GW2 Alchemist Weapon Skins Gallery

GW2 Alchemist Weapon Skins gallery. These skins are available for 1 BLC ticket each with the Feb 6 Game Update.


Alchemist Axe


Alchemist Dagger


Alchemist Focus


Alchemist Greatsword


Alchemist Hammer


Alchemist Longbow


Alchemist Mace


Alchemist Pistol


Alchemist Rifle


Alchemist Scepter


Alchemist Shield


Alchemist Short Bow


Alchemist Staff


Alchemist Sword


Alchemist Torch


Alchemist Warhorn

gw2-alchemist-warhorn gw2-alchemist-warhorn-2gw2-alchemist-warhorn-3

  • Hixx

    Finally something to skip 🙂

  • Abu

    That greatsword tho

  • AbnerDoon

    The scepter and torch have nice effects. The dagger and sword look decent as well the rest not so much.

  • Lolinda

    Finally something i can spend my tickets on <3

  • NecroWarz2018

    would look great on a mesmer

  • Valentina Overkova

    FINALLY a scepter that fits my mes in colour and style. I am happy. Really nice idea for weapons – magical, colourful, smart, but not too ridiculous.

  • Jasmine Lock

    These are actually really well designed. I like the theme behind them.

  • Paco Chung

    This set screams MESMER ITEMS

    I approve

  • Korey Garabed

    For some reason these weapons make me think of genies?

  • Hentai Akuma

    I want them all

  • 🌻Ellie🌹

    That warhorn is beautiful it kinda looks like a bong with colorful smoke coming out of it.

  • Bryan Turner

    Nothing interesting for a Necromancer unless I wanted to make a new one based off of Elton John or Liberace (who am I kidding they deleted Necromancer today in the balance patch).

  • Alastor999

    That ax looks perfect for a Mirage. Looks better than Veilrender IMO. If it weren’t for the flasks, I think they should’ve been called “Mesmer” weapons

  • Skobie

    nice mesmer skins….I want them but then again that mesmer nerf….

  • KJ

    Does the gold – metallic part of the weapon match well with Ascension backpiece?
    It sure looks like the blue and purple glow would.

  • minion_condi_necro

    Interesting skin set :O

  • Love the focus and warhorn.

  • ReV

    The coloring blue/pink effect is nice, but I honestly hate 90% of them all, especially the designs.
    Might have a reason to buy the focus if some reason I made a wizard character with potions.
    Not a fan of the last few sets they have been making.

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