Black Desert Sweet Valentine Events

Black Desert Online is running a series of three events from Feb 14 to Feb 28 for Valentine.


Event 1 – Love in a Bottle

2.14 After Maintenance ~ 2.28 Before Maintenance

♥ During the lovely event period, FISH to get [Event] Message in a Bottle which you can Right-click to open to receive various quests and items.

Inside the [Event] Message in a Bottle, you will find 3 types of messages with which you get new quests, summon bosses, or items to sell for Silvers!




Event 2 – Chocolate Fun

2.14 After Maintenance ~ 2.28 Before Maintenance

♥ During the sweet event period, Get [Event] Cacao from Defeating Monsters or Gathering.

  • From Processing (L), perform Grinding to grind [Event] Cacao to get [Simple Cooking] Cacao Powder
  • Perform Simple Cooking to combine [Simple Cooking] Cacao Powder x10, Mineral Water x2, and Sugar x1 to get an [Event] Cacao Chocolate
  • Use [Event] Cacao Chocolate to earn effects below:
    • Knowledge Gain Chance +7%
    • Higher-Grade Knowledge Gain Chance +3%
    • Duration : 30 min.
    • Cooldown : 30 min.
  • Event items [Event] Cacao, [Simple Cooking] Cacao Powder, and [Event] Cacao Chocolate will not disappear after the event ends.

Event 3 – Send Love

2.15 00:00 UTC ~ 2.21 Before Maintenance

♥ During the heartwarming event period, play an hour a day to complete the Challenge (Y) and receive [Event] Sweet Gift Letter.

  • You can complete the Challenge (Y) once a day, per Family.
  • You will get an [Event] Sweet Gift Letter from the Challenge (Y) tab for an hour of playtime.
  • You can show your love and appreciation by sending the [Event] Sweet Gift Letter to another Adventurer.
  • The Adventurer who you send the [Event] Sweet Gift Letter to will get an [Event] Sweet Gift.
  • If the recipients open the [Event] Sweet Gift, they will get a [Event] Sweet Chest, [Event] Cacao Chocolate, and an [Event] Sweet Reply.
  • [Event] Sweet Reply can be used like a reply of gratitude (which contains Sweet Chest only) back to the sender or to other Adventurers.
  • Right-click the [Event] Sweet Chest to get one of the following items:


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