SWTOR 2018 Winter and Spring Roadmap

Bioware has published the Winter and Spring roadmap for 2018.

Winter/Spring 2018 Roadmap Update | 02.15.2018, 05:35 PM

Hey everyone,

I think for all of us, this Roadmap process we started last year could stand a bit of improvement. Instead of providing information every 90 days or so, it’s taking a lot longer to get you any information about what we’re planning, and honestly, that needs to change. I’m still reticent about communicating details beyond 90 days, but I do want you to be comfortable with our direction and where we are headed.

With this in-mind, we’ve decided to use the Forums as the means to get you the information about the next couple months versus waiting for a Roadmap. This will allow us to be more responsive to your questions, address your concerns, and maintain a better dialog going forward. It also helps us (especially me) to stay available and not make it seem like we’ve disappeared into the ether. Here is what you can expect in March and April this year (2018):

March 13 – Game Update 5.8 – Command Authority


  • Izax, The Destroyer – The 5th and final boss from the Gods from the Machine Operation. There will be two modes with Izax; Story and Master mode. This also means we will not be offering a full Master Mode for all bosses in the Operation. This was an especially difficult decision for me to make, as I have loved the interaction between developers and our raiding community. Yet, based on what we’re planning for this year and beyond, it’s better to focus on the upcoming group content.
  • However, we are going to run a special Izax event for those who are worthy enough to defeat him. Everyone who does will have an opportunity to receive a new achievement, a special and unique Title, and a new and very enticing Legacy-based reward.
  • Note, we’ll deliver the Title and Reward when we launch Game Update 5.9 – The Nathema Conspiracy.

Conquest Revamp:

  • We have all enjoyed receiving our rewards each week! Ok, in reality, we’ve had our fair share of issues this past year, but going forward, we want Conquests to be a consistently fun activity for Guilds and individual participants.
  • As a result, we’ve made substantial improvements to the Conquest system including a new interface, new daily objectives, new missions, and more. Most importantly, we have rewritten the backend system to ensure you benefit from your weekly efforts. Look for details in an upcoming blog or forum post.
  • A new Conquest Vendor will appear for those who complete their personal conquests each week. It’ll initially have Decorations and a new Companion boost called the Commander’s Compendium which will increase your active companion to influence level 50. More on this below.


  • Arcann Romance – Everyone’s favorite former villain has had a change of heart and may be more “available” than he was previously.
  • Companion Return: Vector – Imperial Agents will see the return of Vector Hyllus! Easily the best member of the Killik hivemind.
  • Companion Return: Ashara Zavros will return to the Sith Inquisitor’s side. How will things go with her former master?
  • Commander’s Compendium – Personally, I like having various companions with influence level 50 available and depending on the fight, I might want a ranged DPS, or a melee type healer, or whatever. I also like the various animations and barks from a variety of our companions. We are introducing a new companion gift that can immediately raise the influence level of your companion to 50, but it’s expensive, requires some crafting, and requires you to complete your Personal Conquest objectives before you can purchase it from the vendor.

Cartel Market: We improved the way we operated the Cartel Market last year based on your feedback. The team is looking at making additional big changes starting with Game Update 5.8. We’ll give you more details when we’re a few days away from release.

April – Game Update 5.9 – The Nathema Conspiracy

  • This year’s story has shown the final ramifications of the path that Valkorion first chose when he devastated Nathema, so it’s only natural that we go there to bring that story to its exciting conclusion.
  • We’ve added powerful new Augments for those who need additional stats to help take down Izax in Master Mode. Or, you simply want to be OP! In this new Flashpoint, we’ll provide legacy-based Crafting Patterns (Bind-on-Pickup – BOP) which will drop randomly off mobs and Bosses. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you may also find a Bind-on-Equip (BOE) version of the same patterns. We’ll follow up with the materials needed to craft the Augments.


  • Izax offers an amazing new reward
  • We are providing a new vendor just outside the Gods from the Machine Operation offering special items to those players who have earned an achievement for killing Izax, The Destroyer.


  • Companion Return: Felix Iresso – The Jedi Consular’s loyal soldier has had a rough time these last few years – can the Consular help him?
  • Companion Return: Mako and Akaavi – Bounty Hunters and Smugglers are reunited with this duo, who’ve been working together during the players’ absence.

Subscriber Rewards: We have a series of Subscriber promotions throughout the next few months… look for details in your email, on the Launcher, or on the SWTOR website. For example, the February Share your Love of SWTOR started yesterday and ends February 27, 2017.

Beyond April – Discussion Topic!
As we look back to 2017 and now beyond the conclusion of the traitor storyline, we are planning to continue delivering content in the same manner throughout 2018. When you look at the total year, you received a wide variety of both multi-player and solo activities including a new story, Strongholds, Starfighter updates, a new Warzone, two new Flashpoints, and a new Operation, along with many Quality of Life improvements.

We heard feedback from some of you indicating you missed having a more “traditional” expansion and you’d rather wait so it all comes at once. I like having updates released regularly versus waiting long periods of time in-between patches. Although this remains our current plan, we are also laying out what we’ll include in a 6.0 Game Update. We’ll keep you informed of our summer, fall and winter plans throughout the coming months.

We look forward to expanding more on what you can expect in 5.8, 5.9, and beyond! As often as we can, we will be around in the thread to answer your many questions about those updates. Looking forward to having some good discussions.

— Keith

Winter/Spring 2018 Roadmap Update | 02.15.2018, 07:13 PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Anysao View Post

Keith, I understand that you probably can’t tell us much about IZAX’s special rewards just yet, but I do have two questions I hope you can answer:

1: Will this special reward be time-locked? Your post seemed to imply that we would have to defeat IZAX prior to 5.9 to receive this prize. I was thinking something like the Dread Fortress and Dread Palace special titles that were rewarded during their “Nightmare Power” events in 2014.

2: Will this special prize be offered for both Story Mode and Master Mode?

Good questions

1: Yes, it will be time locked between 5.8 and 5.9. You must defeat Izax on Veteran Mode (we are messaging it as Master due to difficulty) during that time to earn the reward. This is very similar to the Nightmare Power event.

2: Veteran (Master) mode only.

3: Quick explanation on the rewards. Beating Izax during this period will grant you a time locked Achievement, exclusive title, and special reward within your legacy. After 5.9 you can no longer earn that Achievement or Title. The special reward will then become a very rare drop off of Izax which will be a BoP version, instead of Legacy-wide.


Winter/Spring 2018 Roadmap Update | 02.15.2018, 07:18 PM
Originally Posted by AnonDark View Post
Do you have any information about pvp Season 9?

Currently it is looking like Season 9 will end sometime in the summer, but that isn’t locked currently. As soon as we have more information on and end time + rewards we will let you know.

I saw some other questions as well about PvP content. Currently there is none planned in 5.8 or 5.9 but that doesn’t mean it isn’t being planned or worked on. As soon as we have any information on new PvP content we will let you know!


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“We are introducing a new companion gift that can immediately raise the influence level of your companion to 50, but it’s expensive”
Read, going to cost a lot of CARTEL COINS…

LOL. Disney did that on April 25, 2014. SWTOR was the only thing that kept this fandom going and now it is basically dead, too.

True…still the 3 EA stooges managed to survive somehow…We need someone to put them out of the misery for good….

“When you look at the total year, you received a wide variety of both multi-player and solo activities including a new story, Strongholds, Starfighter updates, a new Warzone, two new Flashpoints, and a new Operation, along with many Quality of Life improvements.”

This is less than half of what other games have given their players, its garbage.

These dev’s have forced players to set the bar extremely low, they have trained their most devoted to not have any faith in their ability to deliver anything meaningful so that when they do finally give you something it’s more than you expected. The paying customers deserve so much more for their time, money and loyalty to this dying game.
They deserve some honestly and respect from these dev’s, instead the studio is just trying to get 1 last tug of green milk out of you before it all vanishes like a force ghost.

total year :

new story :
what? Not really a story.

strongholds : yes but small strongholds

updates : yes

a new warzone:

two new flashpoints:

a new operation :
too slowly +

many quality
of life improvements: yes

6.0 Game Update….NOT expansion learn to read!!….pretty much 4 more CXP levels playing the same old content over and over again and that’s all folks. Keepp subb we need to complete Anthem!

Super idiotic to have the new boss in Story and… Master Mode? Why not just call it Veteran Mode, like ALL the other bosses in TOS, Ravagers and GOTM, since Master (previously NiM) has been discontinued since a very long time ago, and just make the fight harder?

This is the most stupid thing I have seen in SWTOR after the KOTFE/KOTET fiasco, and that says a lot.

This is a very disappointing road map, even after not having any expectations at all.

And now I see that it will indeed be Veteran Mode, but Keith refers to it as Master Mode because it will be…. difficult. This game man :”)

We didn’t receive a new raid in 2017, we got 3 out of 5 bosses. To top it all, you just said only the last boss will have a HM version. (RIP NiM, forever in our hearts)
The new warzone is an Alderaan reskin.
The Starfighter updates – who even plays that?
The new strongholds – Manaan is too small, the Umbaran train is a reskin of the flashpoint.
The new flashpoints – bet it took you a lot of time and effort to make two 4-man dungeons.
Not even going to get into the QoL stuff.
This can barely be called an expansion, and they stretched it over the whole year.

Then again, ALL bosses actually have a Veteran Mode (HM)…. and apparently this is what the last boss will have too.

So let me get this straight – the raid only has two difficulty settings (not that surprising since ToS and Ravagers were the same, oh well) and the final boss will also have a SM and HM version, but the HM version is named NiM because of reasons?


The new warzone is an Alderaan reskin: true
Starfighter: RIP
New strongholds, Manaan is too small, the Umbaran train is a reskin of the flashpoint: Manaan is nice but too small. Umbaran train is nice. A starship stronghold would be nice.
New flashpoints : group content? Really?
That’s not an expansion for me !

So that’s it.
March one operation boss and some companions.
April one flashpoint and some companions.
Its even less than I imagined.

That’s half of 2018 new content right there.
How they have the nerve to ask for a subscription is beyond me.

6.0 Game Update….NOT expansion learn to read!!….pretty much 4 more
CXP levels playing the same old content over and over again (if 6.0 ever happens of course) and that’s
all folks Keepp subb we need to complete Anthem!

In the words of Samuel L.Jackson “This motherfucking roadmap sucks…why would people still continue to play this motherfucking game whose dumbass devs continue to beat it like a dead horse?”

How people still pay for this freak show is beyond me. Unless you are in a guild, regularly play with a group of good friends, or both, I see no reason to pay for this.

But hey, maybe it’s just me…

I re-subbed to help my guild with Iokath. That is over done with I have almost no reason to login right now. Besides a few people I GSF with or to run the occasional easy mode OP on bonus nights when they need a hand.

No expansion means this story is just going to continue on. Never will you throw off the yoke of being the Outlander. There is no bright light at the end of this tunnel.

And the please stay subbed we will offer you rewards. Fine print to keep paying for Anthem. They refuse to invest back into this game why should the player base?

Shit man, that’s what I’ve been saying all along, and nobody seems to listen to me!

If EA are diverting assets elsewhere it means they don’t give a fuck about TOR! Why doesn’t anyone SEE this? Forget the Kotaku article, if the game is going on maintenance mode or not. That’s the speculation part.

The really important part is that people from BioWare, Austin were sent to work on another project. BioWare, Austin, who are solely responsible for TOR. A game that was putting out little content because it was understaffed.

Well, not much of a chance putting out proper content now. Not until “Anthem” sees the light of day.

THAT’S what made me uninstall. Whatever little faith I had in the game went out the window.

And I’m supposed to support the game, when the mother company doesn’t???

How people fail to see this is the real issue…

wow what a fckin joke i have 44 days left on my sub and when it runs out i go right back down to ftp not even prefered fuck you bioware fuck you

I don’t know when it happened, exactly, but it’s just occurred to me that I actually dread new information on returning companions at this point :S

Why? Don’t you like re-recruiting companions? Hey, like someone said to me just this weekend: it’s content! The whole 3 minutes cut-scenes they give us are AWESOME!

Aren’t they???

Totally awesome! Like how Andronikos somehow had no idea who the current ruler of the galaxy was. That was awesome XD

I think at this stage I’d rather stick with the stories I’ve imagined to explain the companion’s whereabouts. Unless BW decide to hire a writer before the game dies, but that seems unlikely after the last few years.

Now Ashara’s story is going to get raped too. Awesome! :’D

For about 4 months of dev time or so this is roughly what I expected (which isn’t really a good thing). Unfortunately no hype at all about 6.0 or any bigger content or features, that’s either a really bad sign or they are just completely clueless how to push out MMO content and get momentum building (even a little), or both.

“We heard feedback from some of you indicating you missed having a more “traditional” expansion and you’d rather wait so it all comes at once. I like having updates released regularly versus waiting long periods of time in-between patches. ”

Who cares what you want, you’ve been trying this and it’s been failing.

Sadly they likely got most of their resources pulled for Anthem and there’s a small (though probably unlikely) chance they may get more resources back after it’s launched, if SWTOR is still exists.

I really hope it exists, the old content is still fun, I like the strongholds (though have waited forever for a damn Alderaan castle option, I mean come on, they have all the assets and it would be amazing), and I have a lot of accrued outfits and mounts etc. Would hate for all that to disappear and I hate it when any MMO dies fully.

Unfortunately they don’t seem to be fixing their mistakes, other MMOs have shown it’s never fully too late to turn an MMO around… even with limited resources smart usage of it in a way that the community clearly wants would really go a long way. instead we get more of the crap we don’t care about and messages that say they hear that we want X but they don’t want to do it. I mean come on.

I’m pretty tolerant and forgiving with MMOs, have played so many and a lot of the most popular are overrated in my opinion, but I’m on the edge of being lost to SWTOR, after playing since Beta, firing up on day one, and staying sub’d almost the entire time, even while not playing, to keep supporting the game.

Get your ***t together Bioware.

So what I’m getting from these comments are “We want a roadmap!” followed by “Fuck your roadmap!”. Aside from the companions being class only, I thought it was pretty good. Is it super awesome amazing? No, but who was dumb enough to think it was. This is a skeleton crew thanks to EA and they are still listening and trying to bring out content despite everyone bitching and threatening to leave or bitching even though they don’t play anymore. They gave reasons as to why they are doing things the way they are and people still complain. Maybe instead of crying because we aren’t getting our way, try being supportive and making the best of what we are getting. It could always be worse.

What you should get from these comments is ->
“we want a good roadmap” and Bioware answered with
“Fuck you, this is your roadmap”.

You want people to be supportive?
What will that achieve?
Will things get better if everyone is content with how little they get.
Like EA will go “oh look how super happy that playerbase is with how little we give them, lets give them more, we’re nice like that.”

More likely they’ll take more devs away (if thats even possible).

“we want a good roadmap” and Bioware answered with
“Fuck you, this is your roadmap”.

You scared me there. That was EXACTLY what I felt when I watched TLJ. Just replace “good roadmap” with “good movie”, and “BioWare” with Rian Johnson.

Damn, I’m going to have nightmares about this shit…

Reasons? Where are those “reasons”? Put up a link if you know of them.

What I know is that the Op is delayed and they didn’t even give us a reason. Or apologise, for that matter. No matter, because moral is so low no one expected them to comply to their own schedule.

But let me set you on the right track. What people want (not me, I’m one of those that jumped ship already) is CONTENT. To have some sort of return on the money they spend. Not this “roadmap” nonsense. That NEVER worked anyway. Because time and time again they fail to deliver. Either the roadmap itself, or the content.

If this is good enough for you, fair enough man. Just realise it is not nearly good enough, even for people who unlike me still play, still support the game. Some of them are regulars here. We don’t always agree. Almost never, for that matter. But they aren’t happy either.

Making the best of what they have for us? Sorry, not good enough. Not by a long shot. Too many broken promises, too many mistakes we, the playerbase, told them not to do. No more free passes.

