SWTOR Andronikos and Risha/Corso Returns in 5.7

SWTOR Andronikos Revel and Risha/Corso will be returning for Inquisitors and Smugglers in Patch 5.7.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much other than a cutscene with some dialogues. You will need to be finished KOTET and the mission should appear in your Companions & Contacts. You must be Inquisitor for Andronikos and Smuggler for Risha/Corso or the mission won’t appear. You don’t need to do any prior recruitment missions other than To Find a Findsman.


There is current a bug with rekindling the romance of your old companion.

My reunion with Andronikos was | 01.23.2018, 05:50 PM
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I’m getting another mission to go to the Alliance commander’s room, after the initial cutscene. not sure what I’m suppose to interact with though.

Hey folks,

There is a known issue with the Andronikos, Risha, and Corso return missions released in 5.7. Players who meet certain conditions are granted an additional mission that they cannot complete.

This issue occurs for Players who:

  • Had previously romanced one of the returning characters (Andronikos, Risha, or Corso).
  • Romanced Theron after the release of KOTFE.
  • Chose to rekindle their original romance with one of the returning characters in 5.7.

Under these circumstances, the Player receives a mission called “Things Left Unsaid” which they cannot progress. This mission is a default one granted to any player who resumes a romance with a returning companion after having also romanced Theron, Koth, or Lana in KOTFE. Due to present circumstances, the mission cannot be completed with Theron for the time being. We will address this in an upcoming patch, and advise that those affected by the issue simply uncheck/hide the mission in their log for now.

We apologize for the inconvenience!


Andronikos Cutscene


Corso/Risha Cutscene


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So I have to start KOTFE on my Smuggler or Inquisitor, and lose my Companions, to get them back, to have any content out of this patch? Stupid. Typical BioWare move.

Logged in, got Andronikos back, logged out.

The explanation they gave him was somewhat plausible, but still flimsy.

While I liked this cutscene, BW don’t half know how to put in minimum effort to their new ‘content’…

How can you say that? We just had a server mer… Sorry, United Forces CONTENT added. Is that not enough CONTENT for ya? You guys complain about everything…

“Must have finished KOTET” = Nope, only finished on 2 toons and neither is a smuggler or an inquisitor.

“Must be specific class for these companions” = So basically they figured out they cannot even produce an alert mission worthy for the recruitment of 3 companions back, and just added a cutscene instead of pushing one simple button on the console which brings back your companions.

What the devs need to do now is to come up with a console that makes your character forget that KOTFE/KOTET ever existed, and brings you back to the state you were before that whole mess. I would do that with every single toon I have.

“What the devs need to do now is to come up with a console that makes
your character forget that KOTFE/KOTET ever existed, and brings you back
to the state you were before that whole mess. I would do that with
every single toon I have.”


There are times where I think I should just venture off into the wonderful world of fan fiction and let that provide a better story for my characters.

It’s sad that their ability to create content has been so reduced that they can’t even create a short story and mission. They started this whole thing with stories and missions to retrieve companions now they are just giving up.

While I would prefer more meaningful returns (KotFE, or even Copero), backlash has prevented that. Back when they did monthly chapters, which acted as great return missions, people complained about the release schedule. When we had the limited Alliance Alert missions during KotFE, people complained about the lack of character voice acting. As a result, they rushed to get KotET released, without companions and stopped doing those Alliance Alerts. If they are as limited with resources as many are claiming, then they don’t have a lot of options for returning our companions like they said they would. On top of that, they get backlash each time they try a new way of handling it, further reducing their options. Furthermore, if they don’t return more, they get even more backlash. They’re stuck in a catch 22.

I will come right out and say it: This game isn’t perfect. We have old bugs that still persist, less new story content, little developer communication, and lots of microtransactions. Does that stop me from enjoying the game? Usually not. When I get bored with the game, I’ll take a break. In fact, I’ve been taking more breaks lately due to the declining content delivery schedule.

Again, this game has problems. I’m not blind; I just play until I’m no longer enjoying it. That being said, it seems there are so many toxic people who get their kicks out of bashing the game and its developers. I’m not bothered by pointing out issues; it’s when people attack with high levels of toxicity and/or assumptions/limited knowledge of what’s actually happening.

As for that article, I’ve seen it shared all over the place. Some supposed insider said they might shut down the game. We all know that anonymous insiders are always trustworthy (sarcasm). When there’s an article or announcement from a trustworthy or official source, I will take heed.

I’m the same, I played over christmas a lot while I was off and now I’m having a break and playing other games for a while.
I know I’ll go back, I always do, as for me it’s the most fum MMO out there, but it’s not perfect.
I used to come on here daily and fight the ‘bashers’, not because the game was without faults (we all know it has many) but because it was mindless, non constructive hate aimed at actual people that are trying to bring us fun content.
Yes, Bioware get it wrong sometimes, developers do, you only have to look at WOD on WOW, or Morrowind in ESO, Kotet/Kotfe or Heart of Thorns in GW2, some players will absolutely hate it.
But we also love these games too because they are great fun to play. If you get bored of them which we all do from time to time we move on to something else.
But some ‘ex-players’ see Dulfy’s boards as a place to spill toxicity and hate, not converse.
I’ve learn’t to separate the wood from the chaff so to speak, some posters you can’t converse with, they’re here for hate, others you can have a good debate with.
As for the ‘article’?
The games been dying for years according to some posters, but it’s still here, I see the same Meme’s year in year out it makes me chuckle.
It will go eventually however because I think PC only MMO’s are a thing of the past, an expensive hobby that huge companies like EA won’t see as the future of gaming in their console driven world.
Also if we were to believe all information based on anonymous sources it would be a scary world 😛

Rather that reply I’m just gonna say read my reply to Ji’inx above, it definitely applies to you.

I believe that in some cases you miss identify what you call toxicity with people’s disappointment.
Folks such as yourself and Mummy have difficulty discerning disappointment from blind rage and idiocy.
Smedley = blind, idiotic rage
Most of the rest of us = disappointment of one degree or another.
You and he get angry at us because we are disappointed, but fail to realize that we are just vocal about our disappointment and folks like you tend to only focus on what you still like.
It’s a difference in personality types, you can’t change us, but you try and that is what makes people angry.

