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GW2 Friendships Contest

Arenanet is doing a friendships contest on social media for GW2.


We created Guild Wars 2 to bring players together, and over the years we’ve heard so many incredible stories of in-game encounters evolving into real-life connections. This February, we want to hear your story. Have you met amazing friends while playing Guild Wars 2? Do you and your significant other have each other’s backs as you adventure together in Tyria? Let them—and the whole world—know how much they mean to you!

Tell us about the time your best friend took over Divinity’s Reach with an impromptu dance party, or your partner swooped in for a heroic rescue when you were pinned down by a rival server’s forces. Have you ever met up to party in real life? Write about it in a text post, make a video, compose an epic ballad—it’s up to you!

Tag your post with #GW2FriendShips on YouTubeTwitterInstagramTumblr, or Facebook. If you’re using Facebook, please share your story as a new post on our official Facebook page, and not as a reply to any of our posts. We don’t want to miss it!

Later this month, we’ll collect and share your stories on the official Guild Wars 2 website.

Come Make Some Friends at ArenaNet

Add the hashtag #GW2Giveaway as well, and your qualifying post will be entered in our sweepstakes. You could win great prizes, including a discount code for For Fans By Fansmerchandise, a commissioned portrait of two in-game characters by one of our Creative Partners, or even a trip for two to the ArenaNet studio in Bellevue, Washington, during PAX West 2018!

For more details, please see the official rules and regulations.

Spread the Love

Stay tuned—soon we’ll be adding an in-game achievement and a special item you can use to show everyone how friendly you are!



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43 replies on “GW2 Friendships Contest”

Story about friendship.. eh? Well.. I “glitched” & was stuck in the wall.. my “friend” in the other server was trying to kill me..! </3

Wtf I’m playing this game to escape from real life and feels. What is Anet trying to accomplish by this, estrange me from their game? Though tbf, I’m tempted by this new achi and item… Hmm…

They would have to sell Waifus too then, it could be the greatest gem sink ever!! No seriously I would pay a lot of cash for an NPC wife in my home instance *_*


Most of my stories involve late night chats, evolving into meaningful personal stories… But no, I don’t have some love story, or bromance in this game. So dont think it’s “interesting” enough to bother.

They explained this on their tumblr. It’s not “friendships”, it’s “Friend/Ships” to include both platonic and romantic relationships. Still not the best portmanteau they could have chosen, but they’re not pulling a “gals being pals” move on their own characters.

How about they stop trying to cram the social justice shit into our faces at every opportunity completely?

There’s very little more pathetic than a pampered manbaby too weak and insecure to handle the world not revolving 100% around him.

I’m not a girl, lol, and here I thought you whiny little straight boys were the ones crying for a safe space. After all, you’re the ones who can’t seem to handle the reality of seeing characters who aren’t straight white dudes in a video game. Weak. Grow a pair and sit the hell down.

Interesting…. It looks like your whiny friend who’s so scared of Lesbians that its ruining his game experience is the one looking for a safe space… Maybe you responded to the wrong person? No, that would be too convenient, I bet you are just one of those brainless dweebs who has a ‘1-size-fits-all’ response for anything that challenges your view… “rabble rabble snowflake needs a safe space!” GJ bro..

Having a lesbian couple featured in a game is by default “social justice shit” to you? You must spend a lot of time being offended.

No they won’t, because they are fictional characters in a fictional universe! Grow the fuck up! Are you really that ideologically sensitive that you can’t enjoy a game? Are you pissed off about Elonian refugees not being vetted properly? Charr intermingling with humans? Who cares what happens in a FICTIONAL universe, its called world building… get your ideologies out of here…

I crafted Friendship at the Weaponsmith. Then I crafted a Gift of Family at the Mystic Forge. So I’m set. I just have to take care of myself and my baby tigers. Real life? wots that?

Why do you copy other people comments? Is this account a robot?

Nearly all your comments are just copies of other people’s.

Just curious.

I wish they add something like a SPA to the home instance.. I want to share it with my cute Flesh Golem.. Anet.. Since you’re not going to give us a Pony mount ( very very sad face..) at least give us this SPA..!

that’s a cool poster, but from what I remember that necro-chick was oriental, not caucasian – maroror something??

You must complete “Be a decent human being” before being eligible for the GW2 friendship contest and giveaway.

Better luck next time!

Way to copy paste a useless catchphrase. You’re so original. What are you part of some GW2 activist site rallying you to complain about every change Anet ever puts out? Good work. Shoot the idea down before the details come out!

Lolz gw2 is turning into Barney…I love you you love me we’re best friends like friends should be with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you won’t you say you love me tooo

I don’t think the 10 times you copy pasted this was enough to get the message through, how about you flood the forum and ruin everyone’s experience a little more?

Lolz gw2 is turning into Barney…I love you you love me we’re best friends like friends should be with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you won’t you say you love me tooo

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