“I think for all of us, this Roadmap process we started last year
could stand a bit of improvement. Instead of providing information every
90 days or so, it’s taking a lot longer to get you any information
about what we’re planning, and honestly, that needs to change. I’m still
reticent about communicating details beyond 90 days, but I do want you
to be comfortable with our direction and where we are headed.

With this in-mind, we’ve decided to use the Forums as the means to
get you the information about the next couple months versus waiting for a
Roadmap. This will allow us to be more responsive to your questions,
address your concerns, and maintain a better dialog going forward. It
also helps us (especially me) to stay available and not make it seem
like we’ve disappeared into the ether. Here is what you can expect in
March and April this year (2018):”

“This also means we will not be offering a
full Master Mode for all bosses in the Operation. This was an especially
difficult decision for me to make, as I have loved the interaction
between developers and our raiding community. Yet, based on what we’re
planning for this year and beyond, it’s better to focus on the upcoming
group content.”

“We heard feedback from some of you indicating you missed having a
more “traditional” expansion and you’d rather wait so it all comes at
once. I like having updates released regularly versus waiting long
periods of time in-between patches. Although this remains our current
plan, we are also laying out what we’ll include in a 6.0 Game Update.
We’ll keep you informed of our summer, fall and winter plans throughout
the coming months.

We look forward to expanding more on what you can expect in 5.8, 5.9,
and beyond! As often as we can, we will be around in the thread to
answer your many questions about those updates. Looking forward to
having some good discussions.”

Didn’t need a link since it’s right in the roadmap.

As for the OP, they explained long ago that they were dropping the OP piece by piece so players didn’t have to wait until it was finished for an Operation. People were crying out for an Operation and they delivered in the fastest way they could. They did not set a hard deadline for when the OP would be finished because stuff happens. I would rather wait for quality bosses rather than getting crap just so they can meet a deadline.

Before everyone was demanding new operations, everyone was demanding new story content. They brought 4.0 and 5.0 with a ton of story content and now they are releasing story content through flash points so the people who want group content get pleased as well. Thanks to shitty EA, they have a skeleton crew to work with and have obvious issues with keeping up demand.

“Making the best of what they have for us? Sorry, not good enough. Not by
a long shot. Too many broken promises, too many mistakes we, the
playerbase, told them not to do. No more free passes.”

So instead of letting the current playerbase enjoy the content that we are receiving (new story, Strongholds, Starfighter updates, a new Warzone, two new Flashpoints, and a new Operation, along with many Quality of Life
improvements), you’d rather they just pull the plug so everyone is miserable? You don’t speak for the entire playerbase especially since you are no longer a part of the playerbase. I understand being angry and frustrated, but people being completely toxic will not help anything other than getting EA to pull the plug sooner.

Well, we two seem to have a different comprehension of English.

Where you see REASONS, I see Keith stating facts, and not giving any reasons as to WHY things are like they are.

As in WHY the Op was delayed. Oh wait, “Shit happens”. If that’s good for you, again fine with me. But that’s not a REASON. Yes, they stated they could either wait a full year and give us a FULL Op, or deliver it piece by piece, in the coming year. I know, I was here.

Guess what? NONE of those really happened, because “shit happens”.

Again, those are not REASONS. They’re acknowledgement of FACTS we already know, because the Op is not here.

And the direction they took with KotFE/KotET was denounced from many players, myself included. Hence the bit where I talk about MISTAKES they made, and the community (your truly included at the time) made plenty of warnings about it being the WRONG direction. Still they went through with it. Bad move. But hey: “let’s make the best with what they have for us”, right?

That skeleton crew argument does not fly anymore either. It seems that “skeleton crew” has enough flesh on its bones to be recruited for “Anthem”. You do know that, right? So you better come up with another one…

You see: if they were a”skeleton crew” before, why the hell does EA send a few dying corpses to work on ANOTHER game? You can’t have your cake and eat it too, you know…

I can speak for myself. And I know a lot of people think like me. Not that I’m concerned about that. A lot of people burned me right here on Dulfy and on the official Forum for being against KotFE/KotET, and I didn’t change one syllable. And guess what? I was right…

Calling things for what they are is not being toxic. It’s being honest, no matter how difficult it may be to grasp.

Spreading doom and gloom about a game is a form of being toxic. If you have any knowledge of programming than you would know shit happens is a very good reason. I am fully aware of Assets going to Anthem which I do not agree with nor do I agree with my money going to a different game than I am paying for. That’s on EA’s end. Maybe I didn’t make this clear before, but I do not like EA nor am I supportive of its practices. I don’t believe they should have the Star Wars IP, but here we are.

The skeleton crew is exactly what Bioware Austin has right now. Just because they took members of the crew to work on a shitty Destiny clone doesn’t mean anything other than they have an even smaller skeleton crew to work with which has an effect on the amount of content they can develop in a given amount of time.

I had no issue with KotFE/KotET. I enjoyed playing the new story, however I did not agree with the gear system with 4.0 due to it being far to easy to get fully geared. I believe with the changes they’ve made it’s gotten a lot better and gives a reason to play more. The main problem with focusing on story is that this left the end game rather stale. So they announced the OP and were trying to bring it out as soon as possible. This was interupted of course by sending people to work on a different game (again I don’t agree with).

I quoted “reasons” which were in this roadmap because they are reasons as to why they are doing what they are doing. They don’t need to give us “reasons” as to why the last boss isn’t finished yet since it is highly likely due to resources going to Anthem and bug fixes while trying to make sure they have other content in the works. The Anthem issue isn’t due to Bioware Austin, that is due to EA being a shitty company.

Ok, I get your point. But if you think I’m spreading doom and gloom, you seem to agree with me… Although you don’t seem to realise it!

As I’ve just posted above, there’s only two ways me, you or anyone that loves or used to love this game can look at this:

Either they were a skeleton crew before, and the game is virtually in maintenance mode, because every other MMO out there is doing more than BW. Even LOTRO has more content;

Or they were NOT really a skeleton crew, and they are one NOW. Which in turn makes me ask the question: where was the content before EA diverting people to “Athem”.

How is this doom and gloom? I would like answers, if I was paying for playing this game.

Hell, I’m not, and I STILL want some answers lol…

The fact that LOTRO is still producing content surprises the hell out of me. To me, doom and gloom is saying things like “the game won’t last the end of the year” or the usual “fuck you Bioware I’m gone”. Does the game have problems now? Of course it does. But the moment the devs put anything out it gets immediatly trashed even if it’s something good. I still enjoy playing this game and will probably continue playing until the plug is pulled, but that doesn’t mean we should convince them to pull the plug right away. I would much rather complete all the content that is currently out (acheivements, collections, and alts) and the content has yet to come out before they decide to end it. Hopefully by then EA will lose the license and Disney will bring out a new MMO.

Well, I commend you for your faith in the people running the game. I really do, no sarcasm. I can’t. Not anymore. Just a month or so ago I came back as pref, did the new FP’s, the new stuff that was out, and was considering a sub when the complete Op came out.

But these news of assets being diverted kicked me in the balls. I couldn’t take it anymore. I KNEW the content draught was going to persevere. Even increase maybe.

This game could be awesome. It could even take the fight to WoW man. I know it. Sadly I don’t think it ever will now.

I stuck through when the game went f2p. I’m so glad I did. We got Oricon, and Oricon was this game at its best. Hands down. Best content ever. If they ever come close to that, I’ll return. Not before.

Thanks for an intelligent conversation where two people don’t really agree. It’s a rare thing in these internet days. From hard but civil confrontation come new ideas.

Besides not agreeing with much of your tainted view about BW Austin’s so called “efforts” or rather lack of, I think you are missing a glaring point. It matters not whether BW Austin have a skeleton crew or not, resources or not. The fact they still want people to pay a sub to enjoy the full game, but deliver the farcical content these last 3 years is the true “Fuck you” from BW to every swtor player, past and present. And the sub fees being asked are the same price for other proper AAA mmo titles but giving only a sliver of what these other games deliver. I mean fuck, when Wildstar can beat you in content, you know you are fucking up hard. That is why peeps are pissed off. There are F2P MMO’s out there that deliver more content then this sub based game. Hell, isn’t LOTRO floating in maintenance and they still produce more.

If this game was true f2p, that is, we could enjoy it all in full without restrictions, I think it is safe to say no one could bitch about the pathetic content coming out, because after all, it is a f2p game. But when they want people to sub and this is all they offer?? Are you fucking serious?? There is no excuse for it whatsoever, no matter how you want to desperately try and paint that pile of shit BW Austin just dropped in your lap. Got a skeleton crew running SWTOR?? Ok, then start charging far, far less on subs (if at all) to match it.

And I think it is a timely reminder here, that the state of SWTOR is not all EA’s doing. Yes, we all know about Anthem getting the love, but even when BW Austin had more peeps and resources, It was after all, the retards at BW Austin who came up with, and directed all their resources and manpower, to the shit show that is Keeping up with the Valkorians aka KOTFE/KOTET. And it was 4.0 when SWTOR started to go off the cliff. EA didn’t come up with that. BW Austin did. They came up with the idea of shoe horning every class into one story that didn’t fit any class except Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior. They came up with a story no longer about your character, but making you a cameo appearance in the main story of the Valkorian Blues. Oh but you are the leader of an Alliance, but you have to do all the work. Yay?? Ahhh Galactic Conquest……BW Austin changed the end game gearing because “It was too complicated” but then delivered a harder grind usin an even more complex system. All that by BW Austin, Not EA.

BW Austin deserve all the hate and criticism their pitiful efforts entail quite frankly. Why should we commend them for anything at this point, when they are just talking bullshit and delivering even less, while asking for full sub fees.

Congrats on keeping that deluded faith in BW Austin. It just means you are the target audience of SWTOR now – someone with very low expectations who will accept what they put out and congratulate them for it without comparing value for money, especially against other mmo’s asking for the same sub price as SWTOR, but delivering far more. The fact you have played other mmo’s supposedly and you still want to defend SWTOR’s efforts is just mind numbing. But to each their own. Just as we don’t speak for you, that door swings both ways. We woke up and see the cold facts, so we will never agree.

im starting to suspect that the license got pulled or thier trying to figure out how to drag out and milk the shutdown here or the road map is anouncement that their done with tor content lol. I hope all these rumors im hearing about the contract being pulled are true could be be bs to who knows

I believe you are missing the whole point.

Look at World of Warcraft.

Look at Guildwars 2.

Look at Neverwinter.

Look at Star Trek.

These games have been around for as long as (if not longer than) Star Wars: The Old Republic, and they’re still churning out brand new content. Six months since they last added a new campaign, the now six-year-old Neverwinter is releasing its next chapter of the Chult campaign even now with new maps, missions, gear, bosses, skirmish, trial and epic trial. What is EA/Bioware’s excuse considering how they’ve eviscerated SWTOR’s development team down to a pathetic skeleton crew…?

Mainly because everything EA has is being funneled over to Anthem to the detriment of everything else.

More to the point, even Disney has now taken notice of EA/Bioware’s failure and is actively looking for a new developer to handle the Star Wars franchise. And if they do, that marks the permanent end of SWTOR, Battlefront and Battlefront 2.

Good grief! Look at Sony! I remember Star Wars Galaxies. But… Sony screwed up, lost the contract with Disney and the game was shut down.

(No, emulators do not count.)

If EA/Bioware do not have the will to save SWTOR, what makes you think they’ll listen to “supportive” gamers?

Let’s be honest here: They don’t care whether we are supportive or not! All they care about is the bottom line: Profit. We gamers are screwed because when all is said and done, EA/Bioware had every intention of screwing us from the very beginning. Those corporate con-artists took our money, milked all of us for what they could possibly get, and have run.

I loved SWTOR and grinded the Jawas out of it! However, I have wizened up since then and left. Empty servers and a dead guild with 500 level 50-70 afkers that have been around since launch have a tenancy to tip a person off. Where’d everybody go?

I’m not sorry.

I’m at Neverwinter and seeing the dev results and population SWTOR lacks.

The only one of those I haven’t played is Star Trek. War Craft is used to enjoy until friends left. Then I left for SWTOR when the beta came. War Craft also brings in tons of money from subs, expensive special mounts, and every expansion starts out at like $50. They also have a full dev team to put out content with. I enjoyed Guild Wars 2, but again they had a decent dev team that wasn’t under EA. I play it everynow and then but I just get bored to quickly. Neverwinter I didn’t care for, but then again I played the f2p version on PS4. It was kinda boring and at least from what I remember it seemed kinda pay to win with the cash shop. Never tried Star Trek Online so I can’t say much for that one. Our guild took a decline, but since the server merge we’ve been getting our numbers back up.

Aaron Aaron Aaron have you noticed you are in the wrong place my dear? you belong to the official swtor forums where people like you belong. So stop wasting your words here and go kiss amazing “Keith” * please.

Well that confirms the sad trickle of content in 2017 will be all we should expect in 2018. I was holding out hope for something meaningful, but I think my hope is finally dead.

Lol…. well they did make a separate dev post today saying season 9 will maybe end this summer. Maybe. So in their sad defense, they could notify us of season 9 rewards 3 months from now and it would still be earlier than season 8.

Well, i seeing a kinda of “we dont know what hells we going to do, then we let you all decide”, the lack of an entire year planning is sad, even for a small team of devs, bioware really needs focus on something

There are mmo’s out there in maintenance or f2p that deliver more content then swtor. That is how pitiful this game has become. What’s worse is BW Austin was created for the sole purpose of maintaining SWTOR and they cannot even manage one single game.

if you take tera as an example which i played a bit the last 2 years they made 3 new classes,new dungeons and all of this and more.and its totally f2p game
no silly cred limit or other shit like swtor has.
it feels so bad cause i loved to play swtor so much and now see how them fuckers treating it like this.
burn in hell ea and devs

Yeah that is full on delusional. EA exists to make money. They acquire and shut down studios once they’ve drained them dry. BW will be no different in the end if Anthem flops. As long as BW Austin costs them minimal to keep open and the CM brings in money SWTOR will stay running.

I’m sure they are making a lot more money on the latest SW mobile game then they are here. That will make Disney happy because they also only care about there share of the pie. As long as EA pay their tithe and make the right pr moves when they blunder Mickey will give zero fucks.

I’m sort of repeating myself, but why does everybody still refer to the devs working at BioWare as a “skeleton crew”?

Wasn’t that the excuse everybody made for them before? That they couldn’t produce enough content because they were a “skeleton crew”?

Well, then EA cracked their wip and sent the bones to work in “Anthem”, right?

Well, I propose a new classification for these guys. They’re not a “skeleton crew” anymore. The bones are gone.

“The Ghost Crew”. How does that sound? What’s left when you take away the bones? The ghost, right?

Has a nice ring to it. Maybe they can summon lightning from the skies too…

I can confirm that our Lead Developer initiation rituals… I mean parties, look exactly like that. The sheer amount of fear and abject terror on our new Lead Developers face is absolutely hilarious.

I think a better idea is to not refer to them as dev’s at all. Any dev with any shred of self respect would be embarrassed to be part of this.

This seems to be worse than anyone could have imagined.

Its the winter and spring roadmap, they claimed it would include the next 90 days and failed to even manage that. The information included is what was already known, with the story and content trickling out while the companion returns if anything to go by is 3 minutes of cut scenes each for a specific class.

That anyone could see this as good is hard to imagine, they have ignored the issue of how awful the communication with the community has been, how little content has been released being one small step above maintenance mode and how it seems the future of the game is non existent which they have ignored. So it seems Keith is doing his best to drive players away, determined that the only thing to offer is a few operation bosses in the last 4 months and for the last year a couple of flashpoints.

ok i was trying stay hopeful. but i was disappointed cause i set myself for something like this. to show my discord right now. i bet sub rewards will be sub by this date reviece this when the expanison come out just like kotfe

Truly?? After the last 3 years and you STILL want to stay hopeful, instead of facing reality that Keith talks a big game but nothing but shit is delivered? Amazing.

it who i am as person. but you you want opinion on the game as is at this time gone to shit comes to mind. and i said trying. i had beefs with stuff bioware one, biggest one the dvsl event well my thought like most vets.

