Black Desert Steam Free Weekend

Black Desert Online will be part of the Steam Free Weekend from Jan 25 to Jan 28.

Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games close the first month of 2018 with an exciting combination of the Steam Free Weekend Deal and game package discounts at and Steam. Both will be available starting on January 25, giving adventurers an opportunity to explore the wondrous world of Black Desert Online for free. Additionally, existing Black Desert Online players can look forward to an epic battle with the ocean boss Vell emerging for the first time this weekend.

Starting today, Black Desert Online is free to test on Steam as part of the Steam Free Weekend. Curious new players can freely explore the massive open world of this critically acclaimed MMORPG that has already captured the imagination of millions of fans around the globe. Try out the highly valued character creator or dive straight into combat. Players who purchase the game during the Steam Free Weekend Deal will also save 50% on their gamepass of choice.

The Steam Free Weekend Deal starts today, January 25 at 10:00 AM Pacific and ends onJanuary 28 at 1:00 PM Pacific. The package sales start on January 25 at 10:00 AM Pacific and end on January 29 at 10:00 AM Pacific.

This Sunday at 12:00 PM, players can band together and travel to the Margoria Sea, sail to the North of Lema Island, and face the colossal ocean boss Vell as it breaks free from its seal for the very first time.

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3 replies on “Black Desert Steam Free Weekend”

What? I thought this game is F2P. Or for damned Russia only? Russian realtors is just a bunch of amateurs (7 or 9 very young people) who spreaded original subscription on 2 different “premiums” (exp bonuses and item/currencyes boosters separated) with full price each, deleted lot of items from drop, reduced drop chance for all other items and added a new items in real money shop. And now I’m restricted to play it on euro serverses I want even with subscription=(

Depends on whether or not you have self-control. You’ll want pets and maybe a storage maid. The game has a free pet this month, and now a free maid at level 52. Pets also get sold on the Marketplace in-game. But you don’t really need to spend much (like maids, campsites, etc.) unless you’re going competitive pvp. If you’re doing PvE and lifeskills, you can get away with buying most pearl items (pets, value packs, outfits, horse armor, etc.) in-game.

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