GW2 Gemstore–Jackal Rune Gauntlets/Greaves & Zhaitan Dye Kit

GW2 Gemstore updated today with the Jackal Rune Gauntlet and Graves for 500 gems each as well as the Zhaitan Dye Kit.


Jackal Rune Gauntlet/Greaves – 500 gems each





Zhaitan Dye Kit

125 gems each, 5/500 gems, 25/2500 gems


Upcoming Items

Images taken from that_shaman’s reddit thread.

Grand Lion Griffon Skin



Arcane Marksman Rifle – [&Cj0fAAA=]

gw2-arcane-marksman-rifle gw2-arcane-marksman-rifle-2gw2-arcane-marksman-rifle-3

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39 replies on “GW2 Gemstore–Jackal Rune Gauntlets/Greaves & Zhaitan Dye Kit”

Love the feathers of that gryphon skin …. but hate the face? Honestly, I love gryphons because THEY HAVE BIRD FACES. Anet you modelled a flying lion??? GET A GRIP

And a Jackal isn’t a mechanical beast, a raptor isn’t a peacock, and a rabbit isn’t a goat. Skins can make mounts look like whatever they want… imagine that.

Do you even know what a griffon is? They just.. mixed things up a bit for the mixed up MYTHOGLOGICAL (aka not real) creature. A griffon is a mix of a lion and eagle. Usually with the head being the eagle. You’re getting so bent out of shape over a reimagining of an imaginary creature. GET A GRIP

It’s like the fact that his user name is I love birds doesn’t matter at all because it still doesn’t mean they can’t make a skin out of whatever they want.

given that the original GW2 griffon is not a griffin/gryphon (lion Body, eagle head and wings) but rather some cannibalized sphinx…… do we even care if aNet ever gets a “traditional” monster right ?

you have awoken the wrath of the non-kulturny… also known as the hordes of the cluelsss and “alternative fact-lers”…
DOOM (or DHOOM) is upon us

I personally like Griffon skin. Maybe even gonna buy it. Was hoping for aurene but maybe that’s gonna be in game skin, who knows. But still, from Bird to lion, not bad at all. Kinda only wish he was not so angry 🤔

Lore-wise though, there should only be 1 Aurene =p And riding her after all the battles you’ve been through together?

Lore wise there should only be one of each legendary weapon. Also people probably shouldn’t be running around with various wings attached to their back.

The ship sailed on that kind of immersion a looooong time ago.

Agreed! To Dragonwhimsy, yes not everything in the game is bound in Lore at this point… One could argue ‘what are minis doing in Tyria anyway?’ ‘Why does everyone have a Caladbolg?’.. The ship of ‘perfect immersion’ may have sailed, but the game still has its limits and holds certain values. If we could all ride Aurenes, Zhaitans, miniturized Pact-air ships, then the game would be exceeding its limits and losing its values as there is just NO way to explain this other than aesthetically pleasant.. Where we draw the line between immersion breaking and cool really is, in the end though, objective.

Aurene is a one of a kind NPC. It would be silly if Anet released her as a skin and there’s thousands of Aurenes flying about. Riding her in a story instance yes, but not as an account skin.

That rifle skin looks way better than the Legendary rifle, I also like the effect when you put it away. I might get it. I’ll skip the Gauntlet/Greaves and the lion skin.

you realize there are already two legendary rifles ? Predator and HMS divinity ? And there being quite a number of “no secondary legendary yet” weapons out there ? Stuff like sceptre, greatsword, dagger, warhorn, longbow… even stuff like trident and spear =)
So… very very unlikely for it to be a legendary ?

or is it too early for being ironic still ?

/irony OFF

Ohhh right, i forgot about second legendary rifle xD It has “legandarish” animation that why i assume that it will be next legend, my bad 🙂

The jackal items may be the first gem store skins I buy in about a year. I just cant see if the socks are socks or flowing sand.

For how long are these skins are in the shop? Kinda gotta wait for my next paycheck to grab those boots. Finally some bulky boots for Light armor.

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