I don’t have any problem discerning toxicity from disappointment, or discerning disappointment from blind rage, they are very easy concepts to understand and to tell apart.
I’ve been on here and lived long enough to tell who is disappointed and who is here to bully and spread hate for vote’s.
I do think you and others have a big issue separating ‘white knights’ or ‘defenders at every turn’ with players that still enjoy the game but see many issues with it (like me and Jinx), but who hope for a good future for the game.
We get attacked with name calling and abuse if we dare to speak positively for the game.
I’m not here for attention or vote’s like others I’m only here to talk about a game I play and (for the most part) enjoy more than any other MMO.
But hey that’s life.

You think I’m here for votes, IDGAF who agrees with me and who doesn’t I speak my mind and others happen to have a similar point of view.
I like Ji’inx, and agree with many of the things he says. He usually has a pretty common sense point of view. Some times I agree with you, but I can’t stand you so I will never up vote you and never tell you when I agree with you.
You want to talk about some one bullying people? You?
That’s a joke! That’s a hypocritical as Smedley yelling at someone for making nasty and stupid comments.

“Bioware has all of it’s eggs in the “Anthem” basket and considering shutting down SWTOR.”
We heard the same when Battlefront 2 was getting produced.
Then it was another undisclosed Star Wars MMO.
Then it was ME:Andromeda
Now it’s this.
Is every game Bioware does going to be the nail in Swtors coffin?

Well this news was coming from EA so….
Seriously, they need to just kill it. It is abysmal and the state of the game, with a lack of decent amounts of quality content and bug fixes, is pathetic.

“Well this news was coming from EA so….”
Erm… it’s on an unofficial games site quoting an undisclosed source.

Being reported by teh exact same guy that spoiled MA:A’s entire story line and the fact that it was a one and done, single release game a month and a half before BW released information about the game.
The same guy that stated he got said information from inside BW and was, spot on, exactly right about his “leaked info” on DA and MA…

He has been spot on about the last 2 BW stories he released so I am inclined to believe him. Deny it all you want and hold out a world of hope, I’m not trying to change your mind, stop trying to change mine.

Kotaku? reliable?

Sorry, but it’s just a blog with no journalism integrity at all.
Stopped reading them years ago.

What? Are you kidding me? THIS is the recruitment “mission” to get Andronikos back? And of course, they had to have some sort of bug to go with it. Can’t even have a cutscene with 3 minutes, I will repeat that: THREE FREAKING MINUTES without some sort of gremlin… What will that other mission be like? 3 more minutes, making it a grand total of 6 minutes? Oh man…

Why do I even bother, that’s what I should be asking myself…

Honestly, I would rather have my comps just come back with no convos then the sad bit we got for risha and corso, and the excuse they gave for not coming back sooner… ugh.

The thing is, that could have been a fun update had they fleshed it out a lot more. Chasing down someone who’s been hijacking your ships all in an attempt to get the Eternal Empire/Alliance’s attention and when you finally do catch the hijacker, it’s a bit of a reunion with someone you knew.

As it is, there was no setup to what was supposed to be a climax.

You get to click on 2 whole blue items on the same map for the smuggler comps! Is that the kind of set up you’re looking for? (sarcasm, of course)

P.S. – NOTHING will get me to run through all of that garbage KOTFE/KOTET again, no matter what’s on the other side. Much less a silly cutscene to regain a companion that I already got back from the companion reclamation box…..

The only reason I would play the Kot** debacle was precisely because I could end up with some of my favourite comps that were class specific. Case in point: Vette. I LOVE that twi’lek, getting her on some of my other, non- Warrior classes was appealing to me.

If they go the class specific route I see no reason to play Kot**. What’s the point? For the story? Thanks, but no thanks.

I dont have an inquisitor so I watched the scene above.

Am I wrong in thinking that the Eternal Fleet was rendered inoperable by SCORPIO above Iokath? I thought that was how the playing field was leveled between the imps, reps, and us?

Ive only played through with 1 character but I think I remember that going down.

Oh yeah. When they make the return only for the original class, it will be sooo much better, some people said.
Nope, of course it isn’t, stupid white knights.

It’s like they forgot how bent people got when they screwed up the romance letters in KotFE. Or the bugged missions with returning love interests that didn’t seem to remember you that well.

He doesn’t mean that the game is going to go under maintenance, which would imply no new updates. That’s just his wording about the servers being offline while the update is happening.

Please he doesn’t even get dates and times right 50% of the time.

If the game was going to shut down it’d be posted 2 weeks after it happened to let us know it was coming soon. 😀

Calm down. That message that was shared has been used for a really long time, so it seemed odd that the poster was sharing it from the newest patch as if it were somehow surprising.

It’s Eric. We’ve seen time and time again that he’s not a reliable source for information.

I hate to put it that way but it’s true.

I wasn’t implying that he meant the game IS in maintenance mode, I was just pointing out the moronic word choice.

Well if you read that article on Kotaku about Bioware and SWTOR:

“BioWare has also discussed ending development on the multiplayer online game Star Wars: The Old Republic, those sources said, although one person familiar with the studio told me recently that plans are still up in the air.”

ive finished kotet long time ago, but …. do i need to finish and all alerts to see beniko’s mission?

Omg… This just keeps getting better…

So I completed the Alliance Alert on my Scoundrel healer. After one of those “go to several spots” missions I’m finally reunited with Corso and Risha. Nice, not so much because of Corso, but Risha was always one of my favourites.

I did have a romance with Corso. I don’t exactly remember, but I think he is the ONLY romantic option for females. Well, since I had lost him and all I started a relationship with none other than Theron Shan. But since he betrayed me, I thought: “what the hell. Better to team up with boring old Corso than wait on the betrayer”.

Sure enough, got the second mission “Things Left Unsaid”. And I just started thinking to myself: “BW… You didn’t. Tell me you didn’t…”

Oh man, but they did! Imagine my surprise when I go to Odessen and pretty boy Theron is waiting there for me to break it up with him! What a monumental nonsense. For a moment I thought I was watching “The Last Jedi” again, and nothing made sense. Looooool…

BioWare PLEASE: Be mindful of these mistakes. You don’t want to break immersion like this. This is absolute nonsense. Theron has gone rogue, and suddenly he comes BACK??? Where are the standards? The “epic” BioWare storytelling?

