SWTOR Bioware Provides Update on Spring Roadmap

SWTOR Producer Keith provides a brief update on the upcoming roadmap in Feb.

Roadmap Update – Spring 2018 | 01.26.2018, 06:55 PM

Hey all,

As Musco mentioned in the Live Stream yesterday, we’re busy working on an update to the Roadmap which should be available in mid-February. Keep in mind, we’ve just released Game Update 5.7, so expect the Roadmap to give you insight about the next 90 days or so.

I’m not ready to discuss all of the summer events and beyond that we’re planning. And, I definitely will not provide any information on what’s included in 6.0 . So, as always, hang in there, and we’ll provide you with what’s going on with SWTOR!

For the many of you who have asked privately, yes, I’m doing great, but December and January are typically very busy months for us with all the planning activities. Personally, I’ve been playing quite a bit, and am focused on crafting Superior Augments for my characters. Hopefully, I’ll reach Elite Warlord on my 2nd character, very soon, and to be honest, I’m pretty happy with all the changes we made this past year for Galactic Command.

Will update you soon,


By Dulfy

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uh, everything is under control, situation normal. everything’s perfectly all right now. we’re fine. we’re all fine here, now, thank you. how are you?

Being fair? still an announcement of an announcement so….
However is still a sign of SWTOR not being
shut down soon at least not this year…i was correct Musco’s face was
too calm on yesterday’s streaming…

I think that SWTOR at a bad state right now. As well as I always tell that SWTOR has shitty communication and PR. But it’s so funny…First fanatics tryed to kill every criticism at all forums. When it’s become too late they decided that they did enough and that BW and EA are bad guys(yes, they failed with SWTOR updates last 2 years, but hey, share the responsobillity, since you told everyone that ‘everything is asweome’). And what’s now? Ah, yes, new life step – hate all BW and EA moves. It’s funny. But all this ‘philosofy’ aside – Keith wrote this post with one single purpose: to mention 6.0 and to give responce to Kotaku-‘captain-obvious’ article. It’s rare occasion when devs put direct answer to such not official blogs/investigations etc. So, Keith gave not direct answer like ‘ye, I want to confirm Musco’s words: roadmap will be ready to mid-Feb, I can’t tell ya what it will content but..But I either way can’t tell ya about 6.0. Ye ye, I can’t tell you guys that SWTOR will not go for a maintance mode for now and we have an expansion announcement’.

You know, updates between expansions do not always go to 5.1 through 5.9 for example. In fact, rarely there are exactly 9 updates between expansions. The way this post is constructed, it implies that 6.0 will indeed happen.

It does suggest that they want people to believe that 6.0 is a guarantee. I’ll believe it when I see it.
Believe me I want SWTOR to make a comeback, but I don’t think the climate for the modern gaming industry is designed to let SWTOR do anything other than to either go into maintenance mode soon or shut down completely. EA/BW will never tell us they are in maintenance mode because people will stop spending money on their game.

I don’t think SWTOR will ever make a comeback. But I also don’t think that it will shut down. I think that it will just keep on sucking, but also having good moments in it, because after all it IS Star Wars.

The “new” Operation is shaping up to be quite amazing actually. All 4 boss fights are very interesting (with Nahut being my absolute favorite), and the scenery throughout the entire operation is just beautiful.

The visuals during the fights are also great, albeit a little bit overwhelming some times. It comes to show what missed potential we have here with this game…. if they released content like that every 3-4 months (full operations and flashpoints and other planets), like they used to, then we would have a great game.

I did not correct you about a version release, I explained to you that your post basically means NOTHING, since they don’t HAVE to talk about 5.8 or 5.9 in order to talk about 6.0. For all we know, there might NOT BE a 5.8. I hope that you understand my response now, after the second time that I have tried to explain it to you.

True. They could jump to 6.0 already, and skip the remaining numbers. Makes absolute sense, and it’s not even a critique at all. It all depends on what they have in store for the game.

I would go as far as putting forward MY sketch of the “Roadmap”:

– Another FP, furthering or finalising Theron’s treachery;
– Several companions returning (oh boy, “new” content that they took from us and is now returned. Yay);
– The conclusion of the Operation (golf clap);
– Another tier in Galactic Command. Yes folks, because we have to keep that grind wheel turning. No rest for the wicked.

ANYTHING other than this will be a welcome surprise for me.

New Flashpoint – Yes plz we’ve had some good new ones last year.
Returning companions – Please god no, maybe it’s just me but I don’t give a hoot about companions, I’ve got so many it’s ridiculous. Shouldn’t have been taken in the first place with crap Kotfe.
Operation – Is looking good with some great bosses but I hate the way they’ve released it, and it’s STILL not finished!
I don’t mind another tier, my alts all maxed to 300, but need new content to grind on then it’s much more painless.
So some I look forward to some much less so. 🙂

Im hoping the new tier of cxp that has been long datamined now will never see the light of day and we can finally credit Keith with doing something for the players.

Im serious too, not being sarcastic at all, if Keith is the maintenance man put in charge like it seems he is then taking away the stupid galactic conquest window and potentially not dropping the final tier is all he’s good for then I’ll take it.

Regardless of all that, my opinion remains unchanged that they should spend some money and develop the game.

And if you can’t see that your only reply was about a version correction (both times), because that’s all you replied about (both times), neither I nor anyone else can help your narrow-minded knightly state of mind.

You obviously can’t get past that with my post.

Wtf, even after explaining it to you, you still don’t get it?! Paulo Gomes got it. Read HIS response. Enough with you. It’s not about the versions of the updates. It’s about YOU, writing something which made not sense. At least own up to it.

Chaplains and combat medics do this when a soldier is dying on the battlefield so he can pass in peace.

But this is what I imagine was going on at EA and BW Austin yesterday morning:
“Uh, oh guys someone around here as leaked confidential information, we better have some official communication to make the diehard fans and Cartel Market addicts keep spending money.”

“Yours is to serve, unto
the last drop of your blood, that your brothers might live to fight on.
Watch over them, heal them, offer up your very life should it extend
theirs but a moment, and by your sacrifice the enemy be slain. And when
the time comes that you must fulfill your most solemn oath, speak
clearly, speak proudly, speed the bolt that brings his end and send him
joyous to the Emperor’s side. Then do your duty, take that which is due,
and know your mission is done.”

That’s stretching it a little bit too far. If there weren’t any plans for 6.0, they wouldn’t have mentioned it at all, as they could have been more diplomatic with it. I am not saying that 6.0 will be grande (if anything, I would bet it will be disappointing) but I think it will indeed happen.

Otherwise they wouldn’t have said anything. Rumors about SWTOR shutting down because Anthem is being released make no sense at all. They might explain why SWTOR is not getting the attention that it deserves, but that’s about it. Anyone on Kotaku can type their speculations and create a fuss, but that’s pretty much as far as it goes.

IF there really is a 6.0 it’s more likely to be maintenance, not content.
Most studios can only support a limited number of games at once. BW may need to shut down SWTOR to support the other projects they have.

I think you’re missing the point. Not looking at the bigger picture.

If “Anthem” fails, then BioWare’s very future might be at stake. And that is not great news for TOR.

Furthermore, it’s been years right here on Dulfy that we waged our “battles”: “Haters” vs “Fanbois”. And how many times did we see the argument: “they’re doing the best they can, but they’re understaffed…”

So a studio that is severely understaffed, to the point of not being able to complete an Operation in the schedule THEY chose is having further people diverted to other projects. Nevermind the Kotaku article. I pointed to the fact that people from BW, Austin were being diverted to “Anthem” MONTHS ago.

What do you make of this John? I agree, shutdown might be taking it a bit too far. But maintenance mode doesn’t mean shutdown.

And to me we are virtually in maintenance mode.

