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even when Eric and his minions said this will be the year all the companions Return. My Point of View, Bitch please you should have given us the companion in KOTET already instead running another year of no content, and now he barely has a team to do anything. might as well count in sacks of money they thought it was bad when they pulled off their loot Boxes from buying them on BF2, well watch when their new project falls apart more money lost. EA, and Biofail will never learn their lesson.

I would like to see some guides for the 3rd and 4th VotMG bosses. There’s some stuff online but the narration regarding the mechs leaves a lot to be desired.

Welp, I for one am greatful and relieved they posted the Volatile tuning as Direct Sale – I am playing Lightning Sorc Inquisitor story now (my final story arc of 8 to finish up on) and that tuning along with white-purple-blue crystal is gonna look soooo sweet in the ‘Excalibur’ weapon of SWTOR – – the Attuned Pummeler (Lightsaber)
p.s. My sorc’s Lord Kallig’s Scorching Lightsaber is awesome w/ Charred Orange crystal and Overcharged tuning :p

I would like to see some guides for the 3rd and 4th VotMG bosses. There’s some stuff online but the narration regarding the mechs leaves a lot to be desired.


The same individuals responsible for the rampant Disqus post thefts are the same people responsible for the proliferation of mattress stores on every corner. Discuss…

[OP: Fred G!]

Hey TOR people.

I’d just like to drop a link, so that you guys can SEE how a proper MMO company does a cast.

Notice how they conduct themselves. None of that “OH! I’m SOOOO excited about this!”, juvenile crap.

Notice how they put the systems designer AND the combat designer online, explaining the content. Nevermind the content itself. I’m having SO MUCH fun trying out different builds. Of course not all of them are going to be Endgame viable, but screw that. Having a dps/healer combo? Tank/healer combo? Go right ahead buddy. Knock yourself out (literally, sometimes hehehehe)…

Looking forward to the outfit system. It’s VERY interesting. What’s the point of being a badass, if you don’t LOOK badass, right? Well, more “badassery” is coming.

And it seems they actually use the PTS to listen to player feedback. Damn, that would be a great idea in TOR, right? RIGHT?!?

Cast starts at 12:30. It’s a long one… Because there’s lots of content. 😉

Signing off, places to rob, people to kill… A Nightblade’s life is hard…

All of this is great, and I agree with you on every single thing…. but this is Elder Scrolls. Which means that I will personally never be playing this game, because I am not at all interested. It’s sad really, because the company is really doing a great job for ESO.

But there is no need for comparison. It’s not ESO versus SWTOR. Most people that play one of these games, wouldn’t really want to play the other one. So even though the market for both games surely overlaps, it’s not the same.

I play both games, but I think he´s pointing at the development of content and the amount of new stuff ESO is putting up all the time. I dont compare this 2 games because they are nothing alike, but in terms of new content SWTOR is painful to watch

I’m going to echo some of what Mer Vila said.
I was playing both games (as well as Wildstar and Star Trek Online) and playing ESO is, ultimately what led to me quiting SWTOR this past summer. It isn’t the UI, the mechanics, the Star Wars vs Fantasy or any of that. I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan and a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan. Anything that is a complete escape from reality I enjoy.

In the end it was the content, the quality, the the frequency, the polish and the entertainment value vs money spent. I know A LOT of players who came to ESO from SWTOR, but yeah not everyone likes both types of games I wouldn’t go so far as to say “most” players wouldn’t play both games.

Yeah there is a sharp learning curve from a tab target game to a twitch targeting game, but I would argue that once you become accustomed to ESO’s system it is a ton of fun.

I don’t think that many of the players left in SWTOR will leave anytime before the servers are shut down and those who do leave I anticipate will go to single player games, not ESO. But I would encourage anyone who liked Skyrim to give ESO another try because it has come along way since it launched.

If I hadn’t burnt myself out of SWTOR by playing WAY to much I might still be playing it casually. But because of content quality and release I’m much more likely to be spending my money on ESO.

I don’t care about ESO because I don’t like the theme, it’s simple as that. And I am not an MMO gamer, I only play SWTOR because it’s Star Wars. If and when I stop playing SWTOR, I will just focus on other strategy games that I currently have, like Civilization 6 and a few more.

Back to good ‘ole 1997 Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight / Mysteries of the Sith for me if SWTOR shuts down – still a whole lotta community custom made single player and mp content out there!

Great games. I’ve been getting the itch for a Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy re-run myself. Might just do that…

I can only speak for myself, obviously.

But being a big fan of both KotOR and the Elder Scrolls series, this is right up my alley.

Would I be interested in playing ESO if TOR was going strong? Yeah, maybe. Maybe I’d dabble a bit in both. But Star Wars is my first love. And believe me Kosto, to come to the point of actually uninstalling TOR… I’m really fed up with these guys.

Now, no game is perfect. I have my problems with ESO, but they’re really minor ones. If I really had to choose, I’d pick TOR’s combat system. But ESO’s is fun too. Maybe not so precise.

It’s just that TOR is not worth spending my money on. Not when these guys are doing such a great job in Tamriel. It’s more bang for the buck. There is just no way to question that.

I’m playing ESO and The Secret World Legends. I found out that TSW went f2p, caught it on Steam, and I was always interested in that game, with the Templars, Illuminati… Reminds me a bit of my Call of Kthulhu days of playing pen and paper. I tell you, it’s a WEIRD game. I’ve only scratched the surface on that one.

But TOR I won’t play anymore. Not in the near future.

Funny thing is, SWTOR (EA/BW) THEMSELVES could do EXACTLY THAT because ESO uses the SAME ENGINE as SWTOR does (albeit SWTOR’s is just a fork of Hero Engine, and ESO is maybe the actual engine and not a fork).

SWTOR could be doing things like ESO is, but noooooo…. ANTHEMMMMMMMM

pfffs… swtor was supposed to be the “WoW killer”. Now they pretend Anthem to be a “Destiny killer”. Guess what, rest of that you can tell yourselfs.

(Forgive second post, can’t edit) ……and that is painful, because they can’t think of their own, they won’t make anything from themselfs. All they can do is “copy-paste” with some different schemes of stuff. That pisses me off. Hell, even tor had to have same graphics and combat as WoW, since it was “it’s killer” lmao. *sigh*

Painful and sad. REALLY sad, when we stop to think that BioWare was one of the best gaming studios there ever was. Apart from Bethesda and their Elder Scrolls series of games, I cannot think of another company that made such excellent games as Baldur’s Gate I AND II, Icewind Dale, Neverwinter Nights 1, Jade Empire, Dragon Age, Mass Effect…

“Anthem” is NOT what they were made famous for. They are negating their gaming DNA, and while I don’t really want them to fail, I feel they are going down a path the players may not want to follow…

(See what I did there??? See???)


anthem is hiring for microtransactions engineer what does that tell you? they didnt learn a god dam thing from bf2 smh

Learned??? They’re putting microtransactions back into BF2! Like they said they could. And people will eat it up, and they will love it. Raving how great it is. Feeling that EA dick sink deeper into their throat lol…

Fine with me man. I always said I was a gamer, not a gambler.

