SWTOR Discord United Forces Pack Preview

SWTOR Discord United Forces Pack Preview. This pack was released with Patch 5.7 on Jan 23.


Battlefield Technician’s Armor Set – Gold



Esne Fanatic’s Armor Set – Gold



Guerrilla Tactician’s Armor Set – Silver



Nomadic Gunslinger’s Armor Set – Silver




Nahut’s Heavy Cannon – Platinum


Nahut’s Heavy Sniper – Platinum


Scyva’s Agony Blaster Rifle – Platinum


Firestorm HZ-77 Lightsaber– Silver


Firestorm HZ-77 Dualsaber– Silver


Firestorm HZ-77 Blaster – Silver


Firestorm HZ-77 Blaster Rifle– Silver


Firestorm HZ-77 Sniper Rifle – Silver



Holo-Rancor – Platinum


Ivory Cheldu – Gold


KDY Mark L Maintenance Lift – Gold


Sierra Grigna – Gold


M-4B Arrowhead – Silver



Color Crystal: Ocean Blue – Silver


Emote: Salsa – Silver

Regen: Huttball Punt – Silver

Pet: Arctic Nexu – Silver


Pet: Model Gaming Balloon – Silver


Flair: Sign of Mandalore – Gold


Droid Companion: D-R3D – Gold


Dyes (Wayward Warrior & Adept Pilot)



Gallery View: https://tord.mmo-fashion.com/category/database/source/cartel-market/packs/united-forces-packs/discord-pack/

  • Errtai

    I wish I was a sub and had enough money to buy that Mandalorian flair off the GTN for my Bounty Hunters. It really looks cool. Sadly I’m pretty sure that it won’t be that cheap (I can only have 350k credits as a non-sub, for those who do not know). Ah well, maybe someday.

    • cheapasses

      costs as much as lunch to sub for a month on the non-ongoing sub. maybe you should just cough up that sandwich and coffee.

      • Meelis S

        Just a thought maybe a really good sandwich and coffee is more enjoyable than game…

    • Preffered Expert

      Well if you have any sub friend it won’t be a problem! Dump your credits in your legacy bay until you have enough to buy it, give it in 350K pieces to your sub friend so he can buy it for you and problem’s solved 🙂

  • gua543


  • Syok

    Oh, new cartel stuff. Thank God, I thought game is dead.
    Good, good.

  • Lorenzo Boyer


    • Arthur

      I logged in just to upvote you. They really need to get the option to remove the buttflaps of every damn armor set around.

    • Acknowledge the good

      Was just thinking that small ‘buttflap’ was actually rather cute.

  • David Daniels

    Where is the chaotic force-master’s armour set?

    • Sozinho

      None of the direct sale armors are available ATM, you can see them in Collections.

  • Jay Asher

    Essh weak pack. I mean maybe the mandalorian flair but eesh… That platinum items aren’t even worth it.

  • Kainah

    I’m still salty about the whole Chiss Talon Interceptor … I just can’t get past the way that was (wasn’t) disseminated. UGH.

  • Popo

    Not a bad pack but I really wanna know what outfit that dulfy female character is wearing in all the weapon screenshots, looks really nice

    • Darth Ji’inx

      It’s made out of many outfit pieces. The top, for instance, is from a Jedi set in the Stronghold packs, with an added dye.

      • Popo

        Any idea what those gloves and pants may be?

        • I will have to double check but pretty sure it is just the ambitious warrior set.

          • Popo

            nah i checked that, theres a few different pieces to it

  • SomeLunatic

    The image for the Firestorm HZ-77 blaster were promising, but the actual thing is too thin for my liking….

  • michael fearless

    My machine officially became too old to run this game after this patch, so I’m out. Sub cancelled, and generally just disappointed otherwise. So it goes.

    • EQOAnostalgia .

      How the hell?

      • michael fearless

        Whenever I log into the game the fans spin up until they audibly whine, the graphics in-game are all set to the lowest settings, but still plagued with graphics glitches and running at about 20 fps. It’s just too much for my rig to deal with anymore.

        It’s not that the game got better, just that my computer is now … a museum piece.

        To be fair, it wasn’t ‘new’ when this game launched.

  • Ok I really want that huttball punt emote and that salsa lol

  • sigh

    Was surprised by the appeal of the nomadic gunslinger set … until I saw I’d be carrying a thermos around with me 24/7

    • Darth Ji’inx

      How else will you carry your death sticks? 😉

    • ConcernedGuest

      But it’s a nomad … nomadic wandering the nomadic deserts of hoth and tatooine … nothing better to have a big thermos with cooled ice tea or a hot cup o’ grog ^^xd

  • Ironheart

    Sign of Mandalore only thing worth a damn in this pack

    • IceBaby7

      that droid companion isnt bad….

    • EQOAnostalgia .


  • Kaludram

    Uh, Holo-rancor is part of this pack and the Singularity Pack? How sure are you of that, Dulfy?

    • Look in your collections for this pack, it is there

    • EQOAnostalgia .

      It’s absolutely there

  • EQOAnostalgia .

    This is a very nice pack with a great drop rate on it!

    • Jonathan Parker

      The only reason I care about drop rate is if it makes the items cheaper on the GTN. Knowing the player-driven economy of this game, that’s not likely.

      • EQOAnostalgia .

        Well it did, since all the f’ing referral spammers that amassed billions over the years are posting mounts and items that should go for 5mil plus for 900 f’ing k… so i guess you got your cheap market items, while the rest of us who opened those packs are screwed unless we wait 3 months to actually make a decent bit of credits. I would rather use the items myself than post for current prices. Literally everything in that pack is posted for a song right now. Because TWO people have 30 copies of everything.

        • Centro

          Better to go for a decent price than rip everyone off for 5 mil for something that definitely isn’t worth it.

  • Terry G Roberts

    So I use Discord. What else do I need to do for this?

    • Diancie

      lol Uhm make your name the item you want? Then it just drops in your account.

      • Kyacho

        ikr, best promo so far, already having fun with my personal KDY Mark L Maintenance Lift.

        • GSOODSO

          what promo ?

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