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SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Jan 29

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Jan 29

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I don’t see any point in spending a dime anymore, considering the news on the game’s status. Not even worth subbing anymore, well it hasn’t been worth it for over a year.

I don’t see any point in spending a dime anymore, considering the news on the game’s status. Not even worth subbing anymore, well it hasn’t been worth it for over a year.

it doesnt agree. the bots are picking random comments off each page and reposting them to build credibility for spam purposes.

I remember them telling us about making PvP available for free for everyone. I mean, removing 5 warzones per week, because it is important thing to keep all the player base, prefered, hell, even f2p are worth attention. I think its been 2 years since they promised they will do it. Ops can still be restricted, but warzones, they must be free. Sorry for off-topic, but in case we are talking here about the game in general for quite a time, so i decided to write about it here. About that cartel market stuff: well, i’m glad they are adding old inq centurion set, new pack is not worth much attention, it have some items, but in overall its weapons and sets are crappy, imo. And they should fix the goddamn butts with chests like jedi battlelord and all similar chests, because its hurting eyes. I mean i dont have anything against big butts, lol, girls having cute biggie ass is a good thing, but not an swtor jedi, it just looks horrible, same with the belt clipping. Even that inq centurion have it, its such a shame… I know you could say then dont wear it, but what if i like it? And it just shouldnt be like this, i’m sure it is possible to fix. All these butts and belt clipping stuff. There are many broken items from CM packs as well. Missing or laggy textures. They should hire a guy or just check forums for it. Too bad they dont talk or listen to community like Blizzard does with theirs Overwatch community. If all devs were like them, the game could have been so much better.

That’s the only one of the companions that still is bugged with class buffs. Every mount or travel you have to reapply your buffs to it. Been reporting it since they fixed every other comp.

I don’t see any point in spending a dime anymore, considering the news on the game’s status. Not even worth subbing anymore, well it hasn’t been worth it for over a year.

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First of all, that’s a bot, or the guy/girl copy pasted one of the lower comments. Second, you’re being toxic as fuck. Third, follow your own advice.

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People have said it’s a bot. Even if it isn’t you sir are a complete and utter fucking moron.

If a person pays for a product and that product fails to deliver or has issues with it that have gone unaddressed for well over 2 years they have every right to voice their displeasure with it. Furthermore their opinion does matter. You fucking anti-consumer nitwit. Get off of Musco’s cock. They’re not going to give you Cartel Coins for going to bat for them. Asshole.

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Disintegration Rifle – Check
Mandalorian Combat Helmet with inbuilt Scanner and Rangefinder – Check
Utility Belt – Check

First of all – sorry for grammar but its all from Gtranslate. I’ve been playing this game for 5 years. Most of the time I was a subscriber. Today I am sad, and sorry for all who still waste their money for subscription. Game developers have been laughing in the face for over a year, giving us great shit addons for money. If there is no more idea for further development, then maybe you just have to recognize that the game is complete and stop making fun with all of us?

They will run the game until it stops making money. Once it doesn’t make enough to warrant keeping it running then it will end. That is why these games last so long- once it is up and running- it doesn’t cost much to keep going.

They just let it run and collect the cash. Throw you a little update now and then to make the argument that the game is still “alive” so people will continue to spend.

It’s just sad because Star Wars could have a really sick- heavily populated and active mmo because of the fans- but what they roll out is this crap….

That was pretty damn good. Those stormtroopers looked better then anything The Clone Wars or Rebels ever brought to screen. Funny too. However, a naked ‘buff’ santa did seem a tad creepy. Still awesome.

Great work, some original characters and idea’s this could have gotten someone a job. Still could but with proper story Dillon could help do future sw cartoons. Better than any saber fight in any of the movies or cartoons..

I don’t see any point in spending a dime anymore, considering the news on the game’s status. Not even worth subbing anymore, well it hasn’t been worth it for over a year.

I haven’t spent money on this game in ages-
But I must ask… What do you guys expect from a cartel market update?
These just show what’s on sale for that week or whatever…
You’re not going to have a new expansion show up in one of these reports. <_<

( Harston is the original poster )

Think the thing about cartel updates is for every 10 cartel updates you get one tiny content update so cartel updates are met with contempt.
Not to mention the fact the armour designs are majorly sub par.

If they were pumping out 10x more content, cartel updates wouldn’t get half as much hate.

(Eban is the original poster 😉)

I think there is only 1 new suit in this whole CM update and it’s a re-skin of an old suit so I don’t think much ‘Content’ time was wasted on this.
Most weekly updates are just this, old CM good’s discounted and re-ordered on the Cartel window.
No real effort required.

That’s exactly what it is- This isn’t meant to be an avenue for new content. It’s literally a grocery catalog. Showing you what’s on sale, what’s no-longer on sale, etc.

(Harston’s post!)

Anyone know what the patch last night did? the notes seemed to be the same from last week.

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Corrected an issue that was preventing players from triggering the shuttle cutscene in Kuat Drive Yards.
Chapter 7: The Lady of Sorrows bonus Mission “Clean Up Detail” has had its rewards reduced.
Corrected a texture issue for the Guerrilla Tactician’s Breastplate.

I heard that swtor will be closed this year. Sorry but its from Google translate:

“From the beginning of this week, the “Status Server” tab on the official website of Star Wars: The Old Republic no longer knows the information. Let us remind that in November last year there was a great connection of servers, after which only 18 worlds were left with 5. The situation in SWTOR really revived for the first 2-3 weeks, but then we returned to more or less the same state. Further support for SWTOR is supposed to be halted, according to one of the company’s anonymous employees – at the end of 2018.”

Most of us who have been with this game since the beginning already know this. It was matter of time 2018 or early 2019 when Anthem is already released by BW.
Server status removal was just a start. A lot fans in official forum didnt notice the importance of this change. Only few posted about it. They were more worried about not seeing server language anymore….

Only things of worth are the 6 year old pvp armor chaotic force master, and the satele shan practice saber which is one of the cheapest saber with an inherent graphic effect [not huge one but…]. Other than that lol. Still say the only thing worth in the new bundle is the mandalorian flair, but even then why spend money on something that will be dead in a year.

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