara/Copero then I’d be totally down for it. It is getting depressing not being able to do the new ones on MM short of having a pre-made group. pugs are just so bad 9/10 and a gear rating check doesn’t mean anything, even a bad player can get 248’s

Lol well glad i’m done with any EA published games. Especially swtor. This is just going worse and worse each year.

Class specific companion returns? I guess that’s okay, but it’s weird that you’re just now doing this after every class has had access to just about every returning companion.

New ops boss. I can’t complain. However, I do think that the new companions being class-specific is an awful idea — make them faction-specific at most, though i don’t see why they would need to be. Maybe you realized that your system can’t handle people having tons and tons of possible companions, and so you’re making all future ones class-specific so people can still reunite with their old comps in the story. Uhh…. if that’s the case, I think you’re doing the right thing NOW — you don’t really have another option other than NOT bringing them back — but I also think that if that’s the case, you ought to have done your homework better and figured out that you can’t bring all the comps back for everyone.

Also, the name of this Game Update is a bit concerning. It sounds like the kind of name you’d give to your last update — lol. I hope that’s not true, but I also don’t see another direction for the story to go, really. KOTET wrapped up SWTOR’s story quite nicely.

i sort of wish they could work on another expansion altogether instead of releasing episodically with varying quality, but atleast we’re getting something again after quite some time

^this is exactly what the SWTOR playerbase mind set is these days.

Wishfully dreaming of expansions that every other MMORPG produce then sadly accepting the tiny crumb of ‘new’ content they are given.

The 3rd ops boss and it has only taken them about a year!
At this rate there will be a second operation by the end 2020!
These people are pathetic.

They did NAHUT (3/5) in November. SCYVA’s (4/5) in January. They’ll probably finish with IZAX (5/5) by the summer.

So 5 bosses, released 1 at a time finished by (giving them the benefit of the doubt here) lets say July.
A year and a half…
After spending 2 years focused ONLY on story content and before that spending a year milking the Shadows of Revan content.
By the time this Op is complete the 2 previous Ops will be nearly 4 years old…
As I said before it’s pathetic.

I doubt it’s quick and easy to upgrade hardware and do mega-server merges. If they’re down to the skeleton crew that many claim they are, that means they are actually doing a lot.

I doubt they spent much money on the “Mega Server Upgrade.” I work in the IT field and manage my own data center. The most likely scenario is that they built new virtual machines, (a quick, easy and extremely cheap process if you have at least 1 staff member that knows what they are doing) then they decommissioned the old Virtual Servers. They added some RAM and installed new hard drives in the physical servers, likely only 3, then uploaded the new VM’s. At that point it was a matter of restoring the game server state and testing the system to ensure smooth operation and no data loss. Bess case scenario, they decommissioned their old virtual server farm and stood up new VM’s at EA headquarters or contracted through AWS or Google to host their VM’s. That skeleton crew likely had very little to do with the server merger and it was likely a single guy, maybe 2 or 3 doing the bulk of the work and they did it 90% over the week leading up to the “merger.”

It’s Star Wars. A brand that prints money, upon request, because of the history of the brand and these dolt’s have managed to fail. If they really are working on a skeleton crew then that is part of what makes them pathetic, because they managed to screw up something Star Wars…

I won’t give BW or EA any credit they have taken Star Wars gaming to a extremely low point. With all the new stuff coming out for Sta Wars the past few years and in the future Star Wars Gaming should be THE KING of games right now and both of the AAA titles on the market are a joke…

It makes me very sad, as a fan, to see what EA has done to Star Wars gaming.

My money is on they used an outside company to do the server merge Sorry I meant ‘United Forces Update!’ cause I don’t believe the incompetent devs that work at Bioware Austin wouldn’t have completely killed the hamsters when moving them to their new cages.

I feel it says a lot that the game isn’t even listed in the games section of the official Star Wars site, when they have a spot for every silly mobile game and app. Disney will probably happily pull the plug once the existing contractual obligations are fulfilled.

I was ok with them releasing the bosses over time.
But this just takes too long.
These guys are totaly incabable for the job they do. Where does BioWare recruit these people?

Can’t you already get all your class specific companions back anyway? I’m sorry but that’s lame. I think Risha would make a fine Sith companion. Bad idea.

You can get them back, but it’s non-canon (SWTOR’s canon). For all intents and purposes, they’re still missing until they reunite with you in a new mission.