The game may not be in maintenance mode yet… But I tell you: your brains absolutely are.

And the complete lack of a mention of Theron’s betrayal (I’m guessing) just made it that much weirder, I take it?

Hell, yeah! It’s like an alternate reality. He comes in, gives me a line about my “old flame” coming back. We break up, business as usual.

It would make sense, IF we didn’t have the whole betrayal thing going on on top of that.

But hey, after Mary Poppins Leia I’m game for ANYTHING lol…

What makes you think that this takes place after Iokath? Real world release date =/= story chronology. 😉

It should do. They fucked up. Simple as that really. If we’re going to start dipping in and out of different time periods why bother with story at all?

If it’s anything like the original Alliance Alerts, then they already have several of them existing in some form behind the scenes just waiting to be completed and released. Would it have made more sense to release these before Iokath, or even before Umbara? Yes. Since they missed that opening, they’re left with missions that don’t fit real well with the current storyline, or even after it.

Overall, they were trying to give us some content and return some companions that have been gone a long time. The main issue was their timing.

We know it’s after KotET because the Eternal Fleet belongs to us. Since there is no indication of Iokath-Coperno events taking place, the logical conclusion would be between KotET and Iokath.

I have to feel these comps were meant for another update. But they stuck them in early to have more than just the ops boss to flesh out the update some.

Even if it does, if you’re playing the current Flashpoints and whatnot, and then Theron returns… It’s just sloppy as hell, there should be some sort of mechanic that prevents you from having a boyfriend/girlfriend conversation when you go pass the “Crisis on Umbara” FP. And then until as it concludes, however it may be.

Sloppy as hell Ji’inx…

Usually BW would have some sort of trigger/flag in place just in case such an event happens – traditionally they account for player-driven variables like that.

But then, this is present-era SWTOR and BioWare we’re talking about

The underlying issue may be the piecemeal form of these releases. Instead of one synchronized expansion, they have these companion missions that don’t have an exact place in the story. That means that whenever they add one, there’s a high chance that other piecemeal content may be overlooked.

I agree with the conversation not triggering. I’m not questioning that, rather; I’m saying that the story placement of these companion missions doesn’t necessarily correspond with their real world release order.

I think you’re right: Theron is wearing his “old” clothes, not any new set that we’ve seen in the later content.

Looks like I’m about to have my first companion breakup. Sorry, Risha; my Smuggler’s got Lana on his mind.

I’m not too worried about the eventual Doc breakup; my Knight prefers thoughtful (and Force-sensitive) men. 😉


I’ve never liked Doc as a LI for a Jedi Knight, especially a more serious LS one. Redeemed Arcann seems like he would be a much better match (personality & Force-sensitivity/connection to JK story’s big bad), wouldn’t you agree?

I think Doc is a womaniser. I fully agree, for a Knight I can’t see a worst match. I think he would fit Smugglers a lot better. Better than Corso, but then I never liked Corso. A redeemed Arcann would fit Knights like a glove… If you find it in yourself to forgive all the bad stuff he did.

I’m just glad we didn’t need Corso to fight Vaylin.
Smuggler: “Vaylin just killed [Torian or Vette]! She’ll pay for that! Come on, Corso!”
Corso: “But, I can’t hit women…”
Smuggler: “Vaylin’s no mere woman, she’s an evil monster that’s killed millions!”
Corso: “I’m sorry, Captain, but that’s just how I was raised.”
Smuggler *facepalms*
Vaylin *kills Corso*
Smuggler *hugs Vaylin*

It should be a crime to have Lana over any of the classic companions of SWTOR. In fact all the new vanilla companions suck…. only perhaps Shae Vizla and HK-55 of course have some kind of personality.

The 6 Star Fortress ones? Very cool to have an Ithorian and a Nautolan and they all rock appearance wise, but zero personality.

Theron Shan? Wow, talk about yawning. Probably the worst expansion main character released in the game. And they keep using him. I wish we could have killed him with Revan.

Darth Hexid and Master Ranos? Very cool looking, but also zero personality.

Agkhal User? Probably the most idiotic replacement of a companion ever, and for no reason. Just keep Khem Val you idiots.

Niko Okarr? Are you kidding me? So highly advertised before KOTFE was released, so abysmally indifferent, blunt and worthless.

Only Lana is somewhat interesting and cool, but Risha, Kira, Jaesa, Ashara, and pretty much all past female romantic interests of all 8 classes are so much better.

Basically, I wanted someone to romance Lana, and I didn’t want my Force users to do it. I wanted to keep my LIs on my Consular and my Sith classes, and I didn’t think it would make sense for my (female) Knight to go from men to women, especially when she showed no interest in Lana during SOR. My Smuggler, on the other hand, always gets around, and Risha was gone for awhile. On top of that, I never really felt that my Smuggler was that close to Risha romantically, even after dumping Akaavi for her. Therefore, she’s getting friendzoned like Akaavi.

Even if it does belong before, they gave it to us after, they didn’t tell anyone that wanted to do things in order to wait and not do new shit for 6 months.

Whatever the excuse is from the apologists, it’s obviously been released in the wrong order, either it belongs before the traitor stuff or after.

I can’t be bothered putting any class that isn’t sw through the expansions because I just don’t care for them enough to play them for that long. I did like some comps I came across though, Andronikos was one I was fond of. I’m gutted we don’t all get him but it makes complete sense for his personality.

Ah well, at least I can just watch the reunion on youtube, it’s good enough for me.

While I liked this cutscene, BW don’t half know how to put in minimum effort to their new ‘content’…

ive finished kotet long time ago, but …. do i need to finish and all alerts to see beniko’s mission?
and who is the alternative for rep?

So, Companions nobody gives a f… about, like Talos Drellik, I can get for every class, but the ones who are really cool, like Risha, I can’t.

Based on the new LI precedent and her personal story connection, she’ll most likely be Warrior-only.

So far, we have several class-exclusive companion returns:
-Inquisitor: Andronikos, Ashara (datamined)
-Smuggler: Corso/Risha
-Knight: Kira/Scourge (datamined)
-Agent: Vector (datamined)
-Trooper: Tanno (technically not a “return”)

I understand why they (Jaesa and Scourge) will be class specific, but it still kills me a little 🙂 l may think about returning to my warrior but I’m not planning to touch my knight anytime soon

Arcann’s romance was datamined with Ashara’s mission. That might mean one or both of them are next.

