SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Jan 23

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Jan 23

New Items

New Discounts

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Items No Longer Available

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  • Sozinho

    Any idea when will be available the new armors for direct sale?

    • Maybe next tuesday/monday

      • Sozinho

        Thank you very much!

  • Mr. Wednesday

    I like the Tuk’ata bute it bothers me that the thing is always looking at me when not in combat. Look forward! Don’t look at me! I just fed you, dammit!

  • David Daniels

    What ever happened to the chaotic force-master’s armour set?

  • Droid companion would be nice. Recon trooper set is nice and some of the costume options are cool, so I’ll bite.

  • Meelis S

    Wouldnt it better to expand CM items twice as big it is now each new pack comes out.
    And focus all the money from pve activity also into CM updates. It would be better as it seems they can do really well in cartel market section.

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