GW2 Gemstore Update–Summit Chevon Springer & Sandshark Finisher

GW2 gemstore updated today with Summit Chevon Springer for 2000 gems and Sandshark Finisher for 600 gems.

Summit Chevon Springer – 2000 gems


Sandshark Finisher – 600 gems


Available for X Days

  • Dynamics Exo-Suit Appearance Pack – 1500 gems – 3 days
  • Outlaw Appearence Pack – 2000 gems – 3 days
  • Vine-Touched Destroyer Glider Combo – 700 gems – 7 days
  • Glacial Glider – 500 gems – 7 days
  • Winter Monarch Outfit – 700 gems – 7 days
  • Ardenwolfe

    That mount is hideous. And it costs 2000 gems? Pass!

    • Dlew

      To each their own on the appearance. But fully agree on the price.

    • Gundam

      To cheer you up probably only two more skins will be released before
      Anet stop this nonsense. Since first 2k skin release I saw around 3-5
      ppl actually owning them. In time with glider was top movement utility
      it was hard to see ppl without new skins on day one.

    • jjjjuice

      i think the mount looks really cool haha probably best springer skin imo

    • Rocket Science Isn’t Hard

      Have some respect. The designer from Anet just lost someone very dear to him. His seeing eye dog.

      • Ardenwolfe

        Now that was mean . . . and hilarious!

    • Raijin

      I think he looks cool :P. And i also think its a fair prize

    • Veluta Lunata

      It probably would’t be so bad if it didn’t look and sound like it was grievously wounded and slowly dying.

  • baddog

    I like the appearance and dying patterns, but the price is way out there. Will have to pass.

  • Jalen Dmello

    So the first springer was rabbit + kangaroo, this one is a goat + kangaroo o_0

    • Steve

      Mountain goat.

  • Nate Austin

    Honestly, I think the jackalope skin is better.

    • Ares Zax

      Yeah. To each their own when it comes to cosmetics, but I’ll keep Mr Fluffy Bunny over McGoatface anyday. XD

      • Alot

        If they’d made McGoatface the base model and had made Mr Fluffy Bunny the deluxe mount I doubt people would have suspected a thing. As is I’m enjoying the stream of not-worth-2000-gem-mount-skins. Makes me feel better about not buying any of them.

  • FrycoN

    The corpse should be swallow by shark when he jump into air.

  • Jasmine Lock

    Another noble sacrifice of 2000 gems by Dulfy. Much respect.

  • wQnxy

    better make some char slot sale anet, youll get much more money from it..

  • Apple Salad

    Its a cool looking mount, but one that didn’t strike my fancy. The price value is another seperate issue but 2000 is just too high for me.

    @Gundam: Do agree, as you said with the gliders and it’s more affordable too. There’s a downside to it imo. Take the ‘meteorite glider’ for example, was a good buy but the satisfaction of owning it didn’t last long(getting common as the days go by). Just like buying for an item’s for it’s brand, you can probably get something cheaper with the same function. There is satisfaction for having a unique/limited mount during meta events,bounties etc (especially during race)

  • Yves Ribaut

    Does it only seem so, or is the speed of this pet higher while hopping around?

  • lithlius

    I know a lot of people hate on these but its the little details that make the price. The goat chewing animation, the bell cling noise etc… Its really cool but sadly most people dont care about those.

    • Shaggy

      theyre very nice, but when you consider you have to pay over $20 to get a skin, its a bit much. i think thats what really drives people to complain.

      its a wonderful skin, but its not worth $20 bucks

      • Jasmine Lock

        Gold to gem conversions exist. If you farm a lot or rarely spend your gold then you don’t have to spend a single penny on them. Not everyone is paying real money, some rich folks just use their gold.

        • Shaggy

          if that were anywhere near the majority of players, the devs wouldnt spend so much effort on the gem store.

        • Narottam Zakheim

          not everyone has enough time to farm such huge amounts of gold…. many people work…. or have lives outside gw…. besides gold conversions dont help…. they actually are losing the company money…. if these sales are designed to pay for future game development… then some people need to use real money… or the game will collapse…. what this conversation is… is a dialogue between supplier and customer…. we need to make a system that works for people so they will do it…. this in turn will provide the game with what it needs so it can carry on…. if the game doesnt make enough money then we all lose out… game over… so its in everyones interest that we come to an agreeable deal

    • minion_condi_necro

      Yea okay well I payed 30$ for an expansion…? Why is a SINGLE MOUNT SKIN worth ALMOST AS MUCH AS AN EXPANSION?

      • Alot


    • HadesClutch

      It’s about there being a balance. When a skin is simple by comparison to a whole expansion but still costs the same… that bothers a whole lot of people and rightfully so.

    • Sir Mooh

      Why is an expansion as cheap as a mount skin!? Seriously they should raise the price of xpacs…

  • KJ

    1200 gems seems like a good price for a mount skin.

    If they want to do the 1600-discounted-down-to-1200 marketing dealie, that works too. Even though this is a really cool skin, the prices as is, are just a little too high to be reasonable.

    • Narottam Zakheim

      when these mount skins first came out… people were saying that they should be 400-800 each…. now we are like 1200 would be great…. i think they r playing us… i agree this is a long term sales strategy…. ruin our expectations then start selling them to us a price way higher than we wouldve originally accepted… and well be grateful for it… at least they arent 2000 anymore… right? Its a messed up strategy… I agree with Suan… they should make nice themed mount sets… thats what i always expected… people would buy them even if they only planned to use a couple…. and btw… the chewing and bell sounds are cool…. i do appreciate them…. but lets do this in a way that doesnt involve ass raping…. ok?

  • Suan

    What ANet needs to do is stop these premium -or whatever these are called- skins and give us more mount skin packs for 1600 gems for the first 7 days and on occasional sales and 2000 gems normal price but not only Halloween or Wintersday themed. More like “Brand Touched Mount Skin Pack”, “Royal Vabbian Mount Skin Pack” [some fancy saddles, chains all over the mounts, some earrings etc]. Flame and Frost are out of picture since they added them for some of the mounts in the adoption license. I am a skin slut and even though there’s this thought in my brain that “as a veteran GW player I ought to walk around with fancy mount skin” I still just walk like a pleb because 2k gems is way too fucking much for a single mount skin. I don’t mind paying 2k gems for skins to all my mounts, but one?

    • Jasmine Lock

      They’ll probably stop making more after they finish making a 2000 gem skin for each. Only griffon is left. Then after that maybe the other 2000 gem skins will return every now and then and Anet can concentrate more on cheaper skins.

    • Veluta Lunata

      The impression I got when I first saw these mount akin prices was that they were probably like ” Let’s make these skins 1600 Gems, sound good everyone?” marketing person in the corner replies “Hey, you know… most people wait for sales on everything, so instead of making this 1600 gems and people waiting for it to be on sale for 1000 or 800, let’s just jack up the initial price and when it gets to a sale we’ll get it for what we intended. And if anyone is a sucker enough to get it at the high price, yay for us!”

  • Hunter Eifert

    As a capricorn this mount is perfect for me! But so sad it’s 2000 gems.

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