In terms of the story, his return probably happens before Iokath, meaning he’s only been gone for a few months (after our 5 year carbonite nap).

Whenever a companion can die, they write them out of the story (Vette). So, I seriously doubt that reunion’s going to happen. :/
Same situation with Kaliyo and Doc when he eventually returns. The only one that still has a chance is Mako and Qyzen, unless Qyzen being optional writes him out, as well.

Pretty sure they crew that is working on the game now doesn’t know about that, nor do they care. They don’t play the game.

Where has romantic meeting with Jaesa and Lana happen? And not sure why they have brought back the force user main companions.

If this is your first time noticing the copy/paste bots in these forums then you’re super unobservant, this has been going on for months.

This is the first time someone’s copied one of my comments. I’ve noticed others being copied lately, but I just assumed they were alternate accounts or copycats.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, my friend. Welcome to the club of plagiarised commenters here on Dulfy!

Do you want honesty?
Because it wasn’t you saying it.
Many people will just scroll past when they see your name or automatically disagree with you because of your reputation here on Dulfy.

So walk with me for a minute:

1) They gave us 3 romanceable original companions back
2) We had the ability to romance Theran Shan across all characters since the end of the Original story
3) In the new “missions”, you are given the option to continue your romance with OG companions
4) If you DO, it automatically progresses you to a non-existent Theron related “mission” to tell him the bad news that you are getting back with old girl/guy and he needs to hit the bricks
5) It can’t actually happen now though, because currently Theron is this crazy traitor we are trying to catch/kill

So in other words, we will CLEARLY reconcile with Theron whenever that 3rd stupid flashpoint comes out in the future and be back in a position where all is forgiven, to the extent that we would have to “break up with him”.

Way to go Biofail!!! Spoilering your own stories in advance. You can’t make this shit up…

But did you forget those that killed Arcann, got an email when Theron turned traitor he hunt him down?…..So what is new?

The Arcann mail sounds like something not triggering (glitch), while there’s nothing to suggest that these new companion missions take place after Umbara, or even Iokath. Keep in mind that real world release date =/= story chronology.

KotET =/= current or future Theron storyline
Breakup cutscene from KotFE =/= “Spoilering your own stories in advance ”

Maybe you should take your own advice next time, champ. 😉

Well … because having nightmares of loosing those honored valued 5 Companions, having a ghost ship of my own … never started 4.0 content. No will.

Because we are soooooo used to being presented with new shit in the wrong order, right? I mean it’s happened so many other times before this, right?

O wait, this is the first time and it makes perfect sense for someone to complain about it, you just can’t help but defend yet another example of shit Swtor development?


I’m simply defending basic critical thinking skills. The missions don’t mention anything about Theron’s betrayal and the breakup cutscene is from KotFE. Also, what completion is required to trigger these missions? KotET. That means that someone running through KotET for the first time will be granted this mission right after completing KotET. Pretty obvious where these new missions fit in if you have even the tiniest bit of critical thinking skills, instead of immediately switching to being outraged. 😉

You are trying very hard to defend poor development.

Yes, it is obvious when you think about it where it Should belong.

It is also obvious it has been presented to us in the wrong order. Use your critical thinking skills to give us a single example of new content for Swtor being dropped out of the stories chronological order.

If you took your car in to have a tire serviced and when you came to pick it up the wheel was repaired but sitting on top of the hood would you be satisfied with the service you received because it is so obvious where it does belong you can put it there yourself regardless of the lack of precedent?

If your standard is ‘if I can figure it out then it doesn’t have to be
in order’ that’s fine, for you. The rest of us are allowed to have a
different standard and that is for story continuity to be upheld, as has
been the precedent, or at the very least, mention of where it actually
belongs in the patch notes.

False equivalency; there’s no effort here on the consumer’s part to fit it into the story.

Since these missions unlock after completing KotET, that’s the obvious story placement; no explanations needed. We’re only running into the “issue” here because we’re currently engaged in an ongoing story (Theron). Again, any player that starts KotET now will experience in proper order.

Wrong, it is not intuitive, intellectual effort is still effort. If you don’t possess the mental dexterity to equivocate virtual services to RL services that’s on you, and explains why you champion bad development and defend poor communication from the devs constantly.

Anyone coming to Swtor right now fresh would see a great game with all kinds of options and stuff to do, that doesn’t make this release any less flawed or make any of the many bad decisions we’ve seen them make any less bad. Just admit it was a bad move for them to not explain it at least.

You’ve already agreed with me that the placement of these missions is obvious, which means it actually is intuitive. Obvious or intuitive =/= intellectual effort. Therefore, it’s still a false equivalency. Furthermore, I’m not championing bad development; I’m championing not being outraged over trivial details.

I still think you’re really stretching things just for the sake of being outraged and bashing BW.

Obvious once you’ve done it and realize it’s in the wrong place =/= intuitive.

Your championing of this is entering the world of completely moronic at this point. Good luck with your White Knighting, I hope it goes well and you get everything you want from the game for your efforts. I will not make the mistake of interacting with you again.

Wow, someone called me a “white knight” because I defended something rather trivial. You must feel like a big boy now. 🙂

I see that it’s pointless to argue with someone who only wants to attack others for enjoying something. Bye, Felicia.

I know you are one of the last die hard defenders of this game and the incompetent studio running it into the ground, but Smedley has a point. This game has devolved into BW Austin returning companions back to us which they took for this exact purpose back in 4.0, and calling it new content and releasing month after month new cartel packs.

Imagine how thinner the content coming out would look in SWTOR had BW Austin NOT taken away all the class companions to later return them as “content”.

Most of the returning companions cut scenes are so pointless that it really makes one wonder why they even bothered in the first place. It does nothing for the debacle that is KOTFE/KOTET.

And that is not even factoring in the “logic” in the story of your companions returning in such scattered ways (Pretty sure if Andronikos or Risha saw a holovid of their love interest being wanted by the Eternal Empire, they would have come sooner), but nope, BW Austin says spread that paper thin content out as far as you can, 2 companions every couple of months and fuck the story or logic.