No, it is pretty much exactly what I expected from King of Bullshit Keith. Now to enjoy the delusions of the fanbois as they talk up this bare as fuck road map.

Got to give it to you there. Keith has run the game into the ground focusing all the resources on ‘Multiplayer’ elements and then providing very little very badly in a game that’s focus had been on story, dialogue and the use of companions. He then drags out a roadmap which no one can understand as everything in it has been known for months. What took so long for him to write this.

If EA or anyone else is wondering why so many people are leaving they need look no further than Keith and the stream of Bullshit. Though I am sure we will have Whiteknights telling us how the roadmap is amazing.

I am tentatively optimistic. An expansion would be nice, I’m not thrilled about the whole conquest thing because that’s just rehashing old content but since they’ll probably add those insta 50 tokens to the CM by years end guess it doesn’t matter. For a game this old it actually seems like a good idea to give us an opt out not On grinding affection on companions. Really like the sound of this master mode.

It is players like this Guest account “Jo” that Bioware has trained so well, the bar set so low, that they think this joke of a roadmap qualifies as proper content or getting companions back qualifies as content. Only fanbois, addicted to swtor or mmo scrubs are left in SWTOR……..Oh and the Whales of course.

i still find it funny that people think getting companions back are content lol. ive never seen a game company take something away and try to package it as new content. it would be like getting an oil change for your car and when its done them saying enjoy your new car haha smh

Except in Bioware Austin’s case, they take out the oil and put it back in with the same old oil and claim it is new because it is going into the car all freshly poured (Bioware logic of recycling applies here).

I wish more people were gamers or at least knew who BW Austin was. Then, anytime someone says to me “Isn’t a fucking joke, I can point to King of Bullshit Keith and Fucktard Musco and say no, those two are a fucking joke and enjoy the moment of shared agreement.

Yeah, but with this oil change there’s a 90 second cut scene where you watch yourself pay cartel coins for the oil to a guy behind the gas station cash register. Content!

Redoing the systems you made shittilly (conquest in this case, command system last time) and giving back companions you took away in the first place that return with simply a conversation isn’t content. 1 raid boss that we were supposed to get last year in March, and 1 flashpoint we were supposed to get in January in April? Go fuck yourself Keith.

Hey Folks,

Eric Mucuso here, just wanted to give an update on your current road-map that lays out March through April. I just wanted to step in and let everyone know that Keith flubbed a little on the math, instead of 90 days, he really meant to say 74 days. He would like to stress that yes, he can indeed count… after all if he couldn’t he wouldn’t know how to craft augments! He would also like to inform the masses that he can indeed read and count on a calendar, and that any who call him out for it are subject to a bannable offense, or as we like to call it in our office “a strong talking to, a dainty slap on the wrist, and a massive cartel hyper-crate purchase”.

Also would like to stress that our new raid will not only be a boss piecemeal model again (i.e: one boss every 6 months), we will be piece-meal styling the mob packs as well. Starting in September 2018, you can look forward to downing the first group of mobs in our newest Operation: Pit of Plot Desperation and nothing else!

I have many more details I would like to share, but right now I am being called into a meeting to draw straws to appoint our next lead developer in Summer 2018!

Keep spending and happy “raiding” folks!

– Eric Mucuso
Community Gungan Swimwear Model
Cartel Wars: Return of the Corporate Overlord Emperor Accountant


“This also means we will not be offering a full Master Mode for all bosses in the Operation. This was an especially difficult decision for me to make, as I have loved the interaction between developers and our raiding community. Yet, based on what we’re planning for this year and beyond, it’s better to focus on the upcoming group content.”

u lazy and stupid fcks. What a wankers ! Plus aren’t raids group content ? Jesus :DDD Difficult decision ? It wasn’t even decision – it was ur roadmap from the first boss or even earlier 😀

Share love swtor is a scam. My friend subbed for the first time and later we figured out he won’t get additional 30 days because of small font at the bottom of the page.

Honestly I did the KOTFE story on 2 or 3 toons and then did the KOTET story once and probably did one or 2 of the associated ops or side missions. It’s boring and doesn’t flow at all. I feel the last real game expansion was SOR and the Ziost follow up. After that it all felt forced and unengaging. I think with an actual DLC with a natural open world flow along the lines of SOR using legitimate SW characters with the Empire and Republic facing off they could extend the life of this game. If not it feels a lot like the developers are nothing more than cyber hospice care workers.

The sad thing is The Old Republic has a rich vein of characters they could be using to write new stories for classes to enjoy. Instead they came up with the shit show Keeping up with the Valkorians. I never understood why BW Austin decided to develop this whole stupid Outlander crap when there is so much in the Old Republic lore they could be using.

Then again, it does make sense when you think how peeps have told BW Austin what they want, and they ignore it and deliver something different and claim it is what we want.

Because all they were concerned about was attracting new players for a quick buck. Specifically, players who’d been jerking themselves off with dreams of KOTOR 3 for years and didn’t like all of the “MMO bits” in their RPG cereal.

By starting with a clean slate, they could do whatever they wanted, casting the previous years of gameplay aside, and deliver the beginning of a stale, single-player, maintenance mode experience. The writing was on the wall in summer of 2015 for anyone who could pry off the rose-tinted Star Wars glasses.

[OP is Fred G!]

You know it. Guess all the meetings and work on the roadmap was actually what stuff they could try giving away. Which turned out to be the stuff that they gave away with the Nvidia promotion. Which seems to be their way, what old stuff can they repackage they do it with content and companions so why not promotions.

I always thought 95% of those alleged meetings King of Bullshit Keith and Fucktard Musco always mentioned, was just filled with self congratulations and deluded pats on their back for thinking what they are putting out is awesome and that they still have a job despite doing the least amount of work possible for a game studio of a AAA mmo title. 5% of those meetings actually involves deciding how to recycle existing assets to make a new shitty flashpoint to pass off as story and which companions to return.

Tbh I don’t think I have ever seen game devs put so little work and still get money from their customers. So that’s an achievement by itself.

So one op boss and lots of talk…how about real content both group and class related? I guess we are past that and the game is on life support.while the funeral is being planned.

Most of us knew it was already happening. Closing down game development. Kotako was right and thats why BW ignored the massive threads about that article AND removed server population statuses.

I’m glad this is in the open now and even white knights cant deny – game is phasing out to be closed very soon. There wont be 6.0 or any measure of decent content update – this is their saying we wait and see how much population drops by end of summer:
“Although this remains our current plan, we are also laying out what
we’ll include in a 6.0 Game Update. We’ll keep you informed of our
summer, fall and winter plans throughout the coming months.”

There does seem to be a hush over the fanbois regarding their hopes and dreams of 6.0 being an expansion when most of us tried telling them it would never happen but were labelled haters etc for it. At some point, logically, even fanbois have to wake up one day right??

Take a look at the forums Chump Change. The Fanbois are starting to open their eyes a lot sooner then your expected 2023. 😀

[OP is Rompe Himself!]

6.0 Game Update….NOT expansion learn to read!!….pretty much 4 more CXP levels playing the same old content over and over again and that’s all folks. Keepp subb we need to complete Anthem!

A side who else besides me already knows that the Han Solo movie is gonna be a literal fucking pile of hot steamy garbage?

Tbh the Solo movie as a movie may turn out to be really good, but if the actor cannot convince you as Han Solo, then everyone will pan the entire movie. For me nobody will manage to be Han than Harrison Ford, so I will just watch the movie and try to picture the main character as John Smith or something

Who knows, maybe Solo will be more Rogue One then Ep 7 and 8. If so, then the movie should be at minimum bearable, and at best enjoyable.

But one thing you can bank on, SWTOR will always be rock bottom under BW Austin until it dies.

I’m through with the movies. Star Wars for me are the OT, prequels, Clone Wars, Rebels, the EU which is now Legends. And yeah, “Rogue One” was good too.

I will return to a theater near me if and when Ewan McGregor comes back as Kenobi. And I sincerely hope they don’t make a mess out of that one too…

Yep. I will go see episode 9 just to see how things turn out with Rey since I’ve followed it this far but beyond that I’m starting to wish it would just stop. Things were better when there was only 3 films and ROTJ was the “worst one” and not in “the top 3”

Exactly what I said to a friend. That to me is the biggest problem with Ep 7 & 8. The new characters they want to drive the franchise forward are just shit or outright not interesting. ESPECIALLY Emo Vader, being the worst.

[OP is Rompe Himself!]

You are done with star wars.. except for every movie and show but 2 of them and you are going to see Han Solo and a Obi wan movie.

Yeah sounds like you are really done with Star Wars

No, I’m not going to see “Solo”. Don’t know where you got that idea, but it’s wrong. And I will see Kenobi because I am huge Ewan McGregor fan. Even way before he did ANY Star Wars stuff.

But I’m touched you concern yourself with MY Star Wars passions. Have no fear, I like the good stuff.

The fact that in the trailer they are already regurgitating lines from A New Hope tells me everything I need to know.

“I like having updates released regularly versus waiting long periods of time in-between patches.” Oh crap… Who cares what you like Keith? Fuck your Anthem! Damn… no Star Wars game except Battlefront’s since 2011! Great job EA!

Well after reading this its clear now its over. Last nail to the coffin.
I mean only one boss and rest is recycled content again on top of regular CM updates yet again.

Lol this is funny. Its all in the open game is not getting any real updates no longer. At least they dont hide that fact anymore and say what it is.

Genuinely sad. I love this game and wish it no negativity. However without the anouncement of a significant expansion I cannot see how this game can survive in the long term. I hope I am proved wrong.

Well the sad fact is SWTOR has not just one, but two axes hanging over its head. The first is the population dying quicker and quicker with every farcical road map released with no proper content coming out, and the second is the fate of Anthem. If Anthem crashes and burns as many of us expect, it will kill SWTOR by proxy when Bioware joins the landfill EA makes out of the bodies of studios it buys and then strips. Either way, SWTOR is done.

Not as boring as all your troll posts using a name that is registered because you are too gutless to post on a real account, so hide under a guest.

And as for your idiotic (again) comment, nope, I loved and defended and pumped a shit ton of cash into this game via 2 subs and cartel packs up until 4.0 which is where the exodus of the population began and the content began drying up or being recycled. And Anthem is a recent development with Bioware devs across all their studios being pulled to make that game launch by 2019 at the expense of other games. R.I.P. Mass Effect.

So yeah nice try chump change but yet again, you are talking right out your ass.

Considering the state it is in, perhaps it is time to let SWTOR die with what shredded dignity it has left and hope some peeps work out how to run Oricon Era SWTOR via emulator when it happens.

It might be more than time to let the whole starwars franchise die with some dignity. But they arent going to do that either.

Ea destroyed this game just like it does basically with everything good it buy’s out. Takes good game moves studio, puts idiots in charge of content (last two expansions), puts separate crew on micro transactions to bleed the player base of money then pushes studio on getting new game off the ground while leaving only a few devs coding for swtor and wonder why it loses tons of subs.. I’ll tell you… it’s simple you don’t take a mmo and try and make it a single player game. That’s what killed it… same story instead of separate ones per class, so by time your on your third play thru of “new content” your bored as F$&@… Bugs still in system.. take good gearing model of tokens from flashpoint’s and ops to trade at vendor on fleet for better gear and scrap that for some stupid commander system where you have to level that to get a “loot box” that may or may not have any gear in it worth a crap… that took forever to level from to get to next loot box… it was so stupid… still is. Only way to fix game is to scrap that whole system get a good crew together to work on mmo content new flashpoints/ops ect. hell.. take the game offline for a month or two to revamp it make all those changes like square did for there mmo final fantasy game. Then never ever stop making new content for end game.. if you don’t keep that going you will fail… oh and set a team to work on next xpac for level increase new planet’s and flashpoints ect. If they don’t do this soon game will die completely…. Look at wow for instance. sure it loses some die hard fans occasionally but for the most part it’s still the single most successful mmo to date. It’s like they had this bright idea… lets go ahead and… make the game more single player and ignore mmo content completely for 2 xpac’s… cause that has always been such a great idea… morons. They don’t listen. And now I think ea has basically told them you had your chance but your idea didn’t pan out.. no more money or crew for swtor.

Depressing news , been playing this game since beta testing , deffo my fave mmo along lineage 2 back in the day. I don’t see the game getting to 7.0 at this rate.

You are very silly. There will never be new race, class or any sort of this thing in this game.
They plan to finish last ops boss that will be it. Then some minor FP updates and probably new small things to grind again for new gear. New augment is perfect example how to hamster wheel current playerbase.

As expected.

Very little new content coming in new two months and clarification that 6.0 is NOT an expansion but rather an “update”. Further clarification that 2018 will see the same dribbles of content as 2017.

Furthermore, the Master Mode planned for the operation that took 15 months to do has now been changed to just the last boss having it.

Bear in mind, this announcement took 5 months from the last announcement to put together and contains so little it’s not even funny anymore.

So in what time period will the new Star Wars MMORPG be set? We’ve had OT and Old Republic…. guessing it will be Sequel Trilogy next. I reckon they will string out SWTOR until Episode IX and then will probably go for a MMORPG set in the period after those films. Broom sabers for everyone!

There won’t be a new Star Wars MMORP because the genre is dead. Enjoy SWTOR as long as it is still there.

As long as people buy cartelmarket loot boxes it will be around, because the CEFuckO of EA loves them.

Well… In his defence I should say that I did sub just because of Vette. Of course Vette was a part of the story, but if you love a particular comp go for it. I know I did…

Would I do it now? Not even if they gave us Revan as a comp. Or Darth Vader. Or ANY comp.

Am i the only one who realizes here this isnt content? Whats next they take your speeders away and make you hunt them down lol smh

Take your Sprint ability away and make you do a parkour-type quest to get it back, just so you realize the importance of movement.

Yeah but Vette/Gault was a part of the KOTFE/KOTET chapters (I can’t remember which). Resubbing for a 2 min cutscene though????

I haven’t seen Jiinx or Abaddonsmummy, the two premiere leading defenders of BW Austin on this website, give their two cents worth on this farcical road map. Actually most of the usual fanbois over on are a little on the quiet side since the road map. Remember Abaddonsmummy saying:

“just mentioning 6.0 gave me a flutter, and by god we need more to look forward to than returning companions this year.”

So Abaddonsmummy, now that you have caught up to the rest of us and seen that 6.0 will not be an expansion but just more of the same (thin content) just as I said it would be, I’d like to hear your feedback on the big Fuck You from BW Austin and King Of Bullshit Keith.

“…gave me a flutter…” LMAO. Who would actually type out that sentence? Particularly just because a patch number designation was simply mentioned?

[OP is Fred G!]

Awww! So cute!
So much for not attacking others for their opinion.

You people are so full of bullsh*t.

By the way, I’m a girl. I’m not expecting you to be nicer with me because of it, but your opinion about me will have at least some value for me.

That meme isn’t an attack, it’s a joke hence it’s a meme, people don’t attack with memes.
You attacked his post, you replied to what he originally posted.
You are so full of bullshit.
Being a girl means absolutely nothing btw.

Sorry for having zero tolerance for stupid jokes. I asked him a question, are you trying to tell me I was being mean and rude with my
“Oh my…. why are you bothered so much by people who still like that game?

You see nothing worthy of your time in new road map, they see nothing new/worthy of their time in comments section.”

He was rude in his reply to my question. Refusing to see it – is being in denial just to prove your point. Am I rude after his reply? Yes, I am, but I have guts to admit it.

His meme was sent to Driven not you, so it had nothing to do with your question.
And Rompe answered you plenty of times.

You were being rude with the comment ‘You people are so full of Bullshit’

You have zero tolerance for jokes because you’re super pissed off and I bet it’s got zero to do with the comments on here.

You must be the one confused since your reply was to his meme joke comment.
When you’re angrily venting on dulfy it’s easy to get mixed up.

Eh, they aren’t that bad. It’s just that they still have (had?) hope for the game, while the rest of us were just enjoying the shitshow.

