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SWTOR Teases More Returning Companions and Roadmap Mid-Feb

Bioware had a short developer livestream today detailing some of the more upcoming content in the future.
Link to Twitch VoD


  • This is the year of returning companions – Jaesa, Kira were mentioned as some of the companions
  • Roadmap will be coming mid-Feb. They are still working on it today. Jan is the month where they do planning for the whole year so they can’t give you the roadmap until Feb.
  • Solo-Ranked cross faction is still on the “to work on” pile.
  • There is an Origin deal going on for subscription right now where you can get 60 days of subscription for $20. Origin link
  • When they do the roadmap in mid-Feb, there will be another livestream to go on the details of the roadmap.

By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

124 replies on “SWTOR Teases More Returning Companions and Roadmap Mid-Feb”

“This is the year of returning companions”
So….my suspicians were true and that’s pretty much the only content for the rest of the year? a handful of alliance alerts… Most or all of which are going to be class exclusive now?
Le Sigh

fine for me, if they would fimally bring back Mako. I have 7 Powertechs waiting for a reunion. Ok – only 5. 2 started a relationship with Lana 🙂

Seeing as how EA guttered Bioware Austin to work on Anthem, and that got pushed back to next year, there won’t be much content again this year.

I suspect as it gets closer to Anthem’s release date more staff will go back to this game, but I doubt we will see an Xpac until Xmas this year.

Doubtful. By the end of 2018, the player base will be even less then it is now, if all they can offer all year are alliance alerts with their pitiful 2 min cutscenes as content and the random, poorly designed FP at some point (and maybe GOTM Op might be finished this year). Nope, with such little content coming out, why would people outside of die hards and fanbois choose to stay subbed? EA will see the numbers and start wrapping things up on SWTOR. The fact the talk is already in progress speaks volumes because if this game was healthy, such a conversation would never even be contemplated, let alone already be discussed.

You need to draw a parallel more to ME:A than anything else.

Put simply, BioWare is not under any illusion. The survival of BioWare as a studio is going to be determined by how well Anthem does. The more likely scenario when Anthem releases is there will either be layoffs of unneeded staff or reassignments to other new titles.

The Kotaku article mentions they are considering shutting down development on SWTOR. Official statements from BW, at the same time, are saying they have a small team “maintaining” SWTOR. It is not in EA’s DNA, once people are pulled from a product, to go back and staff up again.

The more likely scenario is SWTOR will be either shutting down this year, to eliminate any distractions from Anthem or will have NO new content after mid-year while the studio goes into complete Anthem mode.

In either case, there will NEVER be another expansion for the game. That much should be obvious to everyone at this point.

Yeah, I think a lot more is at stake here than just the future of TOR. The future of BioWare may be decided on the success of “Anthem”.

And it’s not like EA hasn’t closed down OTHER studios before, now is it?

And if Destiny 2 and BF2 are representative of the way the wind blows, you can pretty much kiss Bioware goodbye.

Rest in pieces, but this is bad because EA will no doubt start looking for the next studio to cannibalize before Bioware’s mangled, disfigured corpse is even cold. For instance, I remember reading not too long ago that Obsidian’s Feargus Urquhart was open to talks, too.

“NEVER” is not an obvious thing at all. Now I wouldn’t bet on it myself but game dev has made more drastic shifts before, hell even MMOs like ESO turning around.

EA does in fact shift people to and from projects, not that MMOs like SWTOR have a great comparison point for us to have any baseline.

The best chance SWTOR has is if Anthem does well and when they start shifting resources away from Anthem (as they do post launch of any title) they decide to keep risking it some on SWTOR. Again I wouldn’t bet on it but it’s certainly not as crazy as you make it sound.

