SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Feb 12

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Feb 12

New Items

New Discounts

No Longer on Sale

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  • Christopher Tranter

    Well there is the Ardent Oracle everyone wanted. Can’t say it does much for me.

    Lots of deco’s up on the cheap for those still playing barbies dream house. Just seems like a cash grab to me.

    • ConcernedGuest

      as if the ridiculous priced cartel market not be a cash grab … please , lads and laddies and average goon (hail goonswarm) or nerd or troll …
      buying a new companion skin (it’s nothing else than a skin) for 2100 cartel coins where you already have dozend of similar companions is just ridiculous

  • Jep Fareborn

    Was lucky enough to pick up the Annihilator T4-1D for 5 – 6 mill last week on GTN – That’s pretty low all things being considered on SS. :p

  • Dan Santos


  • Rance

    Wow that’s a lot of discounts right there, are they pulling the plug soon™?

    • Peter

      No — they have probably realised that giving us sales on expensive items is somewhat fair

    • Dr. Mike Wendell

      Folks have been asking for direct sales of decorations for awhile now. That’s probably why we’re seeing this now.

      • Jep Fareborn

        Specifically asking for Direct Sales of decorations FROM PACKS – not this same lame bullshit that has always been on the Cartel Market.

        • Dr. Mike Wendell

          My mistake. I skimmed the list and thought these were out of the packs and didn’t realize that they were from the bundles.

    • Meelis S

      EA is smart. They will put direct sale items that are most popular lately. Ofc its logical to milk as much they can before population goes down even more.
      From business point of view normal as usual.

  • Horton

    Trigger warning: OCD, common sense

    Why change the helmet on the Ardent Oracle set? Like… they took the time to round up these old armor sets, repackage them, advertise them, and even make a few tweaks to them. All that effort, and they pick the wrong helmet. I want to give them the benefit of the doubt. Surely they knew they were instead picking a helmet which 1) does not match this set, 2) was already released recently on the Calculated Merc set, and 3) leaves the Deceiver helmet (that so obviously should have gone in here) without a CM release. I can’t believe this was an accident, but seriously, what on earth was the reasoning? It would have cost them nothing to choose the “right” helmet. Why go out of their way to bungle it?

    • Horton

      I just noticed something I missed before… the altered chest is actually a mash up of a bunch of Deceiver sets. The hood of the inquisitor one, but oddly, the chest of the agent one. In fact, looks like maybe the whole thing is closer to the agent set, but with the inquisitor hood, and the bounty hunter helmet? What a weird mix.

      • Marrks

        when you are in summer-autum transition and your body can’t be sure if it’s cold or warm so you just put on everything you find

        • Horton

          Ha ha, so true!

          “Dress in layers, a Jedi must.”
          — Master Yoda

  • Peter

    Love the new set!

  • Darth Vader

    This set is sweet!

  • Chicanery

    Instant erection when i saw that set, brother!

  • Robert Billingham

    I hear you, chicanery. I was like, “Ahhhhh, I just got hard, Kira Carsen. Thank you very much for that armor.

  • Sandy

    You losers r in dire need if a blowjob. Not gonna lie though…A little wet here for that armor.

  • Jep Fareborn

    New set looks like a fuq’n peppermint candy stick ;p – and all you buffoons are swooning over it. smh ;p

    • LOL this is old in game armor with color swaps. I hope I see someone in it so I can destroy this asses.

      • gua543

        Hey mate, I am not exactly ecstatic over Bio returning old gear as CM sets either, but why harrass someone just because he uses it? IMO people that feel so cool and special just because they possess a certain, in most cases currently unobtainable, piece of gear and throw what I can only describe as a temper tantrum (albeit using longer words than your average temper tantrumer) when said piece of gear gets returned and is more easily accessible to the masses are, quite frankly, pathetic. Obviously I can’t speak for all the MMOs out there, but in TOR the majority of the returned sets were not that hard to obtain to begin with. All you had to do was be there and invest some time.

        • Which I did, but I like your point. In all honesty I just really want someone to attack pretty much who spends cash on the game like me. Sick fetish, if you will.

  • Brianna Wright

    Love the new set!

    • Marrks

      sarcasm detector just blew up

  • lolipop
  • David

    Love the new set!

  • ZestyM8

    Nice to see swtor is still going downhill.

  • Argaria

    Sad time for the game, when only new “content” is a cash shop “update”. Not playing it anymore, but still lurking here, hoping for something actually interesting to come to SWTOR.

    But… judging by current state of the game, I’m wondering about only one thing TBH. When is it going to be dropped from Dulfy’s main page.

    • Meelis S

      Just look Dulfy last few SWtOR pages. Majority are only about CM…. Only diehard fans think its ok to have pretty much nothing else to wait for. And when BW finaly release some real content hints the fans go like this…


      • Eban

        That’s the current SWTOR playerbase.
        Basically starving to death and when a Dev walks up and hands them a crumb to eat they’re so grateful for the tiny piece of food that they forget that other MMORPG players are being given 3 course meals regularly.

        Whats really funny if you look on the SWTOR forums they are still telling each other ‘if you don’t like it just leave’ ‘stop complaining’ ermagawd.

        • lolipop

          …. and that is another issue. Like i said few “updates” before. People who are saying this are nothing more than a buch of idiots and hypocrites.

        • Meelis S

          They debate on official forum about companions and romances between them. Arcann for example.

          So RP’s are only ones left mostly. I wonder what is the reason for raiders to keep playing if they have done all opses hundreds of times already. PVP is also a mess but that goes downhill anyway.

          • Eban

            Can you imagine doing EV to re-gear your main again, oh no no no no no fuck no.
            Yeah the main player base has to be 90% RPers playing dress up.
            The other few are PVP vets that love ganking with the FTM class’s and raiders that love showing people how to do ops for the 1000th time because it makes there little sausage tingle.

  • Sabretooth

    I’ve been wanting that droid

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