Noby cares about the shitty writen canon of this game. But havin different Compaions for very class, I do care about!

Yeah, you can alread get class-specific Companions back. So they are selling us nothing as something. One effortless made cutscene is all they give us.

The work of BioWare get’s worse and worse.

That stuck up boring princess, well I suppose if idiots like Quinn why not her.

Just give is Kira and Jeasa, and a chance to fully break Ashara, fuck the rest.

Yes, because Kira and Jeasa and Ashara are soooooooo much more interesting than Risha, O wait, they are all equally as bland.

They really should just pull a Tano Vik on Corso and let him go away.

I mean, Risha is like female Han Solo, except she’s also royalty.

Kira should have been returned with Scourge during KotFE/KotET, seeing how they are connected to the Emperor. Returning any of them now has a high chance of not making sense. Unless the Emperor is not really dead, which will be six different kinds of lame.

LS Jaesa has potential, DS Jaesa… I guess you could want her if your char married her, otherwise that dark DvL comp is pretty much the same thing.

Ashara is underdeveloped imo. DS inquisitors should have been able to turn her but I guess someone at Bioware didn’t bother writing that much story. There’s also no noticable difference between the interactions with friendly DS inquisitors (as in seeing her as an asset) and LS inquisitors.

Just my 2 cents.

Can’t say I’m going to be dissapointed from that, on the contrary actually. As I’ve said before, 90% of the companions returned via Alliance alerts had literally no appearance in the story of the game after they were recruited, and the other 10% showed with like 1 line – during the invasion on Odessen by Vaylin’s forces – and that was it.

Quite frankly, I’m bothering to gather all companions on only 2 characters (main pub and main imp. It’s a hoarder kind of thing, don’t ask) and even then I’m gonna make exceptions. For the rest I’m just getting class-specific companions.

If your theory proves to be correct, we’ll get some fully-voiced quality story, at least compared to regular companion recruitment stories outside of chapters.

According to compiled info from Darth Hexid and Master Ranos:

-Kira joined a team of anti-Zakuul guerrillas. When her team staged a rescue of the Knight from carbonite, Vaylin foiled the plot. Kira managed to escape somehow and disappeared into Wild Space.

-Scourge is in a state of constant suffering from his Emperor-granted immortality. He’s currently searching for Sith artifacts to “end his suffering.” He also “had work of his own to ensure [our] victory” over Valkorion.

Note: Just checked Jedipedia again, and I can confirm that the two are listed together.

Didn’t Musco say during a live stream that they weren’t bringing Vic back Since the VA passed away?
I don’t know why, but that kinda sticks in my head for some reason.

Datamined info suggests that we can pick 4 options: keep both, keep Risha, keep Corso, or keep neither. Nothing about killing.

he looks badass for a dark Jedi Master kinda look. well done one this. he even portrays Dracula really good too…

Class-specific Compaion returns.

Worst start in 2018 by SWTOR! I hate it!

Having varity when choosing Companions, it was to nice, something like that can’t be in game made by the pathetic BioWare Austin crew.

It was fun while it lasted.

You are basically getting different skins for the same NPC. The companions returned so far through Alliance alerts had barely any impact on the story after being recruited. Even the companions that got returned via chapters are getting forgotten.

Still have my companions standing in my ships, still can talk to them, still not started the whole Zakuul nonsense … loosing my compaions ? NO WAY !!

Could always do what I and others finally did. Create a new character, raise them to 60 on one of those bonus xp weekends, and run it through the xpacs.

you can physically get them back by using the terminal in your quarters on Oddesen they just wont be back ‘story’ wise but wont affect anything you can use them like normal.

Dont worry about CM packs. They will be released always as clockwork. New cosmetics to earn easy money from buyers.

All that’s been mined so far is the companion image. It’s a droid with the unreleased Watchtower HK-51 skin (white/silver Oricon droid) that dual wields vibroswords (same model that Bowdaar comes with after the Eternal Championship).

The Dreaded Guardian

These droids were at one time used as part of the Dread Masters’ defensive unit. Alliance Forces salvaged and reprogrammed D-R3D with offensive, defensive and medical protocols.”

Source: Jedipedia

This happens if you put ‘some guy’ in charge of the game.

Pretty sure mid 2018 Eric Musco will become lead developer, because they want to have the most incompetent guy in charge of their game. And Eric is even to stupid to use dates correctly. Even after he failed on dates several times, he didn’t learn to check them twiche.

