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SWTOR Game Update 5.7 Patch Notes

SWTOR Patch Notes for Game Update 5.7. This patch will arrive on Tuesday, Jan 23 after maintenance (5 am to 9 am PST).


  • New Operation Boss: Scyva – Known as the Mother of Sorrows, Scyva is a nigh-indestructible threat – your team will have to take advantage of every resource at hand to prevail!
  • Returning Companions: Risha and Corso – The Smuggler’s old allies emerge from the shadowy galactic underworld to help out their old captain once more.
  • Returning Companions: Andronikos – After plundering ships across the galaxy, Andronikos finally comes face-to-face with the Sith Inquisitor he once served so faithfully.
  • Double XP is back! Enjoy double experience, Command Experience, and more for one week. This event will run from 1/23 – 2/1.


  • The Dark vs Light tracker will no longer clip outside of the Galaxy Map.
  • Right clicking on a character in the Guild Window will now change the player’s selection to that character.
  • When entering a random group via Activity Finder, the group leader will now be assigned based on criteria such as character level and Command Rank.
  • In the Activity Finder if a player selects an activity within a filter, that category will now be selected automatically. EX: A player goes into the filter for Story Uprisings and selects Crimson Fang, Story Uprisings will now be checked for queue in Activity Finder.
  • The price-per-unit listing on the GTN will now be rounded to the nearest whole number.

Flashpoints + Operations + Uprisings


  • Players are no longer blocked from progressing through Kuat Drive Yard’s cut scenes.


  • Master Mode Operations now reward the correct quantity of Unassembled Components.

Missions + NPCs

  • The Bonus Missions for A Traitor Among the Chiss will now grant Command Experience as intended.
  • Imperial players will no longer go to the Republic version of the Rakghoul Tunnels if they quick travel there.
  • Players who complete the Scientific Endeavors Mission on Belsavis will no longer be blocked from completing Belsavis Reborn.
  • The respawn time for Valen Korik on Dromund Kaas has been greatly reduced. Defeating him is an objective for the Heroic Mission, Possessed Hunter.


  • The Yavin Ruins Warzone will no longer pop at a higher frequency than other Warzones.
  • The following changes are being made to the Solo PvP Ranked Daily Mission:
    • Mission will reward 40 Unassembled Components (up from 30)
    • Mission will reward 150 Ranked Season 9 Tokens as intended (up from 0)
  • The following changes are being made to the Solo PvP Ranked Weekly Mission:
    • Mission will reward 250 Unassembled Components (up from 200)
    • Mission will reward 1,000 Ranked Season 9 Tokens as intended (up from 0)
    • Mission now also rewards 3 Charged Matter Transubstantiators
  • Achievements which are earned in the Yavin 4 Warzone will no longer reset.
  • Players who are not wearing Augments or who have Augments below item rating 208 will now have Bolstered stats as if they were equipped with item rating 208 Augments (up from 150).

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106 replies on “SWTOR Game Update 5.7 Patch Notes”

I want to know what happens with Theron -.-. Nothing about Arcann in these patch notes either.

KYD, let’s hope for the best this time.

“The respawn time for Valen Korik on Dromund Kaas has been greatly reduced. Defeating him is an objective for the Heroic Mission, Possessed Hunter.”

And it only took them 6 years to fix this

I like to point out wrong things in TOR as much as the next guy. But that simply is factually wrong.

“Possessed Hunter” only exists since the revamping of Heroics that happened, what, in 4.0? That Heroic was introduced then, not at launch.

So it’s hardly 6 years. There are bugs uncorrected since launch. But 6 years it is not.

It’s been bugged since launch, pretty sure.
That area was a mystery to me back in the day and I wondered what the purpose was of it. Wasn’t until 4.0 with the revamp of heroics that I saw it for the first time as a quest, it was just an empty area before that with NPCs in it that you could kill.