They are addressing it with a BS roadmap that they will never stick to and tossing out a few comps that have been in the game since beta they will give you back with a one liner saying “welcome back to the team”

If its true, how would they address it?
If its a lie, they would just be up and go, “Hey the roadmap is done and were gonna release all the old companions up until like september because in october its a new expansion!”
but no all they can say is: “This is the year of returning companions”


Most companies don’t address any Kotaku articles… Not that are wrong, but Kotaku isn’t exactly of any better quality than EA anyways.

I mean anyone with eyes and a brain should have known stopping SWTOR development has to have been discussed many times in the last couple years. It’s just business.

Here’s hoping Akaavi Spar will be one of the returning Companions. I am dying to know what is going on with her right now.

if Andronikos and Corso/Risha are any indication, shes been looking for the smuggler and when she finds you she’ll be all: “Hey, cool, can i join the Alliance?”
And you’ll be all: “Hell, yeah, Bitch”
the end.

60 days for 20$? You guys do realize non-recurring costs like 15$ at most places? EA is scamming playerbase, can it get any worse? XDDD

“At most places”. Change place to Poland, choose non-recurring and it costs 60 PLN via patsafecard which is approx 15$. The more you know 🙂

You will still have to add up ccs to get anything out of value on CM but suit yourself. Move along 🙂

No, Dulfy is right. You’re saying the difference is the money conversion- well then you have to compare apples with apples.
The 60 days for $20 is in USD. Your $15 is in Polish currency. Thats not fair.
If you had considered the currency difference, even without the CC, it IS cheaper to buy the origin deal even in “Poland”

Move along 😉

Nah, EA is just screwing US players with those silly prices. Just change IP or region to Poland and enjoy lower prices. 🙂

Orrrr you could stop crying about EA when its obvious you still play their games! Imagine that :o! Or in the native language of 195 iq savants such as yourself, ‘hehexD’

Speaking of Poland, Did you hear about the tragedy there?
In Poland’s largest shopping mall, there was a terrible power outage.
People were stuck on the escalators for 4 hours.

No, but I heard about the Polish family that froze to death outside a
theater. They were waiting to see the movie “Closed for the Winter.”

Guess so. I would have respected her more if she at least said “oh, i was too drunk last night to do math” or something lol

Just remember with the Origin deal you can only do it once every 6 months. So only purchase 1 code unless you want heartbreak. Unless they changed it recently.

No, Dulfy is right. You’re saying the difference is the money conversion- well then you have to compare apples with apples. The 60 days for $20 is in USD. Your $15 is in Polish currency. Thats not fair.If you had considered the currency difference, even without the CC, it IS cheaper to buy the origin deal even in “Poland”Move along 😉

Well the forums were bitching for companions to return. So there complying but get Im hoping trooper get time to with there maybe hearing what they been up to. telling their story. But i dont think companions are only content they promise one fp. beyond im hoping for small expanion atleast

Light side Jaesa romance option would be nice. Could make the story more interesting; Jaesa learns that some hard lessons while away, moving away from the dogmatic views of the Jedi, becoming more “gray”, realizing she has feelings for her former master that she previously hadn’t wanted to admit. A bit of inner conflict about it, fear of attachment, etc. She eventually gives in, of course 😉

She’s boring as is!

I bought Origin deal pest november (less than 6 months now). If I purchase the deal now, can I save the code for when 6 months have passed? Will the code still work? Or does it have a deadline time to be used after purchase?

They can plan that roadmap as long they want doesnt change much in long term 🙂
EU server already not hitting high popularity this week at all.
Same drop for US servers.

Returning companions, remember you had them all and they took away just to make “content for you” with it by giving it “back” 🙂

I’m totally fine with them making this year all about returning companions. We still have 11 companions to go or something. Also, there is still a lot of content coming. We just gotta wait!

If they even managed to return half the missing 11 companions this year I’ll be amazed.
And if they do pull off the whole 11 it will be with 2 min shitty meaningless cutscene videos like before.
Also there’s not ‘a lot of content coming’ not in this game.
There’s drips and drabs but not a lot, not by a long way.