Eventually Jiinx, you too will grow tired of being pissed on by BW Austin and being told it is a summer rain. The truth shall set you free as someone once said!! >;-)

I’m not defending, I’m just using facts on a known troll on these forums. People like Smedley keep bashing the game by insinuating that the CM Team is somehow in charge of the whole game. The CM Team is responsible for microtransactions, so of course their work will be more visible/regularly promoted.

Instead of bashing the game with the tiresome, overused CM Team =/= whole dev team attack, focus on what the actual issues are, i.e. the amount of new content we’re getting pails in comparison to what we were getting a few years ago, certain bugs keep reoccurring etc.

I recognize these issues, but I still find enjoyment in the game. Instead of wasting my time being jaded or toxic, I play until I get bored, take a break, and come back. Not that difficult of a concept, unless you’re a troll like Smedley.

Look, it’s 1 team, 1.
1 small group of people doing everything on SWTOR.
There isn’t a group doing Ops a group doing Cm a group doing PvP it’s 1 tiny little group working on SWTOR and everyone else is focused on Anthem They may have SWTOR propaganda up when they are doing a photo shoot for the website or some other publication, but the SWTOR “team” is a handful of folks, maybe less doing all of everything for this game.
So yeah, the CM “team” probably could be spending their time better.

Oh wait they are, they are making sure the micro transaction market stays open while the rest of Bioware works on Anthem.

That’s a logical fallacy. The burden of proof falls on you since you made the claim. Prove me wrong and I’ll concede. Otherwise, you’re merely speculating.

Sorry, I don’t play games with internet trolls, nor do I get into the dick measuring contest of who’s vocabulary is bigger. I’m smart enough to know that a big vocabulary doesn’t indicate intellegance, just the ability to google big words…
If you believe that there is more than 1 small team of people working on this game that is your prerogative. I believe you are wrong. I have visited the BW page, seen the list of their employees. Couple that with how little they are doing to fix bugs that have been around for year and the minute amount of content they are delivering and those are indicators that an extremely limited number of people work on SWTOR. If I were BW/EA I wouldn’t be putting any work into SWTOR either.

It used to be an awesome game and will live on in my memory as one of my all time favorites. Yes I’m disappointed with it now, very disappointed. But my love for all things Star Wars didn’t blind me to the userary direction this game has gone in.

I’m not trolling or putting on airs. Do you assume that just because I’m pointing out an obvious flaw in your argument by name? Sounds like a cop-out to me. That being said, when you make an argument, you’re supposed to back up your claim. It’s a bad argument if you say X is true, but you tell me to find evidence to the contrary instead of backing up your claim yourself. That’s a classic appeal to ignorance, which is a fallacy. I have no problem engaging in an argument, but I refuse to concede unless it’s done properly in terms of logic.

Even though you’re backing down, it seems like you may have found some solid evidence in the form of employee listings. That’s the type of argument I can get behind.

I am no more a troll then you are Jiinx, even if I rarely, if ever agree with your opinions. But a troll? No, neither of us are, despite what you think of me. But I am also not blinded by the so called golden shower like some, and that does includes you.

For starters, look across all my posts. I do not make comments about the state of SWTOR in comments or posts regarding things in this game and the sparse content coming out to illicit a negative reaction from people, like for example Smedley, who loves using wishing vicious diseases on people as a way to insult the state of the game or on anyone who disagrees with him.

No, what I write, is based on the facts, based on what is presented, and is as I see it and clearly my comments have garnered many responses from people of like mind on this website who feel the same way. I have more peeps agreeing with what I write, then anything you write. So tell me Jiinx, We are all trolls now?? These are people who’s opinions on this website are respected and who are definitely not trolls. We all know who they are.

However, when I post what I post, I do so not caring if people agree or disagree with me. It is how I see it. I have been accused of being negative. Perhaps, but my comments are my thoughts of what BW Austin are doing, and treating SWTOR and well, the proof is in the pudding isn’t it?? For all those fanbois who want to say I am negative or trolling, well my response which instantly defeats them is look at the state of the game. If it was sooooooooo successful and wonderful, we wouldn’t have a single OP that takes a year to complete, and I said SINGLE, not a couple, but one single solitary OP cannot be completed by these idiots at BW Austin, on THEIR OWN SELF IMPOSED TIMELINE. Always remember that Jiinx. We all wanted a new OP. It was BW Austin who said they will spread this GOTM OP across a year for “reasons” Bullshit King Keith stated early last year and yet they failed hard. We would not be counting returning companions and their associated 2 minute cutscenes as content. We would not have decimated servers (nor counting a server merge as content) or a decimated population. The list goes on and on and on about what is wrong with SWTOR (BUGS!!!!!!). Those of us who have spoken up have been ignored by BW Austin, but at least we tried, we are not sitting here pretending that SWTOR is in a great place.

There are games going strength to strength (ESO, FF), or still burning strong (WOW). But over here at SWTOR, the greatest insult is that this game and the company running it, still want people to pay a subscription to play this game unrestricted, but in return, give us crumbs, if that. And then said company has the audacity to lie to us all:

* Those who loved this game but got tired of being pissed on and vowed never to return – BW Austin do not care about these players

* Those who loved this game, left, and want a good excuse to return but will never get that excuse as this game is steamrolling towards maintenance mode – BW Austin do not care about these players

* Those who stayed, still hope for the game to return to glory (Remember all those poor peeps who swallowed the hope Keith promised??), knowing it never will deep down, but still hope against reality but continue to stay – BW Austin do not care about these players, only that they keep paying

* Those who stayed, live in denial about the state of the game and try to see heaven in anything that is said, or done about SWTOR, even when the reality is dire, and attack anyone who thinks otherwise – BW Austin do not care about these players, only that they keep paying

* And of course the die hard’s who do not, or cannot leave for whatever reason, these are the people that butter BW’s bread as they include the whales keeping this game on life support – BW Austin do not care about these players, only that they keep paying

All these groups, and BW Austin continue to lie to them all with a straight face and talk up the meager content as amazing. Come out of the box you live in, and people instantly would see what lies BW Austin peddle, led by King Bullshit himself Keith.