Yes, it has been like that since launch. You couldn’t even pick it up but that quest still existed back then.
I miss Hydra H4 though. People asked for roles while grouping for it. It was fun. Back in the days, when simple PvE actually posed challenge to mediocre players and we had fun.
Now some people can’t handle Black Talon. 🙂

Introduced at launch, but removed from the game until 4.0. So NOT 6 years. I didn’t even remember it was there at launch. Possibly because I never really committed to playing Empire side until much later.

ah okay then that’s where Im remembering it from, I had played a couple of the closed betas and I only played Empire, and by the time the betas were over I had barely been able to get to Balmorra,

Yeah, and that explains why I didn’t remember it. I never played before launch. A little bit after launch actually. I had some problems with my ISP back then. But that’s a different story…

That doesn’t mean you are not in the right, though. They should have reduced the timer on this A LONG time ago. That Heroic was a royal pain. I don’t understand why they don’t just instance it.

Yeah I just avoid this heroic unless I’m on a low instanced Dromund Kaas, I hate having to fight over tagging him with the 8 other people there

So go play ESO then? ESO also has a lot more funding than SWTOR does. I would say they are working with what they have.

I certainly like the ESO game, but the werewolf and vampire races are so gimped, its not even funny, i mean…….how the F are vampires meant to survive…you can only feed on sleeping npcs and you got to break into their homes…..don’t you need to be invited in to do this? all vampire shows and movies need the invitation….right?

I am going by all the Elder Scrolls games, maybe ESO is different.

I like SWTOR also, its starwars, though i do wish they would do more stories, i mean, story is more fun than the repeatable crap that is in the game.

uh, vampire is pretty much THE meta for all dps, both magika and stamina, due to regeneration bonuses. i will give you werewolfs, they are pretty much useless for anything that is not running a scroll in Cyrodill.

There is no game out there with worse class balancing than ESO. It is an absolute joke. The have few classes that you can base on magic or stam. They purposely nerf one half and massively OP the other, requiring their player base to chase gear each change. ESO’s world was fun the first play through, then you realize there isn’t much there.

judging by the forums and the players that post on them? EVERY MMO is the worst at class balancing. from personal experience of playing a variety of MMO’s? ZOS while often missing the mark at least attempts to actualy balance classes. ESO has 5 classes, each of which can be based around either magika or stamina, and across those, you can have all 3 roles covered. people also have come up with hybrid builds, but sadly even with new sets specifically aimed at buffing hybrids, those are few and far in between. however, there is still plenty of room for creativity since you are not locked into specific specs/weapons in the way that you are in TOR.

moreover – the world is vast. there are 3 factions worth of stories and unlike certain “we are all about the story! game, they actualy bother consistently to add MORE decent chunks of story to play through. whether its dungeon, trial or single player story based. you know, the kind that goes beyond a few minutes of cutscenes extended by endless trash packs.

oh and…. speaking of changing gear, the irony here is breathtaking. given that swtor, constantly does a gear reset by increasing level, while in ESO you can easily if you wanted to – get away with playing the same gear set the moment you hit cp160, which doesn’t take long at all. people change gear sets when chasing the latest meta, and/or for fun, but unlike swtor, its not actualy a requirement for anyone playing at max level.

and housing. my god, the housing. SWTOR was my gateway into in game housing actualy. I managed to blissfully avoid it up until that point. and for a time, it was quite lovely – I adored it to pieces. but… new houses are few and far in between with hooks system getting progressively more bizarrely placed, and decorations… cartel store, almost entirely cartel store. at first we had a bunch of things we could craft or earn. but since then bulk of added decorations are in temp gambling packs and maker help you if you missed a few, or didn’t get lucky. that is if those decorations are even worth getting, given the last few packs and mostly junk that came in them. you are stuck decorating with those same limited hooks and limited supply of crafted/ vendor decorations. and now that cartel certificates are damn near impossible to get – one of those vendors might as well be retired cartel pack.

