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141 replies on “SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Jan 15”

I still got like 60+ cartel certs from the contraband slot machine before they nerfed it, that I still have nothing to spend it on.

I miss those old hypercrates you could get to 3million on a good day, back when they were full of the actual rewards with no stupid chance cubes.

All the expansions are free, they ask you for sub yeah but that was already a thing before f2p. They are not charging you a cent aside from that sub to access to new content, nor you are forced to purchase cartel items to play them.
If they were thinking all about money every single new flashpoint should be paid for, every new story chapter should require a pass valued 1000cc at Market and PVP, PVE gear should cost CC and no credits.
If you dont like the current state of the game then move along, this thing keeps working with and without people like you.

“They are not charging you a cent aside from that sub to access to new content”

The drip-feed of new content is so small it’s barely worth mentioning. And as soon as they stopped charging us for expansions the quality took a nose dive. I’d prefer if they did charge us for new flashpoints and story content. Because then they’d have to actually create some to sell.

$14-$15 for a monthly subscription is not worth at all for the state of the game and the content they put out. They ARE indeed milking the players as much as possible, because they don’t care about this game as they used to.

If you don’t like others expressing that opinion, then move along, Dulfy is a website that keeps working without people like you as well. Also, people should be allowed to point out the negatives of this game. Deal with it.

$14-15 is what I pay for an average lunch or my daily parking at work. I get more enjoyment from the game, even after years of play. So it is worth it.

I think there’s a point that if you don’t think the game is worth it, then spending your time doing something you actually enjoy is probably a wee bit more productive than complaining about a game you don’t play on the internet.

I do find complaining necessary and in fact healthy, it drives the game in the direction that the player base likes.
I believe John still plays, but as do many players he has valid issues with the game in it’s current situation, however the childish incessant whining that appears on this page is in my mind a bizarre past time.
Wouldn’t you rather be playing/doing something they enjoy more?
Or is this all they have 🙂

The story has been written into a corner. To go back to full-scale republic and empire conflict you’d have to do away with the Eternal Alliance…which means stripping your character of everything that you’ve built over the last couple of expansions. That or it doesn’t make much/any sense (not that that’s stopped them in the past). Basically, I don’t think people want to start over for the second time (Lose all/most/a bunch of companions, etc…).

I mean, I guess they could have the Alliance lose almost all its’ power but you still keep the companions, but then you’d need an excuse for why your ex-Pub companions stick with you if you’re Imperial (or your Ex-Imps sticking with you if you’re Pub). Or they just say “eff it” and toss any consistency out the window.

Basically, making the Empire/Republic conflict the center of the story again doesn’t make a lot of sense with the way the story has developed. I doubt we ever get back to that point before the game shuts down.

Which leads me to believe that the next xpac is the last one we’ll see for this game. MAYBE one more after it if EA stretches, but their license runs out in 2023 and I doubt we get an expansion in 2019 if we get one in 2018.

Well, this current Traitor story may end in the destruction of the Alliance. The traitor is after some kind of a super weapon, no? Well, he may as well use it against the Alliance and blow up Odessen. It needs some real top-notch story telling and writing, but it can be done.

Then you will be back to your ship and you will be forced to choose 5 companions. Just like in the old days. And depending on your class, the game will remove some companions from your selection; I don’t think for example that Aric Jorgan would follow a Sith Warrior in his fight against the Republic, nor will Telos Drellik will follow a Trooper in his fight against the evil Empire.

There will be some cross faction companions surely; Gault for example is a perfect fit for Smugglers and Qyzen is great for Bounty Hunters (Qyzen should be the next Mandalore!!).

So basically, they can actually bring things “back to basics”. The writing needs to be great for all to make sense, but it can be done.

Except paring it down to 5 would nerf crafting (since you can currently have 8 working). And a lot of people like more than just 5 companions. Not to mention “Hey all you folks that ground out Alliance rep and hunted down all the available companions and all that? Sucks to be you! Ha Ha ha!” Even with KOTET/KOTFE you eventually got at least some of your old companions back, influence levels intact.

Not to mention the “pick 5” means the companions now have even less bearing on the story than they do currently, since there’s no way in heck Bioware is going to do voicework for every possible companion combination in every situation. (So basically all companions become completely mute outside of battlefield chatter). It would be some of the problems we’ve seen with KOTFE/KOTET x 100.