I don’t think we are close to maintenance mode. I just think this game is going to underperform, as it has been for YEARS, not just for months.

What I disagree with, is that certainty that some people have about the game closing down. That has been said in the past so many times before… back in 2012…. 2013…. and pretty much almost every year. There are games with much less revenue and profit that survive.

As someone said, sure, I will believe it when I see it when and IF 6.0 arrives, but that goes both ways. I will also believe it when I see it that the game is closing down or is put to maintenance. All these false prophets are not doing any good xD

I feel we’re talking semantics here. What you say is under performing I see as maintenance. No matter, the end result is practically the same. Some MMO’s that DID go “maintenance mode” have more content done than TOR lol. But that’s besides the point.

I did say, a few months back, that this latest cont… sorry, server merge was a (another???) turning point in the game, and I still feel that way. This past year was going to be the year of the return of the Group content, remember? Even with all the Roadmaps and all, it’s pretty dismal. I came back to the game, and I’m ALREADY bored, because I did all that I could do. Granted, not a sub. But even so, you’d think at 28 something toons I would have a lot to do. I do… if I want to do KotFE and KotET. Thanx, but no thanx.

There’s ALREADY a decay in people online from the server merge. People are ALREADY starting to leave… AGAIN.

They have to up their game man. You know it, I know it. Let’s see this “Roadmap”. First, what it comprises. Second, how much of it they are going to deliver. On time. Or not. Whatever.

“Anthem” comes out in 2019. Let’s see how it does. In my perspective, if it tanks, BioWare is done. I don’t believe EA is going to tolerate another failure. THEN we’ll see what happens to TOR…

Im thinkin 6.0 will be something like ‘species of the galaxy’ and they will release like 5 new playable races based on existing npc models and the updates will be a couple strongholds to their home planets and some customizations.

Oh man I would love more playable races.
It’s a trick I think they’ve missed, only releasing Cathar since launch.
After all Star Wars is all about the aliens.

There was a surge of RP-heavy guild recruits on DK on The Red Eclip… I mean, Darth Malgus server.

Still a long way to go. One of the few problems I have with this game: the updater takes a LOOOOOOONG time…

Lookin’ good, by the way. Awesome armor.

They could go the route of STO (Star Trek Online) and sell SWTOR off to a maintenance mode type company. Atari sold Cryptic to Perfect World entertainment and STO has been chugging along ever since.

SWTOR isn’t a part of Disney Wars the same way STO ignores JJ Abram’s Kelvin timeline. Proof: Ever notice SWTOR new content music is prequel trilogy and not the new movies? This game generates money kind of like a 3rd world country generates tourist trap revenue. It’s a valuable asset to veiled F2P game companies that make their money with cosmetic gear.

Look man: don’t even go there. Do not make me remember the shitshow that Star Wars is right now in what concerns the movies. Don’t make me go there.

Stick to TOR, for the love of the Force. Or I will turn my rant mode on, and boy will I RANT…

Other than that, yeah I guess that could happen. Not great news of course. But it could happen. Instead of dying, the game would go on on life support.

Lesser of two evils kinda thing, if you ask me…

Oh man, not this feminist, SJW nonsense again.

I tell you, I’m a left oriented, racional, liberal kind of person myself. But all this nonsense, the #metoo movement and shit like that… Boy, what a screwed up world we live in right now.

What these radicals don’t see is that they are pushing moderate people like myself the OTHER way with their aggressive politics. And the gaming world is STILL mainly a male oriented universe. Good luck implementing your “progressive” left-wing politics there…

And if you take notice, people are already talking about “Anthem” like it’s going to fail! The game has a negative outlook from gamers all over 2 years before its release! A clone, loot box filled game reputation. With the SJW tag on it, the climb just went from a hill to a steep mountain…

I couldn’t care less about “Anthem”. But I don’t want it to fail just because “reasons”. If it does fail, I hope it’s because it is a bad game, not because of some forcefully implemented ideology.

Totally agree with your 6.0 comment and also the Anthem situation.
I think they’ve robbed many staff/programmers from Bioware Swtor for other titles like ME:A and Anthem resulting in this horrible piecemeal content we’re getting just now.
Maybe the under performing of these supposed AAA title’s might show EA and Bioware that Swtor was a better prospect after all.
Maybe 😛

Well thats your opinion but EA does with their staff as they please.
SWTOR is not promising for EA otherwise they would do that move with staff. Let alone kill one BW office totally.

You nailed it. While I’m glad there are whale-knights who faithfully purchase hypercrates six to a dozen and have their credit cards on file for perma membership, I am a little disappointed that they don’t find the timing of Musco/Keith’s message to be a little too convenient. This is damage control.

The hastily put together musco and manicured bearded boy-man live stream demonstrated that swtor is a back burner project in the austin office. Every time eric tried to bring charles into the conversation he gave him this look like ‘you know I’ve been moved over to anthem for the past year’ to musco.

Just like Kathleen Kennedy corrected Mark Hamill and said “Luke has a big role to play in TLJ” the whales have a big financial role to play in getting Anthem to be a huge crash and burn when they go up against Destiny. The whales funded a Dragon Age and a Mass Effect Game. Now they just need them to help keep the offices running so they can get Anthem released in early 2019. Then they can close down SWTOR once and for all.

Oh you are one of those Americans that think freedom exists only in the US. Sad, cause you guys can’t actually see that you are slaves of a system that takes advantage of you. My condolences.

Yes Poland, Czech republic, Hungary and maybe even Austria in the future are much better places in Europe with better freedom compared to France and England and especially Sweden and Germany.

Sweden, Norway and Finland are actually very free countries. Just a tad expensive and very cold, but all jobs pay well there, so life is definitely better.

Yeah, your idea of freedom seems to involve a lot of yelling “Sieg Heil” and the phrase, “If you have nothing to hide then you don’t have anything to worry about” floating around. No thanks, we fought a war against that kind of ‘freedom’.

Apparently I missed how great ours seems to be doing under the corruption, oppression and human rights violations system that has been in place for a few hundred years. Thus far the only people that has done wonders for are the rich. The few deluded that think ‘them other people’ are ruining their lives believe the bullshit fed to them. How does it feel to be so well fed there cupcake?

Awh without that system you wouldn’t be here commenting little cupcake. Technology advances under capitalist state socialist states has steal to compete with capitalist state sorry you hate facts.

Oh little one it is stunning what passes for facts in your mind. Facts don’t bother me in the slightest, it’s Rumpkins like you and Wednesday. In the end however it doesn’t really matter as we are ‘arguing’ on the Internet which is about one of the lamest things I can think of. If you feel you’ve won then woohoo for you. May your Cheetolini give you all that is coming to you. Good day.

I don’t think Venezuela has been socialist state for hundreds of years and you did describe them pretty well. Oppression and human rights violations in “our system” has been pretty much docile compared to the other countries and doesn’t happen to regular common people unless terrorist or criminal so don’t see the problem, unless you think terrorists are humans and should be treated fairy along with the murderers etc…

Sure, the oppression and human rights violations are not on the surface like Venezuela and I am not making light of what happens there. However if you think this is the utopia they tried to sell us in school, you need to open those eyes and look closer. There is FAR more going on than what makes the media circuit and that is doctored to put the best spin on things where possible. We can live with our heads in the sand or pay attention and try and change this shit storm for our children and grandchildren. The rich are NOT going to help anyone but themselves.

I do pay attention to much BIGGER things like solar flares, overpopulation, immigrates being a burden to health and welfare of the state/ scare of water/food/resources are more major concerns if I ever have grand kids. You just have the small scale priority’s set in your mind which are way much smaller compared to what i’m thinking.
NONE of you acknowledge overpopulation being a major issue keep focusing on the Socialist/capitalist (or the other irrelevant Bullshit like the social trends of gender etc) that should of died with the cold war.