No, some are outright delusional. I mean King of Bullshit Keith says 6.0 and all the fanbois thought it was the second coming of SWTOR with an expansion on the way. It gave ol’ Abaddonsmummy a flutter for fucks sake. There is hope, and then there is outright denial and delusion which the fanbois shower themselves in.

Oh my…. why are you bothered so much by people who still like that game?

You see nothing worthy of you time in new road map, they see nothing new/worthy of their time in comments section.

Well let’s be honest really, what could you say to defend this farcical road map and having your hopes for a 6.0 expansion crushed that doesn’t ride the freight train of delusion?

Only if you will write honestly why are you still here all bothered by SWTOR news, crying like a baby.

And no, I will take no bullsh*t for an answer.

Oh I see, so when I came to this website and thought Dulfy ran and owned the domain, it actually is you Kaelin who is in charge and there are rules for posting?? Oh shit son, my bad!! *rolls eyes*

See the problem with you fanbois is you do not like a dissenting opinion, especially when we have the high ground of truth and facts and you swim in delusion to try and twist reality to suit your argument. Maybe you can see if BW Austin will sell it to you via the CM?

Am I bothered by SWTOR news?? Hardly. It is actually comical to read now. Once upon a time?? Yup, it sure did. Not long after I finished KOTFE when it released and I hoped that so called expansion was a one off shit show. But then the shit show kept going and slowly, like the rest of us non-fanbois, we saw the writing on the wall. Now here we all are, commenting and giving our thoughts on what is left, some sad, some mocking, some hostile, but still all are allowed to give thoughts and comments on the state of SWTOR.

Funny isn’t it? Us so called haters never tell you to leave the website or try and censor your opinion, even when it is awash in delusion like most fanboi comments are. Hell, we try to have a lively debate and show the errors in what you post. But is the same respect shown back by you lot? Nope, because we speak the truth, you tell us to leave the website and stay silent. You cannot refute what we say anymore, so resort to the age old “If you don’t play this game, you cannot say anything waah waah waah”.

So fuck it, let us act like a fanboi for once:

Kaelin, unless you own the website, STFU.

Unless Dulfy herself says hey Rompe Himself, stop pointing out the facts about SWTOR and stop making fanbois cry?? Then STFU.

Unless you can show the error in what I type, STFU.

Wow, that is so easy. No wonder you butt hurt little fanbois do it.

There is your no bullshit answer. Make sure you have your bib on when you swallow it. It may choke in your throat like truth normally does to you lot.

The only cry baby here is you.
The constant angry ‘why are you still here’ rubbish.

You don’t take bullshit for answer but happily take a bullshit road map it seems.

I’m playing a game I like, I’m reading news about it, commenting on forums. Because I like that game. I will replace it as soon as I will find a worthy replacement without thinking twice, its just a game. I will not return to it, will not read about it – it will be a waste of precious time. Its just yet another game.

Why haters are here? It looks like its a question to their psychologists.

Everyone that says ‘it’s just a game’ or ‘waste of precious time’ but spends hours on a fan forum arguing with people are just hypocrites and liars.
You are without a shadow of doubt very angry.
And I bet my bottom dollar that the road map triggered said anger.

You should vent your anger at those that deserve it -> Bioware.

People that speak truth are always classed as the ‘haters’, it’s complete rubbish.
If Bioware had released an awesome road map and news of a great whopping expansion then I’d be here praising them and resubbing.

Fanboys(girls) don’t do the same, they stick to living in denial and refuse to have a conversation, it’s just angry posts telling people to go away.

Will your opinion about road map change if I will tell you my opinion? Will my opinion change because of your negative (will agree with you about “hate” word) comment? I hope we both know the answer. If nothing will change why bother if we can have fun with comments war?

IF you want my opinion new road map. It have few promising things:
Izax “event” and battle (I’m pretty angry at devs for not completing that op in 2017), conquest revamp, completion of trator arc. And I’m not talking about things they are just discussing, it have too little details.

See the second paragraph you wrote was good.
I do want to see positive opinions.
Dulfy comment section would be 1000 times better if people did just that.
You are happy with the little that’s coming, that’s fine, no one says you shouldn’t be.
My question would be is what’s coming enough for you to continue to pay a sub fee even as little as it is?

Since you protecting one person today. Have you seen replies to one person who mau resub if his fav comps will return?

Not sure what your question is.
Do I think someone might resubb if their companions return?
Erm no idea, generally I think it’s going to take alot more than returning companions to draw back the people Bioware have lost.
When I say alot more I mean an actual MMORPG expansion that is over flowing with new content, which we all know is never happening.

If your talking about Abaddonsmummy’s quote then you have misread Rompe’s original post.

Rompe wasn’t ‘attacking’ Abaddonsmummy about returning companions, if you reread it you will see that Abaddonsmummy is saying we need an actual expansion to look forward too and not just returning companions.

Rompe was pulling up the Dulfy fanboys because as usual they go very quiet after Bioware drop their lack of content bomb and we never see them post a honest comment about how yet again Bioware have let them down.

Nah, he is now desperately trying to paint me the villain after everyone showed him for his hyprocrisy and sheer stupidity. He is NOW using as defense (after accusing me of telling him to stop loving the game – go figure), how I posted a pic of WTF over some guest account’s comment saying he would resub when Kira and Nadia are returned. I merely questioned (And as we all now know, if it isn’t the same opinion as Kaelin, we are instant haters) why he would resub for a 2 min cutscene. That’s it!! See how desperate Kaelin is now?? We all pointed out his failings, and now, as per standard fanboi playbook, tries to attack me with unrelated shit. And once more, all this could have been avoided if Kaelin simply let Abaddonsmummy answer my question.

Oh I see it now , it’s lower down.
That’s not an attack ffs, ask a question and throw in a meme and now your attacking? ermagawd.
Someone tell WhiteDragon meme’s are assault now, he’ll flip.

Yeah Kaelin like many others are super pissed because of the road map but instead of venting at Bioware they turn it around on us.
It’s like someone in an abusive relationship, who turns up with black eyes and everyone is like ‘why do you put up with that abuse?’ and the victim gets angry ‘it’s not his fault, I made him hit me, he’s usually really good to me.’

I get the feeling it’s the Fubar guy.
He might have re-invented himself.
Just with all the pics etc, I may be wrong.

Sad for that person :/ Mainly because “new” Terminator strong companions have been stripped away from the good state they were in before Companions Simplification patch arrived. Was at 3.0 or at 4.0 can’t recall. Also sad because as we all saw it was pathetic how short dialogue & so called story was given for Smuggler’s returned companion early this year.

It also had so called storyline holes.. Way to go Eaware :/ No person with their fully working mind would pay 9£, 13€, 15$ for thing like that. Take care.

If you haven’t found a worthy replacement by now it’s you who has some questions to take to a psychologist.

[OP is Fred G!]

Only Weak people have go to psychologist. Pretty sure that Rompe, Fred, Eban & many others who have stated Sad Facts about Eaware’s Swtor treatment for few years now aren’t in need of Mental checkup.

Take care enjoy the sinking Ex Mmo with Reduced content since early 2016 & esp. 2017. Reduced Mmo content started even before.

Yup, that is all you have left in your chamber. You can’t defend the mess anymore BW Austin have left the game in, the farcical road map or the lack of proper content, so you go back to your tried and true last line of defense and attack said peeps who point out the facts to which you all ignored or chose to see differently (Do you guys take lessons from Trump with alternate facts??), and how wrong you all were and only NOW say we are not worth your time?

I find it interesting that once upon a time, you fanbois lined up in droves to defend the product the rest of us saw was dying and pointed out, but you lived in denial. You certainly could be bothered back then. But now here we are, in 2018 where we were right all along, but oh no, now you can’t be bothered to correct us or retort. Says it all really. Thanks for the show. I feel like I should have paid for the show, but nah, fanbois opening their eyes finally is a just payment to the rest of us, the so called haters, who were right all along. Welcome to the truth, we been waiting for you. 🙂

Will you stop crying now?

Sorry to ruin your pink glasses, but I`m still liking that that game and still playing it. My only mistake was trying to explain things to brain dead people like you.

And tell me, at what point did I:

* tell you NOT to play the game??
* tell you to not comment or give your opinion
* tell you to agree with my pov??

Answer?? I Didn’t.

It has been you who brought nothing but demands that I stay silent because I do not follow your pov and that as I no longer am subbed, my opinion is meaningless. I could care less that you still enjoy it. GOOD FOR YOU!! Don’t see myself trying to stop you either.

You have explained nothing in all your idiotic posts today. All you have said is:

“Oh my…. why are you bothered so much by people who still like that game?
You see nothing worthy of you time in new road map, they see nothing new/worthy of their time in comments section.”

then fail to see the irony in your own post when Shawn Hargrave asked you why it is YOU who is bothered enough to post said comment and then you deny you are bothered and claim you are trying to understand.

So yeah, haven’t seen you explain shit for shit. My OP was not even to you funny enough, it was to Abaddonsmummy, the # 1 BW Austin fanboi on this website, asking him what he thinks now of the road map and all his flutters over 6.0 have gone up in smoke. Then you chimed in. So again, you have explained nothing, so go find a chunk of ice and shove it up that butt hurt you got sporting, just because we are all commenting about the failure that is the road map. I think you may need quite a lot of ice.

No, but you are being extra rude about it, that is why i paying with the same coin.

The rest of your reply is bullsh*t.

Classic fanboy(girl) hypocrisy here.
Claim others are being rude by actually being the one that’s rude.

I expected nothing else from a hater.

I will not point my finger at anyone here since I do not remember who exactly started it with me but since so far I saw no difference between haters I will not play nice, not anymore.

Yeah but you’re the only one being rude.
No one has been rude to you here.
It’s just you venting anger at the wrong people.

You anger posted over and over , saying everyone is full of bullshit.
You may hold the new world record for the most posts with the use of the word Bullshit in it.
You were the one the was being overly rude.

I hate to be childish, but he started 1st with his reply to my question. I told him about consequences.

You started it by commenting on his post that wasn’t even aimed at you.
You wanted to argue with someone, anyone really and took aim at Rompe.

I just asked him a question. Are you telling me I have no rights to do it? Was it my mistake he saw it as a white knight attack? I’m not asking you to defend me, I can do it myself, but you are seeing only his side of story and you are wrong right now.

He answered your question that’s when you started raging on and writing ‘no bullshit or I will not read it’ .
Pretty much demanding he answers you in a way you deem right.

If you do not consider his behavior as a rude one I do not think we will agree on something here which I can consider as denial since he is on your side of barricades. I think it will be better if we will stop here.

Oh little one, you are so blind I almost feel sorry for you. As you have been acting like a typical white nut and not bothered to pay attention to anything but your HATE you will learn nothing. It’s okay little one, perhaps BW will send you a cookie for being such a rabid fan boy. Wouldn’t hold your breath though, they seem to be having trouble with everything now.

Oh man, you are now folding in on yourself and attacking your own comments without realising :

“I just asked him a question. Are you telling me I have no rights to do it?”

Funny you said that. I asked a question of Abaddonsmummy (that didn’t involve you but you chose to become a part of it). Are you telling me I have no rights to do it?

I post on, but accuse me of being a hater, simply because I do not share your opinion. Are you telling me I have no rights to do it?

Damn, you make this easier with every post. You should quit while you are behind. Same should be said of BW Austin too.

But Kaelin if anyone is wearing rose tinted glasses it’s you.
You have been given a road map from hell and instead of writing anything in regards to it, you have vented you’re anger on people here.

lol yeah ok its a forum not everyone is going to have the same view and from what i seen here its you and abandonababy are the only 2 left that still like tor

Well, I could stay in swtor official forums, but they have too much sugar even for me, but Dulfy. net look like a nice nest for haters. I`m yet to find myself a perfect place for SWTOR news that do not have too much sugar and not full of haters.

Or may be I`m still here because I`m just super jealous of people who have so much free time to comment on the game they do not like anymore.

Wow, seems it is YOU who is more bothered then us so called haters. Sad that you have so much free time to get upset about people who do not agree with you, rather then show some maturity and engage in a debate. Can’t expect too much from blinkered fanbois, I know.

[OP is Rompe Himself!]

You really have nothing do you. *Shrug*, that is ok. Us so called haters are used to you fanbois bringing nothing to the table, except insults and delusion.

No, I just the fact, the pick is pointing at you, at least turn it in photoshop so it will not point at writer. It will make your point more clear

You might want to consider that your poor English skills do not allow
you to properly identify peoples motivations or feelings through their
written words.

I’m replying to these posts as I sit on the toilet on my phone like I do most days, don’t tell anyone, our secret.

That road map isn’t worth commenting on by a fan boy?
Why you think that is?
Maybe because they couldn’t possibly find anything positive to write about like yourself.

I have to agree. I don’t see the Diehard Fanboi’s hanging around much the past 2 weeks and now that this garbage of a 6 week road map has dropped I’m all gonna guess that they won’t be around these forums much.

I’ll admit I loved SWTOR once upon a time and I still want to see BW try to bring it back, but it ain’t gonna happen.
Like I posted above, Given all that has been said about SWTOR, BW, & EA in the past month and add to that this bogus “road map” and the fact that their Fiscal year rolls over in April and I think the piece are coming together.
You can’t create a road map past April if the future of your game past April 1st is still being decided…

They will stay in hiding and not touch this roadmap with a 6 foot lightsaber because sadly that’s how they roll.
If Bioware had released a worthy road map and announced a 6.0 massive expansion with all the bells and whistles we’d be here going ‘damn they proved us wrong, well done’ but they’re unable to do the same.

Instead what you’ll find is they’ll sit and wait for someone to post something that isn’t completely accurate.
You know something that will have numbers or percentage in the post and then they’ll leap out of the darkness on to it like a pack of lions on to a gazelle.

The stuff I love is on SWTOR forums, over there is the special ones. They are countering the people that dare criticize this roadmap with the classic 'if I was as unhappy as you I would leave' which is in actual fact code for they have already left and currently sub in a second MMORPG and log into SWTOR on the odd occasion to do a FP/PVP warzone then relog into ESO/WOW or FFIV but still like to log into SWTOR forums and moan at people that are pissed.

They will subscribe and white knight the forums until the lights go out, right til the very end but on the other games forums they'll be there saying 'can't believe people stayed right to the very end of that games life, idiots.'

They are the worlds biggest lying hypocritical arseholes.

Ok I wasn’t going to respond to troll fishing like this, I’m too long in the tooth for that childish nonsense, however seeing as you and your attack dogs of Eban, Shawn and Fred and are now attacking Kaelin, which is disgusting but not at all surprising, I feel I have to play the bullies game.

Firstly Drivan and the others I’m always here, I comment when I can but my new job doesn’t always give me time to. I make comments when I feel it is worthwhile otherwise I don’t. I love Dulfy and her one stop shop for news, and the comments can be funny but very toxic.

I have watched the kids bashing the pots and making a noise here for the last few days, I’m not surprised after the vague roadmap announcement, but I don’t feel it is necessary to jump on any bandwagon.
That’s not my style. Never has been. It was surprisingly vague so I need more info.
Also I don’t dance to anyone’s tune.

Now the sad thing is you’re not really interested in my opinion, if you were you would have seen my posts over a long period of time liking some parts of the game and not liking others. So you and others childish use of fanboi, white knight etc is misplaced as by definition.

Urban Dictionary: Someone who is hopelessly devoted to something and will like anything associated with their particular thing.

As I have vocally spoken of hating Kotfe/Kotet on here and the missed opportunities of the lazy Star Fortresses and Eternal championships by not making them dedicated group content, and even more recently of the horrible way the Op has been handled it is obvious that you don’t bother to read what I say.

So why on earth would I give you my view on the roadmap when it will matter not?

Also I have left other MMO’s when something I like more comes along, Wow, Eso, Lotr, and the same goes for Swtor, at the moment it the best for me, but I’m a gamer not a diehard Star Wars fan, so I go where the fun takes me. I’ve just started playing Civ6 and loving it, but I’m still helping my guild with conquest each week too and still enjoying it.