Totally agree with you here good call.
It’s certainly not inconceivable to take it the way you are saying, and it would be a refreshing move to kill off that horrible alliance story (I think it’s gone on looooong enough).
Even without having to think too hard a good old ‘sith double cross’ in the Alliance would set everyone back to the trenches and hail a return to Rep vs Sith.
Also as Jmacq1 says below I wouldn’t want to lose my (albeit ridiculously large) companion team as I it took me a while to get them and level them to be useful crafters.
Death to the alliance.

Well, now that I think of it, it’s easy to end LS Peacekeeper’s version of the Alliance. Bomb Odessen, or lead the story in a way, so that at the end the leader of the Alliance decides that time has come to end it. That it served its purpose. Everybody goes home, Alliance ends.

But I don’t know how to end it for the DS version of the story. I mean, you’re the emperor! You control the Eternal Fleet. Which as you know, defeated the Republic and Sith in just 3 months. You will not give up this immense power easily. Something even greater and more powerful should emerge and wipe you out.

Also, Jmacq1 has a point. As much as I want to see more than half of the current companions I have gone, it will not be fair to those who maxed their influences. Plus cafting… yes yes yes, all true.

Maybe we can get to choose 5 of them and they appear in our ships, and make the place a bit more lively? Others can be crafters but only those 5 will go to missions with us?

I don’t know, I just want things simpler.

Lots of options. Remember the Red Reaper story: a Sith Lord that goes rogue. Or even Revan, when he went against the will of the Jedi council and took arms against the mandalorians. And since I mentioned them: the mandalorians. Or even the Star Cabal, an organisation that fought both Jedi and Sith. Or another type of Force users set on gaining power in the galaxy. “The Legions of Dathomir” expansion. Has a nice ring to it…

As long as the story is good, I’m good.

But hey, Jedi vs Sith sounds good to me too! Anything -ANYTHING- but the Eternal Empire stuff…

All those ideas are good but after some VERY ropy story telling I think I would like it to return to the good old Jedi vs Sith for a bit, back to it’s roots.
As much as I want the Sith to obliterate Odessa they can’t because of the star fortress missions and flashpoint entrances etc which is a god damn shame, but the alliance needs to end, mainly because the Zakuul threat is over.
As you say we NEED a good story to bring us a new expac with something for ALL. 🙂

thats been the problem with tor from the get go they cant seem to make up their mind who the enemy is? we start off with malgus he dissapears then we have revan then the stupid family drama bs then the emperor musical villains. Malgus was quite a waste in tor when you think about it meh

well storywise they could mutiny forcing you to kill the opposite faction companions, but in theory then you can still retrieve them with the companion finder thingie if you want to keep them for crafting purposes 😉

$14-$15 for a monthly subscription is not worth at all for the state of the game and the content they put out. They ARE indeed milking the players as much as possible, because they don’t care about this game as they used to.If you don’t like others expressing that opinion, then move along, Dulfy is a website that keeps working without people like you as well

Black And Deep Pink Dye Module
Deep Pink And Black Dye Module
Deep Pink And White Dye Module
White And Deep Pink Dye Module

What? EA want’s me to make a PINK DARTH VADER or what?

I looked back at the posts here for the last two weeks, and I didn’t see the Dathomir Shaman set listed, yet; Swtordata is listing it as being available from January 8 to today. Confusing.

$14-15 is what I pay for an average lunch or my daily parking at work. I get more enjoyment from the game, even after years of play. So it is worth it.

Those hoverchairs would be much better and cooler without the fucking hovering holocrons. – or at least a flair option to shut them off.

Those hoverchairs would be much better and cooler without the fucking hovering holocrons. – or at least a flair option to shut them off.

Black And Deep Pink Dye ModuleDeep Pink And Black Dye ModuleDeep Pink And White Dye ModuleWhite And Deep Pink Dye ModuleWhat? EA want’s me to make a PINK DARTH VADER or what?

Those hoverchairs would be much better and cooler without the fucking
hovering holocrons. – or at least a flair option to shut them off.

Always wondered why mirialans, zabrak and chiss don’t have beards. Just another thing that seems incredibly easy to do but for whatever reason is not implemented.

Because no amount of Cartel Coins © could pay for the amount of hair that would be needed to make a full beard for the atrocity that has become this game.

Well, I do remember Wolf Sazen, a zabrak jedi master from the Legacy era, growing a stubble. Technically not a beard, but the hairs are there. Besides, it makes no sense for them to be able to grow hair but not beard.