I used to love swtor. and then KOTFE happened. and KOTET only made it worse. I keep coming back to check the news.. maybe, just maybe they are adding something for me to sink my teeth into. but nope.

ESO is not perfect. no game is. but at least they are still trying. it feels like EA bioware has given up years ago and doing the absolute bare minimum to milk more cash until star wars license runs out.. and that btw? includes class balancing.

“ESO is not perfect. no game is. but at least they are still trying.”

That about sums it up. That’s EXACTLY the way I felt about ESO when I played it. They CARE. And it shows they care.

Here? I’m not so sure…

Here? The devs and company made it completely clear a few years back when they tried to shoehorn all the non-Force user classes to fit a purely Force using role. They care about money, thus the end of story.

You do realize EA is the largest gaming company on the planet and this is the largest IP on the planet. That ESP has more funding than SWTOR is part of the problem to begin with.

You just answered your own complaint. It’s EA, which means we’ll never see this game rise to its full potential. Not going say it doesn’t suck, but that’s the way it is.

So what? I have an active ESO account and an active SWTOR account. But actually I prefer to Play SWTOR.
If you prefer to Play ESO then you are free to do so.
But I surely dont agree that SWTOR isnt woth a membershipop. In contrary ist a great game which I play day by day with friends.

It is less about the game itself and more about what ESO delivers for content cadence versus SWTOR for the same money. I could have just as easily linked to patch notes for FFXIV, GW2, WoW, or many other triple AAA MMO titles as SWTOR is delivering the absolute least amount of content for the same membership.

And while you do enjoy it, which is a good thing, that lack of content cadence in SWTOR is a good reason why the game is down to five servers now.

The frequency of new Content is not important for me. I prefer MMO´s with a virtual world which is (for me) interesting and fascinating. ESO is OK but not as fascinating for me like LOTRO or STO or SWTOR. These 3 games may not be AAA MMO titles for the majority of Players but I prefer them.
I never played WOW despite the fact that it seems to be the most successful MMO but the world setting and the visual effects are (from my Point of view) so disgusting that I would never install it.
So I will continue to spend my Money in the 3 games I mentioned (and also in ESO), I will continue to use the ingame stores.
Or to say in other worlds: I will continue to enjoy LOTRO, STO and SWTOR.
Btw: The servermerge was very good Thing because now all Germans are on one Server which raised the roleplay-activities.

you either haven’t been playing since launch, and/or play so little that it takes you much longer to consume existing content.

and they are right, you know. updates in SWTOR are incredibly sparse. its mostly just rehash of things that have been here all along. eventually, even playing through original stories – gets old.

I play SWTOR since headstart. First on the Server Cassus Fett, then on Vanjervalis Chain and now on Tulak Hord.
But the Focus of our gameplay (the gameplay of my teammates and me) is on roleplaying.
So we are not interested in operations or new operations. Flashpoints are fine, class stories or those like KOTFE or KOTET are fine.
We were never interested in first-kills of world bosses or OP-bosses
I personally enjoy GSF but the real Highlight for us was the implementation of the strongholds. So we could create our own roleplaying-hubs and meet there to create our own adventures and Content.

so basically you are paying $15 a month for a glorified chatroom. that’s nice if that’s your choice, but its not a sustainable model for the game. even strongholds, I guess you don’t mind paying extra money for very sparse furnishings and very few decorating choices…

I consider swtor as one of my hobbies.There I can spend some of my time and to enjoy the virtual world which is offered to me. The same thing with STO or LOTRO. You call it a chatroom. A definition which could be used for every MMO. If you enjoy a game by organizing a cooperation with other players and also enjoy to communicate via TS its not important if this group performs a nightmare operation or does roleplay. They all do this for their fun. And so paying 120 euro per year and even more to the ingame shop for an enjoyable hobby is absolutely OK.