And now you’re attacking poor Jinx too when all he does is try and state fact when people ask questions. He only once in recent memory dared to challenge Smedley of all people where he was shot down by the gang and now hes a fanboi. Seriously? And I barely talk to either of them for fear of them being targeted. School yard stuff again guys. I had hoped we had put those sad days behind us, but it again seems anything slightly positive is hounded of the board by the ‘gang’.
Please guys you are better than that.

So I’m here for you to attack now, so guys please leave Kaelin and Jinx alone, your Dulfy punchbag is here.

Let me have it 😛

Don’t act the martyr, you like being vocally pro-Bioware and the attention it gains you.

You weren’t going to respond to this road map at all because you never do respond when Bioware gloriously screw up.

Kaelin threw herself at people with her angry rants, she commented on someone elses post, that’s her fault, you can’t blame others for responding to their posts. She jumped in, wasn’t pushed.

As far as liking SWTOR no one ever as said anyone isn’t allowed too, the conversation has always been why do you repeatly defend Bioware when they repeatly let the players down.
And you do, just because on the odd occasion when writing a post defending Bioware you happen to mention something at the end that Bioware did that you disliked doesn’t mean you aren’t fanboying.

You have managed to write a massive post above and completely dodge the road map which is classic fan boy posting, shift the goal posts + make out we’re all the bad guys and Bioware+fan boys are the victims and completely ignore that shocking disgusting pathetic road map.

You missed the whole point about if my opinion counts or not to the poster.

That is the real question, because if it doesn’t then it’s a troll post which is what Kaelin spotted immediately.

And again you say i defend bioware when i said above why i don’t like some of SWTOR.

I don’t know why I bother IF YOU DONT ACTUALLY READ WHAT I POST.

You guys are funny, predictable but funny.

Wow, you make this too easy. After that long ass diatribe of misdirection and
falsehoods that would make King of Bullshit Keith proud, you wrote a lot but said very little in what I asked for.

Abaddonsmummy, don’t pretend you don’t defend BW Austin. I am mooooooore then happy to bring up many examples of you defending shit decision after shit decision by BW Austin as proof you are indeed a fanboi for this idiotic dev studio. Yes, I am well aware you didn’t like KOTFE/KOTET, but you equally defended many inane decisions by BW Austin plenty afterwards. The shit trickle of content? You defended, the promises and then breaking of said promises by King of Bullshit Keith, you conveniently choose to ignore and sing the praises of BW Austin for trying with so little (but ignore like many fanbois, how BW Austin/EA still want peeps to pay full subs and giving so little). So yeah, guess you do match your urban dictionary after all. Whoops, that backfired.

As far as my OP goes and accusing me of trolling? Oh please!! Despite hardly ever agreeing with your blinkered view of the state of SWTOR and the bullshit by BW Austin, I actually thought you better then that pissy little post you made. Let’s play the Urban dictionary once more after seeing that you DO indeed match the meaning of fanboi, and now see if I match a troll as you so claim:

Trolling – (verb), as it relates to internet, is
the deliberate act, (by a Troll – noun or adjective), of making random
unsolicited and/or controversial comments on various internet forums
with the intent to provoke an emotional knee jerk reaction from
unsuspecting readers to engage in a fight or argument

Oh damn Abaddonsmummy, much like your failed black crusades (WH40 FTW), you fail once more. See, you have no claim to calling me a troll, because my OP was asking what your thoughts were on the road map BASED on your previous “flutter” of what you hoped was coming before the road map via 6.0 and being known as one of the premier defenders of BW Austin, DESPITE ignoring how they are destroying the game and putting so many nails in its coffin, the soil is going to get lead poisoning at this rate.

How can I be a troll when I was asking YOU for your opinion? I was not saying anything random, unsolicited or controversial. I was merely reminding you (and everyone) what you said pre road map, and now post road map, wanted to hear the latest defending of it by you. If anything, considering how you keep living in denial, it could be debated that you are trolling with
your continued blinkered defending. I always enjoy the acrobatics you
and your declining group of fanbois display in defending BW Austin with
every decision, as they just keep going down and down, and making it
nigh impossible to defend, just like this road map. Hard to call me a
troll when I wanted your latest opinion, aka acrobatic maneuver on the
lines of a Tkachev Salto because at this point, it is past impossible
for you to defend short of lying to yourself. If I didn’t want to hear
your opinion, I wouldn’t have asked. You are (compliment time) one of
the smarter, sensible fanbois, but a fanboi nonetheless. When you defend
them, it isn’t as “DUH BW AUSTIN CAN DO NO WRONG DUH” like many
fanbois. You have a view that while I disagree with, still has value.
See?? I don’t try silencing you for it like your boy Kaelin. Kaelin was a pissy little bitch about it all. You can, and do better.

And speaking of that fool Kaelin, oh come now. You are better then that!! He/she started it and got burnt with his/her own stupidity. Kaelin tried to be a smart ass by asking why am I still here if I hate the game (never once able to prove said hatred) and asking why am I so bothered, and when shown for his/her bullshit (which given Kaelin’s posts, it would seem it is he/her who is upset because we do not sing the praises of this pack of fuckwits called BW Austin), switches the goal posts to now claim he/she was trying to educate us, despite , oops, never actually having said anything to the contrary. I pointed out quite a few points, and of course Kaelin would have none of it (“I will take no bullshit answer” *rolls eyes*) and ignore the facts and how Kaelin is in fact trying to silence me (one can even say bullying) as a so called hater but then claims I am telling him/her I said to stop enjoying the game when he/she could come back with nothing but bullshit?? WTF? When did I ever say that? What a walking braincramp he/she is. Kaelin can attack me and that is fine. He/She was easily disposed of and made to look like the fool he/she was. But please Abaddonsmummy, you already are living in delusion over BW Austin, don’t add thinking Kaelin is innocent to that list. It does not become you. I actually thought you to be a smarter person then that. Especially if you are going by the moniker of Abaddon (Remember WH40K fan here – NIGHT LORDS FOREVER!!!!!).

Oh, and I am STILL waiting on your thoughts over the road map and how that flutter over 6.0, now knowing there is no expansion. Remember, if I didn’t want to hear your opinion, I would not ask. I ask because of who you are, as one of the most well known defenders (aka fanboi) of BW Austin. So please, will you finally stop playing the martyr card and just spit it out??

[OP is Rompe Himself!]

Ok firstly I would like to say I hope you have a job writing novels or work in advertising because you can truly write man, and I don’t mean that as a dig or a joke, you’re really good at putting information down well.
You’re continued abuse of Kaelin is not cool though, he/she is a human being with feelings remember, it’s easy to forget that on a forum sometimes. Please be cool about that.
Secondly CATCH UP. My man finally did it
(only took him 13 attamepts lol)
Ok, if you feel the need to continue to slap the mantle of fanboi on me that’s up to you. If you feel it helps your cause go ahead, it means little to me.
However if you want to invite someone to have discourse with you what you don’t do is set up the convo in a way that it starts, “hey you are a blinkered fanboi who will accept everything Bioware throws at you, let hear what you have to say, hey guys crowd around, this will be funny”
That is wrong, it’s clickbait and won’t result in the response you want. Discourse is meant to be honest and fair, not biased and pre-judged.
So with that point made if you genuinely want my ‘opinion’ of the roadmap here it is.
5.8. Izax the destroyer : If this boss is as good as the previous bosses (ok apart from boss 1 who is a too easy) then i’m looking forward to it. The boss mechanics have been great of late and I really hope it continues. My opinions of the piecemeal release I have stated many times previously, but remember Bioware can do NO WRONG so I must have been delusional when I’ve said this. Many times. XD
The lack of HM, or master whatever they were calling it nowadays, I was never a Nim raider, and although I’ve done most HM’s in guild it doesn’t effect me. I daresay I’ll do HM with my guild but it’s not vital to me. The comment at the end of the paragraph “Yet, based on what we’re planning for this year and beyond, it’s better to focus on the upcoming group content.” The group content sounds promising.
“However, we are going to run a special Izax event for those who are worthy enough to defeat him. Everyone who does will have an opportunity to receive a new achievement, a special and unique Title, and a new and very enticing Legacy-based reward.”
This I like, I’ve always been an achievement junkie, it doesn’t appeal to some, but does to me, and in-game rewards are always welcome.
Conquest revamp: Myself and my guild are big conquest players so this has a big appeal to me. With new vendors, decos and commanders compendium I’m very happy.
A flutter – just maybe 😛
Companions returning?
To me Crap, Crap and more crap.
We should never have lost them in the first place, the whole way we did was an absolute joke and I’ve only ever taken one rep and one Imp alt through that clusterf*ck because it is truly truly awful in its construction and I don’t want to hear outlander ever again.
I’ve said that many times on here but as Bioware defender No.1 I must have been delusional again :).
Commander’s Compendium: I like because again I personally like have my comps’s at 50 and hate the awful force feeding them gift nonsense, so a boost that is craftable in game and linked to conquest is great “to me”.
Cartel market update – don’t know what is involved, no details.
5.9 – Flashpoint. The new flashpoints I have enjoyed, new group content is always welcomeand asked for, and going by the guild people like them, so more is good.
The Traitor story that goes with it I’m not so bothered about, it’s better than the Kotfe crap, but again being forced to do them with a comp you haven’t leveled is a pain and annoys the sh*t outa me.
The fact that they drop crafting schematics is good though imho, I also love gearing.
More companions returning? Pass!
Subscriber rewards – The new chiss speeder is cool, a few of our guildies have it and if it’s free even better. The armour – meh.
So now the fun bit 6.0.
Little is said tbh, part of a paragraph, but he does state it will be piecemeal rather than what some people have asked for, which I don’t like and have said many times. I can see why they are having to do it, the backlash of Kotfe and lack of group content has forced them into this (their own fault) so they see this as ‘keeping people happy’ in the short term.
The big question is, is it enough?
It’s never going to be enough, they obviously don’t have the resources they had probably after Kotfe/Kotet and Anthem’s resource syphon, but we are getting the turn around we’ve been wanting from story to group.
So there it is.
My views on the content go along with what I have said all along regarding the game, some part’s I like, some part I don’t, but like life that’s the way it goes.
I will continue to play because I still enjoy ‘parts’ of it, when I don’t I’m off like I did with WOW, Eso and Lotro, who all have probably more content coming. I’m a gamer and go where my fun is. (Sorry I should have said I’ll stay to the bitter end throwing my pay packet at Keith monthly to keep him and his dad in snacks :P)
And lastly I have to say I neither feel ill will towards you, nor others on here, I find you all frustrating at times, but very funny other times.
We all have our opinions which are always interesting, but they are opinions, and as my favorite saying goes “opinions are like sh*t, everyone else’s stinks apart from your own”
Take care man.

That you are amused and pleased by so little is amazing. I honestly wish I could accept so little and be as happy but alas I cannot find it within myself. I am not bashing you Abaddon, I really am amazed. Sadly life has pummled low expectations out of me, I refuse to give something for nothing unless it is helping those with less than I. For a MAJOR gaming company to continue to drop such bits of poodoo on our heads and say “Rejoice! The content is here!” and expect to be paid is a weak joke at best. May you continue to find enjoyment with this poodoo as long as you are able. Myself and others however are far past the point of being able. One last thing though. Your defense of Kaelin is sad as she is the one that started the bullshit and I think you’ll find that if you read what she wrote in response to what was said. You are a rather smart fellow, I doubt you’d be blind to what was said unless you are being willfully blind. At which point I don’t know what else to say but a good day to you sir.

[OP is Don Loco]

It’s a strange thing, maybe life has taught me if life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.
I’ve left games with more content than Swtor and that have brighter futures like Wow and Eso, I just prefer Swtor.
Like I’ve said before although I love star wars Swtor doesn’t feel that Star Warsy (bad grammer sorry) because of the era it’s set in, and I play mainly non force users so I’m not locked to it for that reason.
I can clearly see peoples anger over the game, I do honestly, I have said that on here, I just comment on the things I like, I feel are good moves, but I don’t jump on the hate bandwagon, it not in my personality.
Take care man.

Hmm, I thought the 13th Black Crusade ended in a stalemate, while the previous 12, Abaddon got some major hits across the Imperium, but was defeated and pushed back for various reasons across the 12. Going to need to re-read. Could have sworn Abaddon has yet to actually outright “win” per se.

As for writing, novels? No, though I did always get A’s in high school for my essays and stories. Advertising? Nah, though I did accidentally put myself once in a job writing a company’s propaganda, err I mean information releases to the hundreds of staff they employed. I worked for the person responsible for that department, who had a dual role as Information retention manager, which is what my actual job was in. One day, she couldn’t release the usual “newsletter”, and asked if I would by following a page of points she jotted down. I did it, and she loved how I wrote her points and I ended up having a dual job til I quit. I always clashed with her, asking why she was asking me to outright lie in some cases. *Shrug* Sometimes I am too blunt for my own good. All I wanted to do was my actual job, not write propaganda bullshit, even if I did it well. I guess maybe that is why it bothers me how Keith and Fucktard Musco lie continously, and only some peeps on the forums pull them up for it, which of course they play dumb and ignore it.

But that role of mine was but a life time ago. As for Crazy Ivan Kaelin, meh, she would not leave well enough alone, when she started losing the conversation, she became belligerent and accused me of false shit, to which she also promptly had the bad taste slapped out of her mouth for. Then she played victim and later the gender card and well, it is what it is and we move on. You don’t go into a tiger’s den and provoke the tiger, and when said tiger bites, you cannot cry about it. You should have not been there to start with, let alone provoke it. Crazy Ivan Kaelin will be fine. A little lay down, a glass of vodka, some classic ruskie orchestral/concerto music (Tchaikovsky ftw) and she will forget all about it. I am sure she is big enough to roll with the punches, especially if she first starts it. 🙂

Onto your opinion of the roadmap, I thank you for writing that very interesting post surrounding said thoughts. It was a good read to hear “the other side” so to speak.

But It also reads as someone who is quite comfortable in seeing BW Austin barely hit that low bar of effort they have trained so many peeps into accepting, after these last 3 years of mediocrity. The remaining players have been conditioned now to accept the scraps they deliver, despite them promising a feast over and over again.

See, I could see your point on a lot of what you say, IF this game always delivered such piecemeal content. But the fact we used to get far, far more for our sub money is what I don’t get with peeps who defend them. I have stated before that if BW Austin vastly reduced the cost of the sub, or indeed made it free for all, then I would have no issue with how pathetic the content is. I mean returning companions? For fucks sake, they don’t even try to hide how pathetic that is, calling that new content. At this point, they should go proper f2p, especially if they have little resources, despite outright lying to us about hiring new devs, yet the content did not increase, nor the frequency. They STILL struggled to hit their own target for the OP release. But the fact BW Austin continues to ask for full sub price, while delivering the worst content for any sub based mmo, let alone what we used to enjoy in SWTOR, is what I truly do not get from the fanbois and those still subbed. If you are ok with being lied to over and over, well ok. But it isn’t just the lying and then ignoring of said lies that annoys me from BW Austin, it is how they outright try to insult our intelligence too. I mean, honestly Abaddonsmummy, can you say with your hand on your heart that the content for 2017 waS something to be proud of, like the way Keith is patting himself on the back for?? Keith is either outright lying or delusional, as would be anyone willing to defend the content for 2017, and that is WITHOUT even comparing it to the plethora of content just about every major mmo out there got that wasn’t called SWTOR.

If you still enjoy the game, hey congrats. I too used to do many of the achievements, especially the rarer ones. I also enjoyed mass collecting all Cartel Market gear and storing it in my vaults for my guildies to have, who didn’t have as much creds/resources as my toons did. I gave a Cyberclaw Vorantikus to some guildie who had a hard on for it but didn’t have the 80 mil creds for it (GTN price at the time). I had 5, so what did I care. Around that time, I was going off SWTOR slowly anyway.