LMAO…other games release full expansions and deliver good content through the whole year. You’re fine with them only giving you back something you already had and they took away? At least with low expectations you’ll only be disappointed slightly.

“I’m totally fine with them making this year all about returning companions”.

That’s just sad. I could go on, but I really won’t. It’s just sad.

Pretty much. I just log in once a week to do conquest minimum for the guild these days. I was all excited for Andronikos because “Yay, finally something new to do” but it was over in about 1 minute. Might as well have used the locator terminal, really.

That’s not accurate. It’s 02:59 secs EXACTLY. Not one minute. So they are giving us 3 times the content you are saying they are.

Now if you consider that as an average, let’s say from the 11 comps or so that are still missing we get 3 minutes for each. Let’s say that you have more than one type of class, that’s more content right there. Now take into account the time it takes to log one character off and another one on… That’s A FREAKING LOAD OF CONTENT right there. You just can’t see it…

*sarcasm off*

My bad. 😉
And you’d think they could at least give us some sort of quest to grind specific mobs to get bonus influence for the companions or something, similar to how the 2 PVP companions worked. Because I got lots of other 2 pistol companions these days, They fight the same way and they are all influence 50 so why should I waste credits on Andy?

I mentioned this on the forums. They tied Lokin to the rakghoul event. Why didn’t they tie a space pirate, a space hick gunslinger and a space pirate princess to the bounty event?

Give us some reason to do events again. Why don’t any of our more battle hardened companions show up to challenge the arena champion on Zakuul?

Yeah, a year to return the companions they took away 2 years ago…
They didn’t deliver on the “Year of group content” so I expect this to be the “last year of SWTOR.”

As far as I’m concerned, this game is in maintenance mode. They may not recognise it, but it is.

Of course, I can always be proven wrong. I welcome that, actually. I WANT to be wrong.

It’s up to BioWare to show me the errors of my ways…

I feel like all the returning comps, iokath, and the op bosses, and maybe even the fps are all assets from the shortened and unreleased Kotet chapters and what we’re getting is what the maintenance crew can get working in whatever time period they can get it to work.

Agreed, I’d rather be surprised and see them bring this game back to life then be right and see them pull the plug, but I don’t think I’m going to be wrong. I want them to have a major comeback, it was my favorite game for a long time and will always be on my all time favorites list.
I just don’t see it happening in today’s gaming climate. I see EA pulling the plug before SWTOR has the chance to get back to great.

Same. I will be so sad if they pull the plug to be honest.
But it’s going to need a defibrillator soon…

They are probably working on 6.0 as we speak which is why the current content feels weak. I’d be okay with them making the next few updates kinda meh so that 6.0 gets a good start.

So if the newest three returning companions are any indication, we will be only getting others back in these 1-2 minute short conversations plus that one more flashpoint that is left to wrap up ”Traitor” story and one last boss of the latest OP somewhere down the line. Doesn’t sound very encouraging for me to maintain my sub, i litteraly have nothing left to do ingame other than leveling yet another character for the 20th time or running old OPS that i already done hundreds of times. All this only leads me to beleave that rumors are true and SWTOR is going into ”maintanance mode” followed by its eventual shutdown, which is a sad state of afairs

It already started long ago. Maintenance mode doesnt mean that Bioware stops ALL new development. Just not big massive new content. Doing ops bosses one by one is already maintenance mode as they can plan accordingly if money flow will go worse then can stop over developing. EA has all the data. They use CM money to give at least something so subbers dont notice if game is really in maintenance mode.
Give them one boss every 2-3 months and some cosmetics + QOL changes and companion story and they will be happy.
This has been so over a year now. Companion recycle was part of this maintenance mode because cxp and planet downlevel grind makes this circle complete.
If they have resources enough THATS when they bring the new item level upgrades and keep maintenance appear as game is getting updates.