You attacked Smedley for saying the CM Team is in charge of the whole game. Well, the only thing that does gets focus in SWTOR is the Cartel Market and we all know why. It is what is keeping this game alive in conjunction with the whales. But look deeper Jiinx. When was the last time BW Austin thought, hmm, these armors the CM Team made that we wanted to put on the CM, why don’t we add them as in game content or rewards?? When did BW Austin look at some of the better looking speeders and think, hey why don’t we add this to the Cybertech craft or as a reward for a mission/flashpoint? Why don’t we add this awesome looking armor to Armortech or a flashpoint too? The past 3 years, BW Austin have put nothing but crap as rewards in game (When they do), while the CM gets not only the pick of the litter, they also get to dictate how said litter is used. The CM rules this game. Plain and simple. Do I agree with Smedley that the CM Team is in charge of the whole game? No, but the CM itself sure as hell is.

And to accuse me of being a troll, because I point out the facts, while you try to see the silver lining in anything and everything?? Come on Jiinx, can’t you back up what you have to say without resorting to accusations of trolling?

When we look at what you have written across your many posts, your posts CONSTANTLY try to find a silver lining in anything and everything these charlatans at BW Austin are trying to push or say.

Shall we visit some of your latest Happy little land of SWTOR posts??

“Exactly. I get bashed for “defending” this game from people like Smedley that seemingly come here just to bash the game. Is the game perfect? No. Does it deserve all this hate and toxicity, especially without all the necessary facts? No, it doesn’t.”

Actually it does. The SW in SWTOR stands for STAR WARS. The god damn biggest, most popular IP on this planet. It is a license to make money for ffs. But under the fools at BW Austin, driven by EA’ all consuming greed for profits, what should have been something so simple (make another KOTOR but MMO this time), has brought us to the dying, whimpering version of SWTOR we see now. How can you defend BW Austin with how they have brought this once great game to its knees? “Without all the necessary facts”??? Are you fucking kidding me??? Open your eyes and look at the current state of SWTOR. We should not be in this place. SWTOR should have smacked the bad taste out of WOW’s mouth. All the ingredients were there by simply being about Star Wars. But BW Austin were in control, a studio created for this one single purpose, To run and develop SWTOR, and they failed HARD. BW Austin has done nothing outside of SWTOR and still they failed. Add EA into the mix and its money hungry values, and the rest is history. So yes, this game we all know and love, seeing it in it’s decrepit state, does warrant all the hate and toxicity. Simply put Jiinx, we should not even be in this place with SWTOR.

“I will come right out and say it: This game isn’t perfect. We have old bugs that still persist, less new story content, little developer communication, and lots of microtransactions. Does that stop me from enjoying the game? Usually not. When I get bored with the game, I’ll take a break. In fact, I’ve been taking more breaks lately due to the declining content delivery schedule.”

*NEWSFLASH*: Players like you who choose to ignore the many issues this game has by taking “breaks”, teaches BW Austin nothing. They continue to ignore the signs and state of the game and nothing improves. Granted, those of us who quit and stated why, were roundly ignored, but at least we tried. Everyone needs to speak up in a unified voice. Sadly we have peeps who know something is wrong, but chooses to stay silent. And BW Austin keeps heading towards the cliff uncaring.

“As for that article, I’ve seen it shared all over the place. Some supposed insider said they might shut down the game. We all know that anonymous insiders are always trustworthy (sarcasm). When there’s an article or announcement from a trustworthy or official source, I will take heed.”

Yeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, except the guy who wrote said article, Jason Schreier, has a proven track record of breaking Bioware news months before it is said officially. His track record is solid. At least when that guy has said stuff, it turns out to be true. Say the same of Keith and Eric, who constantly lie or obfuscate endlessly.

Honestly, I think at this point, Keith could come out and admit that BW Austin have been dragging everything out for as long as they can to minimize effort into saving SWTOR but maximize profit. He could come out and say the dev team is just coasting and rely heavily on recycling rather then treat the game we all love/loved the way it should be treated, and he could come out and admit that yes, he is indeed the king of bullshit, and you would no doubt read all that and make up some poor excuse to validate whatever Keith said or cling to your datamining blanket for comfort.

I, and the many who share similar views, about the current direction/state of SWTOR are neither jaded or toxic. We are living in reality and just refuse to drink from the tainted cup of bullshit that BW Austin hope we all drink from and swallow without question. That doesn’t make us trolls, jaded or toxic. It is just the truth we are not afraid of to admit or point out, unlike some who ignore or pretend otherwise………………..or take breaks.

Sorry, I should have been more. I was not accusing you of being a troll; it’s just that there are a lot of trolls here, like Smedley, that seem to love nothing more than to bash the game and insult others.

I miss the old days of the game, but I think we’re past the point of being able to do anything about. We can either enjoy what we have or complain endlessly. Clearly, the latter has little effect.

Apology accepted Captain Needa, Err I mean Jiinx!! 😛

And yes, I too do not get what Smedley’s deal is. I am probably one of BW Austin’ biggest haters, but as much as I despise that pile of shit pretending to be a dev studio, I would never wish such horror like an incurable disease on any of the devs. Not even Fucktard Eric or King Of Bullshit Keith. I would just wish they never develop another game ever again. TBH, I am surprised Dulfy hasn’t banned Smedley after all this time. *Shrug*

And I wish I could enjoy the Grey water version of SWTOR we currently have now, like you do. I have so many good gaming memories of the old days of SWTOR, teaming with the wife and guildies, but I just can’t. Of course the wife having quit and the guild disbanding and moving onto other games doesn’t help. But the game is not even a pale shadow of what it was. It has become an abomination. And the fact no one can save this game anymore or that BW Austin seem determined to destroy what is left of SWTOR, makes me a sad panda indeed.

I think this game just needs to go into maintenance mode asap and let SWTOR die with what very little shredded dignity it still has (if any), rather then dragging it out for another year with minuscule content like returning companions *facepalm*, and all the people at BW Austin, who ruined this once great game, be out of a job and never come back.

Save yourselves the long read. Talking about Bioware’s recent troubles:

“BioWare has also discussed ending development on the multiplayer online game Star Wars: The Old Republic, those sources said, although one person familiar with the studio told me recently that plans are still up in the air.”