Just because I don’t choose to post every single issue that concerns me doesn’t mean there is far more on my mind. The businessmen that run things love things just as they are so that is how they will stay until the average person decides enough is enough. Overpopulation is just part of the issue. Rich assholes raping the environment, governments displacing entire populations just to test weapons and turning a blind eye to the poisoning of our world just to make more money are parts of the stew as well. A titanic CME, comet strike or asteroid impact could only save our species at this point. Otherwise we are going to destroy our planet to the point humans will no longer be able to survive. So yeah, we have some issues. In my mind over 70% is due to greed and some of the greediest bastards live right here in the US because they are praised and worshiped for it.

All in all, we have different views on what is causing the greater harm to our world and that is fine. Part of being human is the right to your own view, beliefs, etc. Good day.

And there’s the typical leftist declaring that anyone not on board with their global communist agenda is a Nazi

Oh child, perhaps when you grow up and maybe take a civics class you might begin to understand. You’ve been drinking their Kool-Aid for so long you don’t know anything else. Left, right, center….all con artists, all liars serving the greatest money. Unlike you drinkers, I’m not defined by the party so blindly followed.

lol “maybe take a civics class”.. where millennials go to be brainwashed by commie cuck professors.. oh yeah its all about money man… evil money yeah… imagine no possessions.. no need for greed or hunger.. yeah man.. hit that bong a little harder

Maybe if people were in the 1800s people would pick the socialist route but not in this today’s era.. Common person can live like high class aristocrat of the 1800s.

Yea indoor plumbing, heating and air condition, non crumb bread/soup food, car and a pet just those alone are better then dirt poor common folk of that time. People in this era just take advantage of those few things.

Well, I feel a little better that he at least mentioned a “6.0”
Maybe it will come. Maybe the Anthem thing is true and it wont.
(Anthem looks boring to me. Just saying)
But if it does come, hopefully it will get swtor out of the rut it is in. >_>

Yeah just mentioning 6.0 gave me a flutter, and by god we need more to look forward to than returning companions this year.

Oh damn, will you be in for more disappointment when 6.0 turns out to be just as thin as the content in 2017. He pretty much talked up all the content coming last year exactly the same way, saying he wasn’t ready to talk about it blah blah fucking blah and we would be blown away, and to hang in there with regards to the Operation, and look now at what that so called “content” was for the year 2017. And those who “hung” in there for the Op in 2017, have been rewarded with an Op STILL NOT FINISHED, even when they set the timetable themselves. And here we are in 2018, and he is promising greatness once more. At some point, you got to start seeing Keith for the bullshit artist he simply is.

You also have to remember that they can only do so much with the resources they have. When they announced the new operation it was because players asked for it (rather than new story content that because KOTFE) so they scrambled to put something together in which we got portions of ops. You could play the operation as it came out, or you could wait until it was finished. While I thought the last boss would be out by now, I also know things happen and releases need to be pushed back. I would rather have them make a decent op and take their time with it than just giving us garbage and fixing it later.

Don’t like it? Don’t play. Don’t waste everyones time crying about things that no longer effect you.

We’re not crying. We’re showing our discontentment over how things are being handled. How a game that could be HUGE is a laughing stock.

You say you understand “things happen”.

Well, but do you? Do you REALLY?

Let me paint a portrait for ya.

– EA decides to launch BF2. Assets from BioWare are sent to work on that game.

– BioWare launches ME: Andromeda. BioWare, Austin assets are sent to work on that game.

– BioWare is set to release “Anthem”, now postponed until 2019. BioWare, Austin assets are sent to work on THAT game.

Are you starting to see a pattern here? I am. It tells me EA don’t give a FLYING FUCK about TOR. Ever since the game went f2p I’ve seen reports that BioWare, Austin assets were sent to where the problems are.

Problem is: there are LOTS of problems in BioWare, Austin. As you can see in the draught of content we’ve been experiencing. I won’t go over what those are. In 2,500 comments here on Dulfy I’ve been through them ALL. SEVERAL TIMES.

I put it to you right here, right now, that in 2018 we will continue to suffer from all of the above. Until “Anthem” is released, and the future of BioWare AS A COMPANY, is decided. EA already closed down one of their studios in Canada. Don’t think for a second they won’t close down another.

This is a “head’s up” of sorts. Don’t trust these people blindly. Don’t think this game is not in danger.

And please, don’t condemn us, people like me and Rompe Himself for wanting more, better, faster.

Because you see: OUR way – EVERYBODY wins.
YOUR way… Well, not so much…

A great character in a legendary game once said: “Apathy is death”. I agree completely.

If swtor was a profit making machine on a large scale anthem would not be a problem. And this game would be raveling WoW

Yeah I guess that is something. But I am one of those people that have to see and feel it and judge the weight of their effort. Because the carrot on the stick no longer works on me .

It’s funny that you say that. I’m getting tired of people like you who make it their mission in life to shit on everything and everybody in every situation, no matter whether it is good or bad or whether or not it warrants such irrational and disproportionate negativity.

Keith is great and I appreciate him continuing to maintain communication with the community. He has done more for the SWTOR community than his predecessor ever did.

I really do hope you take the predictable step of lashing out at me, calling me a white knight, fanboi, SJW care bear and all the other crap trolls just love to regurgitate. Remember to attach a few great memes to go with it. Extra points if you make it really clever.

Wow, a feisty one. I like you lot, even if you lose a bit of steam on ongoing conversations.

This wasn’t directed at me, but ONE point you made made me curious (the rest of them are just the usual dribble).

In what way has Keith done more for the community than Ben?

Keith, stop posting on Dulfy and finish your “roadmap” before your pappy stops by and delays it until March.

The love for Keith always fascinates me.
Considering since he’s been in the job SWTOR has gone through it biggest drought in new content since release.
2017 has been SWTOR’s worst year when it comes to new content.
(United Forces update was primary a server merge not new content)

If you check out Dev Tracker on you’ll see Keith barely posts at all.
In terms of content coming soon™ his most recent post is the first since October.
All his other posts are ‘we’re fixing what we broke, back up and running soon™ or happy holidays’.

He’s brought nothing new to the table.
It’s not like he’s managed to have a board meeting and acquire funding/devs to create more content, if he had then I’d come on here and praise him all day every day.

It’s like as long as he reminds people he plays the game then people give him the thumbs up regardless of the fact nothing as changed (if anything things are worse since he’s been in charge).

He’s a stooge put in place to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic until it’s inevitable demise. What kind of game director sits at his desk in the chat room of a livestream for the game he’s in charge of? The fact people defend this stuff amuses me to no end; it’s part of why I still stop by here every so often. Meanwhile, this Tuesday I’ll be watching a competent livestream announcing another avalanche of content for a real MMO.

OMG I am excited for customizable weapons. I’ve complained about it before, anything top level in ESO is made of Rubidite Ore, which is chrome red. You can already dye armor, so its not a huge deal….except everyone’s top level weapons are chrome red with a few exceptions like willpower/agility/endurance weapons, or master/maelstrom and asylum weapons. Lucky though, that is changing soon, I am pretty excited.

I JUST finished Morrowind a week ago. I still have yet to finish 2 of the faction stories, I am 2/3 into DC and about 1/5 into AD. I’ve finally done all the raiding and moved into hard modes. I still have so much to do, and they keep dumping more content on me, it does seem a bit like they are showing off from a SWTOR perspective. I’ll be starting clockwork city this week, and will hopefully be caught up soon after the new stuff hits. To be honest….I still haven’t done the last set of new dungeons….

The Housing. I bought a witch cabin, and turned it into a tiny pocket of Oblivion. It has floating islands and spikey blue black rocks all around it, and above it, and at night, you’d never recognize it as a terrestrial home, you have so much freedom with the house system you can literally transform your home into something completely different. Its amazing. ESO has successfully made character customization and housing into a game in and of itself.