They can’t even release a roadmap that isn’t littered with spelling and grammar mistakes. Hell, they don’t even fix them after they release them on their official site.

They do nothing! How hard can it be to make up some roadmap that says: we don’t have the talent to run this game or extend it. In 2018 the roadmap for STWOR is: reskinned old armor in Cartel Market packs for the Cartel Market. Nothing else. If we have spare time we will maybe reskin an old warzone for you.

Until today The Last Jedi was the biggest Star Wars disappointment. But BioWare now claims the 1st place. Sorry TLJ you are only the second biggest Star Wars disappointment.

Lets be fair here, SWTOR has always been the biggest disappointment in the Star Wars universe.

Episode VII, whether you liked it or not, at least had a team behind it that put some effort in. I haven’t seen BioWare put effort into anything in quite some time.

SWTOR did start off pretty good. Things got a little rough around SoR and then went to the dumper with KOTET/KOTFE.

I agree with that completely. SoR was the tipping point there were so many bugs and exploits when it launched and everything has spiraled down hill from there.
I don’t care what all of he galaxies fans say SWTOR was a great game in the beginning and the concepts were fantastic, they just fizzled out quickly.

I’d actually push that further back. SWTOR was decent up until the end of Oricon. Dread Masters were fun, I loved the raids and then we hit that first two year lull in content. From there on it was garbage.

Until today? So the 5.7 patch was the chosen one? Did it not have the high ground? This game was a disappointment long before this patch.

Get a grip, and just because you didn’t like TLJ doesn’t mean it was the greatest disappointment in the SWU.

Actually, let’s make sure everything Star Wars related goes through BB-10f from now on, cause his insight could bring prosperity to us all.

“Yes, it will be an Alliance Alert. However, it will be a cinematic and not a “KOTOR-style” conversation like the other alerts.


In the time it took wow to release three full raids and 30 bosses SWTOR released 10 new cartel market packs full of piping hot cosmetic content.

WoW also charged $150+ (3 different expansions iirc) for that content, along with a $15 a month sub in the intervening months, from millions of paying players. So we’re kinda talking apples to oranges here.

The three raids I was talking about was all part of the same expansion (Legion), that was released on September 2016. The three raids were only released in the last year. They released a total of five raids in the entire expansion (along with 13 flashpoints and 8 new open world playing zones). SWTOR also charges $15 if you actually want to do end game content. So the only thing extra that WoW charged was the $60 for the expansion back in 2016, which has been totally worth it.

I assumed it was all of them. But just Legion assuming you only bought the basic package, plus the monthly over the last 16 months would bring it to $290.

And again, you need to multiply that by millions of subs to understand the cost of development for that level of content.

I don’t expect SWTOR to keep up with a big game like WoW and release 3+ raids a year, but the fact that they have been working on the one raid for almost a year is disappointing. They have literally been releasing one boss every ~3 months. I don’t know how small their team is, but it can’t possibly take 3 whole months to create one boss fight. First boss came out 11th April and the operation was officially announced what like last January/February?

Well to be fair few games have the budget WoW’s player account affords.

With that said this has been disappointing and this last year has been immensely disappointing. There was a serious lack of certain content in KOTET but this last year has been even worse.

Even old games with limited player bases like Everquest and Everquest II can still manage expansions with some new raids, dungeons, etc while still trickling some base content for subs.

I don’t get why they don’t just go to a typical MMO expansion format, dev a bunch of content and charge a price for it if there’s enough. People will pay for the content if there’s enough of it and it’s decent enough. Then the expansion pays for itself and people have reason to come back for at least a couple/few months and grind out that content.

It’s unfortunate since I liked the story content they’ve added, but they need some more general MMO grind content/progression stuff and I really don’t get why they don’t just do traditional MMO type expansions. I mean Everquest has been doing it for 18 years now.

And that’s only 2017. Go back to end of 2014 which is the last time Ops were released in full and it’s even worse. Pathetic.

I guess this way there wont be an awkward moment where the male BH meets Andronikos and goes, “Hey! We have the same voice!”

The same actress, sure, but she talks quite a bit differently. The fem trooper has that trying-to-hard-to-sound-tough sort of voice. And the two characters don’t really hang out together, either that i recall of.

Moira Quirk voices Elara Dorne, The Shield Squadron Unit 1 commander in the Battle of Rishi FP, among other Sith and Imperial characters. Moira Quirk is best known for her role as ref “Mo” — opposite Mike O’Malley and the Aggro Crag — in the ’90s challenge course for kids show, “Nickelodeon Guts.”