I doubt they will respond to any of the threads on the forum about this. There are multiple I’m guessing they will ignore them and go into deep hiding.

I mean there is a minuscule chance they’ll release a road map on time to alleviate some of these fears. But I bet it will be more along “it’s in the works” or “almost ready” or “we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, SOON”.

“BioWare, along with many other developers I’ve talked to in recent months, worry that commentary from some of YouTube’s loudest voices has eliminated nuance and made companies like EA seem like Disney villains.”

I don’t understand. I’ve played my scoundrel all the way through the KOTFE/KOTET story line, but no Risha.

Yet they again they missed the opportunity to introduce the Vette and Risha dynamic. My Sith Warrior could have benefited or others too where (lets just pick this as a scenario) saving Vette would have given chance for Risha to join the alliance and getting her killed would make her hate the alliance (If Smuggler did that, there could have still been a way to convince her to join the alliance where other classes would fail). Why can’t you devs not introduce proper narratives like this into the game.

Read a report from, EA is currently discussing to end development of SWTOR. They have a small team maintaining the game and the future “is up in the air”. So that road map might just be DOA

So basically EA is pressuring Bioware to release Anthem as quickly as possible and Bioware is putting all of its eggs in that basket. Then to top it all off they confirm that there are talks of discontinuing work on SWTOR and that would see that it is partly to do with this laser focus on Anthem.

Nah, Anthem has been delayed until 2019 which is rather odd since development started in 2012. Heck Anthem could simply die out and be cancelled while in development hell never to see the light of day.

Drivan speaks truth as usual. Check this report:

“BioWare has also discussed ending development on the multiplayer online game Star Wars: The Old Republic, those sources said, although one person familiar with the studio told me recently that plans are still up in the air.”

As if 2017 wasn’t a big enough clue that BW Austin/EA are starting to wind up on SWTOR, 2018 will be even more content free then 2017 if that is even possible.

Let us all never forget how Keith promised the world for SWTOR in 2017 and, well, here we are, the people have seen Keith to be as big a bullshit artist (if not bigger) then fucktard Eric and Ben Irving, BW Austin failed to release a full, single, solitary Op in their own self imposed time frame, Keith struggles to release road maps on time despite the pitiful amount of content coming out (How can Keith take so long to make a roadmap when he has nothing to put on it of worth??), and BW Austin, resorting to making pitiful 2 minute cut scenes for returning companions and calling it new content. There is not much else on offer for SWTOR anymore. Apart from the usual recycling or listing a server merge as new content.

Man, if Anthem does not knock it out of the park, I dare say EA will be digging a hole for BW and they can join the ever growing list of once great dev’s slaughtered by EA.

“Let us all never forget how Keith promised the world for SWTOR in 2017 and, well, here we are, the people have seen Keith to be as big a bullshit artist (if not bigger) then fucktard Eric and Ben Irving,”

Well it just goes to show how bad it has gotten over there at Bioware Austin and Bioware as a whole for the past two years is that doesn’t matter who was in “charge” over there be it Ben, Keith or the person sitting the closest to the water cooler. Resources have in fact been diverted away from SWTOR

Limited resources is only part of the story. BW Austin came up with KOTFE/KOTET, not EA. It was their decision to give us “Keeping up with the Karda………Valkorians”, among many other decisions forced onto the game despite the player base’s wishes. Limited resources or not, these last 3-4 years have shown that whatever and whoever is left at BW Austin are woefully out of their depth and saving SWTOR is beyond their ability.

I just wish some uber modder could find a way to run SWTOR, perhaps pre 3.0 independently of BW Austin’s decrepit servers, so we can enjoy the game back when it truly was a great game.

Can’t argue with any of that Biowares creative juices are simply not what they used to be. And the irony is that the best part of the SWTOR experience is the vanilla part of the game with the original class stories.Literally every thing that is wrong with SWTOR has been self inflicted.

Check out the SWTOR forums, it’s hilarious.
A mix of people who can see reality and a group of folk in complete utter denial.
I think even if King Keith came out tomorrow and said ”yes it’s over” they’d still find a way to twist his words into some level of hope.

Just look at Esne Fanatics Armor Set, that’s designed by someone who doesn’t want work there.
If I wanted out of that job that’s the armor I’d be sending out to the whales.

That report is mentioned in the YouTube video I posted, exactly at 01:28. Those exact same words actually. The reason I posted that video, I couldn’t care less about “Anthem”.

Thank the MMORPG gods for ESO, just started playing that game again after a few years and oh my have they turned that game around.
Amazed at the difference.

Outfit management where you don’t have to claim a whole set of gear each time? Dye management where you can apply multiple colors to each piece of the set? Along with a real content update?

That is MADNESS!

I know, I know! What do these guys think they’re doing, actually CARING about the players? What absolute nonsense. It’s almost like they want to make a GOOD MMO.

The nerve of some people…

I know, I haven’t gotten all the way through the last 2 DLC’s yet and another one is already on the horizon!

Thanks to all the people on here that were raving about ESO I gave it a shot. Pretty decent and at times addictive I must say. Been having far too much fun with the Assassin set up possibly. 🙂

You gotta use a 5 piece of Nights Silence with the rest of your pieces filled in with Night Mothers Gaze. If you have your DB skill line maxed out you are the ultimate Assassin! If you are a Night Blade, stamina build It’s amazing!

Yes, ESO is in a very good place right now, and it keeps getting better. They announced recently that they have over 10 million active players across all 3 platforms.

And there is the key word “maintaining”.

As I have been saying since the beginning of last year, it was obvious SWTOR was in maintenance mode. And now this statement from BW confirms it.

The only reason I would play the Kot** debacle was precisely because I could end up with some of my favourite comps that were class specific. Case in point: Vette. I LOVE that twi’lek, getting her on some of my other, non- Warrior classes was appealing to me.If they go the class specific route I see no reason to play Kot**

Whut? They really went the lazy route with Risha’s claim to the throne? Seriously? That could’ve been turned into an expansion all on its own :S

You’re not the only one bummed about no Queen Risha Drayen of Dubrillion. My Smuggler would even consider dumping Lana to go back to that. :/

Sounds like way more work than BW has ever or would ever put into a game. Personally I doubt we’re ever going to get another expansion at all, and given the massive drop in quality since they started launching ‘free’ expansions I’m not even sure I care anymore.