Hope people caught on the level of sarcasm in my post…

Exactly. I’m not putting down TOR. I’m drawing a comparison. THIS is what TOR could be. Here we have a game that was ridiculed by TOR players when it came out. Look who’s laughing now.

These people at Bethesda completely turned their game around. Because they’re PROUD of their IP. An IP that doesn’t even come close to comparing to Star Wars. And they made it work.

But I’m tired. Tired of fighting in this Forum to try and make people see the truth Naq. Really am.

They are happy with the game they got. Fine by me. I’ll go back to Tamriel, log in and find ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE ONLINE. TOR can go fuck itself right in the ass.

You don’t understand. To them TOR will be the best MMO ever created because of IP. Truth is 99% of players will dump TOR the moment any new Star Wars MMO is released. It’s called blind love. So as you said, I will come back to ESO, make altmer magblade, enjoy the huge amount of story (fun fact: much more than TOR has) and rest of the content that is updated more often than TOR devs log into their own game.
I bought Morrowind -once- and didn’t spend single penny on ESO Plus and still I have much more content to do than subscribers in TOR. So who is the real fuckwit here? Us, ESO players who get new content frequently or TOR players who are basically required to pay for the game if they want to do something more than clas stories and are waiting 3 years for full operation?
I don’t even feel sorry for them.
(yes, edgefucks, now come up with “I don’t think about you at all” meme or something)

No point insulting people but yeah, the only reason why TOR can be better than ESO is because TOR has dem ligtsabah. Nothing else.

There are mods for lightsabers in Skyrim and Fallout so if that is all that is required……

No, it would be WoW. They have a livestream about Battle for Azeroth this Tuesday where it’s expected they will announce pre-sale, beta release, and possibly launch date info. Also, if they stick to the pattern of Legion for the past 1-1/2 years they will “roadmap” a year’s worth of content and beyond.

ESO does look great though! I love the ES series but for whatever reason ESO isn’t my thing; though playing two MMOs would be madness and I’m conpletely happy with WoW. If I did move to something else it would be ESO though and I’m always tempted to give it a shot on the side. The housing looks awesome and they seem to have a nice steady flow of content coming out. Definitely an impressive turn around considering their launch. Not quite the total re-build like FFXIV but still impressive.

If this thread was a month ago I would have guessed WOW.
I went with ESO because I’ve started playing it this past 2 weeks ago and oh my have they turned that game around.
WOW is a beast.
Been playing that since leaving SWTOR and will return when the next expansion comes out.
When you try other MMORPG’s out it really slams home the staggering monumental mess SWTOR is in.

Yep. Outside of someone being a completely new player I don’t see how someone convinces themselves to stay in SWTOR.

There are at least three options out there hat offer SO much more content: WoW, ESO, and FFXIV. You could probably add GW2 to the mix though I wouldn’t put it in the same league as the others. Even LotRO and EQ offer content updates with more meat on the bone than SWTOR.

I guess it comes down to how much the Star Wars property can blind you to the shortcomings. Until TLJ, I was all in on SW but as soon as they announced KotFE I knew trouble was coming and I started migrating to WoW and was gone from SWTOR any early 2015.

BDO & GW2 for me. Even if SWTOR was shutting down next week, I don’t know that I’d even be able to bring myself to reinstall/login just out of nostalgia.

If Keith even really plays the game as much as he says you would think he would notice the little things like the game crashing constantly for peeps with slower computers since the last update, or the fact that when those people dc the in game message says ‘soandso player reconnected’ and when they return- ‘disconnected,’ an obvious cut and paste error that has been with us for the last 2 or 3 patches.

Nope, I am sorry, I think 2017 had more content than 2016. The only thing we saw in 2016 was Chapters. More and more chapters of really bad storyline, and no group content at all. Sure, we had the release of KOTET towards the end of 2016, but at least in 2017 we got a couple of new flashpoints, Uprisings (yeah I know, pretty meh), a daily area (Iokath) and a new operation, albeit not completed.

Hmmmm maybe you’re right John, I’m not sure.
2016 had both KOTFE and KOTET chapters and the eternal championship oh and companion alert missions (not sure if there was anything else, would need to search through all of Dulfy’s patch notes meh) and 2017 was group content which had the stuff you mentioned but does that seem more cause it’s replayable group content?
Either way (both years suck) I’m happy to be wrong on this one.

Yeah, Kosto is on the money on this one. 2017 WAS better than the previous year, let’s be fair on that one.

Yeah probably was, think the fact they dribbled out content in 2017 in such small amounts over the course of the whole year and 2016 had the last part of KOTFE expansion and the entire KOTET expansion (which both sucked) made me think it was a 2017 that lacked the most.
Really don’t care enough to check it, having too much fun in ESO.

Yeah funny you say that, look, it is the same deluded fanboi fool who said the following waaaaaaaaaaay back in the 5.4 patch notes (July 2017):

“I share your frustration but I would like to say this in defense of
Keith and his crew. Ever since he took over we are finally seeing
weekly interaction and communications from the Dev team. You may not
think that’s a huge deal, but I do. Seeing Devs actively engaging with
the community on a frequent basis is crucial for the vitality and morale
of the community. Considering how vicious and nasty the forums can get
I doubt this is a very pleasant part of their job, but Keith is
sticking to his guns and making this a mandatory thing for them because
he understands how important it is to keep the community in the loop!”

So ummmmm, yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaah, how is that GSF update going for you that he promised that you were looking forward to? How is that weekly communication holding up for you these past couple of months? How is all that plethora of content and completed Ops in 2017 going for you? How high is the morale on the SWTOR forums of late thanks to your boy Keith? Oh hey, since you love Keith so hard, why not swallow another load of his greatest hits bullshit:


“As the Game Producer for SWTOR, I help guide and influence the
development team to continually improve the gameplay experience for
everyone. Regardless of your play style, there’s a lot we have planned
for all of us this year. We’ll have fun activities for you whether
you’re a player who loves Star Wars™ stories, or the veteran who is looking for new challenges and more options to play with friends, or if you simply want to play on your own.”

And as we all saw in 2017, all his promises went up in smoke. But hey, Keith and BW Austin are all about recycling, so why not promise and fail to deliver for a second year in a row huh?

I’m not ready to discuss all of the summer events and beyond that we’re
planning. And, I definitely will not provide any information on what’s
included in 6.0 . So, as always, hang in there, and we’ll provide you with what’s going on with SWTOR!

Either you truly are a deluded fool, or you just sit there with your back turned to the computer and your fingers in your ears and rock as you repeat your mantra “Keith is great and I appreciate him”. Either way, pathetic. You are sick of people speaking the truth? That’s ok chump change. We are all equally as sick of fanbois like you living in fantasy about SWTOR and the fuckwits who killed it (BW Austin).

Yeah funny you say that………….

No one needs your negativity, now, go be edgy and try to affect them by saying “IM GONNA CANCEL MY SUB!”. Don’t forget to add a dead meme or useless gif.

Too late for that I’m afraid. Fred has had TOR uninstalled from his hard drive for years now, if we take his word for it. I do, I have no reason to doubt him. Do your homework next time, your wisecrack remarks will be a lot more effective.

And I welcome his negativity, so speak for yourself. Better to have some down to Earth negativity than delusional positivity.

You could counter his negativity by posting a positive post… but then I imagine that could prove to be quite a challenge 😉

I dont know how u can take this game seriously? It took them almost 2 years to launch their latest raid and they piece mealed it out lolz its just a sad joke

Hahaha. Always a delight to read the same handful of deluded whales on the official forums going “LALALA I’M NOT LISTENING” and trying to bury anything that may hint that the game is anything but a resounding financial success.