EA is not stupid to flat out tell that but keeps it quiet – remember last quaterly reports do not even mention this game anymore.
Last cut to less spending was final server merge. They could in longer run keep game alive due to less server cost and upkeep.

yes doing ops bosses one by one is a kind of ” soft maintenance mode” but not full maintenance mode that would mean not a single drop of new content, IMO.

Personally i believe swtor is not gonna reach a full maintenance mode never, its gonna be shutdown..

Thats exactly what i pointed out. Its not “soft” maintenance, IT IS maitenance but EA wont allow to full stop any new content. By that time yes they will pull the plug. Meantime keep something coming as long they are not loosing money on this game. It costs a lot to keep the servers and licence going.

The only silver lining is that SWTOR is conducive to an offline emu, considering it has a lot of single player content.

Honestly, Jaesa wouldn’t make much sense for other classes. She was an integral part of the Warrior’s early story. She wasn’t just some random soldier picked up along the way.

True, but the Warrior and Agent didn’t spend their whole Chapter 1 class story chasing those companions down and deciding their future personality like with Jaesa.

I still do not see how it makes her anything special. And do not remind me, they took away my chance to kill her, my warrior was chaising her to kill her, not to have a wh*re on a ship 🙂

They are just afraid of killing spree. A lot of people are angry at romanced Jaesa poor choices 😄

There is one thing i don’t get, article said things were still “up in the air”, for me that translates into maybe or maybe not.
Why there are now a bunch of threads (and people) on the official forum taking that for granted? (shutdown rumors i mean)….for me is still not THAT obvious, swtor could continue this WHOLE year releasing companions, not only this year but whole 2019 too.

And that would be a pathetic state for the game to be in when every other game in the market, that aren’t officially in maintenance mode, are releasing content and succeeding.
If this happens SWTOR might as well announce that they are in maintenance mode. Then again people will stop buying Cartel coins…

Indeed. There’s 2 points that I consider relevant.

First there’s probably a ton of semi developed content that can be released with minimal dev hours. Which argues that BW can still release bits of content without much dev support.

Secondly ‘in the air’ means literally nothing. It could range from imminent shutdown to an increase in development hours.

My main worry is that TOR could be buggered either way by Anthem. If Anthem fails EA closes BW and eats the individual developers, closing down all BW projects.

Alternatively Anthem is a massive success and EA sees ‘Live’ services as more profitable per man hours than an mmo and shuts down TOR.

Overall though we know nothing and without invitation to any discussions EA has with BW we wont know until its announced.

MMOs are “Live” services. The distinction for “Live” mostly is only needed for types of games that typically don’t receive consistent content so “Live” designates it at being more MMO like. Basically it’s turning these other games into MMO like formulas of running persistent services, releasing continuous content, receiving continuous money.

Otherwise I agree, we just don’t know. Likely EA/Bioware doesn’t even know, these decisions aren’t final until they are and can shift. Also once Anthem is released that will free up resources they pulled away, who knows if they throw some back here or elsewhere.

Yeah I agree with your description of ‘Live’ generally though I kind of see ‘Live’ services as a way of introducing a more casual console audience, who would normally be put off playing MMOs, to MMO mechanics, sort of MMOlitte.

Similar but subtly different.

I think we agree. It’s an attempt to make games a bit more MMO and Mobile to keep gaining money off of it. With that said I think these games made “Live” if done well can be great, so a game doesn’t just release and you get an expansion or two and you’re done. They can have more life than that, especially these days as the visuals in games have slowed down in progressing that making a next game won’t necessarily bump that aspect as much, might as well just develop more content.

Of course the companies do it to get more money, but I can’t fault them too much for that, they are businesses in the end. If it’s a game I like I want them to make money so they keep making it. I wish that was the case still with SWTOR. Their change in dev style in the last 2 years or so has been extremely odd. I don’t get why they dropped paid expansions.

