GW2 Lunar New Year

GW2 Lunar New Year 2018 Achievements Guide

A guide to the Lunar New Year 2018 Achievements in GW2.


New Items

Lucky Dog Lantern

  • Available as a drop from envelopes


Lucky Great Dog Lantern

  • Drop from envelopes or make it yourself. The recipe is 1 Lucky Dog Lantern, 20 Elonian Wine, 250 Essence of Luck (blue) and 25 Lucky New Year Firework


Mini Lunar “Horse’

  • Available for 8 gold 88 silver from the vendor in Crown Pavilion.


Lunar New Year

These achievements are able to be completed one time only.

Celestial Companion – 5 AP

Soulbind any of the Lucky Great Backpacks during the Lunar New Year Festival. The recipe is 1 Lucky Lantern, 20 Elonian Wine, 250 Essence of Luck (blue) and 25 Lucky New Year Firework or you can just buy them from the TP.

Celestial Racer – 5 AP, Mini Lunar Gourdog

Complete the race event in DR during Lunar New Year under 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Race occurs periodically in Crown Pavilion. You will need a mount for this achievement.


Firecracker Finder – 5 AP

Find all 10 firecrackers in the Crown Pavilion. See guide here for a more details but here is a map of their location below.


Golden Firestarter – 5 AP

Earn gold medal in the Lunar New Year Adventure. You will need to grab 12 firecrackers within 4:30 for gold. It is fairly easy to get gold as most people finish below 4 minutes. Use the path below.



Light Up the Sky – 5 AP, Mini Lunar Shepard

Self explanatory, just light up 88 fireworks.


Sparking Celebration – 5 AP

Set off 8 Great Fireworks during Lunar New Year Festival. You can buy these on TP (any of the four will work).


New Year Customs

These achievements are repeatable once a year.

New Year’s Benevolence – 5 AP/25

Donate 100 Steamed Red Dumpling to Drooburt’s Ghost in Crown Pavilion. These food can be found on the TP (fairly expensive atm). Can be done a max of 5 times for 25 AP.


Celestial Messenger – 5 AP/25 AP

Complete the race event 3 times for 5 AP up to a max of 25 AP.

Celestial Racer (Annual)

Complete the race event under 3 minutes and 30 seconds

New Year’s Resolution (Annual)

Complete the race event under 5 minutes and 30 seconds without a mount.

Golden Firestarter (Annual)

Earn gold medal in the Lunar New Year Adventure.

Sparking Celebration (Annual)

Set off a Great Firework during Lunar New Year Festival.

Light Up the Sky (Annual)

Set off 100 fireworks during the Lunar New Year Festival

Firework Festival – 5 AP/25 AP

Set off 300 fireworks during the Lunar New Year Festival. Repeatable 5 times for a max of 25 AP.

Dragon Ball

See guide to the Dragon Ball activity here: None of the achievements here grant any AP, only lucky envelopes.


Dragon Ball Champion

Win 10 games of Dragonball. This can be repeatedly infinitely and each time you get Coffers that grant you tokens to buy more lucky envelopes than the daily max.

Dragon’s Shadow (Annual)

Gain 5 Invisibility Power-ups (marked as # on the map) in the Dragon Ball arena. 8 Little Lucky Envelopes per completion.

Dragon’s Gaze (Annual)

Interrupt 8 skills (using #4 skill Dragon Kick) in the Dragon Ball arena. 8 Little Lucky Envelopes per completion.

Dragon’s Heart (Annual)

Gain 8888 HP (running through blue orbs) while in the Dragon Ball arena. 8 Little Lucky Envelopes per completion.

Dragon’s Breath (Annual)

Gain 4 Dragon Damage power-up (marked as # on the map) in the Dragon Ball arena. 8 Little Lucky Envelopes per completion.

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60 replies on “GW2 Lunar New Year 2018 Achievements Guide”

I never had to touch dragonball again. The sense of achievement completion is only outdone by the sense of relief.

Well, prefer no achies on it. I was a pain in the ass with people leaving the match every time they were losing.
That said, with 10 wins you get easy 25g, so it’s still quite fair even without achies imo.

but the time it took you to get that 10 wins, perhaps you can earn more by other farming method, like maybe silverwastes. Not to mention it’s much less frustrating too.

actually i reach AP limit from daily, so i can get AP only from events, so i need every easy AP instead of any gold :/

btw how did u make 25gold with 10 win ??

It gives you a coin that you can use to buy a bundle of special lucky envelopes.
Btw it’s a bit less, remembered that they were more than 10 in the bundle.
At that point it’s probably better to buy the Dragon Ball Champion’s Divine Lucky Evelope for 1g and sell it for 15-16. The profit is much higher.

I felt the same on reading the new stuff they introduced 😀 I grew to despise that minigame so much, I hate PvP anyway, especially when they shove it in PvE contexts.

I don’t mind playing it a few times, even if I dont like it, its just that most of the achievements run counter to good gameplay. While dealing damage and farming health boosters is okay, trying to interrupt people or pick up all those far flung boosters means you aren’t playing properly while farming achieves – especially given the short window you have to pick up those achievements.

Did they move the last Firecracker because I can’t find it, though I’m at the exact map location and see all the same scenery?

Is it the one on a tiny bridge? If it is, at first glance, it doesn’t seem like you can go underneath that ground, but there’s actually a space underneath it. The firecracker is there.