I had a few exchanges with those morons when I was a sub, and boy, for their constant assurances that they are playing the game and enjoying it so much, they sure fucking spend a lot of time being Keith’s little bitches on the boards.

I’ve half a mind to buy a sub when they finally announce they are shutting down, just to go rub a little salt on the wound. At least that way I would be getting my money’s worth…

Its getting even worse 🙂
They started save swtor movement as they know very well game could be shut down. So in shatever shape this game is they want it to stay alive. Sadly they forget that EA buys all these gaming companies for one reason – money and they dont give a rat a*s what some diehard fans do in social media. In the end it matters if game has content and interest or not for playerbase. Currently if big names in internet are publishing articles of hinted shut down there must be something coming. Its just question when not if.
Those diehard fans will buy subs and even CM coins even if BW would not release any updates 😀

In an article about Anthem this was said:
BioWare has also discussed ending development on the multiplayer online game Star Wars: The Old Republic, those sources said, although one person familiar with the studio told me recently that plans are still up in the air.
They have like no one working on SWTOR either. Focus has been shifted to Anthem. Which will be a bigger fail than EA’s last several fails. I think Bioware itself future depends on Anthem. Seems like with every EA fail they shut lights off somewhere.
I think this game is only going to fund Anthem. Too many people buying that cartel market nonsense. I bet subs alone keep the servers on, pay the 6 employees they have including the one who designs this ugly cartel stuff. The Cartel Sales most likely go to fund Anthem.

I know the SWTOR engine sucks. Bioware demanded it before it was finished. But if they actually had gave this game love over the years and advertised it better it would be in much better shape than it is.
It saddens me to see this game get neglected like the unwanted unplanned late life oops baby.

And that is the problem with Anthem. It is something alien to what Bioware (used to) do best. As much as I love the Mass Effect franchise, let’s be honest, the combat in all the games was not its strong suit by a long shot. Story and characters within said story was the bread and butter of Bioware. On top of that, Anthem is just a clone of Destiny. How often do clones ever beat or even surpass the original? I have seen nothing in the trailer for Anthem to suggest it will be something new or innovative. Anthem, sadly, will be the death knell for Bioware if it does not kill it in sales (and I think it is a safe bet to say it won’t do what EA expects, just like BF2 got killed in sales, thanks to EA greed).

All we can hope for now is for EA to give Mass Effect and Dragon Age to some other studio in house, because the fact talks have been had about ceasing SWTOR development, proves EA has zero interest in keeping this near dead game alive, not like the sparse content and direction King Bullshit Keith is taking this game was any indication already. 🙂

BW was always about story, never about combat. Those who liked mass effect are better suited for an ego shooter than a RPG.
But the mass effect francise was killed, if not with the red (right) /blue/green ending than at least with ME andromeda.
Also DA was was nailed, imo. DA:O … great stuff, great replay value. The others … neither took me in.

And what is now released in swtor … more returning companions … please, lads and laddies, this was PROMISED for/during 4.0 when the community ragestormed because loosing the companions , having ghost ships standing around.

I personally dont have any interest of BW new mmo Anthem. Never likes that kind of mmos anyway. And i’m sure it will fail beacuse simply its another EA title as publisher eg money grabbing for first few years if it doesnt burn.
Until EA loosing SW IP rights nothing can save this franchise for PC and console gaming. For mobile its different as there are no exclusive rights for SW IP.

it’s more than year it feels like couple man keeps this game alive..they have to invest in game what is not gonna happen or close it

Yeah funny you say that. Look, it is the same deluded fool who said the following waaaaaaaaaaay back in the 5.4 patch notes (July 2017):”I share your frustration but I would like to say this in defense of Keith and his crew. Ever since he took over we are finally seeing weekly interaction and communications from the Dev team

that picture’s awesome. Please tell me it’s from the 6.0 update. “Rise of all the bad guys all at once, due to some dodgy Sci-fi alternate reality thingy-majiggy ‘cos Bioware got creative, honest guv’nor.”

what the fuck are ventress, ren and grievous doing there? grievous is not even a sith, he is just good with sabers… and a douche

At least your original post still has more upvotes. Some of the other posts the bots have copied have gotten more upvotes then the post it was copied from.

I’d pay to see a movie about George Lucas, Chewie, and Wicket flying around on a satellite dish magic broom before watching The Last Jedi again.

It is sad that the best things that could be said for that movie were the visual effects and the joke on Hux at the beginning. That I thought was wonderful. The rest…..the rest just fell so flat.

The joke would’ve been fine in another movie. A mom joke in Star Wars felt like it was a 13 year old’s fan fiction.

“Holding for General Hux..” I found amusing though all in all I felt as if I were being mocked by the movie for watching it.

That’s one of the arguments I never got. When people say “For Star Wars to grow, it has to change”. I even think it was Rian Johnson that said it.

I just don’t understand that. Why does it have to change? Why does it have to be anything different from what we know?

Hasn’t it been growing as the years pass? I’ve seen it in my household. I have 3 kids that are huge SW fans. My youngest is 10 now. He wasn’t even born when ROTS came out! He HATED TLJ.

By that I don’t mean we should have a soft reboot of the 3 films. We got that with TFA. I didn’t hate the film. I thought it was a safe bet, and a coming home of sorts. Not excellent, but not excruciatingly bad either.

Then people said: “you just hate the movie because you’re fanbois, and you don’t want them to kill off your favourite characters”.

Well… YEAH!!! I mean, if you want CHANGE, why did you get the ORIGINAL guys to make a comeback??? Hey, we had change already. It’s called Eps I, II and III. And now we’re supposed to support a sequel that butchers our favourite characters, just because we are life long fans??? Boy, have these people got it backwards…

I’ll tell you what’s ironic about this Fred: there are so many parallels between this movie and the state of the game. I too endured this poor excuse for a MMO for far too long. BECAUSE it said Star Wars, Because it had lightsabers and the Force. But look at what happened when they “changed” and did the Kot** SHIT: they killed whatever was left of the game. Yes, they changed. But Star Wars fans don’t want change. They want the Star Wars they know and love from their childhood. They want Jedi vs Sith, light vs dark. Good vs evil.

The funniest thing is that SCORPIO had the BEST line to describe Rian Johnson’s idiotic film. Sometime during KotFE, when you board one of the Zakuulan ships to get GEMINI Prime, the outlander asks SCORPIO if she can predict what GEMINI Prime will do next.

“I just did. I predict she will be unpredictable.”

THAT’S TLJ for ya. Predictably unpredictable. Not “subversive” or “artsy”. Just a plain boring, content less, predictably unpredictable movie. Filled to the brim with continuity problems, plot holes, horrible editing.

If THIS is what Star Wars has to become in order to grow… Well, let’s just keep it the same size it was before tyvm…

its about political correctness and feminism garbage that kathleen kennedy says oh girls cant relate to luke skywalker oh we need asians in stars wars lets add a pointless subplot to show politically correct we are! tlj has has more holes in it the moon smh

Change is fine with me if it’s good. Change just for the sake of change or to smugly deceive people has very little chance of being good.

And I’ll take Godfather, Part II over the original. Not saying the original isn’t good but love the sequel.

Hey, you’ll get no argument from me with “The Godfather”. I love them ALL. I do think part 3 was a bit weaker, I’ll consent to that. The first two? Epic.

Yes, I also agree: change is good, if it’s done right. That goes without saying almost. What I didn’t agree was the concept that for Star Wars to grow, it HAD to change. I don’t see why really. And to change and do what these people did? Oh I can GUARANTEE you it will not grow. As the numbers show, I’m not making this shit up. It’s out there for anyone interested to see.

