SWTOR Share the Love Subscriber Promotion

Bioware is giving out items from the previous Nvidia Contest promotion as part of Share the Love promotion.

Note: Chiss Talon Interceptor Airspeeder and the Force Veteran’s Armor Set seems to be for all subscribers and those who subscribe by Feb 27. However, SWTORSHARETHELOVE free 30 days seems to be exclusive to those who have been unsubscribed for more than 90 days.

Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – Share The Love – February Gameplay Highlights”

Share your Love of SWTOR with Friends – February 13 – 27

We love to give our players REWARDS – we’d love it if you share your love of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ with your friends and everyone gets rewarded!


  • Refer friends using your personal Referral Link to earn rewards including Cartel Coins, Battle Droids and more! To find out more about the awesome referral rewards program visit SWTOR Invite A Friend.
  • Share your love of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ give your friends who become Premium Players by February 27, 2018, 30-days of Free Game Time when they redeem the “SWTORSHARETHELOVE” Promo Code on their account by entering it at (Codes must be redeemed by February 27, 2018 at 12:01AM PDT//8:01 AM GMT)
  • Plus, by popular demand, the SWTOR team is Sharing the Love with our Premium Players by giving everyone the Chiss Talon Interceptor Airspeeder and the Force Veteran’s Armor Set – these rewards will be available beginning March 1, 2018 through in-game mail.


  • Rejoin the battle as a Premium Player by February 27, 2018 to receive rewards including 30-days of FREE Game Time added to your account when you reactivate your subscription and apply the “SWTORSHARETHELOVE” code by February 27, 2018.
  • Plus, receive two new in-game rewards, the Chiss Talon Interceptor Airspeeder and the Force Veteran’s Armor Set – these rewards will be available beginning March 1, 2018 through in-game mail.
  • We’d love it if you share your love of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ with friends who join you and become Premium Players by February 27, 2018; they can receive 30-days of FREE Game Time when they redeem the “SWTORSHARETHELOVE” Promo Code on their account by entering it at (Codes must be redeemed by February 27, 2018 at 12:01AM PDT//8:01 AM GMT)


  • Rejoin the battle in multiplayer gameplay experiences that offer intense action; the United Forces game update significantly expanded players connection to a galactic-sized community of players making it easier than ever to join with friends, discover new guilds and reap exciting rewards
  • Pursue a mysterious traitor through Copero in the new story-driven Flashpoint, “A TRAITOR AMONG CHISS”.
  • Join the fight in the new Galactic Starfighter map as you pilot your Starfighter over the skies of Iokath in fierce 12v12 space battles.
  • Battle with friends against Scvya, the face of Destruction, a deadly superdroid weapon bent on your destruction – in our new Operation Boss Fight released in January.


  • Let the Star Wars™ hero living inside you take flight on the back of your own Chiss Talon Interceptor – Play Now!


  • Intimidate enemies in battle wearing the Force Veteran’s Armor Set.


  • Premium Access offers players ultimate gameplay access.


  • Jump into battle as a Level 65 Outlander in The Old Republic™ universe with the Outlander Character Token.


By Dulfy

MMO guide writer and blogger. Currently playing and covering SWTOR, GW2, and TSW.

163 replies on “SWTOR Share the Love Subscriber Promotion”

I see… so if you are a subscriber and have been one, you don’t get any free game time. But if you AREN’T a subscriber and have been playing for free…. you get a whole month for free. Seems reasonable….

Crazy right. It’s like a ISP having benefits for new customers and not existing ones. Blows my mind.

We really gonna hava a moan about how capitalism works now lol?

Tell me about it man. My account was inactive for 10 months until 2 days ago. When I subscribed once again. And now I read about this shit.

Actually you have to subscribe to receive the free month. So It’s more like an additional month with your newly acquired subcription.

Look at the state of the servers. BW Austin are desperate to trick people who unsubbed wisely, into coming back and return to the same shit state SWTOR is still in 3 years later after peeps started unsubbing in mass numbers from 4.0.