I call it chatroom, because you might as well do it anywhere else with the exact same result. there is nothing wrong with spending money on a hobby you enjoy, whatever it may be. all I’m saying is that SWTOR is an equivalent of having to pay premium cable channel price for old, public domain TV shows. those shows may be fantastic still, but they are old shows, that have been around for a very long time, and some of us can quote them by heart and other then very occasional edit equivalent of Lucas messing with original SW trilogy? there isn’t much in a way of NEW content for those shows. now. if you are still ok paying that premium price? more power to you, but in a long run, for most people this is NOT sustainable. and if they don’t do something to fix it? guess what? you are going to lose your chatroom.

I believe that SWTOR will remain as long as it will generate profit for BW and as long as BW owns the license to run this Star Wars MMO. The concept with the ingame shops generate enough money to keep games like SWTOR, STO and LOTRO alive.
So I personally dont fear to loose the chatroom in next future. SWTOR is for me interesting because it delivers an optical platform for me and my friends and our RP plots bring enough new content to enjoy the game.

well that’s the thing. the license won’t last much longer (EA doesn’t own it, it rents it from Disney for a VERY high premium) and if history is any indication (warhammer online) – EA is very happy to dump games that don’t make them “enough” profit. “its star wars” will only get you so far, and given how sparse content updates are? it will only get worse. given competition out there? for most people “its star wars!” is not even remotely enough. people leaving = even less profit. but you know… you keep thinking that just because its enough for you – its enough for everyone.

Thats the point where our assumptions differ. I am sure thst BW gets enough money via the itemshop. Especially if its a rented licence instead of a fixed one.

do they? do they really? becasue people are spending less and less money and according to a recent article in Kotaku, there have been talks of stopping development all together? and honestly, lets be perfectly honest here. how long do you think the whole cash shop thing can even last? without in game playable content, how many people will stay around to buy recolors of gear that used to be earned in game, removed and brought back in gambling packs from cash shop? you do realize that rented license costs the company MORE, not less, right? there is a reason why games that own licenses can last longer, on less vs something like star wars. or warhammer.

I hate that this is happening, I didn’t stop playing swtor until last year right after release of KOTET, but if it were just me, no big woop. but it wasn’t just me. and the more people they push away with inaction and lack of content? the more likely that what’s left of the development team will get swept away to Anthem side, and if you are lucky, the servers at least will stay active until licensing runs out. I’m not even sure its a matter of if anymore. its a matter of soon.

Yes, I think that they do so.
Until there is no official announcement of BW, I consider the Kotaku-rumors as what they only are: Unconfirmed rumors. In all the MMO’s I played (and some of them I am still playing) there were so called well informed people who heared from their sources that the world will end soon 🙂
But surprise: Not even one of these games was shut down.
And if it is true that the SWTOR license runs at least until 2023 then I am quite optimistic that the game will be up until this date.

1. that dude so far has been pretty on the ball with his info, so he has credibility when it comes to things like that.
2. it may exist, but that’s all it will be… existing with very few players populating it. I guess your attitude is “as long as my friends are there to role play with, I don’t care about anyone else, OR the state of the game in general” how nice.
3. plenty of mmo’s WERE shut down, the ones that weren’t? were NOT temporary license games.

eh whatever.

1. The fact remains that the rumors told by the dude are not officially confirmed. If I would react always on gossips and rumors I would waste much of my time.
2. You are right that my focus is related on RPG. thats the reason why my friends and I played SWTOR since headstart on RP-servers. For example most members of my RP-guilts were not interested on (new) operations at all. So we are not missing them when new one are delayed. On the other hand we were quite happy when the chiss flashpoint was released. Combined with the possibility to farm a chiss uniform we use copero as a RP location.
3. I remember the discussions in the LOTRO forum, when there were similiar rumors of so called well informed insuder dzdes. They told us after 4 years that LOTRO would not gen another 5 yesr license. Then in the 9th year they told us that the game will die soon. I prefer to get infos from official site and ignore the rumor dudes 🙂

your focus is on RP. not G in there. the problem is not even that there is no ops or decent flashpoints. STORY, what was supposed to be their focus? is LACKING BIG TIME. vanilla story is great. Rise of the hutt cartel is decent. I actualy enjoyed Shadow of Revan for the most part, aside from my personal dissatisfaction as to how they handled what used to be player characters, the story itself was pretty nice AND they brought back class specific quests. even if it was a single class – it was still something different to do, not to mention all the other bits to sink player teeth into. it had a little bit of something for everyone. and then… there was KOTFE. and KOTET only made it worse. sparse, padded story that made little sense, was only really tailored to light side jedi characters, and even then, just barely. and.. not much else.