Yeah, Part III has some serious issues but it’s not as bad as some ppl make it out to be. Sofia Coppola has become a great director but damn was she terrible in GF3. And replacing Robert Duvall with George Hamilton was a joke.

the game will be fine or it won’t who cares either way. Play it or don’t play it. Never understood the fascination with declaring a game dead when you damn well the publisher nor the devs are going to pull the plug until its waaay to late. I mean for fucks sake Star trek online and DCu online are still going on and those are corpse games for sure.

Oh little one it is stunning what passes for facts in your mind. Facts don’t bother me in the slightest, it’s Rumpkins like you and Wednesday. In the end however it doesn’t really matter as we are ‘arguing’ on the Internet which is about one of the lamest things I can think of. If you feel you’ve won then woohoo for you

[Han answers the intercom after comandeering an attack station]

Han Solo:
[sounding official]
Uh, everything’s under control. Situation normal.

What happened?

Han Solo:
[getting nervous]
Uh, we had a slight weapons malfunction, but uh… everything’s
perfectly all right now. We’re fine. We’re all fine here now, thank you.
How are you?

We’re sending a squad up.

Han Solo:
Uh, uh… negative, negative. We had a reactor leak here now. Give us a
few minutes to lock it down. Large leak, very dangerous.

Who is this? What’s your operating number?

Han Solo:

[Han shoots the intercom]

Han Solo:
Boring conversation anyway. LUKE, WE’RE GONNA HAVE COMPANY!

Can’t wait for the next update of an update that talks about applying an update to all their other updates.

I secretly think Keith is Xzibit. Just a white douchey version.

Yeah but usually Xzibit and that Garage crew came with good results on some of the cars that got fixed up. Keith on the other hand……………..

And that the roadmap is only covering 90 days. Other MMO’s can announce months in advance, content coming out for the year. Over in the land of BW Austin, they struggle with a 90 day roadmap. Pathetic,


So yesterday Musco explained why there was fast maintenance. Basically he tried to convince us that MONTHS ago it was decided to remove server population status completely?

So now after last merge and yesterdays maintenance they do not show anymore server health by 3 population statuses.
Can i say this game is done already? Simply because THEY know subs and population is bleeding after last merge still and they cant do nothing but hide it from now on.

It is mainteance mode confirmed right here.

Well I don’t know if it confirms anything, but it is pathetic none the less. Still, the server status never told us that much info anyway since it never showed any hard numbers, only if population is increasing or decreasing (It’s been the latter for a long time now).

In Eric’s words: “This column was fairly misleading due to the way in which it generated its value. The value it displayed was the current population relative to the total population cap. This often created situations where servers with more players would actually show as lighter than a less populated server due to its pop relative to its hardware cap. For that reason we removed it altogether.”

Which may be true, but he may also be BSing us here. We have no way to verify… Ever since the merger I was wondering about one thing though. Did they really buy new hardware? Because that investment wouldn’t make much sense, if they were in maintenance mode, would it?

In his announcement after the HW upgrade Keith wrote: “We made a large investment of new hardware and software and one of our primary goals was to substantially reduce our footprint while improving our overall server capacity.”

Now I’ve been playing on TRE since almost 5 years ago, and based just on my experience (How many instances there were, how many people you would meet in the world, how the GF would pop) there was more players back then then there was/is on Darth Malgus now after the merger. Yet the population meter would show heavy or very heavy (which it isn’t any more since the population is still in decline) after the merger.

So based on my own judgment and considering their BS statement regarding the move of west coast servers I really doubt they increased the server capacity… And for that reason I don’t really believe their claim of new hardware investment.

Anyone any thoughts on that?

IMO?? More talk = more bullshit from the King of bullshit Keith and his dumb as shit lackey Fucktard Musco.

Server hardware: Not a chance that they bought new hardware. They would have just consolidated the population onto the healthiest and most reliable (hardware wise) servers they had. Remember talks are already under way about ceasing future development on SWTOR. EA would not let them spend any money outside of their laughable budget (Despite all the money the whales put in via CM) to buy new hardware when talks are already under way to wrapping the show up.

One need only look back on anything Keith has said and brought to the table, to see how he talks a big game, but reality proves it to be nothing but bullshit. I think Sorrai is still crying himself to sleep after my “shock and awe” smack down on his chump change ass, when I showed how full of shit Keith is. Actually Sorrai, you might want to look away, lest you go into full blown cardiac arrest when more proof is brought to light about your boy Keith:

Let us recall how he said the following:

* Keith in May 2017 about the new Op roll out (As posted on Dulfy from

“Delivering an Operation is a fundamental change in our direction this year and our plan is to provide you with a new Boss encounter every few months. By doing it this way, we can deliver high quality, challenging Boss fights much faster than making you wait until the end of the year or for an expansion.”

and on a post (

“To change our direction, we had to retool, reorganize, hire new talent, and get everyone on board with the changed direction. That takes time, so we made a choice and decided to release the Operation Boss encounters one at a time. This gave us more time to design, polish, test, and get insight directly from players, versus making everyone wait all year before we released 5 new bosses.”

REALITY: Feb 2018 and the Op has yet to be completed. 3 Bosses only thus far. The way BW Austin are going, it will be a borderline miracle, mixed with a deal with the devil, if those retards finish the OP by June this year. And the saddest thing about it all? They set the timetable for when the Op would be finished and they failed their own god damned timeframe. That is a total tsunami of incompotence right there. Keith said they hired more people in part to accommodate the new way they could do content and Ops by rolling out a Op boss every few months instead of a completed Op at the end of the year. So either he hired more retards to fill the ranks, or said hiring was pure and utter bullshit because the content is still a drought and still as slow as ever, despite there being more peeps at BW Austin since he promised the Op would be done by 2017 under the new method.

* Keith in April of 2017 promised much when he became Lead Producer:

“Regardless of your play style, there’s a lot we have planned for all of us this year. We’ll have fun activities for you whether you’re a player who loves Star Wars™stories, or the veteran who is looking for new challenges and more options to play with friends, or if you simply want to play on your own.

REALITY: The fun activities?? Just the same as past years, including the Dark Vs Light event which consisted of replaying the EXACT content already on offer. Nothing new, just them coming up with a joke of an event to validate their recycling. United Forces? Nothing but a server merge. The world events stayed the same as the years before it, which we have all done to death and then some. There was nothing “fun” about replaying the same regurgitated content we have played since day one.

Another outright lie from Keith:

“Or ignore the community entirely and try something completely unexpected that the team is passionate about building and playing. Your love will bleed over into the community, even if those changes are divisive.”

REALITY: Besides recycling, ignoring the player base is what they do best. Despite the community feedback, they rolled out GC among other things that nobody wanted nor asked for. That so called love he imagines never came. Only from blinkered fanbois who could be used as toilets by Keith and in their mind, they are at a Michelin star restaurant. There was a perfectly fine and functioning system in place before GC. But they took it away, pretending it was to streamline ingame currency, and well, now look how many extra currencies have had to be made to make that shitshow called GC work to stem the exodus of players. Oh and don’t forget how they ignore player feedback when it comes to class balancing. That is another shitshow Bioware Austin can never get right or fix.

I could bring up more points (there are plenty), but the point is, never take ANYTHING Keith says or promises as gospel. He talks completely out his ass (As does anyone from BW Austin who post on the forums) in a way that makes Ben Irving say “Daaaaaamn”. Remember Ben Irving is the genius who said in his post:

“If there is anything I would like people reading this to take away it’s this: SWTOR is absolutely being supported into the future. We have a lot of content coming over the next few months and even more exciting things to talk about later this year. All of us here at BioWare appreciate your ongoing support and we are committed to providing the best experience possible.”