It seemed like Disney just made them take it down temporarily so it wouldnt cause negative starwars press during TLJ’s release time.

Oh that’s what it was then? Good, it’s not like the movie itself didn’t generate enough bad press…


…. the 9th most successful film of all time, 2nd most successful star wars film of all time, #1 most succesful film of 2017…. and you are calling click bait articles bad press…

my god you are dumb.

So by YOUR OWN logic, ESO is WAY better than TOR, since it has 10 million active players. Something that TOR NEVER achieved. Maybe, MAYBE it reached 2,5 million players in its heyday.

But a bit above you stated you would never play ESO, comparing it to MacDonalds… Nevermind that in your cleverness you failed to see the statement I was making, but I answered that point already. Pity you missed that.

So which one is it? If numbers are all it takes to determine if a product is good, you have a flaw in your logic. You can’t have your cake and eat it too…

I may be dumb, but at least my dumbness makes sense…

ESO doesn’t have 10 million active players. They have 10 million accounts. There is a big difference. SWTOR has more then 10 million accounts.

If you read the press releases its 10 million accounts. If they had 10 million active players that would put it over WoW.

It they had 10 million active players then they would have more then what? 5 PVP shards? They had 20 at launch when it was less then 1 million active players.

Uses some sense kid.

No you are just dumb who lacks basic reading comprehension

Here you go kid so you don’t try to claim i’m wrong

“Gamespot picked up news from where game director Matt Firor revealed that they’ve managed 8.5 million players in The Elder Scrolls Online. Firor further explains that that figure represents sold-through figures and not shipped figures.”

8.5 million copies sold. Kind of hard to reach 10 million active players when just a few month earlier they were celebrating 8.5 million sold>

Also while not confirmed it is suggested they include sales of Morrowind expansion in that claim.

Ok, that’s fine. I’m ok with those numbers.

Let’s say 7 million players then.

That’s still 3 times the number of payers in “The Old Republic” EVER. Not even counting current numbers, since BW hid their server status, afraid that people were going to notice that servers are empty, despite the 3rd server merge just happening..

My logic stands. Where’s yours?

That’s the thing Paulo,
Guest account fan boy won’t discuss anything SWTOR related.
It’s all bashing ESO with no actual discussion on the current state of SWTOR.

Plus I think you’re being way too kind by saying ESO only has 3 times more active players than SWTOR.
I’d be shocked if SWTOR has more than 250k active players currently.
It’s so bad they took off the ‘low/standard/high’ server status from the webpage to hide the damage.

Noooooo. I’m not saying 3 times NOW.

I’m saying 3 times EVER. At the peak of TOR. If we go to now… Boy, I’d be AMAZED if there were 500K players.

Hmmm not sure about that.
Think the most I ever read SWTOR having active accounts was around 4 million but don’t hold me to that, I could be way out.

But was that pre or post going f2p? Because that a very big difference.

I know that at the time it went f2p there were not 4 million. I mean, if there were 4 million it wouldn’t have gone f2p lol…

Doing a quick look around online and the highest announced figure of subscriber accounts (that I can find) is 1.7 million pre F2P.

So that’s way more than 3 times as many! ermagawd

That is what I remember. Add to that the game going f2p, and in the time between SoR and KotFE it should have went up to those 2,5 million players I mentioned.

Let’s not discuss what happened AFTER KotFE. Or let’s, maybe our guest account friend likes that one as well lol…

execpt of course ESO has never had 1.7 million subs. It has 10 million units sold which at $9.99 isn’t very much.

So let’s just assume 10 million x $10 = 100,000,000

using only SWTORS 2 million (# of units sold only at launch) x $59.99 = 119,980,000

Now of course this is rough estimates as ESO wasn’t 9.99 its full life but of course in its first 3 months it didn’t even sell 1 million copies and dropped to 19.99 after 1 month.

But of course we are also only using the intial 2 million in box sales as well as not including the Digital Deluxe version or the collectors edtion.

We are also not counting any sub fees or cash shop sales, or expansion sales as that would also heavily skew in favor of SWTOR.

But have at it hoss.

”execpt of course ESO has never had 1.7 million subs” and your evidence to back that up?

You’ve gone on a rant about sales at launch and rough estimates, are we now talking about overall gross income?
Since you already have stated above SWTOR is 6 years old compared to ESO at 3 years old so that wouldn’t be a valid argument.
Here I thought we were talking about peak amount of players playing.

p.s. I never paid anywhere near $59.99 to play SWTOR when it came out back in 2011.

if you bought SWTOR during its first what 3 months you paid 59.99 or more.

Yes I do have evidence to back it up, ESO never sold 1 million in its first year or so. That is when it had the most number or subscriptions and active players.

We know this because that is when servers were the most populated.

Like we said before it probably has over 1 million active players now but at most you are looking at half of them being subscribers.

There is little reason to subscribe to a Buy 2 play game.

“Here I thought we were talking about peak amount of players playing.”

no we were never talking about that. The other idiot tried to say that when he took a conversation about TLJ to mean most money = best success.

So he tried to say that ESO is a better game because it some how has 10 million players and thus must be making more money.

I have now shown that not only does ESO NOT have 10 million players but it also didn’t make more money then SWTOR.

Well I can promise you I never paid $59.99 for SWTOR, must have been a deal on, was 2011 so can’t remember exactly where I purchased it but I would never spend over $40 for a game.

You’re saying ESO has never had 1.7 million subs because it never sold more than 1 million in the first 3 months?????
So it couldn’t possibly have over 1.7 million subs now that it has sold over 8.5 million copies sold?
Are we to believe that over 80% of the people that purchased the game haven’t subbed?

I’m also still waiting to see your evidence to prove the maximum number of subs ESO has ever achieved from beginning of release until present day.

And I do like the way you twist the argument even though we were talking about total number of active players ever to play each game.

no you paid $59.99 there was no deal. Seriously you think for 1 second EA dropped the price of a game at launch?

Why would they sub? It’s a Buy 2 Play game. ESO isn’t as restrictive as SWTORs sub model. Not to metnion the majority of their playerbase is on console which console players are notorious for not subscribing.