you can hide your head in a sand all you want. you can stick to your rp, without needing the game part. but.. most people would rather pay for actual content to play through. you may not be interested in ops or flashpoints or even apparently continuation of official story. but you and your friends are NOT enough to keep the game profitable, and even whales move on

they say new roadmap is coming in febuary. given they last years roadmap? it would take a miracle.

I took a look just out of curiosity if the patch notes are really so long as U mentioned and… they are… but what caught my attention immediately was the mention of 64bit client which will now be only one available — no longer support for 32bit client — which in itself suggests ESO is much better optimized than SWTOR… rhetorical question: when can we expect 64bit client for SWTOR?

64bit SWTOR? Not in this lifetime.
The closest SWTOR has to becoming 64bit is if King Keith storms into the hamster room (aka server closet) and smashes them all into 64 pieces.

Just asked in chat and yup, appears to still be broken. Haven’t been able to get a single queue today so no way to check.

I wonder about this fix of Belsavis. Will it refer just to these Belsavis Reborn or to all Bonus series on each planet where resetting could block all chain? Just like with Taris where some missions were available to to do before quest chain is began.

Correct … also stuck since 3 years with my knight on taris bonus series where i did a quest being part of the bonus series during the planetary quests because it was available and i didn’t knew it was a bug.
And since 3 years the replay from support … Oh we are sorry, can’t fix this (just remove the questline for good, flag it as done in the database, whatsover, what i suggested) you must wait for a bugfix

Same for Illum arc on my hunter.

So 2 to 3 months for the final boss of last years ops if we are lucky? In the meantime Keith just needs a few weeks for the first quarterly Road Map of the year. Based on last year that will stretch into 2 months plus and the quarters will turn into thirds.

Unless they really want to shock the community and deliver something functioning and on time.

I am still more excited for some of the new stuff in the next pack then this update. I am happy to see Andronikos again and after 3 years this better be a memorable return. I could still shove Corso out an airlock but maybe Risha if she’s the queen now will be interesting.

“Players are no longer blocked from progressing through Kuat Drive Yard’s cut scenes.”

I hope it’s 2nd time’s the charm. What about class balance? 5,8?

That’s a joke right? DPS VG/PT defensives are still trash, mara and sniper DCDS are still OP, and Sorc DPS is still trash.

Look did not say it was done correctly. The last time they nerfed everything then ppl complained Devs made it worse so….

they said it’d be done by the end of “the year” iirc… they could’ve been referring to any year 😛

Yeah, and that explains why I didn’t remember it. I never played before launch. A little bit after launch actually. I had some problems with my ISP back then. But that’s a different story…That doesn’t mean you are not in the right, though. They should have reduced the timer on this A LONG time ago

My Scoundrel is looking forward meeting his wife. It will probably a 5 seconds of convo and nothing more, but still. They should also bring back Akaavi by the way, so my Gunslinger can have his wife back too.

Not sure what to think of Andronikos. Neither my Sorcerer nor my Assassin used him back in the day for anything. That is back when companions had specific roles. My Sorcerer always used Khem and Assassin used Xalek (still does). So both have very low influence with Andronikos. Let’s see how things will turn out.

Andonikos is a boring turd. His conversation throughout is the original story is sooooo bad. Like torture for a Sith Inquisitior who supposedly has an intellect. Such an ill suited companion. Like Vette. And I know people like her (guys and young girls) but seriously – one episode of back-talking that twilek slave would have been dead.