Fast forward and when I see a fanboi broken, like some have been in the swtor forums after this farcical road map, It reminds me of the moment my wife and I gave up on SWTOR and I actually feel bad for them (while glad they are seeing the truth finally). It all started and ended with that shit show we both mutually despise “Keeping up with the Valkorians”. My wife and I were well known (When we played) in the PVP circles on the servers we used to inhabit, as we used to team together for everything – PVP, OPS, FP’s, we would even often help newbs, asking for nothing in return (Some of them assumed we would expect them to join our guild – nothing of the sort, we helped because we remember what it was like when we first started and had no one to help us). The amount of speeders I gave new players in those days as a parting gift to help them on their way………….Hell, my account currently still has whole tabs worth of rare CM speeders, armors, weapons & crystals worth hundreds of millions on the GTN. But I digress. All that changed in KOTFE/KOTET, as the story could no longer be shared, so we could no longer team together. We didn’t like it, but we stayed true to SWTOR. Then came the rest of the changes and recycling of old content. And soon enough, our time playing SWTOR became less and less. One of us would log off earlier then the other, rather then together like usual, or sometimes not log on at all, while the other did, but didn’t last long anymore. Then came more and more face palm changes, more and more mediocre content, the re-hashing of gear and of course the worst of it all – Galactic Conquest, that finally, we had enough and quit with much sorrow in our hearts.

But sadly, that isn’t where it ends. See I would love to come back and sub to SWTOR. It was the one mmo I actually enjoyed (I am not a MMO person like my wife). But if the changes that made me quit wasn’t bad enough, now I have to watch this once beautiful game be destroyed little by little with every patch. Bug fixes?? GTFO. CM BABY!!!! Proper stories? Nah, we are going to continue shoe horning everyone into a one story fits all and not give a flying fuck if it makes sense, but now recycle assets at the same time by making mediocre fp’s. SH’S? Yeah ok, BW Austin will grudgingly give them to you, but here you go, they are the smallest to date, but you still got to pay like they are as big as Nar Shadaa. Believe Keith when he says they are AMAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!! So much content, so many activities, so much everything. Really? Yes really, TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT!!!! WE PLAY SWTOR LIKE YOU!!!! But Keith, the servers do not reflect it. Oh don’t you worry about that!!! We will hide those facts, after realising 6 years later, we have all been misled by it, but not admit how often Keith and his little boy wonder fucktard Musco have mislead the forums over and over.

I saw your post state bit by bit all the bullet points of the road map, while ignoring the bigger picture on most of it. For example, I fail to see how you could be pleased with the road map if the game’s health is in sharp decline. If the game was healthy and on the rebound like you hope, SWTOR would not have only 5 servers, all living in low population (and hiding the population stat). I cannot understand how you think the piecemeal content is actually good, when you compare it to past content. You like the stories contained within the flashpoints? To me, that amounts to accepting mediocrity, especially when you compare past story arcs SWTOR once boasted proudly of (and some of those class stories were great indeed). Or perhaps, the answer lies in your response where you often talked about your Guild and playing with them. If you have an established group of peeps you still play with, I guess you would not notice how bad things are outside of your guild, the efforts in finding peeps to do ops or a fp with COMPOTENT players. Or maybe you turn a blind eye because you have grown to accept the low standard and low bar of effort by BW Austin. *Shrug*

Still, I thank you all the same for your opinions on the road map. I hope that as BW Austin continue to pump less and less into the game (hence 6.0 just being an update, not the expansion you and your fellow fanbois delighted in looking forward to), as they continue to talk up future content, only to lie and not deliver, as they pretend that what they are producing is worthy of congratulations, it continues to satisfy you. Sadly for the rest of us, that is, anyone without blinkers on, we can see they are just insulting the fan base and the glory days of SWTOR are long gone. And if Anthem crashes and burns……………

[OP is Rompe Himself]

Sorry I have to go, I’m not ignoring this very interesting post (not joking), I’ll get back as soon as possible probably tomorrow, you just write so much man I ran outa time tonight.

From what I’ve read on the Cadia situation it was evacuated, then Abbadon virtually destroyed it from orbit by creating asteroid shower. destroying its defenses and the pylons that held the eye of terror in place.
Whatever, it’s good new for Chaos and The Night Lords 🙂
Although the smurfs got pappa smurf back aka girlyman.
God this is nerdy even for a computer games forum.

It’s a real shame you haven’t continued with you’re writing, I don’t agree with some of your comments but it’s always an interesting well formulated read. I get why you gave up, political bullsh*t would be a turnoff for everyone, they’re all outright liars.
On that subject I don’t personally think Musco/Keith et al deliberately lied to us, I’m in business and I know things change, people make plans and someone comes from above and says actually were doing it like this instead.
I think they’re incredibly stupid for doing this and only served to harm themselves and the game but they probably couldn’t be honest and say actually guys we were overruled.
Does this mean i’m for or protecting Bioware?
Hell no, I couldn’t give a monkeys about them, if someone else came along and took over I wouldn’t give two hoots as long as they gave me a game I enjoyed. I just know in business forecasting the future i.e saying stupid things like we’ll get an ops every year can only backfire on your ar*e when it doesn’t happen or you can’t deliver. Politicians say that bullsh*t knowing it probably wont be them having to defend that in the future. In fact did Wow not say the same many years ago.
So liars, personally I don’t think so, stupid idiots for not thinking ahead, definately yes.
But hey that’s just my opinion.
As for Kaelin, I saw her trying to defend myself and Jinx and she got into an argument so I personally feel bad for that.
I’ve always been against the piecemeal content, especially for the poor ops which has some great boss fights. Imho if they had waited the year, not put bit’s out here and there which slowed down the whole process overall and delivered the ops as a whole it would have been great.
Instead we got a year and half op in bits which still ain’t finished.
I can see why they had to do this, the massive backlash after Kotfe/Kotet caused them to deliver something quick and regular to try and appease the players.
I think it was partly successful in that we got regular Q.O.L. updates, 2 new s/holds, 5 new uprisings (I don’t always have time for a lengthy flashpoint so I like uprising’s – good daily and weekly bonus’s), the beautiful planet Iokath (the only highlight of Kotet) and it’s daily area, a MUCH needed server merger, starfighter and pvp maps and two great new flashpoints.
That were the highlights in the year.
Not world breaking but for what they have left after Ea took what they want not awful. Just my opinion though.
Now for the lowlights.
Returning companions??? As content??? No way, sh*t move imho.
Shouldn’t have been taken from us in the first place but I’ve covered that before.
And yes they did coat that server merger in all the glitter they could and call it ‘united forces’. And called it content. Sad but true.
The Gods from the Machine. What can I say, I/we had so much hope for this, and you know what it’s good, but the way it has been released…..just awful. AND it’s still not finished. AND if this is the future of ops they’re not going to get ANY raiders back. Who is going to sub for one boss every few month’s if you’re primarily a raider. I hope Bioware know they’re now gone for good now.
You mentioned F2p.
When I think of F2p I immediately think of pay to win as most f2p games are, because that’s how these games make their money. The extra’s and the add-ons are the means for resources for new content and wages. And if you think the Cartel Market is bad now can you imagine what it would be like if they needed to make their money that way. Be warned :P.
I definitely think the key to enjoying the game (and any mmo) is an active guild, I’m in 2, one rep, one imp. We do conquest and social/fun stuff and have in-guild competitions.
I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for that I probably wouldn’t play, it’s motivating, fun and rewarding. It’s well run and it’s members repay that with attendance and effort.
That’s why I left Wow and Gw2, the guilds had died and it was no longer fun. To me it’s the key to a fun Mmo. They’re are many active guilds recruiting, is see them on fleet and I know they’re busy because we’ve gone from top3 in conquest to barely making 10th now weekly so it requires effort.
I think in all mmo’s a goal is essential whether is a title, a rank, a certain house/stronghold well decorated, a mount/ship, achievement etc. And when that’s done look for another goal or move onto a different game if you feel you’ve done it all.
I’ve seen on many forums players say their bored and what to do next. There will be a time I think in all MMO’s when you hit this, it’s what you do next that makes the difference.
It’s sad what you said about you and your wife playing swtor and it being ruined with the terrible Kotfe/Kotet. Even during that debacle they had so many chances to make it better from group players. The Star Fortresses and Eternal Championship should have been dedicated group/ flashpoint content. There were some very good ideas in both of these that were completely blown by either lack of thought or lack of permission to do so. Such a waste. I only did it with one imp and one rep for the achievement and that was enough to drive me to murder. And seeing as neither was a force user it was even more ridiculous.
Ill try and finish quick as I’m almost passing you in word content here XD.
As for the future there is some parts of the roadmap that interests me, some parts do not, and I’ve got to hope that 6.0 will bring us something different, something tangible, anything that’s not outlander *spits* related. It looks like it’s going to be piecemeal sadly, just as long as it’s not returning companions.
Oh and Anthem, that’s an interesting one. If it crashes what have Bioware got left?
Swtor with a great potential of making money and a player base screaming out for more? (Rose tinted glasses anyone 🙂
My big worry?
Star Wars market oversaturation and consumer overload, i.e too many recent films and products causes lack of interest in the franchise. A victim of it’s own success, people get bored.
A quick question for you if you don’t mind me asking (not loaded honest:) )
What game/games are you playing just now?

(Abbaddonsmummy wrote this, although why anyone would copy this cr*p is anyone’s guess)

Crazy, when you decide to actually give your opinion, instead of bashing other posters here, you seem to have the same exact opinion as them!

You should have maybe tried this first instead of coming in all dramatic, but it’s quite obvious you love all that drama.

That was my whole point, I’ve never changed my opinions on aspects of the game, I have clearly stated them over the time I have been here, parts I hate and parts I like, so if my opinions aren’t listened to whats the point in my posting a reply when the op clearly stated I was the fanboi.
But if like you say I have the same views as others on here how can I be the fanboi.
It’s a dilema eh?

You seem to have missed my point in that you and kaelin both have no reason to come on here acting like pigs and insulting everyone without even saying the first ting about the game as usual and then when you do you agree with everyone.

I never missed any point.
Rompe was looking for your opinion.
You see when Bioware release such a shit poor road map, fan boys go into hidding, hence why Rompe felt the need to call you out.
You should check out his post below, its really good.

As for the ->
”And again you say i defend bioware when i said above why i don’t like some of SWTOR.
I don’t know why I bother IF YOU DONT ACTUALLY READ WHAT I POST ” remark I covered this previously in my post,
here I’ll copy paste it for you
” just because on the odd occasion when writing a post defending Bioware you happen to mention something at the end that Bioware did that you disliked doesn’t mean you aren’t fanboying.”

See fan boys are predictable too, not so funny though but predictable all the same.

There is no point debating with abaddonsmummy.
I realized long ago its biazed opinion and i dont mind it. Die hard fans tend to defend their master also to the end whatever the end is.
What matter is how long the last subbers left put up to CM updates and are fine with non existent content updates soon. We shall see.

And I will defend Abaddonsmummy, Jiinx, and yes even Crazy Ivan Kaelin to do so. All I wanted was to hear his view. As I said in a post further down, Abaddonsmummy is biased and a fanboi yes, but he is actually articulate and smart enough to put reason to his defending of BW Austin, compared to other fanbois who bring nothing but “If you don’t like this game, quit, leave Dulfy etc etc hur dur duh”.

This road map is so monumentally bad, that Keith actually was bragging about how good 2017 was ffs. I truly would like to hear Abaddonsmummy’s thoughts on this, especially with having his flutters crushed now knowing that 6.0 is not an expansion (as we all were saying). Nor does it silence the issue about the discussion over SWTOR having its development ended as reported. But he has gone quiet. Oh well. Gave him the chance. *shrug*

[OP is Rompe Himself!]

What’s funny is you baiting these guys without sharing opinion 1 about the road map and then calling them trolls after they take it, that is truly award winning trolling on your part.

Here I thought your whole Martyr complex had faded but now I see you are still the same. They were not being “bullies” but asked a question which little Kaelin went off and started the whole poodoo rolling. If you like by all means answer the question instead of playing the whole martyr bullshit. I honestly thought you were better than that.

Boy, am I going to get in trouble for this…

I sincerely have no doubts Abby here is not happy with this “roadmap”. He is NOT a fanboi. Sure, he and I (and my “guys”) don’t share the same view on the game. Yes, he likes the game.

BUT, and it’s a big “but”, he has been critical of the game on SEVERAL occasions. He doesn’t pray at the altar of BW/EA. So he likes the game. Ok, let’s have an intelligent conversation about this.

Shit, we ALL care for this game, in one way or another.

I like and respect all sorts of opinions. And hey, if only the “haters” get a say, it’s going to be a pretty one-sided conversation…

I’ve come to appreciate all sorts of people that write on this Forum. In a funny way, THIS is what TOR has become for me. A place where I can discuss the state of the game, its future (or not hehehehe), and where I like many people. Yes, Abby included. Ji’inx too.

Some have gone,and I miss them. I REALLY miss Naq, and her zany sense of humor. I remember almost shitting my pants on some of her posts. That one, where she and her friend went on a crazy outing in DK… OMFG!!!

So please “haters”: let’s not alienate these guys.

Who knows: maybe they have something interesting to say…

And that is what I wanted to hear from the #1 fanboi on this website. Unlike Kaelin who tried to silence me because I was a so called hater, I was inviting Abaddonsmummy to the table to hear what he had to say. At least us “haters” are civil in that way. Fanbois on the other hand like Kaelin, want to silence the truth. As for Abaddonsmummy, well he wimped out and cried about bullying (among other things), despite ignoring the facts with that mentally challenged ruskie Kaelin and how she carried on, among other things in his rambling post.

But sorry, Paulo, love your comments to bit, and you are usually spot on, but on this buddy, you are wrong. Abaddonsmummy has been AT TIMES critical, and only MILDLY critical at best, but quite a few shit facepalm decisions by BW Austin, he has celebrated and congratulated them on. Hell, this piece meal content with the OPS and everything delivered in 2017, he has sung the praises of BW Austin for. Let us remember his “flutter” over the mere mention of 6.0. So if that is not praying and jerking off at the altar of BW Austin………….

And I am still waiting for him to give us his view and opinion on this road map, but he would rather take a page out of the fanboi manual and redirect the question by talking about poor little Kaelin getting involved in something that did not involve her. *Shrug*, who knows Paulo, maybe Abaddonsmummy finally found something by BW Austin even he cannot defend.

The fanbois are all starting to awaken. It is a glorious time for all of us so called haters to see the truth be revealed to those who chose to deny or ignore it. As one of these so called “haters”, I welcome them with open arms. The truth does really set people free.

P.S. I too miss Naq.

[OP is Rompe Himself!]

Man, I love your posting too. Shit, we agree on almost everything.

What I can tell you is that these two guys are not bad guys. They’re not what YOU guys think they are. Believe me, I KNOW bad apples.

Ji’inx I like, because even having a few altercations, he is ALWAYS happy to help anyone with something. Be it promotions, gear, Cartel Market stuff. He is ALWAYS there. Even for me! He’s my CM Guru, if you will.

And I NEVER -I really mean NEVER- saw him get really obnoxious with ANYONE. He’s a polite guy, who is helpful and loves the game.

Abyy… I’ve told this story many times before, and Abby himself can testify to its truth…

I too had an altercation with him. And he’s a tough cookie, a hard nut to crack. He writes very intelligently, and his logic is not easy to beat.

Shit, he’s an Highlander. Those guys are bad sons of bitches loooool…

Somehow he came with the “why are you here if you hate the game” line.

I explained I DIDN’T hate the game. In fact, I loved most of it. Just the recent part of the game I really hate.

And he fucking listened! I was ready for another round in the ring, and to my surprise he changed. We came to some sort of common ground, and agreed to disagree, if you like. While agreeing on A LOT of stuff.

Damn… He’s a Monthy Python’s fan. THAT right there is reason enough for me to respect AND like him.

He is still in a functioning guild. He has lots of people to play with. That can be a VERY important factor. Man, if I had my two sons still playing TOR, I would be in the game too! Or some of my long time friends, some of them from my freaking hometown that started playing this game with me, guys from highschool. I never see them anymore, we all got married, have kids, moved to another town… The ONLY place I “saw” them was in game!

Shit, now I’m REALLY sad lol…

Hey man… I may be wrong, as you say. That’s fine.