There is little reason to subscribe to it. WIth any F2P game or even B2P with a subscription only about 10-20% of the player base pays. These are called whales.

BTW did some more research. seems ESO highest nubmer of players in a 2 month period on PC is around 200k which is imprissve but ESO said they have only slightly more players on console then on PC.

So yeah its doubtful here are even 1 million active players.

Again I’ll write it twice just to get it stamped home.
Show me proof!

‘Still waiting on the evidence you claim to have.
It’s just empty statements that mean zero until you show the proof.

You can write all the math you want but I want to see where ESO have not ever had 1.7 million subs.
Happy to wait while you google you head off.

p.s. I did not pay $59.99 for SWTOR -> fact.’

Again you put words where I didn’t write them.

I didn’t say anything. I was showing YOU how your logic is flawed. Don’t make this about ME. MY opinion is that a movie can be the 9th most watched of all time and STILL be crap.

You, on the other hand, cannot prove that ESO is not one of the most successful MMO’s of our current time. Because it IS in the top 3 MMO’s of 2017. TOR is NOT. Deal with it.

And ESO is making less money than TOR????


On a side note, try not to make this about personal offence. It won’t validate your points. Make good arguments. Name calling is NOT good argument.

all you manged to do was show you have no concept of how logic works.

Again your OPINION of TLJ doesn’t matter.

Here this might help you

Yes SWTOR has made more money then ESO it has been out for 3 years longer, sold more copies at a higher price and has a much more robust and nickle and dime cash shop. Are you going to say EA doesn’t know how to get every dime out of someone?

Seriously this is something that no one argues.

Talk about reading comprehension, hey?

Here, this might help you:

“ESO is making less money than TOR?”

Notice how I’m talking in the PRESENT. Of course TOR has made more money.

That’s the PAST, if you’re getting confused…

But NOW? As in the PRESENT TIME?

No way.

so if only the present matters then ESO is doing better every NES game ever made as ESO is the only one currently making money….

Seriously how stupid are you?

no this is YOUR logic.

do you honestly not know what a goal post shift is? You should as you just did it again in the other conversation

By NES I suppose you’re refering to TES, “The Elder Scrolls”…

MMO =/= Single Player games:

Moving goalposts.

we already went over this compared to Everquest ESO is a bigger hit because it has more active players according to your logic even though EQ made more money, was more influenctial on the genre and has been around for 18 years…

But yeah sure ESO is the bigger hit according to you.

LOL this guy is the grandmaster of goalpost moving.
Which is hilarious to watch.
He never actually makes any valid points too.
In none of the many many goal posts moving has he shown that anything that anyone has said previously is wrong.
SWTOR is still on it’s ass.
ESO is still flourishing.
TLJ is still hated by half the people that went to see it.

^ all facts that haven’t changed no matter how many posts he writes.

He basically spent his entire Sunday arguing with strangers (and name calling cause that always makes you look smart) about that we see the glass half empty and he sees it half full.
Funny stuff.

I liked this. It’s been a while since I caught one of THESE. They’re funny. Watch them squirm as they desperately try to come up with a logic that contradicts the facts.

oh this is new. Please show me that TLJ was hated by half the people who saw it.

Now I know you are going to point to RT viewer review score but I’d like to point out that it conflicts with IMDB’s viewer reviews.

Also can you name a single movie that made 1 billion that half o the audience hated?

Ah so the goal posts are being moved to TLJ.
That’s fine by me lol.

Yes it was hated by at least half that went to see it.
You can dismiss RT if you want but lets say I find another movie review site that shows the same result, just a second lets google -> Metacritic has it 4.5 out of 10 user ratings (there that took all of 2 minutes).

A movie that made a billion but was hated by at least half you ask?

Quick shift those goal posts, you’ll win eventually (mainly cause me and Paulo will get bored)

You were the one that mentioned TLJ not me

ROFL you are taking Metacritic serious? HAHA The site that has Cory in the House at 9.6 because its so easy to screw up the scores.

No look at IMDB MORE revies then RT and Metacritic combined. Almost double the reviews of RT

I will say yes about 1/3 to 1/4 of the movie goers didn’t like it.

Ok now prove half the audience hated The Phantom Meance when they saw it.

IMDB 6.5 RT 59% neither of those would indicate HALF of the audience hated it.

Learn what a goal post shift if before you use the term.

TLJ has been mentioned plenty above ^
It’s just funny that of all the things you latched onto from the previous post it was TLJ (have to shift those goal posts into something you think you can win eh)
So basically any site that users rate movies and score TLJ low are rubbish and the one site you named that has TLJ high is okay?
Hmmmm okay yeah that’s convenient.

What now we’re saying that when TPM came out most people liked it?????
hahahah it was made a mockery instantly.

Before you praise IMDB too much try looking up how they actually create their scores and you’ll see why it never matches anywhere else.

P.S TLJ is still hated by at least half of people who seen it-> fact. (You’ve spent days here arguing and not proven a single point, still waiting on my ESO subscriber numbers proof)

Heh Paulo check it out below.

He’s now moved the goal posts to TLJ.
In one last desperate hope of achieving INTERNET ARGUMENT VICTORY! hahaha

How? He already acknowledged a bad movie can be a commercial success. Check my conversation, where I “rate” all the movies according to his “logic”.

The OT only comes in at number 7 of a 10 movies list.

And THEN he admitted “TPM” is in no way better than “TLJ”. It seems he hated “TPM”.

So his criteria is nonsense.

But I stopped talking to the guy when he claimed that returning companions was CONTENT!!!


Check that, I don’t really know where it is. But it is PRICELESS.

hahaha the mega content that was 2 min cut scenes for returning companions!
Quick stop me before I resubb for those cut scenes 😉

TPM is the template for shit movie but hoodwinked the audience into viewing and making a shit ton of cash.
Hence going by box office numbers proves NOTHING.

Still waiting on the evidence you claim to have.
It’s just empty statements that mean zero until you show the proof.

You can write all the math you want but I want to see where ESO have not ever had 1.7 million subs.
Happy to wait while you google you head off.

p.s. I did not pay $59.99 for SWTOR -> fact.

Now you go to income? Hinting at cash shop revenue?

Moving the goalposts much?

Stick to the point. We’re talking players here, not income.

you are the one who brought up revenue. You tried to say that ESO had 10 million players thus it has more revenue. I’m just showing how stupid you are.

Again ESO doesn’t have 10 million it probably has maybe 1.5 million at best across 3 consoles.

No, no, no. Don’t “thus” me man. I didn’t even MENTION revenue ANYWHERE. I mentioned people playing. Because revenue is a different game altogether. YOU jumped there. I didn’t.