I don’t see why “up in the air” is in ANY way a good thing. It either means A) they kill it or B) Since they clearly don’t care enough about it to commit to it (hence being “up in the air”) they determine it’s good enough to use as a cash shop ATM and leave things as is.

when an article with secret contacts is “leaking” info says “things are still up in the air”, for me personally can mean, “this is bogus information meant to strike fear in current players to stop subscribing and participating in the game and move on to whatever they hint at is better.

well it looks like if they follow the model from Ashara and what’s his pirate face. they’ll only be bringing them back on the character you lost them on, Jaesa for warrior. and the rest for their class, which is a bummer because i wanted jaesa on my scoundrel and my assassin. but alas, doesn’t look like bioware can be bothered with doing the right thing.

Think i got it: BioWare is using our subs to crowd fund a completely different game
while we’re sitting here, starved for new TOR content. That has to be
borderline fraudulent…. yep i agree, glad that more people is aware of that now.

But this is nothing new. I personally alerted to the fact that EA was diverting people from BW, Austin to “Anthem” months ago. Now, for those unfamiliar with the way these studios work: BW, Austin is SOLELY devoted to TOR. The other studios in Canada are responsible for other BW games. So it’s pretty obvious that for a game that was in dire need of personnel, the option to restaff was NOT a priority for EA.

What makes people believe it will be a priority in the future??? NOTHING points to this. As Wayshuba very eloquently points out bellow: it is not EA’s normal “modus operandi” to take staff away and later restaff those same people. Furthermore: anyone remember when the game went f2p? Those assets that were reconditioned in BW, Austin to other projects were NEVER returned. Why should they be NOW???

Even those that defend the game converge with me on this point: this game needs more human assets to progress. Hell, to survive.

If people don’t want to see these things, fine. Doesn’t mean they’re not happening.

Also, I’m pretty sure BW makes more income on the Cartel Market than they do from subs. The income they get from subs must pale in comparison to the money they earn from the cash shop.

Thats true. Whole f2p model including Cartel shop was to get another way to grab easy money because subs numbers went down too fast to keep game alive. Hence why they started regulary releasing new packs while real content was pretty much cut to almost non existant (recycle old content is not new in any terms).
So far CM has been keeping this game alive and they will focus on this aspect until it also dries out – then its real shutdown not before.

Hey all,

As Musco mentioned in the Live Stream yesterday, we’re busy working on
an update to the Roadmap which should be available in mid-February.
Keep in mind, we’ve just released Game Update 5.7, so expect the Roadmap
to give you insight about the next 90 days or so.

I’m not ready to discuss all of the summer events and beyond that we’re
planning. And, I definitely will not provide any information on what’s
included in 6.0 . So, as always, hang in there, and we’ll provide you with what’s going on with SWTOR!

For the many of you who have asked privately, yes, I’m doing great, but
December and January are typically very busy months for us with all the
planning activities. Personally, I’ve been playing quite a bit, and am
focused on crafting Superior Augments for my characters. Hopefully,
I’ll reach Elite Warlord on my 2nd character, very soon, and to be
honest, I’m pretty happy with all the changes we made this past year for
Galactic Command.

Will update you soon,


This looks like an announcement of an announcement….still is a sign of SWTOR not being shut down soon at least not this year…i was correct Musco’s face was too calm on yesterday’s streaming…

EA can always come in at any moment and say, “alright guys, it’s over.” and Bam SWTOR is done.

Personally I want to see SWTOR make a comeback, but that doesn’t look likely, not in today’s gaming market. With the Climate of the gaming industry these days I think that Eric and Ken’s communication the past 2 days is more of damage control over Wednesday’s article leaking internal information.

There is a thread on about this. Some people are questioning the veracity of these claims.

I did some digging. Turns out this guy was the guy that came out with the full plot of ME: Andromeda BEFORE the game was even released. He was also the first to say that the game would have no updates, that it was virtually a stillborn. Well: right on BOTH accounts.

I’d say his source(s) are credible.

Time is the best judge of them all. We’ll see in the near future if there is any truth to this article or not.

I think there is a lot of validity to his claims.