Zabrak can’t grow beards- It’s the same reason they don’t have eyebrows.
Special cases like gua543 mentioned above are down to artists not knowing about this trait.

I will second this. Never thought of cake frosting as the comparison, but it fits.

Also, there’s no short beard options. All the beards are big and bushy.

Better if they don’t have beards. They clip through a lot of helmets.

Of course they could solve that too…

Or a finished OP, a couple new flash points, a full on expansion with something for everyone, etc.
All pipe dreams sadly SWTOR has seen it’s hayday and now is the twilight of it’s life.

Zabrak can’t grow beards, with Mirialan and Chiss it’s not stated anywhere in the lore / shown anywhere so Bioware went ahead and assumed they couldn’t grow one either.

Uninstalled this game week ago even as i havent been a sub for a year and not logged in after last merge.
Best decision ever got like 60gb free space on SSD 🙂

Yet your still obsessed with this game. Either learn to let go and stop visiting or admit you really want to return.

If i really wanted to return i wouldnt uninstalled the game 😀

Obsession would have been if i would still playing (and paying) for game that no longer supports massive multyplayer mmo vision and not liking game. There is a video about game progression and changes since launch and what it is now. It was clear Bioware focused single player aspect than mmo.
I admit that i should have seen truth sooner.
I do find hilarious to see what CM updates they come up with now for money.

That’s “you’re”, not “your”. A very frequent mistake I keep seeing, even among native speakers of the language (which I’m not, by the way).

Don’t presume about other people’s intentions and attitudes. It will get you nowhere. Specially in Internet conversations like these.

The great thing about freedom is that people can despise the game with no intent to return AND keep visiting Dulfy to gripe about the game.
I, personally, would love to return to the game some day, but EA/BW has failed to make it worth the cost of a sub with every move that have made since I left.

First of all, you’re*

Second, obviously not obsessed if they haven’t logged in for a year.

Third, the insecurity of people who defend the game as if it matters whether other people like it or not is phenomenal.

Last. they can do what they want without asking you.

I would LOVE to return. Just as soon as it’s an MMO again. Maybe my guild can reform. We used to do 16 man raids 4 nights a week. Sometimes the spill over could run an 8 man at the same time. Now? *crickets*

I check Dulfy every other day. Nothing wrong with supporting a site with traffic and skimming the articles. I’m waiting for the announcement of SWTOR closing down.

Anyone know the price of that Hoverchair on Star Forge currently? Wanted it for awhile.. might be worth the re-DL to grab a few while prices are low

Oh boy- I hope it’s not that long.
Call me a dork- But I like to plan in advance on what to farm for.
(If there’s anything worth farming for!)

Grandaughter. Jacen Solo (their son) had a “secret: daughter with Kenel-Ta of the Hapans. I think her name is Allana.

There are no sons as of the last “Legends” book.

I’ve been trying to figure out when this game jumped the shark for me. And I think it has to be when they killed both a.) skill trees and b.) companion gearing

Being able to build my Jedi Guardian how I wanted was great. But now, you’re so restricted by what path you can take your character. And if that weren’t enough, removing companion gearing *and* removing their specific roles made each companion a pointless, interchangeable shell.

If I needed healing I *needed* to build up my Doc. If I needed DPS, time to work on Kira. It made companions a true extension of your character and added depth to the game. Taking that away AND taking away skill trees literally dumbed down the whole experience. And *that’s* what I think killed the game for me.

the companions are pokemons nothing more their all the same. Hk was the worst they destroyed hk.I dont get all the comp obsession though whats the difference? you always hear we want this comp or that one back why your shitty ones now are the same as the ones you want so badly smh

Yup, like I said: completely interchangable. The only determining factor between them now is how many “gifts” you feed them. *eye roll*

I loved having to gear up both me and my companions. Again, it made them an extension of your character and gave you added incentive to do things because you wanted to get great gear for not only yourself, but for them!

you know what still anoys me why cant you switch and play as your comps like the old kotors? i would have loved that i would have just played as hk all the time like i did on the old ones lol

And to top it all off the companions don’t even get shoe-horned into any kind of fun story anymore. It’s just a “go kill x number of these” (what I like to call and “out and back”) quest.
It’s just so fucking lazy and pathetic at the same time.