ESO and TOR are very different MMO’s. Their model is not the same.

Don’t try and show me how stupid I am. Just show how intelligent you are, and stop moving the goalposts to wherever it suits you.

…. so if they are very different models and are not the same… why would you try to bring up 10 million copies sold as a measure of it doing so well?

so a MMO must always be doing well to be a success… The moment it’s not… its a failure? That’s what you are trying to argue……

So it doesn’t matter how well it did in the past only how it is doing this very second?

Yes ESO a 3 year MMO that was sold for $9.99 on 3 consoles probably has more active players then SWTOR a 6 year old MMO that was only on PC and only in western markets……

man your powers of observations are amazing!

What’s next are you going to claim that ESO is doing better then Super Mario Brothers 2 since more people are playing ESO?

ok sure then lets take a look at Everquest. Everquest is an MMO and clearly a failure since it has fewer players then ESO right now.

that’s your logic right there.

It might be. I don’t know, I’ve never played Everquest.

But there are other ways of looking at it.

Does Everquest take a year to deliver a raid? Oh no, wait. Not ONE year. MORE than one year to produce a raid?

Has it gone through the THIRD server merge in its history?

Is it losing more and more players as time goes by? Even after an hypothetical server merge?

Does the technical staff at Everquest get diverted to work on other projects, hurting the game even more? Delivering the message that the game is not important to its developers?

Then yes, I would consider it a failure. Or maybe not a failure, just at the end of its run.

Yes Everquest has taken 2 years to add a new raid.

Hell even WoW has taken 2 years to add ANY new content before.

So by your own logic WoW is a failure.

Yes EQ has had a TON of servermergers. I think they are at 6 at this point

Yes EQ has is losing subscribers

Yes most of the staff has been moved to other projects.

End of its run? It’s still making new content and has a steady player base just like SWTOR.

But by your own logic its a failure even though its one of the longest running and most succesful MMOs of all time.

Ok. Fine with me man. Personally I wouldn’t play a game like that. Hell, I’d rather just play Skyrim with mods… Which is what I was doing, after sticking to TOR since launch.

All games have curves. An upward curve, and a downward one. Some stabilise and develop a straight line instead of a curve. Maybe that will be the case with TOR. I don’t know if you were around when the game launched, but I was. And that’s not what BioWare set out to do. Most expensive MMO of all time at the time, the “WoW Killer” MMO… I didn’t put up the hype, they did.

What I care about is getting my money’s worth. And I’m sorry, I wasn’t getting my money’s worth in TOR. I AM getting it in ESO.

And yes, it’s about MY money. MY perspective on what a MMO should do. If it doesn’t comply to MY expectations, it’s not good. That’s MY logic. I don’t care how good it was in the past. And mind you, I stuck with the game when it went f2p. And came to the best period of the game, with Oricon.

But now it’s just sad. Cartel Market galore, returning companions as content… Pathetic. But you can play it if you like it.

I’ll just head over to Tamriel if you don’t mind…

So just because you didn’t get your money’s worth doesn’t make SWTOR or ESO a failure or success. It just means you personally liked them.

It would have been fine if you said it was all your prospective but YOU were the one who tried to say ESO was better because it had 10 million active players.

Which of course turned out to be competely untrue. Then you kept saying it was “well ESO has more active players at least 2 million” Again untrue

Now you have finally settled at ESO is a success because YOU got your monies worth. Sure

BTW if you like ESO so much and don’t like SWTOR… why are you here?

I love Marvel Movies but don’t like 50 shades of Grey. I don’t go over to 50 shades of Grey forums and tell them their succesful movie is a failure.

Also please show me 1 single quote from a bioware employee that said SWTOR was a WoW killer.

Go back and see exactly where I said ESO was better because it had more players. ESO is better because they worked their asses off and are delivering twice, three, FOUR times the content TOR are. FACT.

I was just wondering how you could consider a bad movie successful by its numbers, but failed to apply the same premisse to a game. Now that you conceded that a bad movie CAN be a success, that point is moot.

Are you kidding me? I’m supposed to go dig through pages of internet to show you something that was stated before the game launched? That is common knowledge? It’s a known fact, I don’t know who said it. Better yet: if no BioWare employee said it, they sure as hell didn’t contradict it either. And I am not saying they didn’t.

Why am I here? Shit, I haven’t heard that one before… Because I love Star Wars. And this whole conversation about MMO’s is just fine, but if I want to play a Star Wars MMO, I have to play this poor excuse for a game. So yes, I will cry, rant and whine all I can until either this one becomes worthy of being a triple A MMO, or they put it to the ground. OR EA loses the rights to all Star Wars games, which would be divine. Take your pick.

ROFL Now that’s a gooal post shift.

Ok so now ESO is better because it has more content? HAHAHA

Ok so by that rational Everquest is the greatest game ever because it has the most content of any MMO ever!

Also no SWTOR objectively has more content then ESO.

The base game has 8 classes each with their own unique and fully voiced storyline.

It also has 2 faction storylines both unique.

Then you have the first expansion with 2 unqiue sotrylines

The next 3 expansions adding a total of 3 more unique sotrylines.

ESO… has 1 main storyline. A storyline that has what 15 quests? 15 quests…. for the main story campaign. You finish 15 class quests in SWTOR by the time you get your ship.

.. then 3 faction storylines here you have more quests but stil no where near enough as the Faction quests for SWTOR. Then there are some guild specxific ones that are welll short

Maybe you meant Dungeons… ok well there are 15 group dungeons in ESO

and 26 group dungeons in SWTOR. BTW I’m being very leint on whats a dungeon in ESO. For Example the Spider Caves is really not a dungeon. It’s a cave with a bunch of Spider mobs. No story… no interesting boss fights.

How about Raids? Well ESO has 6

SWTOR has 9.

you want to keep going? or do you feel really stupid now?

“? It’s a known fact, I don’t know who said it. ”

I’ll tell you who said it. WoW players. They call every MMO that comes out a “wow killer” then when it doesn’t they laugh.

Why would Bioware go around telling people the game isn’t a wow killer? ESO was also suppposed to be a WoW killer but no ESO Devloepr ever said that some forum poster was wrong.

So yes, I will cry, rant and whine all I can until either this one becomes worthy of being a triple A MMO, or they put it to the ground. OR EA loses the rights to all Star Wars games, which would be divine. Take your pick.”

I love Cheeseburgers, i mean love them. But I don’t go to McDonalds hoping it will close or make better burgers.

I go and eat burgers from the place i like the most.

So are we done? Now that you have conceded all of your points?

Not in the least.

The last TOR had a new raid was December, 2014.


TOR has been running for 6 years, ESO 3.