Because BW Austin didn’t want you to be “mislead” by all those LOW population ratings on the 5 remaining servers. Only took 6 years before BW Austin needed to hide it. I wonder if the same retard who came up with the idea of the last server merge being new content, is the same retard who decided that the server population rating has been misleading us for 6 years (Of course only when they all constantly say Low now). Truly, it is nigh impossible to take anything King of bullshit Keith and Fucktard Musco say with any grain of seriousness or plausibility.

I feel bad for all those people who dropped 100 mil+ on those Nvidia codes back in December. But not really ahahahahaha ahahahaha

Daaaamn, people where playing 100 mil for those codes? I was given two but didnt care about the second one and it expired lol

Awesome, thanks! You see, this is much better than a stupid “giveaway” like last time. Could they be learning? Nah, I must be dreaming.

what the fuck happened with the story? you can’t make me wait 5 months to fucking kill Theron, I bet they won’t even let us do it.

I want Kira to come back with a kid…the only awesome plausible return of her story if you romanced her as a male Jedi – if no romance then she has a kid through a ‘Vergence’ of the Force, ala Anakin Skywalker.

That would be a genius twist of events. Sadly there doesn’t seem to be a staff in Austin to implement something so clever or cool. Remember that swtor is something the three staffers only work on if they get their Anthem work done in the day.

It beats them just having sat out for 5 years+, until a pointless designated return that adds nothing to the “story”.

Thats not bad. I would say go a step further and make kira pregnant with an evil force. A throwback to her being one of “The emperors children” The evil force could grow at an accelerated rate, turn sith or be a reincarnation of a sith and bring us a new story/ expansion.
If you ever saw “Xena: Warrior Princess” think back to the storyline for the character, Hope.

Sadly Thana could never return. Some players killed her. Only as a Force ghost I suppose. But with everything that’s been going on in Star Wars… Hell, let her come back as a Force ghost, summoning lightning from the skies. The more the merrier…

Didnt she die in an explosion though? I dont think they showed us a body.
She was so cray-cray though She would have turned up by now I think 😛

But they could bring her back. At this point, in what concerns the Force, anything goes.

I mean, why did we have “Return of the Jedi” at all? If Force ghosts can impact on the physical world, why didn’t Yoda and Kenobi go and face the Emperor themselves???

If Leia was unconscious after the ship’d bridge exploding, and the Force saved her, anything goes really. In all the movies, all the books, all the comics I own and some that I don’t but have read, no Force user EVER used the Force unconscious. So I can only conclude the Force itself saved Leia.

At this point, Jar Jar could be a Dark Lord of the Sith and it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

You forgot one:
If they had drone piloted ships in The Phantom Menace, and going lightspeed into a fleet instantly destroys it, why didn’t the Rebels in A New Hope send drone piloted ships at Lightspeed into the Deathstar instead of risking death and defeat to do the dangerous trench run?

It’s true. I mean at this point they have to know what they are doing for teh next 6 months. The only reason it would take so long to publish it is if they need to find a way to sugar coat all the bad shit that is coming down the pipe.

Dear Dulfy,

Let me get this clear and please correct me if I am wrong.

EA/Bioware stabs SWTOR players (subs, preferred and f2p) in the back by embezzling resources away from SWTOR to benefit Anthem… Embezzlement is still a corporate crime in America, is it not?

EA/Bioware have left SWTOR in such a developmental lurch to the point that insiders have tipped Kotaku off about a potential shut-down of SWTOR… There are only three insiders who could have let the Cathar out of the bag, correct?

EA/Bioware actually thinks that we gamers will be so stupid as to spend actual money subscribing to a virtually abandon-ware state MMO for a set of armor and a speeder recycled from a previous promotion… Am I correct in this observation?

I respect your efforts in guiding us through these games. You’ve saved us all from a ton of unnecessary headaches and you are much appreciated! However, in light of this shameless and glaringly unethical behavior of EA/Bioware, would you please consider shutting down any further coverage of SWTOR?