But I have to do what I think is right. And these two guys are cool in my book. Sure, a bit misled lol. But hey, who isn’t in some part of their lives?

The others? Fuck’em. It’s open season on fanbois. Good hunting out there.


Hey, don’t get me wrong. I may not agree with Abaddonsmummy or Jiinx, but I do not think ill of them. How could I when Abaddonsmummy is clearly a WH40K fan. :p But I do admit that sometimes I wonder how they can continue to live in denial and smell flowers when it is shit under their nose from BW Austin, but if I thought they were fuckwits, I would not ask them for their opinion.

See what Abaddonsmummy failed to see was that he assumed firstly I was trolling. What he should have done is stopped, and reflected on how many fanbois on here (And there are amazingly still some), I have asked their opinion for. Hardly any. Jiinx and Abaddonsmummy, I singled out because, although they live in denial and carry the flag for BW Austin proudly like all fanbois, they do have reason and thought behind their faith and backing of said shit company. And that I can respect, not agree with, but respect. So if they think I am being mean or trolling by singling them out, well not much I can do to change that. But they should know that I single them out because not only are they the #1 fanbois on this website, they also are the two fanbois with a coherent argument to make in defending BW Austin
s continual burying of SWTOR. And that, we should all respect……………just not agree with.

That is true. Yes, I guess you’re right. There’s people I really respect on “our” side of the fence. Presently I think Wayshuba is probably the guy that is most accurate and factual. Good luck taking him on.

And on the other side of the fence, yeah. Those two are the best representatives. Just like in the movies, a great hero needs a great villain.

Only question is: which one is which…


Good point.

I have already explained my reasons to you Fred, on another occasion. I won’t do it again.

I’m not going to be everyone’s moral compass man. I have a hard enough time dealing with MY issues.

Abby has been nothing but respectful to me. I owe him the same courtesy. As much as I love Naq (and I DO), she’s a big girl. She can stand on her own two feet, and give many guys hell on Earth.

In fact, she did.

I don’t like the ganging up thing here on Dulfy. Just because we agree most of the time, doesn’t mean we have to agree ALL the time.

Yeah, we’ve gone over this one before. I just feel the need to drop a reminder every so often that he isn’t just someone who likes SWTOR and disagrees with people on here; he can get very nasty and personal or hides behind BS excuses which others avoid.

I know I’ve butted heads with Rompe before, Kosto as well (I’m not sure him and I agree on much when it comes to SW story direction, particularly about Luke.) But they and I, as far as I remember, never got nasty about it. Been coming here for almost 4 years so there’s no way I’d always agree with everyone…lol. I remember when I first found this site. So much good info because there was actually content to post about…

[OP is Fred G!]

It is wonderful that he has been nice to you man but he has been a raving dick to a great many other people. While he may not have been on Diehards level he defend him time and again in defense of some of the stupidest things BW has done. A few good deeds do not change the characters heart.

[OP is Don Loco]


Apart from Naq, NO ONE here had more problems with Diehard Fan than me. I would go so far as to say I had MORE problems. They weren’t as serious, but amounted to more over the course of time.

And YET I was able to reach a point where I could even talk to the guy. REALLY talk to him. I don’t know if he was bullshitting me, but if he was it was his fault, not mine.

After Diehard, I came up with my own set of rules for these internet conversations: if I could picture myself talking to the person and saying the EXACT same thing in front of his/her face, I would write it. If not, I would be playing my “internet persona” thing, which I hate.

There are things here from “haters” like me I don’t agree with. I won’t be specific, because again: I’m not Dulfy’s moral compass. I’m just a guy. I have an opinion ON A GAME. That’s it. I don’t know who you people REALLY are. Don’t take offence Don Loco. But I could be writing to a psychopath RIGHT NOW. Or you could too hehehehehehe…

The ONLY guy I have a few information on is Kosto, because he is my Facebook friend. And even that is superficial, as you may know.

I’m just a guitar player that loves music, Star Wars and Formula 1 man.

I can’t judge anybody from talks in a Forum. And neither can you, for that matter.

For what it is worth I have always done the same. I don’t write on here what I wouldn’t say to anyones face. I am who I am. I don’t agree with everyone and that is a human thing. I do my best to keep things civil (and I occasionally fail, human) and peaceful. I know it is a game thus I don’t get my shorts in an uproar. I am not perfect, never claimed to be nor do I think my shit doesn’t stink. I try not to judge but one can construct a logical base by what people are constantly saying. A few different words here and there are one thing, but the overall story will tell you the tale.

I got triggered with Diehard Fan. Or Captain R, as he was called back then. I went full retard. I mean REALLY full retard. I wasn’t happy with myself afterwards. It’s not worth that.

I can understand, that one really got on my nerves as well. Not my better days but live and learn.

So true what you say there, we should all adhere to those values.
However more importantly did you say Formula 1?
Omg my wife and I are addicts of it. I got her into it but she is more nuts about it than I am now.
Great end to last season (apart from Hamilton winning, we’re not fans of him) but was a close finish over the last few races, although Ferrari blew it big time in the second half of the season.
Can’t wait for 23rd March.:)

Yes! I love it. I’m a Ferrari guy, but I also don’t really like the way Vettel conducted himself last year. You know Ferrari fans: the team always comes first. Driver is secondary.

My favourite is the “Iceman”, mr. Kimi Raikkonen. Sadly he’s near the end of his career, and he’s not the driving machine he was when he was at McLaren, for instance.

But although I am a “tiffoso”, I also like it when others do an excellent job. I’m not the greatest Hamilton fan either, but he was unstoppable last year!

Other than that, there’s the Verstappen kid of course. He’s going to be something else… When he cools that young head of his. I think this year he already started to cool down a bit.

But for me, the best driver in F1 (still) has got to be Alonso. I pray to the F1 gods McLaren can have a competitive car this year, so that we see more of him…

Well the Reno engine seems to fit the car better and apparently sources say everyone in the team is excited for the new season. They had one of the best chasis and aerodynamics last season, certainly better than most of the cars in the “middle” but that Honda engine man… Sigh. And I think I am one of the few who like Hamilton lol. As a side note, have you played the F1 2017 game? It is pretty fun especially the career mode

I don’t really gravitate towards pilots. I mean, as a Ferrari fan, I put the team first. I’ve had pilots I really didn’t like driving for Ferrari, and I supported them. It’s like that for me.

So it’s not that I absolutely dislike Hamilton. It’s obvious he’s one of the best out there. Top three material for sure.

I like Raikkonen, Ricciardo, Bottas. I’m on the fence with Verstappen still. But he’s good. No doubts there.

But ever since Senna died I don’t really have a driver I’m absolutely supportive of. My all-time favourite was Gilles Villeneuve. Senna, Villeneuve, Schumacher. My top three favourite drivers. You can put Mansell there as a disclaimer too.

I haven’t played any F1 games of late, simply because my racing wheel died on me hehehehe… I CANNOT play those games with a keyboard. Not going to happen, I have to do the “real deal”. Well, as “real” as it can be, out of my bedroom that is … lol!

I get you, I am a long time McLaren fan and always support whoever drives for them (maybe that’s where my like for Hamilton comes). But during the years Ive always had other pilots that I favored. See Vettel… I really liked him up untill they started favorising him waayyy too obviously over Webber.
The game, especially if you turn on all rules and turn off all assists is very close to a similator btw. 110 difficulty is a challenge even for the most experienced f1 gamers. And the progression system is pretty good, with detailed rnd trees. I get what you mean about the keyboard, I play it on a ps4 controller and it is still a pain to manage all the buttons you need 🙂 A pain in the good meaning though

As you should! McLaren are a huge team. They are an example in F1. Just as Williams are. I have a soft spot for all those British teams that worked they way to the top.

I mean: Sir Frank Williams? He’s a hero in my book. What an example. You think you have problems? Well, here’s someone with a really serious problem that took his team from being average to being the reference.

I want to see the best team win. If it is Ferrari, even better. But they have been missing the mark for the last 10 years or so. I’m not a fundamentalist. I admire excellence, in whatever shape or form it comes in.

Man, Williams are my 2nd favorite team 🙂 I always play with those 2 on the f1 games as well. Frank is an example for everyone out there, that you can outwill every challenge and struggle.
Tbh ferrari before Schumacher were spending lots of years being average team. Which reminds me, Jean Alesi was one of those other drivers I supported back in that period. Now I know that Ferrari s basically the heart of F1 but I just cant seem to catch their vibe so to speak. Never been fan of them and nowadays with Vettel there I just want them to crash in each race. But to be fair, if it werent for them last season would’ve been way too boring so I appreciate their efforts to catch up Mercedes

Oh Jean Alesi!!! I worshipped that guy! He was all about going as fast as humanly possible. A bit like Villeneuve. He was awesome. Sadly he went to Ferrari instead of Wiliiams. And Ferrari in those years… I mean, they couldn’t even take the cars out of the trucks without something breaking down. Let alone win races loooooooool…

Had he gone to Williams, maybe he would be at least a World Champion once. But we’ll never know will we?

He was awesome. And yes, he was always driving on the edge of the maximum risk. And when he finally won a race! I still remember how happy he was, like true, sincere happiness. And then he rode on top of schumi’s car for the victory lap. Priceless footage right there!

Canada 1995, if my memory is not failing me. And he could have won many other races. He was just the unluckiest soab you could possibly be. Until THAT GP, that he won on a lucky streak. Maybe because it was his birthday…

And not only him. EVERYBODY was happy, because they all loved Alesi. Great memories…

We’re Ferrari fans too, I do like Vettel he’s not the arrogant assh*le he was when he was cruising to victory after victory in the red bull a few seasons back, he’s learn’t some humility it seems, and he’s fast, and real challenge for Hamilton and the mercs.
Kimi cracks us up, he’s the only driver who will appear on the podium in 2nd or 3rd and look absolutely miserable. I know it’s his own self expectation but jeez man, crack a smile now and again. Is he fast enough though? Had a better end to the season but the first half he was terrible, a ‘laggard’ I believe the Ferrari boss called him lol.
We also like Ricciardo, who can’t like a smile like that, and he’s got a great attitude, but we’re not too sure about Verstappen, his win at all costs and FU everyone else attitude ain’t going to win him many fans (well apart from his massive dutch following lol) but he is undeniably fast, in fact crazy fast especially in the wet but that will undoubtedly win him races and maybe even a championship if red bull secure themselves a reliable engine after this season.
As for Mclaren, so much heartbreak for Alonso and Button (before he left), my wife’s a massive button fan (I wonder why with his rugged good looks) and I’ve always been an Alonso fan, he’s got so much passion for the sport but that Honda deal was a stinker.
They were almost coming good with a few top ten qualifications for Alonso last season but it couldn’t carry on, fingers crossed for next season, the renault’s engine is much better and more reliable than the Honda but I suspect it’s still miles off the Ferrari and Merc engines still.
As for Mercedes…….the less said the better.

I ‘defend’ the parts that I like, parts that interest me.
I express ‘dislike’ at the parts I don’t.
Is that not what life is about man?

I believe the past is the past but if people are going to represent it incorrectly then I must drop this here especially if I’m implicated for approving violence.

I was attacked for not getting involved in their dispute, because I didn’t want his known issues brought to my door as I explained to Naq.
We both liked the game so we were classed as ‘the fanbois’ therefore I was somehow responsible for him. Just like you’re all so different so were we in a LOT OF THINGS.
Naq was cool with that as she agreed that she didn’t want other peoples abuse of me dropped at her door. That would be unfair on both sides.
And I did say to her that his behaviour was totally unacceptable and we left that on ok terms.
Also there were many ‘other people’ involved at the time and fake and guest accounts floating around saying awful thing about both of them.
I was keeping well out.
Myself and Naq ended on good terms with it, if Naq wasn’t she would killed me on here I assure you.
Naq is a strong character.
That was my ‘offence’.
Sorry to bring this to your door but it was brought to you in a ‘tainted’ manner. (I have screenshots I can assure you)
Btw sorry about this again man.

Its the constant upvoting and defending of the worst characters on here that you seem to be able to ignore, it has nothing to do with his opinion of the game its his opinion of the trolls here that gets him lumped in with the rest of the trash. His opinions on the game are sound and reasonable.

Hey man thanks, you always come to my defense, although sometimes I wish you wouldn’t, you get targeted by some of the more ‘extreme’ members on here.
You’re a gent as always man.
As for the roadmap, I like parts, hate parts, it’s not enough but I think we all know why, but I’ve always been a ‘glass half full’ type of person, I take the best from things, that’s just my nature.
I know it infuriates people on here, that’s not my intention, it just little (well not so much these days lol) old me 🙂
Take care 😛

Paulo the thing is he is a fan boy.

That road map hit and we all knew he wasn’t going to write a single post about it (never mind actually comdemning it) but he’d rather sit there reading all the comments.

Rompe’s original post was him calling him (and others) out to give his (their) opinion on the road map, something he (and anyother fanboy) has yet to do and most likely never will.

We the so called ‘haters’ (most stupid term ever,should be the other way round because you have to hate yourself alot to continue to self harm by supporting Bioware) WANT to hear from fanboys.

We want to hear the spin on this road map.
I would love to hear how they feel about this.
I’m genuinely interested.

That’s what eludes me in all this conversation.

How can he actually be a fanboi if he hates KotFE/KotET probably as much as you and I do?

I covered this before.
What he does is at the end of a post throw in a short little comment about things he doesn’t like that Bioware have done after defending them and that’s suppose to expunge everything else.

Look at the history of comments he’s upvoted.
There’s one here on this very page that a guy wrote clearly trying to bait people ->
”Thought it was a good update. New expansion with operation like everyone says they want – new strongholds, new fps. I don’t get the whinging.”
Upvoted by the so called non fan boy.

When this road map hit, I knew I wouldn’t see a single post by him or anyother guest fan boys being honest on this page.
The very fact that we all knew he was never ever ever ever going to post anything about this road map and Rompe thought ‘I’ll actually ask him out right, what his thoughts are because he isn’t going to say anything’ tells you how predictable a fan boy he is.

Hummm… Ok I guess. I just have a different concept of what a “fanboi” is. That other guy in the other thread, the one we went up against. Now THAT’S a proper fanboi to me. That one could not see the truth even if it came and bit him on his ass. To the point I could not discuss anything further with him, since he went on calling companion re-recruitment content hehehehehe…

It actually made me laugh. Proper laughing, sitting in my comfy gaming chair. I kid you not.

I just hope we can all dial down a notch. I like the guy. Don’t often agree with him, but I like him.

I want people’s different views.
It gets boring real fast if everyone agrees, plus it makes you look at things differently than you would have.
The problem is when Bioware screw up (which is often these days) they (the folks with a different point of view) go super quiet.
That’s why the comment section is filled with folk pretty much tearing Bioware to shreds.

I agree. This is pretty much one sided. And the people we respect on the other side of the fence went quiet, which is not good for anyone.

I was on the other side of the fence, when BW announced KotFE. I was in the minority. It was NOT a pleasant experience. I got kicked around a lot man.

But I think I also made a few people see my point of view. If not completely agree, at least they acknowledged the fact that there are different experiences, different ways to play an MMO.

At the very least it prepared me for the sycophants that pull my leg these days hehehehehehehe…

But if you want peoples views do mine not count because I like parts of the game?
Is that not the definition of “What he does is at the end of a post throw in a short little comment about things he doesn’t like that Bioware have done after defending them and that’s suppose to expunge everything else.”
I give positives and negatives, is that not my opinion?
Is that not a different view?
I don’t get what you expect of my posts man.

It’s like politician talk, say 90% one thing then mumble in something at the end thats the opposite to cover their arse.
Do you really think you’re impartial or not baised towards Bioware?