I agree with you, but I think (for me anyway) that was when I first started to see a problem. I’m not much of an MMO player and really dig RPG’s so SWTOR had the right mix for me for a very long time. But it was the removal of skill trees that made me start asking questions and pay attention. Making carbon copy companions was another WTF moment, then the SoR bugs and the HUGE exploits being allowed to fester for 5 weeks…
I still hung in there until this past spring because my friends were still playing. I miss them and want to go back occasionally, but I just can pay EA/BW another dime of my money with the garbage they produce these days.

I have mixed feelings about the companion changes.

-Gear is completely cosmetic, meaning I can focus entirely on aesthetics.
-I have the option to change my companion’s role to suit a fight better.
*Companions are stronger: They no longer die after taking a few hits from a boss and they make speed leveling even quicker.

-Most companions lost their unique abilities.
*Companions are stronger: Characters feel weak when companions can easily solo bosses and epic boss fights become a joke.

They jumped the shark right after vanilla IMO. As soon as they ditched class storylines and stopped making star wars looking PvP and PvE gear, it was over – I want to look like a Sith Inquisitor, not a scarecrow or a fucking droid ffs…

For me, it was the so called “expansions” and thinks like the naked bolster bug. That bug was just downright sloppy and should have never went live. When I saw players running around naked in action, I couldn’t help but think “yeah, this game is now a total sh## show.”

Then they took the one part of the game that everyone loved and got rave reviews- the personal story. Instead they made one main story and tried to make it adapt to all classes and even light/ dark. That was ridiculous and it was clunky and awkward.

They should have made chapters for each class or something. I would have went with a totally different model than they did.

It just sucks that they own exclusivity to SW, so we won’t have a chance to get a good SW mmo until that ends.

Forget it. Star Wars is the property of Disney now, and they are even more money-grubbing than EA. If they ever cancel the exclusive licensing deal they have with them, it’ll be the likes of Ubisoft getting their paws on it.

Just find another franchise, or even better, just give up on franchises altogether.

Right… not tempted by the Dark Side…
Not even once…
Nope, not at all…
Just died of a drug overdose.

Its called, “Death by ignominy”.

Uh, this quote doesn’t make a lick of sense. Mandalorians thrive on conflict and breed war. They take slaves and brainwash them into accepting their ideology. They even go as far as to commit genocidal atrocities for the sake of glory in battle. That’s not a “third side,” that definitely falls on one side of “the blade.”

Not sure where this quote is from, but it really seems to misrepresent Mandalorians on the whole.

man it sure is cool we got this website to tell us what’s on sale in the CC market…

But seriously though, is there just so little happening with SWTOR that Dulfy just doesn’t have much to update?

When you are a game developer who took the best parts of the game out, or ignore them completely and replace/add things you call “content” in the form of an online cash shop and screw your paying customer base alongside your actions, yes, there isn’t much left to update.

You have bugs in game that have been there since beta that they wont fix, on top of a discontinued and hacked up version of a game building program. You have developers that release only one raid dungeon, sprinkle dog turd on it to deem it ‘content’ by adding bosses inside the raid twice a year without adding any other interesting story or additional things to do. No, there isn’t much, if anything at all to update.

There is, in deed, so little happening in SWTOR that there, currently, is nothing to report. Cartel Market updates have been the primary news in SWTOR for the past 14 months.

There is a lot happening in SWTOR…….People leaving BW Austin…Lana mad at Theron ….Chiss planet to get……Whatever there is a lot happening…. :P…..LOL

Chiss “planet”? When was the last REAL planet introduced? Even Rishi and Yavin 4 were small planets. You want to see a real, large planet you have to go into Vanilla territory ffs…

If he was RJ he’d be posting smugly on Twitter to show how smart he was making TLJ because he included something from The Jedi Path book.

OMG! I saw that! I do own “The Jedi Path”. I knew that was in there.

Of course, “The Jedi Path” says NOTHING about that power killing the one that uses it… Or how Snoke could Force Skype TWO people with no effort at all, but Luke, the Jedi Grandmaster, dies from exertion after using it… Whatever…

I’ve never disliked Star Wars more than I do right now. So many ppl rambling on with bullshit reasons why the movie was great. They latch on to one thing to over-explain and fan theory to death and think that means the entire film is genius and if you don’t like it you’re toxic. I’ve seen thread after thread of half-ass reasoning on how the Finn/Rose plot was crucial to Finn’s development and is great. GTFO.

RJ is too busy kissing his own ass to realize what you pointed out. It’s not the power itself ppl have an issue with it’s how it was used and why….and the rest of the shitshow around it.