That’s TWICE the time, if you can count.

The last two years have been such a draught of content in TOR I log on my account, stare at the selection screen… And then log off again. You’d think at 28 toons I’d find something worthwhile to do, right? Nope. Done it ALL, except pvp, which I don’t really care about.

Sure, class stories are superior in TOR. But after doing them all at least twice (and I’m playing it low), it’s the Endgame that I care about. Ops? Done them all. Except this new one, that I was expecting to come out last year.

Remember how it was BW that said that? One year. One freaking year to do an Op. They couldn’t even oblige to that. A schedule THEY made. Pathetic.

Stop wit the food comparisons. They’re silly, and completely off the point. I don’t care about your eating habits. Especially since when it comes to gaming you seem to enjoy eating shit.

yes SWTOR has been running for 3 more years then ESO and STILL has more content. It had more content in Vanilla game then ESO has now.

So if ESO is working their butts off how come they don’t have more content?

Remember how it was BW that said that? One year. One freaking year to do an Op. They couldn’t even oblige to that. A schedule THEY made. Pathetic.”

and WoW said they would release an expansion a year. 15 years later and they still haven’t managed that.

WoW has also gone 2 years with out adding any new content… not just a new raidt but ANY NEW CONTENT

Content draughts happen even for WoW. How hard is this for you to understand?

Your statement was ESO has more content FACT.

Well once again I proved you wrong. Now it might be that SWTOR is done with raids as they don’t get as much atctivity out of it as they do with Story Content who knows.

But just because they don’t make any new raids doesn’t mean that suddenly ESO has more content.

Honestly how old are you? You talk like you are 15 years old.

Honestly I think you’re losing the plot. You really are.

For a game that has been running for half the time TOR has, of course it has more content. For you to deny that is a sign that you are not thinking clearly. So let’s say ESO runs for another 3 years at the same pace. Not a given, but let’s say so.

At the 6 year mark it will have completely DEVOURED TOR. Now I know: this is a “maybe”.

But let’s wait and see. First I’m curious about this “roadmap” TOR’s devs are preparing. Let’s see what it comprises. They’ve already said it’s the “year of the companions”… Great, returning stuff that we already had. Recycling material, the old fashioned BW way. Can’t wait.

again i just proved even ESO doesn’t even have more content than Vanilla SWTOR.

How is adding new storylines with the companions recycled content? Do you even know what the current content is?

If you doubled the ESO content it STILL wouldn’t have more content then what SWTOR has now.

If you think ESO has more content then show me where it is.

It’s not in Quests, its’ not PVP, its not in Dungeons and it’s not in Raids.

So where is it that ESO has more content?

“How is adding new storylines with the companions recycled content? Do you even know what the current content is?”

I just had to laugh when I saw this. THIS right here is priceless.

I’m done. When you consider companion re-recruitment content…

You mean the 3 minutes of conversation we had with the last ones? Oh, and one was bugged if you had a romantic interest in Theron. We haven’t even gone through the bugs. We’ll leave that to another guest account you make when someone like me ruffles your feathers proving that another game is doing a better job than the one you defend. But speaking of which: is Kuat Drives fixed? Or is it STILL BUGGED? DESPITE the fact that they’ve claimed to have it fixed TWICE?

Next you’re going to defend Star Fortresses or something like that. Or the Dark vs Light “event”. Hell, throw in KotFE and KotET too. THAT was great content right there buddy…

You’ve proven NOTHING mate. Just that you love TOR. Well, good on you. Keep doing what you love. I’ll do the same.

… how stupid are you? They add the companions as part of the storyline quests…. speaking of there are more quests in the two new expansions then ESO’s Main Story line and TWO of the faction quest lines COMBINED

Do you think you just go to one place and click on the companoin and they join? No they are added in through the quests. Seriously have you ever played SWTOR?

Oh my… I didn’t think you would be dumb enough to bring up bugs.

Do you reallly want to talk about bugs and ESO? ESO is STILL the most buggy MMO out there. But please lets have at it.

Or did you realize your mistake and want to back off?

What have I proven?

1. ESO doesn’t have 10 million active players… it doesn’t even have 1 million active players let alone 1 million subscribers.

2. SWTOR has made more money then ESO

3. SWTOR has more content then ESO

I’m sure there is more but that should be enough to shut you up.

Unless you want me to continue to school you.

If ESO was keeping you happy you wouldn’t be on a SWTOR site complaining about a game you don’t play.

Hey you still haven’t answered the question.

If ESO is taking WoW head on why did it run to consoles with its head between its legs?

Completely irrelevant. We’re not talking about ESO developers, we’re talking TOR’s.

And I’m glad they didn’t. They ARE taking the “fight” to WoW. I wish TOR was doing the same.

no it’s absollutely not irrelevent. You made the claim that SWTOR was supposed to be a WoW Killer.

The best you can do is be hypocritical. Wow… that’s just sad.

Also yeah WoW is so… scared of ESO.

See when SWTOR launched it did hurt WoW… so much so they completely changed how the made new content. They even said because of SWTOR they are delievering more story based content.

This started in MOP and has continued to this day.

Funny thing after Warhammer Online came out WoW made a huge shift to add achievemnts and more meaningful PVP.

Yet when ESO came out WoW changed nothing…. yes ESO was so bad it didn’t affect WoW in any way what so ever.

But yeah sure go on and tell me how ESO is taking the fight to WoW… by spending all of its time and effort to release on consoles so it doesn’t completely fail.

“But now it’s just sad. Cartel Market galore, returning companions as content… Pathetic. But you can play it if you like it.

I’ll just head over to Tamriel if you don’t mind…”

So my response to this is just Why would you bother playing ESO if you have Skyrim? Better graphics, more content, better combat,

ESO doesn’t do anything better then Skyrim does.

So why? pathetic.

Now, now… I thought YOU had already stated taste doesn’t matter…

EXCEPT when it’s YOUR taste I take it…

no see i’m mocking you.

You call yourself a raider…. and yet this is what you call raiding. It has nothing to do with taste it has everything to do with you being an idiot.

If you like this rading wait till you see Everquests Raiding. It’s gonna blow you away.

Maybe it will. Perhaps I’m losing out man. ANOTHER game that kicks TOR’s ass. Thanks, I’ll be sure to check it out…

my god you’re an idiot. How do you not catch on to this?

explain to me how ESO is going toe to toe with WoW by running away and investing in consoles instead of PC?

are you claiming 7 million players paying a sub to ESO? Cause that’s not happening.

7 million for a game across 3 platforms that is buy to play? Sure probably especially since you can get it for $9.99. I picked up a copy 1 month after launch at Walmart for $19.99 because the launch was so bad.