Ben: “Absolutely being Supported” – 2016

Keith: “there’s a lot we have planned for all of us this year.” – 2017

Keith: “”I’m not ready to discuss all of the summer events and beyond that we’re planning. And, I definitely will not provide any information on what’s included in 6.0 . So, as always, hang in there, and we’ll provide you with what’s going on with SWTOR!” – 2018

We are talking about a studio, led by someone who didn’t give a shit outright (Ben), later led by someone who pretends he does and validates himself by saying he plays the game (Keith), that have consistently given everyone a big middle finger that makes Papa EA proud, but still won’t save them if Anthem crashes and burns in 2019, taking BW Austin along with it when Bioware as a whole is shut down. Now, they want to hide how shit things are in SWTOR with removing the server pop level visual, so people don’t become despondent on how decimated the player base has become these last 3 years since the fiasco that is KOTFE/KOTET. It took them 5 years to all of a sudden realise how “Misleading” it is?? No, it took 5 years for the population to be so destroyed by BW Austin, they now need to hide the fact all servers live in the land of “Light”. Lucky they never came up with anything lower then light lol.

Simply put, the glory days of SWTOR are long gone, long dead, and never coming back, no matter what Keith bullshits to keep people subbed.

A Trip back down memory lane, when SWTOR was glorious:

This i have to agree with you. IMO Bioware will be shut down by EA around 2020 or 21. Depends how badly Anthem will do but i’m sure EA will kill that studio brand same way as tens of others before.

And i dont think This game will be still around until Anthem has released and EA waiting how it will do. By that time SWTOR team has shrinked so much that to support Anthem there is no way EA will even think to put some devs back to this game.

So that basically leads me to belive that this is final full year for SWTOR that is left. IF the CM income hasnt dropped a lot meantime SWtOR could extend to early 2019 but by that time all is clear about 6.0 and how small update that really is.

By hiding server capacity indicators is one step to extend maintenance mode as long as possible.

Dude, it’s 4 bosses out (maybe if they get the last one out by spring they can claim it was done by the end of the ‘fiscal year’) and the DvL event added that super cool datacorn hunt, that’s new fun content baby!

No, you’re right though.

These guys are pathetic. So yes, TOR folks, they went and hid their servers.

I wonder what those guys that trust these people are going to say now… Possibly you bought into the bullshit that they said.

No matter. I’ve had enough. I am officially just waiting for the day this games dies. So I can have a real loud, good laugh about it.

Am I sure? Oh hell yeah, I’m sure. Bye “The Old Republic”. Can’t say it wasn’t fun, but it’s time to move the fuck on…

When the former Emperor told my Smuggler he was the only being in all the galaxy that deserved the power he offered I knew the devs no longer gave a shit. That was one of the lamest attempts at shoehorning every class into the same storyline.

Thanks for the in-depth reply. I very much agree with you, which is why I brought the hardware issue up in the first place.

And thanks for the screen btw. I started playing in march 2013, so well after the merges, and have never seen that. I guess we can be glad the game lasted for this long, considering the colossal missteps BW did right there in the conception of the game.

But making mistakes is one thing, and can be excused. What I don’t get is their attitude towards their players/customers. That is inexcusable and IMO doesn’t make sense from both a moral and a business point of view… As such, their downfall is well deserved.

Ye gods it’s been three years since they began ‘The Valkorion Family Blues’ show? Been away from the game longer than I thought.

New hardware? If they say so. Then they don’t have the programmers on staff to optimize and make the game run smoother. To use the theme park analogy it’s Discount Lion Safari. They have just enough to pay the person to take your money at the gate and that’s about it.

why would you need new hardware? you have less people playing its down to 5 servers now smh thats a load of shit

If you understand how EA operates, you know the statement is both true and false.

All online games are run from the main EA datacenter in Redwoods Shores. Then they having branching datacenters as well. No studio has their own datacenters.

That being said, EA has recently invested in upgrading these centers in preparation for all their games having an online service. So, in a way, that part of his statement is true.

The part that is false, however, is that it was done for SWTOR. It wasn’t. SWTOR was merged down because EA is reallocating “online services” to use only the resources they need to make room for future releases. SWTOR only needed 5 servers now and thus the merges.

As far as Musco’s statement on removing the server status, it is a complete crock of garbage. All 5 servers have the same capacity set. That he actually says they are different is laughable. After six years of this game, and being down to five servers, they are simply trying to hide from potential new players, that the game is dying out.

lol down to 5 servers and hidden server pops lolz smh waits for fanbois to rage and say the game is sky rocketing in subs!

That moment fanboiz blanch pale and the rage builds when they finally understand that they have, in some cases, sunken multiple Thousands of US$/£/EURO and have NOTHING material to show for it.

…Young fools, only now at the end do you undestand.

it’s not wasted money if you had fun, games are for having fun and all that, for new players, subbing it’s totally fine because they have the whole game to explore, for older players like us game has become nearly to garbage due to it’s lack of new content, some other players just migrated to other games, so unsubbing it’s totally fine. If the game is not your thing, just don’t pay for it. I unsubbed like a year ago but always come here to see if the game got any good again because I really enjoyed all those years playing it.

My opinion is this:

EA may be greedy cheaters that love money above all, but I also read once (i think to remember) that EA strives to create games that are FUN to play and that are rather easy to ‘master’ in reasonable time… If you have friends, then it’s faster and easier…but games are designed for social players but also for solo players (like me) for casual players and for addicted ones 🙂

I probably agree with most complains and all about EA, but it’s also my impression and opinion that most of EA games are games that work out most of the time for everyone… they may have minor bugs and all, but FUN-factor is pretty much guaranteed… so in other words: you get some FUN for your money.

This is something I can not say about my Elder Scrolls Online PvP experience; and when I watch some 2018-youtube-review stating that the game is good, but never really complaining seriously about the PvP in ESO, it really pisses me off… Everyone is only complaining about Battlefront 2, but no one dares to say something about ESO’s PVP; Take note that the ingame-shop-prices in ESO are very, very high too, it’s mostly cosmetic, but very disgustingly high…this is something Yongyea could passionately make a new Youtube-series about…

you will never make good games if you start insulting people…have a break…it’s only a brainstormed part anyway..

The difference is that in ESO, specifically the PvP, there are a lot of people who do enjoy it. Not to mention ESO keeps supplying on-going content for PvPers as well. First the Imperial City/Dungeons, then with Battlefields. Point being, like any game, this is a matter of indidividual gamer preference.

What people universally hated about Battlefront 2 was it was not a game – it was a blatantly obvious vehicle for selling lootboxes. As the House Representative from Hawaii stated, “It is a glorified storefront into a Star Wars casino.” What so many hated was that EA sacrifices what could have been a great game in their quest to keep people buying lootboxes.

The same can now be said of SWTOR. Look at the sheer volume of updates in the Cartel Market but the minimal content updates given to subscribers for their money. Now look at the content given to subs in ESO for their money and it isn’t even close. Furthermore, no content is locked from subs or non-subs in ESO making it much easier to get a group together for end game activity. SWTOR wants to gate end-game content to force people to sub to do it.

EA isn’t about making fun games anymore. They haven’t in a while. The are about building manipulative entertainment to get you to spend non-stop on a title. Thus why their last big games have been falling far short of expectations.

That guy is a blithering idiot. Half of that video was him pretending to be objective, the other half, his personal wishes about SWTOR while ignoring the current state as it suits him. The fact he actually said it was ok by him with BW Austin delivering dribs and drabs of content because of their current resources and developers being shoehorned into Anthem?? You fucking kidding me?? This game still demands people pay a sub to get full access to content, OLD content most of it. If this game was truly f2p, then yeah, this guy would be right. But the fact BW Austin has the cheek to want people to pay a sub while delivering content so minimal, that just about every mmo out there can beat it, is the part this guy needs to take into account & is the most insulting factor about the current state of SWTOR.