Man, they have that Pablo Hidalgo guy running damage control. Yes, they have their own Expanded Universe guy coming up with reasons to explain the plot holes in the freaking movie! It’s insane. It’s corporate level, some people are even explaining how to watch a movie like TLJ.

Shit, I thought this was Star Wars. A fun, well made, popcorn movie I could watch ONCE and get the full meaning. Not some indie, intelectual left-field movie that requires several viewings. looooooool…

You nailed it and that’s why, despite the unoriginality of it, I enjoyed TFA. It was still fun.

I just came from seeing “Phantom Thread” which was a wonderfully artful masterpiece of subtlety and tension. Do I prefer that kind of filet over the fast food of Star Wars? Of course. Does that mean I want that in a Star Wars movie? No…lol. You have to know your audience and the foundation of the universe you’re in. I consider 2008’s “Rambo” to be a 5-star film. It knows it’s audience and delivers exactly what you want and (most importantly) in a way you haven’t seen before and damn well.

I’ve long rejected this notion that Lucas had this whole thing planned out. That’s all bullshit and easy to figure out just by reading the earlier drafts. He’s stated clearly multiple times what his goal was: a modernization of the Flash Gordon serials he loved as a kid. He also routinely states that it’s for kids; not adults. Bad guys in black, good guys in white, easy to digest.

The original film succeeds at that goal brilliantly. Then it made Lucas a multi-millionaire cause of merch rights, Irvin Kershner delivered a film that was an artistic step up with one hell of a “gotcha” twist, and the table was set for decades of adoration.

But the cracks start to show already in RotJ and; frankly, if you look past the first two films, I’d argue the rest of the series is mediocre at best with multiple low points. The best content post-ESB is in Clone Wars and the novels.

My SW tinted glasses are off. If his goal was to kill the past he succeeded. I’ll be perfectly content with my Harmy De-specialized versions of the OT from this point forward.

Korriban or Tython are starter planets. Go compare those to Alderaan or Voss. Ridiculous. But Rishi or Yavin 4 were ok, I wish they kept doing stuff like that.

And yes, size does matter. If it’s a planet it should be big. Everything in this game is about downsizing. Downsizing servers, downsizing expansions, downsizing planets… The only thing they don’t downsize is sub prices. Funny, ain’t it?

Still no sale on Server Character Slots? Okay then, it’s only been like a year and a half since they last went on sale. It’s not like players could really use them to make up for recent server merges that robbed them of dozens of slots across multiple active servers… right?

Wow. I took more than a year break and decided to check in here and see how SWTOR is doing. I was anticipating reading Dulfy’s completed guide on the “God’s from the Machine” OP. You know…the “under new management” OP that would make good on so many promises broken. I’m not even sure what the time span is between the last completed OP and this current “under construction” one is anymore. Doesn’t matter. Such a bummer. Not unexpected…but still…I feel really sad for anyone who loved the old OP’s and has kept a sub running in hopes of a new one. It’s like SWTOR is that old girlfriend who broke up with you but still calls you every now and then to mess with your mind. She doesn’t want to get back together just yet…she just wants to talk…in case she changes her mind. Screw that.

I never ranted and trolled on the SWTOR forums and I’m not going to start doing it here. I’m angry, but it’s just not worth it. Such a damn waste. My now shuttered guild Psy-Ops was about helping folks…so I’ll do my best: Tried a ton of games since I left SWTOR. Not much out there other than the usual suspects. WOW is still WOW. Battlefront 2 is hot garbage. I’m not sure I’ll ever throw another dime towards EA again. None of the current MMO’s really kept me interested. I guess I’ll wait for Cyberpunk and hope it’s something great. I’m currently playing World of Warships which is surprisingly engaging. PVE and PVP…although the game rewards PVP far more. I’ll throw my referral code out with this disclaimer: It’s not like SWTOR’s predatory program. You actually get useful stuff if you play. And, although throwing money at it makes things less grindy, you can actually compete and level all the way up, no locked content, without paying a dime. Imagine that.

Don’t know if I’ll return again. It just bums me out.

I can fill you in on the time span issue. “Shadow of Revan” was released in December 2014. The last two complete Operations released in this game, “The Ravagers” and “Temple of Sacrifice” were part of that patch.

So, in practical terms, it’s been THREE YEARS since a complete Operation saw the light of day…

Three years. I remember a Zorz guy making a huge rant after they cleared TOS that the Devs had no plans to make another OP. Most of us thought he was being wildly pessimistic and a bit triggered. The dude was a damn prophet.

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