Then don’t remove her collar? You can keep it on her and romance the other companion. You can even give her Vette’s collar control and laugh. If that’s what you’re into (which it seems like you might be). The inquisitor doesn’t have very good options but if you don’t like Vette, Jaesa is pretty much the opposite.

“The respawn time for Valen Korik on Dromund Kaas has been greatly reduced. Defeating him is an objective for the Heroic Mission, Possessed Hunter”

Crying about that for years now. Next please do the same on the bonus mobs in “The Face Merchants” on Coruscant. Most of these bugging shanks these days decline group invites and then cry when they don’t get their kills.

My thoughts exactly ;).
Darn buggers still have a darn long respawn.
But who knows, they might get fixed in the next
patch… hope always dies at the last or so ;).

Still a nice update/patch imho.

Right I forgot about that one because I just plain outright refused to even start it for the last 2 years or so…

If only there were a magical barrier that only allowed your own mission to progress without hindering others playing the game around you… I bet the devs will figure that one out in another few years when this still doesn’t work ideally…

You mean like for example in GW2 where every1 can gather nodes individually and every1 can contribute to certain group tasks? I love it and it actually contributes more to group efforts than anything SWTOR ever did. I mean think about it: in GW2 random ppl tell every1 where on the map something is going on. In SWTOR you qt to a mission and just hope that nobody else does it at the same time…

So if you don’t do Operations and your Smuggler characters didn’t do KOTFE/KOTET, there is nothing new in this patch.

Woohooo, Let us break out the party materials now baby. What a wonderful addition that in no way could have been put in at any time in the last few years. Yeah, that is worth getting excited about.

“You obviously didn’t read it all.” If you had a clue you would know this should have been done a few years back….when they said they were going to. Instead they made up lame excuses. If that excites you then more power too you.

Since you’ve just mentioning it:
Have not played for a pretty long time. Now since i’m back and all
i find my Jedi Telecnetic Sage pretty weak if not to say useless even
in daily heroics and stuff.
Am i just bad out of practice or has this class become SO weak?
Not a complaint mind ya, just a question.

Thx for your reply.
Well, as glad as i am that it’s not only my rusty & dustcovered playing abilities, its still a shame imho that they’ve kinda ruined this class.
Really enjoyed to play it.

Personally I think it’s just your skill with your class… despite nerfing every class has the capacity to be as useful as you need it to be you just probably need a little more practice. Make the class as good as u don’t depend on automatic boosts 😁

Agree, I have friends running sorc dps in NiM and holding their own. Every class has different strengths and those get tweaked over time; its just a matter of adapting or finding a class or spec that’s beefy in the manner you desire.

While they’re at it maybe they could get rid of the stupid activation delay on entropy’s lightsaber. Nice looking weapon but can’t exactly use it in cutscenes.

Yay! More reasons for people to queue for ranked PvP only to throw the match! >.>

Keep giving people hand outs. Eventually there won’t be a point to doing anything in the game anymore.

So if I’m a Jedi Knight, Jedi Consular, Sith Warrior, Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent, or Trooper and I don’t do operations or PVP stuff, I get nothing from this update…

The Yavin Ruins Warzone will no longer pop at a higher frequency than other Warzones. AND
Achievements which are earned in the Yavin 4 Warzone will no longer reset.
those 2 shouldnt be together ://///////

Honestly, the only companions who would need to be class specific are Jaesa (because of her wildly different Light and Dark personality) and Khem Val/ Zash (because their companion story ends with one of them removed from the Dashade)

I think we have been getting very little content lately because most of the people at Bioware are working on Anthem, so that leaves very few to work on Star Wars. Who knows if we will ever get a sizeable expansion as we have got in the past.

Hi all,
I have been away from the game for a good long time! But, I have been missing it. How is the game? Is PvP still good? I use to love the PvP. How is the community? Are there still a good number of people playing?

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