He is another one of those fanbois making excuses for BW (Oh poor BW Austin, they have no resources) and pretending that BW will keep their content promises, conveniently ignoring the past few years that say otherwise. The fact he even puts down the kotaku report by Jason Schreier as “speculation”, despite Jason Schreier having more credibility then whoever this youtube clown is says it all.

And I don’t know how many times people need to be told this (Including this youtube idiot), but that kotaku article said that talks were had about ceasing SWTOR DEVELOPMENT. Not shutting it down. As in development – not doing anything anymore for the game outside of maintaining it’s online status, while presumably still milking whatever is left of swtor players for as much money as possible via subs until Papa EA actually calls time on the game as a whole. In that, this game could go on for a few more years, if they just have an I.T. intern look after the reset buttons on the 5 swtor servers and giving them a restart once a month. No one would be needed as there will be no new content (which isn’t far off from what 2016/7 delivered) and no more work on bugs or fixing issues in game, which again was barely worked on as it is, so it isn’t like anyone would notice that aspect officially ending.

What I would like to find out from Papa EA is if said SWTOR development ceases, will that include no more cartel packs? Just regurgitate existing packs until the fat lady sings for SWTOR? Because if no more development also includes no new CM items, then realistically, this game could go for quite a few more years if they just have a server maintenance crew working on it. Forums could OFFICIALLY become ignored by BW. There would be plenty of money to be saved on getting rid of whatever spastics are left in BW Austin. Considering how they ruined their one and only game (Remember BW Austin was created for the sole purpose of SWTOR – They had just one job ffs), I cannot see how EA would want to keep such hopeless and incompotent devs.

I watched it too. When i got the the point in video where he said “it’s ok” to have a lot less content being released because it takes time to develope new content and agreed that Anthem may have taken a lot devs from this game. After that i stopped watching this crap. This doesnt make any sense other than being huge fanboy of game and not looking things in bigger picture WHY population has still dropped after recent merge (before BW closed server population visibility few days ago).

BW ignoring population drops and recent Kotaku claims is clear indication that they have nothing to say to claim its not true. Reason for that was FAST change to remove population health status from servers. This system has been in place after so many server merges and claiming it was inaccurate JUST before login activity has dropped is just pure lie.

I dont mind him personally NOT wanting to see this game fail or closing down thats his choise to belive that but making a video about it and ignoring facts yet he even knows all resources have been cut off a lot lately.

I’m guessing that this is a teenager, High School kid, that has not been playing SWTOR more than 2 years.
His disjointed thought process and lack of perspective leads one to believe that he is ignorant to the history of the game and unfamiliar with what an MMO really is.

this is like listening to someone in a movie theater sitting in front of you talk about tor mindlessly this guy is all over the place

Why swtor died in my opinion was the day they set the stupid level sync.I was there from pre order worked my way up the ladder then BOOM all your hard work gone in an instant.Why bother continuing if you become a level 15 or 20 again on certain planets.So stupid I do not see the logic at all.You spend the time and money to level up only to find it is stolen from you.That was the nail in the coffin for me.

I honestly don’t see the issues with level sync. Who cares if you’re Level 20 or 70 when you’re scaled down to 12? You’re OP from the very start anyways…

Yeah, the syncing on planets was a non-issue as it still allowed you to mow down mobs. The issue for me was how they re-scale all Operations to max level. A lazy way to not put out new ones and wipes out all progress you made.

Absolutly correct … by level synch they don’t need to bring in new content at all, they just reset gear for 6.0 to level 75, all OP bosses will be reset to L75 and the hamsterwheel will go on again on anyone stupid enough to run.

Without level synch they still could bring in gear resets with 6.0, 7.0 etc. but would also have to deliver new operation content for raiders.
But obviously there are no devs left for swtor , only some of maintenance and support crew (well, maybe 1 dev , would explain why we need … 1.5 years? … to get at least 2/3 of a new operation).

Nonsense. What was the beginning of the end for SWTOR was the “Keeping up with the Valkorians” expansion aka KOTFE/KOTET, when they tried to shoehorn every class into a story line (And a pretty shit one at that) really only suitable for force users (and even then, it was more suitable to the warrior/knight then the sage/sorc) but still was not about said force user as the story was your character being the leader of an alliance, yet having to do all the work and watching all the Valkorian Blues. Then add insult to injury, taking all your companions away and giving it back and calling it content in dribs and drabs across 3 years, yet they all became the same with nothing to differentiate them anymore in terms of skills (while giving you a billion other companions not related to your class story who were all interchangeable and largely forgettable).

Oh and let us not forget GC for some extra nails in the coffin.

Level Sync was BW Austin’s ham fisted efforts to recycle existing content and pretending it was all new again. It was the first attempt. Second time round, they tried calling it Dark Vs Light to see if a new name would help.

History decided and gave it all the thumbs down, and well, here we are with SWTOR never returning to glory.

Want an image that describes it? On the left was SWTOR when we all loved it. On the right, is BW Austin trying to keep the current product alive with any means necessary……

The rot began with the cash-shop.

It always ends up like this sooner or later with that predatory confidence-scam known as “Free”-to-Play. (Seriously, how is this virtual-gambling shit not illegal yet?)

The actual –and now almost certainly irrevocable— for real death-spiral started with that fucking credulous idiot Ben Irving and his Exciting(TM) goddamned RNG-based gearing, on top of trying to base pretty much the entire game around a piss-poorly written story that doen’t even make sense for 3/4 of the character classes, yet we’re somehow supposed to give a shit about it?

Not to mention the tedious, one-dimensional repetitive, brain-dead gameplay through most of said second-rate fan-fic –pardon: storyline (“Now with even more Sky Troopers spawning 10km behind you that you can never leash off from!”).

Of course, that’s way over-simplifying it.

Really, I suspect that this game was doomed from the start, because BioWare are just so fucking incompetent, un-creative, yet still convinced of their awesomeness that they just can’t see that what they do can ever be wrong.

And it was like this even in Beta, FFS! We tried to warn them, that this would ultimately proves this game’s undoing, but their only response was to ban people from the O-forums for not worshiping in the Church of BioWare Positivity(TM)

Fuck these idiots, they 100% brought this upon themselves.

I just hope they keep the O-forums open long enough so that I can finally see that odious defender-troll Andyrah finally go too far –even for a BioDrone– and get her smug, bitchy little ass get perm-banned.

Remember when you used to level and it was worth killing mobs as something would drop that could be useful. The joy of a purple piece giving you a real upgrade. It semi ended for me when they took that away and made it a rush to endgame but then stopped creating endgame material (i.e. ops)

lvl synk its a joke im suprize any one would complain u still have youre stats and armore and comp influance lvl u can go afk while comp do all for u its an hard work to get killed by mobs

I think the game died on day 10. Well, more to the point, when everyone got to ilum for the first time and could not play pvp because the game engine sucked. So many of my first few guilds this was the same complaint. Everyone want these 40v40 light saber battles. After 6 months, people dropped like flies.

Why were you spending all that time in level 20 zones as a level 50 you utter moron?

The answer: You ain’t, you just like to mindlessly whine about things that don’t actual effect you in a meaningful way.

It is precisely the same in WoW when they introduced scaling, as if the same dribbling cretins spend all day at level 60 fighting wolves in Elywnn Forest to get a ‘power kick’. Utter horseshit.

All your hard work done, ai, so they’ve stolen your levels have they? You can’t do content appropriate to your level? which is what you should be doing.

An announcement about an announcement of an announcement, just like always.

How the bloody fuck did I ever justify five years of subscription-money going to these incompetent turds?

It was fun while it last pretty much until Revan expansion more or less (the ops were bugged on purpose at the beggining so) so….time to let the game go….

But note that every week like clockwork, they announce new CARTEL PACKS! That’s right kiddies, no matter what, keep on buying more CARTEL PACKS so we at EA can stroke our dicks ever more briskly!

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