It’s just pointing out that there are voice actors that perform multiple roles and you’ll hear them on different characters. The republic officer that holds the planet’s class mission on Quesh is the same voice that did voice over for WWE Live Event commercials. MORE TRIViA!

Incorrect. Steve Blum voices Andronikos, while Tom Spackman voices the Bounty Hunter. Even so, I can hear the similarities in their voices.

I don’t mind ” Class-specific Missions” and I think it is cool but it is a shame that other classes won’t be able to recruit those companions.

It would be really nice if they just make the cutscenes longer for Smuggler and Insquisitor, and make other classes shorter but stil recruitable.

This is probably a sign that Jaesa will be class specific so as not to deal with: Is she bad? is she good? And it will just go however you chose originally.

Class specific missions would have been okay had they done that all along. Alas, now my companion collection shall remain incomplete:(

You still can’t have Pierce and M1-4X on the same character. Looks like Tano Vik will also remain Trooper exclusive.

You sure about that? Tanno is never offered as a companion when you meet him on Asylum, meaning that he stays exclusive to the Trooper (via reclaim terminal).

You know what? You are absolutely right. I got him confused with Provost Marshal Rusk because they both ugly as hell. I killed him in a few stories, I thought I would be able to get him but I couldn’t as well. I do miss his demeanor, though…

I blame the priority of it all on EA not Bioware. They have and do suck the life and ever last penny out of this and so many other games! Time and time again till they fall. Then onto the next

It’s one of those catch 22 situations that you hear about. If Bioware was capable of pumping out content that players really wanted and the game had a healthy player base then EA would fund the the hell out of it. Sadly Bioware has been dropping the ball for SWTOR since early development of the game. And it sucks for the fans that really want good gaming experience in the Star Wars universe.

How realistic were EA’s expectations, though? Remember that “everyone” thought that this was going to be the “WoW Killer” come at last when it launched. They lost a ton of staff not long after launch, and once that happened, Bioware’s creative decision-making became constrained by their available resources.

First let me apologize for my TLDR post, but I really enjoy talking about games.

Everyone thought that SWTOR was going to be a WOW killer. Heck every MMO gets complared to WOW since they set the bar so high. EA’s expectations were only driven by the success of Bioware’s reputation. They thought that they would have a knock out punch due to Bioware’s story driven gaming experience.

But as far as losing a lot of staff after the game launched goes really doesn’t matter because the game should not need the huge support staff that they had in development. In fact all studios do this. What is telling however is that Bioware thought they had enough content for their game to take them 4-6 months after launch and they didn’t. Here is a qoute from and really good article that is very telling. Also the article has a lot information that a lot of people are not aware of. And the best part is that it comes from the mouth of Bioware employees.

“Based on BioWare’s pre-launch metrics, the team expected players to get through the content in three or four months. This assessment might seem obviously wrong to an experienced MMO player, but we are talking about a game with extensive voice over and literally thousands of cinematic cut scenes adding up to about 170 to 180 hours of content. So the devs anticipated that TOR would take more consecutive days to complete than the average MMO. But according to BioWare’s metrics, players were tearing through the content an average of 40 hours a week; some players spent more than 120 hours a week in the game. “Within four and five weeks, we suddenly had close to a half a million people at the endgame,” Ohlen said. “It was something we didn’t expect at all.” Players were unsatisfied and began to exit the game.”

So in short SWTOR failed to meet expectation in so many areas such as a purchasing an unproven game engine that was still in it’s alpha shage to poor game design, art design, classes and functionality , ui, group finder tools and just over all basic MMO creature features that it went FTP within 9 months of being released. And what is really sad about the game is that today it is vastly superior game than the one at launch, but doesn’t get the funding it needs because of past reputation.

I wasn’t claiming that no missteps were made, but in order to “please everyone” SWTOR would have to have basically the same amount of manpower that it had during development, if not MORE, at least when it comes to working on content creation.

Trying not to tl;dr this so there’s some generalization involved, but while plenty of people complain about this game (and the complaints aren’t always without some merit) if you really break it down the hope/expectation of fans seem…unrealistic if the game is NOT the “WOW Killer”.

PVPers: Want more warzones, and varied (and balanced) PvP play. In some ways this might be the easiest group to please, but if you devote most of your resources to that group you lose PVErs.