Course even for a Buy 2 play game that is on 3 different platforms 10 million units sold isn’t very good.

EA considers that a huge loss and under performing as shown by Battlefront 2.

Or are you saying there are currnetly 7 milliion people playing it… because there is no way that is happening either. Again they have fewer PVP shards then at launch. No way has active population reached more then 1.5 million At best maybe 1 million sure and that’s more then SWTOR.

But of course SWTOR is a 6 year old game only on PC while ESO is only 3 years and across 3 platforms.

No, I’m claiming that a lot more than 1,5 million players are PLAYING the game. I never mentioned subs. That’s a different matter altogether. Don’t put words where I didn’t write them. Yes, I’m claiming a large number of people are PLAYING ESO. All of them bought the game. That’s a given.

TOR is a grave. BioWare just merged servers, and last time I played, which was not so long ago, population was already declining AFTER the merge. To the point that they hid their server status. Claiming it was because there was a “bad reading” from the numbers. Yeah, right. And ONLY NOW, after 6 years they decided it was “wrong”…

It is not wrong. Population is still declining. It stated going downhill with KotFE, and it hasn’t stopped. BioWare just doesn’t want to acknowledge it.

Yep, TOR is a 6 year old bad experiment. A failed game that NEVER, I repeat so that you don’t misunderstand: N.E.V.E.R. reached the heights that ESO is reaching. Oh, and in case it slipped your mind: The Elder Scrolls as an IP is NOTHING compared to Star Wars.

So go on. Log on to your SW game. Find one hundrd and something people online. I’ll just log on my Nightblade and play with a thousand people online.

Maybe we’ll all go to MacDonald’s…

Yes at best there are 1.5 million people playing a Buy 2 Play game that retails at $9.99. So what? If they aren’t subscribing what does it matter?

“TOR is a grave. BioWare just merged servers, and last time I played, which was not so long ago”

Cool! What does that have to do with TLJ box office success?

“Yep, TOR is a 6 year old bad experiment. A failed game that NEVER, I’ll repeat so that you don’t misunderstand: N.E.V.E.R. reached the heights that ESO is reaching.”

if its failed how did it last 6 years? Very few MMOs ever make it past 3.

What heights do you think ESO is reaching? 10 million copies of a game across 3 platforms is kind of sad.

“Oh, and in case it slipped your mind: The Elder Scrolls as an IP is NOTHING compared to Star Wars.”

In movies? Sure

In Video games… no.

The highest selling Star Wars video game would Battlefront 1 which sold 14 million copies.

The highest selling ES game was Skyrim which sold 30 million copies.

So yeah when it comes to video games Elder Scrolls is a bigger name.

Hell if you could show me a single Star Wars game that sold more then 30 copies I would love to know what it is.

To put your box office argument to rest, let’s analise the figures:

So… By your “logic” about movie success, we come to this rating:

1 – “The Force Awakens”
2 – “The Last Jedi”
3 – “Rogue One”
4 – “The Phantom Menace”
5 – “Revenge Of The Sith”
6 – “Attack Of The Clones”
7 – “Return Of The Jedi”
8 – “The Empire Strikes Back”
9 – “A New Hope” (or as I like to call it, since that was the title in theaters when my dad took me to watch it “Star Wars”)
10 – “Clone Wars”

So please tell me if THIS is how you rate the Star Wars movies, from best to worst. Notice how the BEST one of them all – FOR ME – comes in at the eighth position… Nevermind that the OT only comes in at number 7.

SURELY you can’t be serious about this???

Regarding video games… Damn, whatdayaknow??? You actually made a good point! One I AGREE with. Yes, Star Wars games have a history of being bad sells. In fact, one of my all-time favourite Star Wars game (or ANY given game for that matter) came in at a mediocre 32nd spot on the year of its release: “Knights of the Old Republic”.

You see? Numbers aren’t everything… They tell a story, but not the WHOLE story…

You are really struggling to grasp this concept. We aren’t talking about what movie you like more, we are talking about success.

And Yes that order is correct for the success of the movies. As much as I might not like TPM it was more succesful then Empire.

It looks like you have lost track of the conversation.

No I haven’t. That’s why I put the – ME – in there.

Thanks. So a bad movie CAN be a comercial success.

That’s all I wanted out of you. You finally admitted to it.

‘9th most successful film of all time’ so what that means nothing.
Movies these days with enough hype can hit the top ten with ease.
Have you looked at the list ?
Furious 7 is at number 6 ffs
Jurassic Word is number 4 haha yeah that’s tell you everything about that.

‘2nd most successful star wars film’ yip everyone went to see it after TFA with high hopes only to be smashed to pieces by Rian Johnson.
We went to watch it and sadly we can’t unwatch it, if so then it would be down at the bottom of successful star wars films.
This only proved what hype can achieve.

‘1 most succesful film of 2017’ well think we’ve already covered this with the other two bullshit points you made.
Hype doesn’t mean good.

You’re dumb if you think sales means quality.
Just because people wanted to see it doesn’t mean they all walked out happy.
For example TLJ has a worse score than TPM.

If success means money than TLJ well done.
If success means great movie than TLJ blew it big time.

Taste is subjective.

The reason we use box office gross is because people vote with their wallet. You don’t get to 1.3 billion with out being entertaining.

If TLJ was just hype it wouldnt’ have done better then Rogue One.

I get it you are one of those bitter fanboys who’s Snoke theory wasn’t right so are raging on the internet about it.

“Taste is subjective”.

So again you do the switcheroo.

Many people watched TLJ: the movie is good.

Many people play ESO: the game is bad.

I’m confused… How can you use the same logic to arrive to two completely different conclusions???

I can see that you are confused. Facts must be very confusing for you.

TLJ making the 9th most succesful movie of all time is an achievment.

ESO selling 10 million copies over 90% of those at $9.99 is not. Espeicaly when the previous game Skyrim sold 30 million copies

Do you see how context is important?

Oh, context is important all right. But that doesn’t explain why ESO is in the TOP THREE most played MMO’s this last year. WoW, FFXIV and ESO. Those are the ones to beat. I don’t really know where TOR comes, but I can check that if you really want me to…

again Buy 2 Play so its kind of hard to say how many people are actually playing.

But that’/s the same reason I woudlnt’ put any F2P game on a most played MMO list. WoW and FFXIV both are subscritpion only. So having a large player base means something.

SWTOR is F2P so it doesn’t matter how many people are playing since again its free.

ESO is B2P so its the same thing. Also how can you tell any of those as WoW doesn’t release subscriber nubmers, either does FFXIV or ESO?

But please post your link I would LOVE to see this.