You owe it to yourself for your own reputation and as a fellow gamer. This dishonesty of EA/Bioware has got to stop somewhere! Be the first to officially give them the boot!

Sincerely Yours.

Explain how a they are embezzling(theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one’s trust or belonging to one’s employer.) resources. That would mean that an EA/BW employee would take those resources for personal gain. REDIRECTING resources towards some other project is something completely legal and very common in any company.

Then you are clearly understanding it utterly incorrect. The author of said article has a track record of revealing many Bioware secrets well before Bioware actually admit to it or make things public. Kotaku sucks sure, but the Author himself does not. To date, all that he has reported about Bioware has been 100% correct.

And in the article, it said that discussions were had about ceasing SWTOR Development, not shutting it down. That is no big surprise when you look at the state of the game and the piss poor trickle of content compared to just about every mmo out there asking for sub fees. I would not be surprised if 6.0 is the last big hurrah before it floats in maintenance land for a couple of years.

Besides the sheer stupidity in what you wrote, it is in no way embezzlement what EA is doing, despite whether we like it or not.

For the record: Embezzlement: theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one’s trust or belonging to one’s employer.

EA (and I hate to defend them) have a right as the owner of Bioware to allocate resources as they see fit from one project to another, one studio to another. They are neither stealing or misappropriating resources from Bioware as the devs being moved from one studio to another are still under the EAWare umbrella.

Sure, it sucks that SWTOR is being forgotten and has been for many years, but EA believes that Anthem will bring in the hundreds of millions in revenue, that the game they are copying (Destiny) does. Just sit back and wait for reality to give EA the middle finger and then lament how Mass Effect, SWTOR and possibly Dragon Age all paid with their lives, so the farce that Anthem will be, could live.

You owe it to yourself and to your own reputation (What’s left of it after such a stupid post) as a supposed fellow gamer, to know the facts before you use big words you clearly have little understanding of, and before asking others to be as idiotic as yourself.

EA has every right to do what they want. Consumers have ervery right to decide if the invest time and money into EA games.

I personally not anymore. Any game that has EA logo or is publisher i avoid. That included BF2 also.

I have issues with this.
Instead of leaving it alone- I must remove it so other people who enjoy it can’t see it.

Dude, sod off.

She owes nothing. Just as much as a reporter that writes a story about a horrible crime has no responsibility on the crime itself.

Dulfy is doing her job. It’s BioWare that are not doing theirs.

where would i go for my daily lolz without dulfy ive never laughed so hard at fanbois/white knights as i have here keep up the work dulfy!

Wow, these seem like some very serious accusations…. if only we could prove that they are true. As sad as this game is right now, I do not think you are justified to say that there is money embezzlement. And the Kotaku article is a piece of crap, I am sorry.

But most importantly, the players that still play this game, are asking Dulfy for MORE coverage of the game (ie Nahut and Scyva complete guides) not for less. What you are asking is preposterous, and you have a lot of nerve doing that. You can always choose to not follow the website.

I would like to see more guides, and updates to guides, and less cartel market updates but I respect that Dulfy’s interest in Swtor is waning right along with everyone elses.

Hard to release guides when all the serious players have left this game.

Even harder to release updates when all this game has left are weekly Cartel Market updates.

As much as this is retarded, I still second you in some way. Why is Dulfy covering SWTOR, a dying meme, when ESO is alive and thriving AND it’s not getting a recognition on Dulfys? I don’t understand it.
I mean, Dulfy is doing great job but still.

Hey folks,

Eric Mucuso here at Biowurr. I just wanted to let our loyal whales know that we have more time to produce a give away for you to sucker old and new subscribers back into Cartel Wars: The Wrath of the Loot Crate than we do to produce a competent, cohesive road map for the next 6 months, let alone a year.