PVErs/Endgamers: Want multiple full-scale Operations a year to expand the endgame. Right now they can’t even manage one a year.

Story Players: Want a continuation of the story, but most don’t want “compress all the character classes into one storyline” like we got with KOTFE and KOTET (and really Makeb and Shadow of Revan beforehand). In short, they want full-fledged, fully voiced class stories for each individual class every time there’s an expansion, and they can’t be too short, plus should include new locations! Also they want more interactions with your companions, etc… Bearing in mind it took a FULL Dev team several years to create the original eight class stories, and that’s not even getting into voice talent.

So, while you might be able to accomplish one of each given “area” or make a token effort at “all” trying to meet what seems to be the playerbases demands simply isn’t possible with the stripped-down team they have (particularly the “new class stories for each class” bit). Because people are basically asking for each (presumably yearly) expansion to contain as much content as the first year of release did.

So 2018 won’t be SWTOR’s year. People are already too bitter from waiting on Bioware to release new whole ops which is taking them 3 years now. Shame. I am cheering for SWTOR.
So, any other games you are waiting for guys? I am waiting for The Last of Us 2 and Days Gone while playing Horizon Zero Dawn.

Story is awesome. Pretty unique take on the genre, and it just goes to show that there are still some gems out there.

I don’t know whether game is overrated or not because I didn’t play it for longer than two days, few hours each. But I can say enviroment is really complex, battle mechanics allow me to fight machines in few dozens different ways, story is great, graphics are top notch and world seems pretty big. Things I am concerned about are amount of things to do in the world, how really big is it and value/amount of side quests .

Well I’m not a fan of open world games generally, so I can’t comment much on those areas of concern. Did seem to be lots of sidequests as I was going through though. I just stuck to the main quests, and the world is a decent size.

I expect it’s smaller than other games, but for me it was big enough to feel… well, big 😛

Nah, story was great, world was beautiful to look at, dialogue was solid and plausible. Only drawbacks for me personally were the crafting and open world- because I hate both of those things, but other than that it’s one of the few good games I’ve played in recent years.

Playing indie games as the AAA market is in the septic tank at the moment.
That and looking for more info on the rumored Sci-Fi MMO from Bethesda, Starfield.

Good news: Eric has confirmed that these new Alliance Alerts will be fully voiced cinematics instead of silent KOTOR-style cutscenes. 🙂

oh yay, i hope its still like the kotor style cutscenes. Only because with that format there were always more options than the standard 3. Although if it’s like the normal version with the wheel I would like it if they would use the left side for once.

I was tired of rehashing EV-DP two to three years. Where the fuck is the Operation Content?

Never mind, you are giving me a 14th and 15th set of legacy gear which is only 2.0 gear ?

Oh what fun – Ken and Barbie dress up, Swtor style…Anyone want to have a tea party?

Don’t overdo it with CDProjektRed- They’re a great company- But seeing that sort of ‘Give to them instead!’ thing just make me sigh.

Hmm… Actually i would love to see SW with a real open world sandbox.
Kinda like KOTOR but without limits.
But again it could be a REALLY hard to imply such mechanic to SW game…
And it may lead to a complete fail -_-‘

The game they just stopped dead is going to be turned into a sandbox. But it’ll be an EA sandbox. So, shit really.

Ehn, CD Projekt Red’s way of doing business wouldn’t work well with Disney/Lucasfilm’s marketing program. Also Disney/Lucasfilm doesn’t give out the master license for Star Wars video games just so a company can spend several years making one good game. They want someone that’s going to be able to crank out lots of stuff because Star Wars is all about the marketing and merchandise. If it happens to be good, then so much the better but quantity is more important than quality to them.

Oh I don’t disagree. Disney are a plague on quality, and Star Wars is more about selling toys than it’s ever been before now that they’ve infected it.

I’d just rather have one or two good games than the crap EA has pumped out so far. Seems pretty depressing where gaming has got so bad that most of the games I’d normally go and buy, I’m just watching the cutscenes on YouTube :/

Star Wars invented modern merchandising, they are no more ‘about’ selling toys now then ever, quality notwithstanding.

The toys have definitely gone down in quality over the last 5 years. Likenesses are terrible and many items feel like party favor level plastic.

That said, I recently discovered some of the star wars toys being made in Japan by companies like Figuarts and Mafex and found that they just blow Hasbro etc out of the water for whatever reason. The catch is they are made in Japan for Japan so you pretty much have to get them on ebay or something of that nature…

Agreed; the Figuarts figures are superb, but I’m talking about mass market American figures.