Theres no way it’s going to succeed, IMO. It already comes off like a Destiny ripoff and a lot of ppl seem to look at it and go, “Meh…”

doesn’t matter if its a ripoff or not. It’s also way too early to say if it will be a hit. It will largely depend on the market in a year.

Plus you really underestimate how stupid console gamers are.

wow hot take there! Way to be Nostradumbass. Of course Anthem has to be a major hit. It doesn’t take any knowledge of Video games to know a game that has been delayed twice now, has one of the largest budgets in history needs to be a hit or EA will lay people off.

Seriously what’s next are you going to predict that EA is going to add paid loot boxes back into Battlefront 2?

Again you missed what Paulo was saying here.

If ”Anthem isn’t a major hit then Bioware is done” see he’s saying that EA will swallow them up and spit them out if they fail to deliver on this game.

He’s basically saying in his comment Bioware will end up like Visceral.

Your welcome again.

Far more content, better polish and just more FUN!

I know there are those that will still have criticism, but I would argue that those people never played SWTOR and Wildstar.

Who gives a shit what they look like or what gender they are. What’s important is that they seem to be competent at their jobs, something Musco won’t be charged with any time soon. I’d rather watch a baboon in a suit than that clown giggle and fidget around while lying through his teeth.

Also, way to steal the name from an actual contributor to the SWTOR community 🙄

[OP is Fred G!]

TANK/HEALER COMBO. It reminds me of my Argonian magplar. I never played such fun and powerful combination in ESO. Logging magblade now, come come!

Maybe we play this game not because we want to play an MMO but because we are Star Wars fans? It may shock you to hear not everyone likes Elder Scrolls.

Oh i don’t mind that, i do like star wars too. But for me it’s really painful to watch as other dev studio makes a game with so many options free of microshit, with much much better graphics and all stuff.

you could literarly say that about any IP even ESO. If it didn’t have Elder Scrolls in the title people would just think its a crappy Skyrim rip off.

No see you’ve missed Ben’s point.
He says quite clearly the only reason tor is STILL going is the IP.

The key words being ‘still going’.

The point he’s making is EA/Bioware have dropped the ball so far with this game that the only reason people still continue to play is because it is Star Wars and they have no where else to go.
Where if ZeniMax dropped the ball so far then people would find another game similiar to it and just leave.

Your Welcome.

Boy, this just keeps getting better…

So, now are you claiming “The Elder Scrols” as an IP is as massive as “Star Wars”???

Just so that we get things straight.

What about “World of Warcraft”? Is that the same thing as saying “Star Wars”?

You can say that about any IP… Now that’s one I haven’t heard before…

I addressed this in your other rambling incoherent response.

But it seems you lack basic reading comprehension.

I wasn’t saying every IP is as big as Star Wars. I said if you remove the IP from any IP game it wouldn’t’ do as well. That’s the entire purpose of making an IP based game…. so people recoknoize it.

If you removed all the Warcraft elements from WoW yes it wouldn’t have done very well. A big part of the apeal of WoW is going to Azeroth and seeing the world that was a RTS before.

Without it you have a very generic fantasy world

So having an IP is a plus, an advantage. Again, by your own words. We can agree on that at least.

So why did Bethesda make a successful MMO, while BioWare failed to do so? I won’t put Blizzard in there, because that’s a case all of its own. The company that defined what a MMO was all about, without them we wouldn’t have TOR or ESO.

Why did a game backed up by one of the most recognisable IPs in the WORLD fail to be a success? Because, and again using your own logic, no other game had as much of an advantage than “The Old Republic”.

Maybe, I don’t know, it had something to do with the amount of WORK they put into their games?

Because a lighsaber will only carry you so far…

Succesful MMO? Eventually. ESO had a horrible launch that couldn’t even sell1 million units. Thankfully they got a large infusion of cash from investors and were able to spend another 100 million to port it to consoles and sell it for $9.99 as a Buy to pllay game.

Now what are you considering a failure?

You said you didn’t want to talk about revenue however you bring up terms like suscces and failure words that can only be used in such context.

So agian SWTOR has made more then ESO. Therefore if ESO is a Success surely SWTOR must be?

“Because, and again using your own logic, no other game had as much of an advantage than “The Old Republic”.”

When did I ever say anything like that? What are you even trying to say?

Is it just me or did Russell Crowe just show up on a guest account lookin’ for people to fight with?

You could, but Star Wars is an IP that shits on all the others. It’s ingrained in popular culture to a degree that Elder Scrolls- while popular- will never be able to match.

While ESO might be bolstered somewhat by the Elder Scrolls brand, a product with the Star Wars label pretty much can’t fail because there’ll always be die-hards who will stick with it for the IP.

but Star Wars video games aren’t trying to sell to everyone. They are being sold to gamers.

Hence why ESO has a stronger brand in that areana. Especially when you consider that the vast majority of Star Wars games are flops. while Elder Scroll games are consitnally hits.

They’re only flops in terms of quality, they still make obscene amounts of money on day one. Elder Scrolls are hits because they’re quality games and they’ve built up a loyal fanbase as a result, whereas games such as Battlefront 2 are hits because people pre-order/buy at release purely because it’s Star Wars and the trailers are pretty.

That’s why EA makes no effort to improve. They don’t need to when the words ‘Star Wars’ are on the products.

Battlefront 2 isn’t a hit its condiered a failure by EA it was 3 million units short of their goals.

EA doesn’t improve…. because it’s EA.

No shit Sherlock??? I wonder WHY I played TOR all these years… I NEVER noticed it was a Star Wars game…

The only reason this game still exists is because it IS Star Wars. Take SW away and it would have sunk so deep you’d need scuba diving gear to see it.

And you’re missing the point I’m making. As I say in my original post: watch like a proper gaming company conducts business. I don’t care if you like it or not. I hate WoW, but they are masters at what they do. Get it now?

THIS is what THIS game COULD be. Instead we, or rather, you are treated to vague ” we’re still working on the content we are delivering this year” crap, and you eat it up like candy. Well, it’s not candy mate. It’s shit. And ESO is living proof it doesn’t have to be. Deal with it.

And on another note: liking your own comments is like walking down the street and watching a dog lick his own balls. Just sayin’…

the only real reason it exists is b/c of the carebears who take out mortgages on their house to buy 150 cartel pack to deal with their gambling adiction tor gave them

doesn’t sound like it since you just said they would mortgage their houses for enough to pay for 150 cartel packs. Sounds like you rent an apartment and have no idea how much things cost.

Espcieally since you just said you payed for your houses with cash. That is something people dont’ do.

