Black Desert Old Bartali Sailboat Event Guide

Black Desert Online Old Bartali Sailboat event guide running from Jan 17 to Feb 14, 2018.[toc]

Getting Started

There is a quest chain you must do first before you can get the event quest to get Old Bartain Sailboat.To start this quest chain, you must be in Velia or you will not see it in your black spirit.

[Event] Noisy Shore

Talk to your Black Spirit in Velia to obtain this quest. It will not show in your Black Spirit if you are not in Velia.You will also need to be level 50.


Mysterious Creature

Obtain from the solider you were lead to from the previous quest.

A Fish from the Great Ocean?

Obtain from Igor Bartali

Records on Vell’s Heart/Lopter’s Scale/Vell’s Fine Powder

Obtain from Alustin. You will need to interact with these beached Mysterious Creatures to get Lopter’s Scale.


Investigate Vell’s Realm

There is a weekly quest chain you can do weekly from Jan 17 to Feb 14. It will rewards you with an Old Bartail Sailboat weekly until the event ends.

Start the quest by talking to your Black Spirit once you have completed Vell’s Fine Powder from the quest chain above.


This will direct you to Igor Bartali, who will give you the quest [Event] To Vell’s Realm that will give you an Old Bartali Sailboat license you can register at the nearby wharf NPC it leads you to.


Old Bartali Sailboat

The Bartali Sailboat has 700k durability and 1 mil power, which is fairly similar to the Epheria Sailboat (it has 1 mil durability instead). However, the power of this Bartail Sailboat cannot be recharged and every cannonball you fire will decrease its durability by 5000. It comes with 1 inventory slot for cannnonballs that can hold a weight total of 500 LT. There are no accessories for this boat.

It is to act as a temporary sailboat you can obtain weekly until Feb 14 for when Vell is added to the game on Jan 28. The power and durability of this boat will get used up and will need to be replaced. Once the power of the boat is depleted, it will move at a much slower pace. Once the durability is gone, it will be destroyed.


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10 replies on “Black Desert Old Bartali Sailboat Event Guide”

its a pos, might as well decrease the tedious gathering for the real boat instead of putting a bootlegged one in a quest :/… fucking retarded ass koreans is wear.. these people are stupid AF

It’s free because the minimum amount of time it takes to craft a sailboat is 14 days in real time, and they definitely want people to go exploring the ocean, but the fact that it takes so long to build tends to keep people away. But seeing as how the free boat they give is temporary, we’ll be right back to stage one eventually.

And, the boat being free does not excuse it from criticism. Just like if someone left a dog turd on your front door, you don’t immediately go: “oh look, free shit!”

They really should decrease the tedious gathering. 14-25 days is a lot of time spent building something, and the only reason it’s that long is not to make you feel a sense of accomplishment. It’s a player retention thing, they’re trying to drill you into checking in on the game as a part of your daily routine. Look closely into the mechanics of the game, and you’ll see that they put a lot of them in there.

You can still like the game but complain about certain aspects of it.

FYI: There is another related quest in Epheria where you have to investigate a couple more of the sea creatures. Not sure if this is daily or weekly. I didn’t look.

FYI: There is another related quest in Epheria where you have to investigate a couple more of the sea creatures. Not sure if this is daily or weekly. I didn’t look.

Boat is really bad compared to frigate but free and kinda looks good. Gonna take some screenies with it. Btw i spotted a typo at the last paragraph “cannnonballs”

I really like how much free stuff they throw at us to make the more unused areas (aka Ocean) life up a bit more – even if this is obviously tied to the new world boss ofc.
At least i have a big boat now xD

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