And that raid you were waiting on? We delayed it again, but please enjoy our reskinned Karagga’s Palace now in two different fruity colors! Coming to our lone struggling to remain server sometime “soon”(tm)!

Please no further questions, Kevin’s dad/mom/brother/sister has come for a stay and has completely distracted him from completing the roadmap in a timely manner!

– Eric Mucuso
Community Gungan Swimwear Model
Cartel Wars: The Wrath of the Loot Crate

I would have thought the lack of content is what is distracting Keith from releasing a roadmap to cover a pitiful 90 days. At this point, he is trying to find single pieces of rice or bits of food left on the kitchen floor to serve up, now that the kitchen is out of food.

Then every other player in a romance is going to feel jilted because they don’t have kids from their relationships.

Nothing says “we appreciate the subscribers who keep this game alive” more than giving a huge reward to non subscribers. Now if whoever is in charge of the marketing department will just lean forward and choke themselves we can move on.

Unless i misunderstood we get the items (couldn’t care less) but we don’t get the free 30 Days (this I care about), thus my sarcastic comment. I honestly hope I am wrong.

Just to confirm, I just tried the code and didn’t get anything as a sub.

Hopefully I’ll get the mount and the armour set though in two weeks.


Yeah, you guys are right. I got it wrong.

That makes no sense. They reward returning players with a GREAT prize (ok with that) but DON’T give the same benefit to loyal people who has been giving them money and keeping the game alive hahaha.

Yeah what is the point of keeping those courting gifts in-game if they don’t even work and give ZERO influence – what a waste for the suckers who do ‘accidentally’ purchase them.

Take a seat, it will be a looooooooooooooooooooong time before BW Austin delivers anything meaningful in way of content.

I wouldn’t tell someone I disliked to join this train wreck. Just EA desperate to get more people on board to fleece.

Speaking of Valentines, how difficult is it for EA / Bioware to re-release those Jawagram: “I Love You” and Jawagram: “It’s a Surprise” ? It’s only been like 6 years since they were last available through CM – and no re-usable ones, either. Same can be said of the availability of the Fireworks Bundle. Idiots who manage the CM….smh

I will complain for many things about this game, but not for free stuff on a stupid holiday when I was not expecting to get anything anyway. The Chiss Talon Interceptor is cool, I wanted to have that mount.

Some people that paid for it more than 100 million credits on fleet to people that won that “contest” and did not care, will be regretting that now xD

If they were willing to part with 100mil in credits for a speeder, safe to say they had plenty of creds to start with, that a purchase like that is pocket change for their account.

Then every other player in a romance is going to feel jilted because they don’t have kids from their relationships.

I seriously doubt it. This “swtorista” usually says pretty negative things about the game, unlike the real one. It’s also suspect that it’s a guest account…

Nah it’s not cause Real Swtorista is part of the “2 many unfortunately” Blind & Swtor indoctrinated Fan crew :/ Real Swtorista doesn’t see the scam & laziness done by Swtor’s Eaware crew. Take care 🙂 #WaitingForSugarCoaterKeithToShowSillyRoadmap

It’s gonna be almost year since i stopped to play this game and being subbed and i really found out, that i didn’t miss anything 😀 Same zero content shit

I know what you’re thinking, because I had the
same thoughts. EA has a contract for the games, exclusively. How could
Disney get around that without breaching and causing more problems? I
don’t know all the technical aspects of it, but supposedly there’s an
addendum of some kind within the contract that would allow Disney to
pull the license, or shop it around, if certain standards/conditions
weren’t being met. This type of clause isn’t unheard of when dealing
with big licenses (and what’s bigger than Star Wars?), and with all the
problems and lack of games it doesn’t surprise me in the least that
they’re looking elsewhere.

After Solo + 2 more movies nobody will care about Star Wars anyways. Star Wars fatique.
This franchise is doomed, no matter what.

