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Destiny 2 Faction Rally Returns from Jan 16 to 23

Faction Rally event will be making a return to Destiny 2 from Jan 16 to 23.

Spoiler Alert: Your favorite (and least favorite) faction leaders are coming back to the Tower next week. They will welcome every Destiny 2 player, on every platform, to determine which of the factions will reign supreme. A special prize will hang in the balance.
Faction Rallies
Start: Tuesday, January 16
End: Tuesday, January 23
Pledge your loyalty. Do your faction’s bidding. Earn rewards. Step forward and be counted. Season Two brings new armor ornaments you can earn, along with the base gear.
Future War Cult
New Monarchy
Dead Orbit
Once the reward totals have been counted, the winning faction will have a weapon to sell for Glimmer. As always, the cost you pay depends on the pledge you made.
Future War Cult Auto Rifle
New Monarchy Auto Rifle
Dead Orbit Auto Rifle
It’s time to choose who will have your allegiance. Soon we will crown a new winner. Dead Orbit and New Monarchy have both spent time on the throne. Will you finally show some love to Future War Cult?

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2 replies on “Destiny 2 Faction Rally Returns from Jan 16 to 23”

I was thinking of going Dead Orbit but I really like how the gear looks for New Monarchy. Plus, New Monarchy has the strongest ideology of the three. Conquest of Earth is a necessity for Humanity.

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