At the end of the thread he addresses what many are saying here on Dulfy about 6.0

“Just wanted to point out something for those who say that an expansion is on its way.

Both Kotaku report and a new expansion can be true.

Given how long it takes things to be developed in an MMO, it’s possible that the expansion is the last one. It is also possible teens have been pulled off the expansion to work on Anthem as their part in it is finished.

What this means is we get the expansion and then nothing after.”

I would already be surprised if there is anything big after 6.0
Simply because population still goes down (daily login activity) after last merge. Eventually CM income wont be enough because playerbase population is key for mmo. No players means ingame sales go down and demand for CM stuff also.

Final game update and unofficial move into maintenance mode.
They aren’t going to make any official announcement until the CM stops bringing in money.

Well to be fair in a game as big as Andromeda developed that long I’m sure there were many leaks. The stillborn thing too was a pretty safe guess as well. I also suspect that EA/Bioware has thrown around stopping development on SWTOR for at least 2+ years now. It almost died shortly after launch, the Cartel Market and F2P saved it for a while, they bragged about it in EA earnings with some serious numbers, when they stopped doing that we knew things had to be on the decline and naturally that discussion would come up.

I wouldn’t be surprised of they did, especially with the lack of content this last year it’s clear they’ve pulled resources. Then again it’s common to do that to support a new game and Anthem basically needs to succeed for Bioware to keep going, more or less.

Also it’s likely if Anthem doesn’t do well SWTOR probably has little chance of EA/Bioware risking any more money on it if it’s on the decline… not that it succeeding guarantees SWTOR, just gives it the best chance that they’ll have the money to throw dev back into it. The problem with MMOs is servers aren’t cheap (including Databases, load balancers, persistent storage, etc) and they are a constant base cost and as your populations decline your profit margins shrinks automatically… Hence server merges, like the big one they did recently. That told me they really needed to trim their expenses to keep the game viable, been there done that.

Like you say, we’ll see.

There will not be a come back. I’ve played off and on since launch. I think Shadow of Revan was the last time we saw a large enough influx to the game and it didn’t last that long. Episode style content, identical story regardless of class, a loss of identity from a roleplay perspective… What made me sub for 3 years is no longer there.

If swtor was to cease development it would still drag on for a while. Still an announcement is better than a decleration of cessation

Lmao…nice attempt to cover your ass, Charles. You slipped up not because you were thinking of another stale SWTOR companion…you’re thinking about Queen Azshara coming in an actual expansion this year for a real MMO.

Anyway, yet another slap-ass clown stream. The worst I’ve ever seen. They really aren’t even trying at this point. It’s like watching someone give their phone number to a hookup right in front of their gf/bf because they just don’t care anymore…and the pathetic soul still walks out with them thinking, “I’m sure they still care. They just gave their number for work or to be friends.”

Those here who see this for what it is, I commend you. It’s nothing but an attempt to keep the cash coming in and divert attention from the Kotaku article.

Musco might just have the best job on the planet right now. The expectations are zero, he doesn’t have to communicate anything, all they seem to do is giggle and fuck around constantly. I’ll bet they take 2 hr lunches, get boozed up, and sleep until it’s time to go home.

You sound like a jaded “ex”. You know the ones that claim they’ve moved on, but still stalk the social spaces of a person that could give zero fucks about them.

20$ for me is shitty deal. BTW i want Ashara Zavros back, she is pain in the arse for most ppl but i like her either way

welll im was planning on bumping my suib to a six month sub. but now not sure what to do. l;ove tor really not sure if now worth the extra money might decide after the roadmap hits see if i think worth it

Roadmap? lol you mean they twiddle their thumbs while ToR is on life support because almost all of Bioware works on that shit game Anthem?

Well look at it on the bright side, as soon as BW fails with Anthem, they will be shut down like Visceral Games was.

Can I buy 3 x $20 from Origin and activate them at same time to get 180 days sub? Or is it one time only? Thx

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