I will only say when /if that happens. I do not see another company wanting to put any money, time or resources other then Disney ( did not Disney say they do not like to get into gaming) in another PC base Star Wars mmo-rpg. After what happens to EA license to make SW games

Kind of makes me wonder, them giving away that Chiss mount and armor set now, I wonder if this is related to how poorly that “lottery” was handled.

I’ve got a feeling it’s to take the sting away from the roadmap. That and the lack of content outside of finishing up last years content.

We won’t get news of 6.0 until May or June. Which probably won’t be released during the summer. I’m taking bets on DvL or some other lame duck nonsense.

Fuq DvL – worst event ever! Starting a new character to run just for Trailblazer Mount, Hoth Turret mount,or Master Ranos? – Put them on CM or make available same as Share The Disease!

I only want EA to finally sunk, drown up and die. Simply because they deserve that what just how they treat the Star Wars. As for Bioware, well… they signed pact with the devil so they have to suffer that too and sink alongside them, it’s a sadly cost but necessary. They sacrificed Mass Effect to make anthem, so i don’t give a fucking care what will happen to them now. I’ll shed a tear for once a great company Bioware was.

Sadly EA won’t die if and when Anthem crashes and burns. Bioware will for sure, but EA has their massive money maker sport titles to soften the landing when Anthem shits itself. At best, it will be a mild indigestion for EA, similar to what happened with BF2.

Indeed.. True & So darn sad about EA pushing out those Mind Boggling Sports games to Indoctrinated masses :/ That way they can stay on surface. EA shouldn’t have come into any other Genre than Sports. Since those early days Pc Gamers have suffered cause of EA :/ #ElectronicArtsSuitsNeedToLearn

This stinks of desperation to me.
Especially given multiple recent articles about SWTOR shutting down and Disney shopping around the Star Wars gaming rights…

Nah, what will make peeps eyes bleed will be King of Bullshit Keith’s chorus line of defenders here and on the forums, who will somehow (as always) re-imagine the pitiful 90 day roadmap (When released in March/April at this rate lol) has more content then it states. Watch how they try to bend reality to suit their pathetic warped fanboi mentality as the roadmap says one thing, but then the chorus line will fluff it up. A good example?


All the fanbois and even not so fanbois are assuming it is an expansion. And yet, we have seen nothing to suggest that, nor does BW Austin have any ability at this point to deliver meaningful content, let alone a full expansion. I mean shit, look at 2016/2017 and you want to believe 6.0 will be an expansion? Keep dreaming.

The 6.0 mention is just more of the same bait and switch bullshit we have seen Keith display since he began. New Op?? Hang it there. It’s coming. Subs go up. OOOOOOOH King of Bullshit Keith just pulled a fast one on you. That Op he promised? Yeah it is going to take over a year to be released in full. Remember all the new activities he said were coming in 2017?? Hang it there!!! OH another fast one by King of Bullshit Keith, as he delivers Dark Vs Light using existing content and pretending it is new again.

6.0 expansion??? Take it away Tom Hardy!!!

No way that spring roadmap will be in Mar/Apr when we are getting the winter roadmap in Feb. It shows 90 days or thereabouts forward. So think May/Jun in time for summer bs fest. :p

If they actually put out a major release in the middle of the year what would they have for next year? SWtOR thrifty edition: How to stretch your leftovers.

The road map should have been the first thing published when they all came back from their vacation. ESO, Wildstar, WoW, BDO, STO, NWO, even frickin Monster Hunter published their 2018 goals and projects the first week of January, but BW is still dragging their feet in the Middle of February?
What a bunch of losers at that studio. The only reason you don’t have a road map yet is because there isn’t any goo dnews and they are doing their best to make up some kind o BS to keep people paying a subscription and buying cartel coins.
Milk it like it gives ya green milk baby, just milk it…

Agreed just look at when 5.7 and all those articles came out. Musco and Boyd finally do an unannounced live stream which they finish up in minutes. Just to say how great 5.7 is like it was a major release and ignore everything else. Like said bugs in 5.7 or the main article but nope just 5.7 it’s amazing.