Sure…and the Figuarts also costs over three times as much as the figure on the right. So…for what you’re paying, it had BETTER blow it out of the water.

Even the colors on the Black series one are off though. Articulation and material quality aside, THAT shouldnt even be an issue, and yet somehow it is. :^/

You’d think after a three or four week break they could’ve come back with something a little more informative than the typical BioWare Austin “Soon®™” bullshit. So sick of this shit. It’s a fucking announcement of an announcement. Every so often I come back here wondering if this game is worth a fuck and if it’s worth the bandwidth to download it. Every single time I leave confident I made the right choice in uninstalling.

Soooooo…. do we get the comps back via alliance alerts? I guess I’m not sure if you have to run the op or if acquiring them is done in some new way or what…

Pretty dissapointing also the game won’t close , there are MMOFPS/RPG games that still run with a cash shop and a minimum of 2k players , look at APB:R.

Where is the news for a new expansion already ?

I remember playing (and loving) APB, but the engine is so easily hacked and the aimbotters are so ridiculous that I had to walk away. The cash shop only made it worse, because it was the ‘botters feeding it.

Hopeful. What you point out is true – for other smaller studios or publishers.

Now give an example of EA allowing something to survive on that small a base?

Star wars Galaxies 3 to 4 years before people left the servers, SWTOR 6 months before people left the servers ! It pretty much says everything !!!
SWG servers were shut down because of SWTOR release so people go to SWTOR if they still wanted to play SW MMO. Swtor survive only because of Cartel Market, game economy is about CM and least but last the game to fake some community they made the game a free to play.
Release Star Wars Galaxies 2 with the same gameplay and ideas from SWTOR and then you’ll get a good SW MMO !!!

Galaxies was the worst mmo I ever played. This one, with all its faults, is way better. You don’t need to buy cosmetic stuff to enjoy the game.

SWG had a real economy system based on stuff decay, you had to go to the cantina and hospital to heal life, action and mind wounds, best crafting system based on ressources quality, chat system was better you could talk to opposite faction, pvp everywhere -> EVERYWHERE ! 32 professions + hybride professions, no profession locked to one faction, bounty hunters pvp missions etc….. Yeah SWG was better.

Maybe I should have said there should be a special place for the people in charge that insist on the devs coming up with rot like the NGE. 🙂

Go say that to the 2k people playing SWG Emu that is a private server hosting the game or the others swg private server hahahah. You can say the game sucked but we know wich one had a full community for 3 or 4 years and wich almost none after 6 months !!!

So. Game Update 5.7 – Legacy of the Creators come out in 9 days yet the promised Operation that was going to take all of last year just to release is still to be competed. Then there is the promise of Keith’s Roadmap, always a wonder of efficiency and knowledge with the usual “Oops, grandpa came to visit” delays. Still the same clowns in charge, still the same weak attempts to satisfy the whales and precious little more. Enjoy.

lol this guys talking about recoil on blasters smh. I was in the beta for this and saw the writing on the wall cancelled my preorder the last good star wars game i played was force unleashed 2 i.e by lucasrts not ea….loot crates is what ruined that game i wish what happened to bf2 happened to tor then youd be getting somewhere might still happen

TFU2 and good Star Wars game don’t belong in the same sentence. The gameplay barely changed from the first one (except you are not wielding a lightsaber bat this time). The story had potential but was too short to properly deliver what it had in mind. There were some unique enemies that required a bit more thinking to defeat, but getting to meet them every 10 minutes quickly made them tedious to fight (which is an achievement by itself considering the game is like 5 hours long). The only form of upgrade from the first one was the graphics, but that’s pretty much a requirement for any game continuation.

Thats how i feel about ea and star wars games. It had flaws but i still play that game even now. To each his own i guess

I do not worry about something I will not buy. Since I guess you were not playing SWTOR since it came out you not notice what is so familiar. Enjoy your trip to Mc Dees

Oddly I liked the companions being class specific, since building our alliance made it somewhat work. Now I have to lose my companions on my only smuggler just to see this content myself? Nah, I guess I will just not play the game. Really wanted to but all my kotfe classes are collecting dust.

I dont mind getting class specific quests for returning companions. I just hope we can unlock them on Oddessen terminal for alts if we want. I love Ashara and I would like to play with her on all my characters even if they are not Inquisitors lol

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