I can’t understand you, mate. You post something that I can agree with, and then you go and post some ridiculous shit that would serve absolutely no purpose but annoy people. I can only conclude that there are more than one John Smedleys battling for control over what you’re gonna post next. That or you’re just a cunt. Haven’t decided completely yet.

Exactly. I get bashed for “defending” this game from people like Smedley that seemingly come here just to bash the game. Is the game perfect? No. Does it deserve all this hate and toxicity, especially without all the necessary facts? No, it doesn’t.

I will never say this game is perfect, especially with its insistence on a system of “cosmetic” microtransactions that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. However, it’s still one of the most enjoyable games I’ve played in the past decade. Do I dislike microtransactions? Yes. Do I distrust Bioware? Yes! Do I miss Star Wars Galaxies? Definitely! Do I still like this game despite everything? ABSOLUTELY! I’ll defend it all damn day, even against pricks like him.

Disney please shut down this game is a disgrace, the game is just still alive because of gambling boxes and that’s not good for children.

Disney has nothing to do with it. And as a parent you should be aware of the contents of the game. Gambling boxes aside.

Disney is the boss here in case you havent noticed, Disney shut down Marvel heroes just weeks ago. They have the last word regarding any SW game too. EA as a company should be aware they are enticing kids to gambling.

Yea ok it would of happen with battle front 2. If Disney pulls the plug on EA it will cost them millions plus legal BS. Loot boxes right now are legal… (enticing kids to gamble, Hope you do not bet on sports with your friends same thing) Like I said as a parent you should be aware of the game content that your kids are playing Since you are suppose to be responsible for them…. And loot boxes are a waste IMO

Being sincere i’m not sure about legal issues, yes it could happen that way but who knows perhaps things could turn the opposite.
Ok forget about children my bad, this game is T for Teen, now i ask you is it ok for teens to gambling? i don’t think so and EA has been fine with that all these years…hope Disney do something about that Soon!. Yes loot boxes are a waste i agree however those loot boxes and their whales is what is keeping this game alive.

Teens are kids, so are still under parents supervision. Even 18 is only a probationary adult right now. Back in the seventies to mid eighties 18 was considered to be an adult (in some states in the US) and could legally gamble. So that depends on the country and it’s laws

Even if it does belong before, they gave it to us after, they didn’t tell anyone that wanted to do things in order to wait and not do new shit for 6 months.Whatever the excuse is from the apologists, it’s obviously been released in the wrong order, either it belongs before the traitor stuff or after

I still don’t see what all the fuss is about. If you finish KotET, these companion missions are immediately unlocked. But, I guess we aren’t allowed to have companion returns until Theron’s dealt with, lest people get confused…

For someone so nonchalant, you seem to reply a whole lot. Leave mom’s basement for a little bit and get some fresh air once in a while. We will see who was right in within the next month or so…..

It wont’ be you

Because hanging out on the forums takes up so much time… (sarcasm)

Pretty rich that you’re trashtalking me when you aren’t even original enough to come up with a username that doesn’t follow the cliched trend of bashing Musco…

You get to click on 2 whole blue items on the same map for the smuggler comps! Is that the kind of set up you’re looking for? (sarcasm, of course)

Did you guys watch today’s stream? it lasted 11 mins and those 2 clowns got away with it, apparently everything is fine at swtor camp…or they should win an oscar…Personally i think they are not worried.

Half of those eleven minutes was the “stream will start soon” wallpaper. Also, new roadmap release is “targeted for mid-February”.

They are just making time again right? They could spend the entire 2018 doing just that again…yeah i know them.

However my main point is their faces, i mean they didn’t seem worried about the game or jobs…Apparently they are doing just fine as always. Now i think nothing will happen this entire year, things are gonna remain just the same…

Well, if I were to guess, the thing that is probably up in the air is whether or not they are going to be allocated a budget to make a new expansion at the same time the other big project the company is putting all its eggs into. Worse case scenario, they will just spend 2018 bringing back the remaining old companions, and maybe a new chapter where we decided what is to become of Theron.

^ This pretty much i think., they will spend the whole 2018 bring comp ggeez.. of course they can go officialy on maintenance mode but by the look of their faces i think the first is gonna happen…but as the article says things are in the air still…
In the meantime i’m gonna keep myself trolling everybody at reddit with my pain in the * modding…bahaha

I think that gif perfectly sums up Keith and Eric’s attitude to the swtor forums and just about everyone else.

They got away with it because they ignored every question in the stream. 5.7 was a great update! Look at those awesome companion returns! Completely ignoring the bugs the comps have with old Theron returning if they don’t bug out. Completely ignoring they had to release a note Monday night saying KDY was still bugged and would not be fixed as said in the notes.

EA still has the contract Disney I think done more to hurt the Star Wars brand then EA ( I cannot stand what EA does either) As I said (I think loot boxes are a waste) And the Gaming Industry should get rid of them) Being a single parent of 2 kids working full time GZ!! But as they say. Been there done that (3) in my case.
And what you’re kids are doing is a parental problem till 18 (legally) that you should be aware of. Specially with the internet that you can research any game in a few minutes. Or play the game with your kids. My guess you do have some free time since you are viewing Dulfy post. No matter what the industry (and the industry is mostly about greed today) does it is your money that buys the game or not in you’re home. What happens in you’re home is a parental problem. So stop acting like it is not

Aside from these being locked behind playing kotet on more alts and the convo being a min or two, it really stinks that the devs couldnt be bothered to even include new achievements for completing the alerts…

Pray that they don’t include them after you played the alert and forces you to play the whole Zakuul nonsense again.
Pray that if they do they at least took some brain to log the achievement being done in some database so the achievment can be given retroactively.
Pray that they don’t fail so bad like with some other thinks (class character codex in nar shaddaa warrior story .. never been granted retroactively after the buggy codex entry was corrected)

Blast! Have to be a Smuggler to recruit Risha? I really wanted to reunite Risha and Vette, and now I’ll have to play up a Smuggler to be able to do it.

New patch today and “Things left unsaid” are still bugged… Also it is funny to see Theron in Alliance war room after he defected…

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