Think what ya like do you really believe i meant people are taking mortgages out lmao. Poor people have mortgages i dont pay cash and close the deal smh you seem to have to much time on ur hands…

I havent seen anybody rage like this Elon guy since that Punkass from Russia about a year or so ago. What was his name? “Captain Hard”?

This argument is just as dead as SWTOR. It’s like that DirectTV commercial with people who enjoy having shitty things happen to them.

No one suggested it was a universal solution, so if you’re only playing this because it’s a Star Wars franchise, that’s fine. But, I mean, I don’t see why people wouldn’t branch out when this game insults you, and basically totally relies on your love for the lore rather than producing enriching content.

Yea, nope. I dont think so. Never played a single TES game, know absolutely nothing about the universe, world or franchise itself. Have no interest in playing game that set in the world I am not familiar with.

Worst. Argument. Ever.

“I don’t know what that food is over there but at least I know what this rancid gas station hot dog is. I will only eat these for the rest of my life.”

[OP is Fred G!]

Trying out other foods is how you get bloody diarrhea.

Still, TES is not really an mmo thing. You should rather play the original RPGs, they are very well done.

That’s what makes it fun to discover. I played it for a bit at launch, when it was arguable in a different (worse) place, but it’s still a fascinating world, that feels much more dynamic and alive than SWTOR — and the lore is pretty rich once you get into it.

And if you like a confused MMORPG with barely anyone working on it with 6 year old content being rehashed to death with a cash shop being driven down your throat like a giant dildo then SWTOR is for you.

Sorry Paulo but no. No interest in that game. Never had, never will have. No matter how awesome it may be as an mmo.

Even though I dropped my sub in swtor over a year ago and even though I lost faith in BW even longer than that, this game still is the only one where I can swing a lightsaber and force choke people to death.

Surely Swtor is a big disappointment and only a 1/10 of what it should have been, and I don’t think any sane person would argue against that, but I still enjoy logging on every other weekend for a few hours and do some stuff.

I do hope you enjoy that game, and actually I’m sure you are, especially if you like that World/Set up. It must be awesome to play a proper mmo. Wish they had lightsabers though :(.

ill never forget them announcing a moveable ui as a feature at a con lol. How embarrased i felt for that guy smh

You’re making me want to try ESO again. Should start a guild called “Dulfy Trolls” for all the people who used to play SWTOR but still come to Dulfy to watch the train wreck…lol

Its all very simple, ESO doesnt have EA as publisher 🙂
SWTOR was doomed to fail when EA bought Bioware.
Its just matter of time until Bioware will be shut down completely. Anthem is probably last big game for Bioware.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that SWTOR failed because EA bought Bioware. It’s more like Bioware made a crap game that failed at launch and now EA only considers SWTOR as a test vehicle for their other projects.

yeah that sounds great… but you would have to play ESO which is just awful. I mean McDonalds does a great job of listening to its customers and adding new products but god knows i would never eat it.

Ahh I see Guest Account Fanboy is back.
Going through selective days old comments and throwing insults.

Love guys like these, never actually post in their real account (yes you do have one, don’t lie) and never actually say anything about SWTOR (lets face it if they did it be over in an instant).

Just keep monitoring the comments for a few days until you think up a winnable arguement but never actually post an original post because that would leave you wide open.

What’s this clown posting?
Ah ‘ESO is shit and TLJ is amazing’ ermagawd yeah sure mate whatever.

Hehehehehe… Did I make Smedley go speechless? Shit, that an accomplishment all in itself…

But yeah mate, it’s pathetic.

TOR made me appreciate WoW more, to the extent where I’m actually heroic raiding and even in a guild. When there are more updates to the Cartel Market then actual playable content then you know there’s a problem.

Mischief & Anarchy together went up for Direct Sale today 2/6. No interest from me for these “Lugers w/ sights”

Bohooo…. EA only has themselves to blame. It is not Youtubers’ fault: they only report the general feeling towards this company’s behaviour. Sorry for the employees but many other companies employing thousands of people have disappeared for failing to evolve and adapt to the market…and that market well, it is customers. They should rather blame their disconnected bosses.

History has shown that companies that are only concerned on returning the highest return to their investors are often focused only on the short term and end up failing sooner than later. Such corporations forget that they can’t exist without their customer base…in some other cases, they “forget” to reinvest to keep up with the latest developments and they become obsolete and end up in a death spiral (recent Sears Canada bankruptcy anyone?). It all comes down to the following principle: you can’t have you cake and eat it. Years ago you would buy an game and expect it to be complete, with EA and some others, you now have to pay to get a complete game. Many customers are getting tired of buying half an experience with their hard earned money and the vampiric behavior of some corporations has to stop.

Stopped playing swtor a few months ago due to lack of real content (Kotet and Kofte were not what the original game was about and have 0 replay value, the rest is just an ad nauseam grindfest for gear) and have 0 intent of getting another EA game. Anthem is of zero interest to me (no thank you to the EA system and not interested in those big flying robot suits).

Different method of compiling the list. Consumer Report’s list was based on a simple web poll that was found to be faulty. The USA Today list actually had research to back it up.

In the end its the gamers/players own fault for giving EA such power by constantly buying their products or even worse buying a producting and going knee-deep into DLC’s and microtransactions , be it star wars cartel market or something else.

Play for free if you want and the game supports it, buy a sub if the f2p restrictions are to much BUT DONT GO into microtransactions of any kind. IMO at least.

*Bracing for the bashing*
I have never ever bought any of those dreaded packs and I usually hold on tight to my “free” CC I get from the monthly sub and the security grants. However, them putting the tuning on direct sale is the best thing they ever did in the cartel market. I spent 2k for the tuning and 600 for the unlock without even flinching. Nothing else to buy with those anyway for me…

I can confirm that no buckets have been kicked for myself, or the team .

The team is working on getting our production plan locked down, getting
the roadmap finalized (based on that locked roadmap), and preparing for
5.8. As some others have said, we try not to scoop details from the
roadmap too much, so it means we will be a little on the quiet side
until that goes out the door.

Fear not, I am still reading the forums every day. Keith and Charles
tend to be in planning meetings a lot through Jan and Feb so you will
usually see less of them around this time. I know Keith still does his
best to respond to PMs and the like though!

TLDR – We’re alive, working on getting that roadmap action to you as soon as we can!


They really think most SW fans are complete morons 🙂
They keep posting these speculations but nothing about Kotaku article instead they removed server population health completely from servers.

Show must go on.

Most SW fans of these days are complete morons … or how do you explain SWTOR is still running obviously only by cartel market or how do you explain how episode VIII is so much hyped … the most ridiculous star war movie ever, plot holes, logical errors, and so on.

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