Black Desert General’s Accessories Enchanting Event

Kakao is having a new event including the new General’s Accessories and their enhancement running from Jan 10 to Jan 31.


Event Overview

You will need to be between Level 53 and 61 to start the event. It is available once per family. The PEN version of these accessories can be seen below. They only have 1 AP but have +12 AP against monsters so they are pretty much AP 12 in PvE.


Talk to your Black Spirit and select the quest Growing Thirst from him. Pick wisely as you can only get one of the General accessories.


Then complete rest of the quests from your Black Spirit.



Accessory Enhancement

You will enhance your General Accessories with Fierce Fighting Spirit Stones and it is always a 100% success rate if using Force-Enhance.


Event Rewards & Caution


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12 replies on “Black Desert General’s Accessories Enchanting Event”

im stuck at general’s accessories quest chain #2
i need to go to the arena in altinova, talk to konah and do the quest king of the arena
but he doesn’t give me any quest.
And the arrow button to go to the quest keeps pointing me to konah
I tried forfeiting and do it again, but same issue over again
what do i do?

Look at Media quest in your log. You have to finish Legendary Fighter or something quest chain. That’s a quest i had to meet someone. Finished that chain i was in and it worked. I can’t recall which quest started it, but it is via Black Spirit.

So, can I still do the quests and get the stones and enhance my accessory after the event period has ended? Or will that possibility end alongside the reward’s?

Yes, it’s in the game and can still be progressed. The event was primarily for the chance at winning 1000 pearls for completing the questline and enhancing it to PEN (which is no longer active).

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