They had to announce the night before that part of the stuff in the patch notes didn’t even get patched. Most likely because they didn’t test it until the day before. Those companion returns were some of the worst to date.

Where have you been all these years Andronikos? Oh hopping ship to random ship going “Do you know where my sith is?” this point,they’re just desperate to get people to play SWTOR even though they know that most’ people don’t give a womp rat’s ass about it…lets just face it people…why play a game like this if the devs don’t care about it by pumping in shitty content?

i dont think swtor was a failure.
it is one in the last 3 years as they didnt bring any good mmo content and only kotet,kotfe stuff. which i dont want play on all my characters and only did finish on 1 of my 18 characters.
main issue why it is in the state now is the lack of mmo content in the last 3-4 years and trying to sell cheap content to the players and think they are can do this 1-2 times or maybe 3 times but one day even the biggest fan wakes up.

“but one day even the biggest fan wakes up.” <– Hope so & pref. all of them.. Even those Heavily Indoctrinated Half Blind Fanboys & Girls.. 🙂 #KeithTheSugarCoaterGottaStepUp #HopefullyPeopleWontBeFooledToSubViaFreeMonthAd

Thank you very much for the information.
I am a member of a Chiss RP guild on the german server Tulak Hord and after the Copero-flashpoint we were expecting the chiss mount in the item shop.
Now Bioware offers the mount for free (for subscribers. But all in the guild are subscribers). So thats a really good thing for us.
It would be also great if they would add a stronghold on an ice planet and give us some chiss NPCs for the strongholds in the next future (and btw I dont think that the SWTOR will be shut down soon).

There’s a Hoth stronghold listed in the datamined stuffs on jedipedia so.. yeah, ice planet hold is coming. In like, 5 years or so

Hah, Disney loves the cash just as much as EA. Their target audience are actual children, however, so they don’t have to put that much effort to please them.

Courts and Lawyers…. Product not selling… SJW groups not happy… Stockholders… So there is a little more effort to please them….end result could be a WTF happen…or FTW

It is not with useless tokens that they will fix this game. I think they broke it beyond any hope with KOFTE and KOTET.

I read that bull shit… Keith says:
“When you look at the total year, you received a wide variety of both multi-player and solo activities including a new story, Strongholds, Starfighter updates, a new Warzone, two new Flashpoints, and a new Operation, along with many Quality of Life improvements”

This is about 1/4 of what their competitors released in 2017. Also the Op didn’t get finished in 2017, Boss 4 was released in 2018 and it won’t be finished until March of 2018… In the big picture SWTOR gave players crumbs for their $180 of subscriber money. You got, maybe 2-3 hours of playable content.

SWTOR gave players a shit sandwich and made them pay to beg for more…

“We have a gift for you, but only if you abandoned the game for at least 3 months.” I’ll keep that in mind for the future.

So if I didn’t get the two items in Feb for using the code i’d get them on march 1st for using them code after i subbed? I’m confused :<

So I can only get the extra 30 days if I have not been a sub for the last 3 months? My sub ended in January so this is pointless if I read this correctly.

So as usual Actual supporters aka current subs dont get anything actually worth…. the only way to actually ever get anything is to not be subbed apparently -.” can’t say i’m shocked, subs haven’t gotten anything nice or useful in ages as a reward…

I’m not sure I understand what do they mean by “inactive”. Does it mean that I nobody has logged in on that account for at least 90 days or does it mean that the subscription has been inactive for at least 90 days on that account and even if that person has been casually logging in and playing as a preferred status player, they still qualify for the 30 days of free subscription reward?

I’m guessing emphasis on “new” subscriber, since I didn’t get the interceptor/armor for “all” subscribers.

I wasn’t subbed for three months, and resubbed 25th, so two days before the end of share the love – 3rd of March is, I indeed recieved nothing, no mount, no armor.

Yup, just as i suspected, they found a way to screw up a giveaway that was supposed to fix a previous bad giveaway…

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