The Fireworks sold by Pyromaster Zarrt in Rata Sum don’t count for any of the achievements. This is an important point that should be emphasized in this guide.

dude, pls can you tell me, what bring you to the idea, that ANYTHING outside Divinity Reach, where ONLY is chinesse celebration held will work ??

oh, sorry, i did know about that, so it was obviously an exploit and now i should probably report you both for using it

You are wrong in so many ways. The Fireworks in Rata Sum DID work for the last 4 years. And many people used it to cheapskate get the AP done. A notice that this – perhaps unintended bug has been hotfixed – could be nice, since the vast majority of the playerbase knew about this.

man the race of foot is hard. Anyone have suggestion of you did it? I did it with my dagger thief, and lost the achievement by like 30seconds more or less.

ranger with 25% pasive speed sigil, quickness and warhorn sped buff, i got 0 sec at finish line, but got achi

thief with shortbow teleport + quicknes with dodge or mesmer with blink teleport + speed from focus? (not sure), both were faster then me

also i dont know, if supply line mastery speed boost is applied here ?? bcz its give 15% speed boost in city

I use thief with shortbow teleport and leader of the pact 3, your teleport must be finished before the flags for not fail

top 4 best classes: Thief, ranger, warrior, ele.
for your thief run this: Steal 20s CD (traited) 1.2k units, Infiltrator’s Strike 15s CD (effectively) 900 units, Shadowstep 40s CD (traited) 1.2k units, Infiltrator’s Signet 24s (traited).

I did it very easily with a Druid (Natural Stride trait = +33% movement speed passive) and staff #3. 🙂

Wouldn’t even need any passive boost if you have the Pact Commander -> Advanced Logistics mastery as it will give you 33% speedboost while in cities.

just did the foot race with my mesmer(mirage)
i used blink+mimic, jaunt on elit + blessing of the gods ( u can get it on map for 5 min)
and a kite for 5% plus speed
finished the race with 2+ min on timer

I got it on first attempt with my ranger. Leader of the Pact III and GS Swoop on cooldown + Quickening Zephyr (though that might have been unnecessary on top of the Leader of the Pact III).

On the other hand the mounted one feels impossible as did the Wintersday one with a rented mount :/

its easy math for first class, Dulfy use raptor mount, so she have +-20% speed buff, then she use springer for some vertical shorcuts, and mostly she use griphon for basically save hours of running by foot, so yes, you can run this event by foot, why not ?? sorry that i was not clear

You can’t do it with the core game. I guess you need at least HoT for the glider, otherwise you won’t be able to reach a lot of the fireworks. I have only unlocked the raptor so far, I don’t have HoT, and I can’t do it. Even with HoT I imagine it to be rather difficult as you’ll have to think around where to get onto a roof to catch a firework ‘mid-air’.

With some gliding practice it’s not too difficult to get the thatched roof building one and the Crown Pavilion eagle one, but I still couldn’t get the 4:30 achi by a whole minute. I guess they made it so the player needs both expansions to get it :/

I can’t say much about the other mounts, but I guess it’s do-able with PoF alone. And yes, skilled players with HoT might be able to do it with HoT alone. But people often forget that there’s others who don’t have any or both expansions, and I guess the question meant just that.
Good luck though, maybe you’ll still be able to make it to gold =)

Right now I DO have both expansions, but depending on the time it would take to grind PoF up to the point where grypon is usable I don’t even know if the event would still be love…
At least I have gliding but Yikes

I don’t have PoF yet, but based on Dulfy’s video the raptor, bunny and gliding should be able to do all the shortcuts & speed boosts reasonably fast I think. But someone would need to test that.

Just need raptor & bunny to make it easy, i can do it in 3min’s with just those two. My route however is the exact opposite way from dufy’s loop.

I have heard people claim that you can do it with just thief or mes with right set up and no mounts but no idea myself, I’m sure it’d take a lot of practice to get it down if that is the case.

How should I reach the firecrackers on top without gliders and without a Bunny/Griphon? That is the original question. People claim they made it without mounts, but did they do it without gliders (which are actually mounts) as well? I very much doubt that, but I’m open to anyone proving me wrong.

I am assuming with the teleports from the two classes you can get close enough for them to trigger the firecrackers on the ones near the roofs. The one in the middle of the crown pavilion you’d have to do last since you would have to drop down to it without gliding or a mount.

…Just tried it on my thief, I could get to all of them just fine without gliding or a mount. Shadow step in the right spots is key, The mesmer might be better due to mimic recharging the Blink right away, but the thief has short bow, not sure which is better overall as I only did it once. My time for one attempt for what it was, was 5m 15sec, I’m sure i could go faster getting the route down and where to shadow step in better locations to maximize it.

No, do the middle of the crown pavilion first, it will teleport you to WP, which is very close to the next firecrackers, save you at least 10 seconds.

You can only rent one mounting of a raptor, so no vertical movement, and can’t dismount, so good luck navigating inside houses with a raptor.

Just tried the path above without a mount, it took 5:27 with Leader of the Pack III, ranger greatsword swoop and quickening zephyr. I don’t think I could shave off a whole minute off that time, so I’d say no, it’s impossible without a mount.

Ok, after some practice I managed to run a 4:54 on my ranger, so maybe with a daredevil or such the 4:30 is actually possible?

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