I couldn’t give a sh*t about Bioware, in fact if you guys didn’t talk about it I probably wouldn’t know who made the game.
I’m only biased towards my own enjoyment.
I’ve said in the past they’re trying their hardest because is that not what people do to keep their jobs, I certainly do, It can’t be in their interest not to.
They however took it and absolutely awful direction that killed of part of the player base which I’ve always said is wrong. They thought they were doing it for the future of the game but they massively screwed it up.
I also think they are trying hard now to get it back on track in the direction we all want but they clearly don’t have the resources anymore. Ea is stripping them.
When they stop delivering enjoyment to me I’m off.
Like I’ve said some part I like, some I don’t, for instance I don’t pvp, I hate it along with starfighter so I don’t do it, it’s not my bag, I do however believe they should get content so I feel for them when they don’t.
Oh and I hate politics too. 😛

lol I actually don’t pay attention to these things, they are literally unimportant to me, I just play games.

Is that not what people do in life, like the things that they enjoy and dislike the things they don’t.
Do I have to hate everything about it, because I don’t.
I don’t not put on my television because I don’t like some of the programme’s on it, I pick and choose what I want.
I don’t do bandwagons, I never have, I’m an individual, always have been, I Iook through the wood to see the trees.
That’s me man I’ve never changed.
The guy I upvoted?
Simple he said something I agree with, we all want new fp’s, new op, that’s why people complained in the first place, we need more group content.
Does that not make sense?

The guy you upvoted, posted a taunt.
He wasn’t being honest, he was fishing for people to snap at him and you know that fine well, don’t be naive.
And if you say you like things and dislike other things then why only upvote positive posts?
Next no one says people have to hate it or love it, there is no middle ground.
You’re just not honest, when Bioware screw up you (and others) go into hiding.
But I swear, if Bioware magically turn it around, I’ll be here praising them to the heavens and that’s the difference.

I’ve made it perfectly clear on here the things I like on here and the things I don’t, and I do upvote negative posts especially about crap companions returning and anti kotfe stuff, I always have and have so recently.
I remember me and Naq laughing about how bad Kotfe was and the awful clipping graphics on some scenes.
I just don’t hate parts as much as others it seems.
Again as for the post I cant only upvote part of his post and not other parts and I used to post what parts I upvoted but I got fed up doing that because who on here cares lol.
It is funny though that when people aren’t happy with a Bioware release it’s my fault and for me to berate or apologise for.
And as I’ve said on here somewhere I can’t post as much as I did, in fact I’ve given up my sunday night with the family to try and clarify some things on here.
I do enjoy genuine discourse with intelligent people like you guys.
Sometimes 😛

Are we honestly here arguing on whether or not you are biased towards Bioware?
Are we honestly going to discuss whether or not you are a ‘fan boy’?
Do you truly believe you are not?

You asked me mate so I answered.
I suppose it’s not actually up to me at the end of the day, it’s how I’m perceived.
I just don’t think it fits the definition however in saying that on Dulfy I’m probably the closest thing you’re going to get. (regular anyway, not random pro-rage accounts).

Well fair enough.
I don’t believe I’m a so called ‘hater’ either so guess we’re both screwed 🙂

Don’t mean shit when he doesn’t even talk about the game and just comes on like he did in this post to defend some other poster that was not talking about the game and just shitting on your guys opinions in the first place.

You need to quit taking the bait, reread his post he’s not joining the conversation here, he’s just criticizing this community- it’s called trolling. He and Kaelin both came here to this comment section on this article just to troll and you guys fed right into it.

Kaelin comes in here like a rabid dog biting and frothing at everyone’s opinions and you run right in after to pet her and tell her she’s a good dog, you rubes are about as toxic and disgusting as it gets. How you see these exchanges in exactly the opposite of what reason and common sense dictates is beyond me.

Your both such diehard fanboi’s you don’t even talk about the game anymore, you just come here and vomit into other peoples opinions. Truly gross dude.

I like the [OP is Fred G!] you are adding to your comments. I think I will follow in your example Good sir!! *Tips hat*

yeah, I’ve been wondering what that means. Is it supposed to confuse the bots? Or just the bots won’t put that in their comments so you can tell the real account vs the fake account?

Hard to tell. The bots are yet to copy any of Fred’s comments since he started adding the OP is Fred G line. But at the very least, if they still do copy it, at least you will know straight up it is a bot.

I guess with the way he dances around wordings that’s true. He mentioned rewards for defeating “certain bosses” in Veteran and Master Mode so how silly of me to think they would offer three difficulty tiers for all bosses of one operation piece-mealed out over an entire year+.

[OP is Fred G!]

That’s not true. They said from the beginning that they would release the Master Mode for Gods from the Machine once the whole op is finished. And this is quoting Kieth’s Autumn Roadmap: “Both Scyva and Izax will be made available in early 2018 and for those of you who enjoy the ultimate level of challenge. Our plan is to follow up with Master Modes of each boss fight, too.”

I don’t remember that part, but even so…. no one really cares about that part…. the problem is that there’s nothing new to be done with this game.

I knew I read that somewhere! I should’ve remembered as I particularly loved the horrible sentence structure.

[OP is Fred G!]

How does Master Mode even matter to the vast majority of the current raiding community? How many raiders, still playing SWTOR, do more than story mode anymore?
Master mode, smaster mode how about just more playable content instead of a harder version of existing content?

Yeah I personally don’t care about Nightmare Mode of these ops, since Hard Mode is challenging enough. I don’t think there are many raid groups left to be able to finish even the Hard Mode of most of the ops in the game currently, so why bother having a NiM? What you said is the real problem.

I would much rather see more NEW things than master modes of existing, if thats what it came down to, even if I had a guild that could do the MM.

There are mmo’s out there in maintenance or f2p that deliver more content then swtor. That is how pitiful this game has become. What’s worse is BW Austin was created for the sole purpose of maintaining SWTOR and they cannot even manage one single game.

Honestly we can still blame good old Ben Irving on this since he is still in charge at BW Austin, he just put Keith in as the whipping boy to take all the heat for the litany of mistakes that Ben is still making with SWTOR.

these roadmaps are full of shit. they promised an ENTIRE 5 boss operation by the end of 2017… HOW THE FUCk does it take 4 years to put together 1 complete operation? answer is it doesn’t Goodbye again swtor you still suck

Well, the sad fact is SWTOR has not one, but two axes hanging over its head. The first is the population dying quicker and quicker with every farcical road map released with no proper content coming out, and the second is the fate of Anthem. If Anthem crashes and burns as many of us expect, it will kill SWTOR by proxy when Bioware joins the landfill EA makes out of the bodies of studios it buys and then strips

Even if things end so dark and gloomy swtor would have 2 more years all 2018 and 2019 minimum so i wouldn’t be worried about that right now…

Worried? We’re not worried. Drivan, Naq, Eban, Fred and a lot of others are already knocking ourselves out in other MMO’s mate. MMO’s that will remain nameless, least I’m accused of recruiting here on Dulfy lol…

The guys that are playing TOR, THEY should worry. Not us.

what other MMO? ESO? the MMO that has to brag about 10 million units being bought and not actual players?

The MMO that is about to shut down ANOTHER Cyridil shard? HAHA

Oh “another” guest account, Elon Musk’s Musk?

Why do you people fear having a proper account? Is it so that it seems that several people have the same opinion?

Hey, I kicked your ass in the other thread. Don’t say you want me to kick your ass AGAIN, in this other “account”, you little sycophant…

Better then releasing so little content like SWTOR, and pretending it is a feast for the ages. Better then going F2P in just under a year like SWTOR did. ESO may not be my kind of mmo, but it certainly is doing much better then SWTOR currently and even factoring in how many years ESO has been out (Just over 3 years), SWTOR in that same period was beginning its downward spiral. Sad, but true facts.

[OP is Rompe Himself!]

ESO currently has a ton of players and is a very healthy MMO. Rarely (very rarely) will you go anywhere in the world and not run into other players, frequently packs of players too.

Not to mention the content cadence in that game puts SWTOR to shame. In one update they release more content than SWTOR did for the entire last year.

Their business model is much better than SWTORs as well. Subs get access to all the expanded content in addition to other benefits (crafting bag, bonus XP and gold, double bank and housing space, etc.). If you don’t want to sub, that’s fine, just buy the content you want once and you can play it to your hearts content – no weekly passes.

Don’t bother with this guy, seriously. I was having a go at him in another thread, and I quit when he called companion re-recruitment CONTENT…

Paulo, speaking of recruiting…I might try out ESO again just for the hell of it. Any good guilds out there? When would you say the game really shows how good it is…max level?

[OP is Fred G!]

Are you in America? I play on the European mega-server (yes peeps, we actually have a PROPER mega-server lol… Just rubbing it in a little bit, sorry couldn’t help myself…)

If you are, I suggest asking Drivan. I think he is a bit (a lot?) ahead of me into the game, and he probably knows a good guild there. Naq should steer you right too, but she’s been absent of late here, unfortunately.

But just wing it man. You can be in 5 guilds. Just go through leveling and try a few out. There’s always people announcing on any major city.

You should definitely be in a trading guild if you want to craft. It can be a pain to craft without one. Crafting can almost be a game onto itself. As is housing. Housing IS a game onto itself, really. PROPER housing, as in putting anything, anywhere you want. And housing is also related to crafting, so…

I only have one toon properly leveled. But being an Elder Scrolls fan since “Arena” I love the lore, the story. I’m loving leveling. Of course, it may not be so grand once I reach the heights I had in TOR, with 28 toons lol.

The really cool thing is that you can try out different builds! Make it pretty specific. YOUR own build. I’ still trying things out, but I’m having a blast messing up my characters.


Yeah, I’m in USA. I usually play ESO for about a week, realize how much research I’d have to do to play at a level I’m comfortable with, come to the conclusion that will take too much time away from WoW where I have tons to do and lots of time invested, and I don’t play it for another 6 months…lol.

I loved Oblivion and Skyrim (tried Morrowwind but didn’t “get it” 🙄.) It would be great to get fully into the world again but we’ll see. With Legion winding down I need a break to recharge my batteries before diving into BfA this fall so I may finally give it an honest try.

[OP is Fred G!]

If EA shuts SWTOR down in the near future (a multitude of reasons why that would happen) and if Disney pulls the licence for the IP because of to many flops, failures and problems.
That’s 2 more “axes” to add to your list.

To the fake swtorista guest account, I will be surprised if SWTOR lasts through 2019 to see the Anthem release. I’m surprised that it lasted through 2017, but if it limps through another year I’ll be very surprised. They just aren’t releasing, or at least talking about releasing, enough content. There isn’t anything in this road map to build real excitement and their isn’t any solid talk beyond April. April is the end of their fiscal year FYI and I’m going to guess that they will be very careful about how they talk about anything beyond April because I’m also guessing that they don’t even know if there is going to be a future of SWTOR past April. It makes absolute since that this road map only takes us to the start of the new fiscal year given everything else that has been discussed about SWTOR and EA’s future with the Star Wars IP.

As more is said (and left unsaid) the pieces begin to come together.

and just in case don’t look at me lol, i don’t even have a disqus account. The same thing the bot did with me down. Why? dunno. Still all these posts are full of trolls, banned people, copycats and bots (me included of course) so mehhh who cares…

And here I was just wanting to know if Keith hit Elite Warlord on his second character. He sounded so excited about it. Sigh…maybe his Poppa stopped by and distracted him. Oh well.

[OP is after G!]

Its just a shame it took so long, some of the whiteknights used to (passive aggressively) attack any poster (not the post) that suggested the game needed more content or the lack of communication wasn’t good, when these critical posters were doing their best to identify the short comings in the game before we are half way through 2018 and have one flashpoint and one op boss and 24 minutes of returning companion cut scenes.

Keith has driven the game into the dirt and only now its driven off most the players are whiteknights going perhaps there is an issue that should have been address 6 months ago.

i used to be nothing but attacked even had to talk to dulfy about it at one point it seemed each update it was less and less of them last one i saw come back left pretty quick before that was the swg guy who whenever i said swg appeared and went nuts lol

One of the longest sentences posts. They are frustrating to read, but i did kinda get what Shawn meant there. Hopefully remembers dots next time when writes more than one line 🙂

To be honest Ben Irving drove SWTOR into the dirt, but then again that is what happens when a studio hires a guy with a degree in eCommerce and marketing and who’s only programming experience is in eCommerce websites, we get an eCommerce game.
EA got exactly what they wanted an eCommerce site wrapped up in a buggy video game. And they don’t actually have to produce or stock any products, just reskin digital items that the original development crew made back in 2011 and market them to the buyers.
Seriously Ben Irving was the head developer for a fashion website that sold trendy cloths before taking on the job at Bioware so they (EA/BW) knew what they were doing from the onset. His career experience is EXACTLY what SWTOR has become.

Keith is just a figure head, here to take the heat for all the behind the scenes decisions.

Its fair to say Ben made some odd choices, but at least their was content, that the story was so poorly written is more on the writing team they had left as opposed to taking the game in the wrong direction. Given what was produced in 2017 and Keith’s apparent view that more of the same (but probably even less) the idea of 16 Story Driven chapters + alerts seems like a damn amazing year.

Except said fanboi is still thanking the Devs and even Keith. If I was subbed, I would be asking him thanking the devs and the King of Bullshit for what??? So many bugs get ignored, the fp’s are uninspiring. All the promises and boasting by Keith turns out to be nothing of the sort and even reneges on a lot he promised (Ops NIM). The only thing that broken fanboi could thank BW Austin for is the plethora of Cartel Market content since it began. That is the only section in the last few years that has been given total love. The rest of the game? Treated worse then a Day walker step son (For the South Park fans out there).

Thought it was a good update. New expansion with operation like everyone says they want – new strongholds, new fps. I don’t get the whinging.

Though I guess people are sooking because they’re actually too shit to do final boss VotMG ‘master’ mode and feel inadequate and pissy? idk. Bunch of 3.0 heroes.

total year :new story :what? Not really a story.strongholds : yes but small strongholdsstarfighterupdates : yesa new warzone:yestwo new flashpoints:yesa new operation :too slowly +many qualityof life improvements: yes

Funny part about all of this they did rework on cartel market yet they gonna do it again BS if they gave as mutch love to the story mode operations flashpoints strongholds as they did cartel market items cartel market improvements o well what ya call improvement this game prob would hitted best MMO ever but ya know they kinda care more about microtransactions and dont get me wrong this aint bioware fault its EA EA always is known for microtransactions and destroying game company,s after buying them EA is The cancer Of the world

I wonder if this latest revamp will push the game closer to p2w somehow? At the very least I expect it to be an obvious push to make micro transactions even more prevalent that only the gullible won’t be able to see through.

[OP is Fred G!]

Well, selling those tokens to max your companion to lvl 50 is probably just the start, with BW Austin dipping their toes into the waters to see what the remaining player base think and do. If it goes well, I expect more will options to come.

[OP is Rompe Himself!]

Keith says this about teh future past March 2018:
“…. we are also laying out what we’ll include in a 6.0 Game Update. We’ll keep you informed of our summer, fall and winter plans throughout the coming months.

We look forward to expanding more on what you can expect in 5.8, 5.9, and beyond! As often as we can, we will be around in the thread to answer your many questions about those updates. Looking forward to having some good discussions.”

Like I said below, they are being very careful in what they say about anything past the start of the new fiscal year. This is vague and not informative at all. Yes, he mentions 6.0 and plans for Summer fall and winter, but they would have to present those proposals to the Studio heads who would then have to have them run cost analysis and then the final plan and budget presented to EA (because that is how software development works).
Given all we have heard lately I’m going to guess that EA is unlikely to approve anything new for SWTOR beyond April at this point. Taking all the stories, articles and videos related to EA, Bioware, Disney and the future of SWTOR and Star Wars gaiming as a whole, I would be cautious with my money and buying anything SWTOR related. Honestly, the writing is on the wall. Either EA will pull funding for SWTOR as of April 1st or funding will be monthly based on how much they (EA) can profit SWTOR.

Or maybe Papa EA will keep giving BW Austin just enough to get by (allowing them to continue more of the same content – recycled assets fp and returning comps with a random class balance fuck up thrown in), but make the final decision on SWTOR when Anthem is released. Because one would assume if Anthem crashes and burns as we all expect, Bioware surely will join the pile.

[OP is Rompe Himself!]

I had a friend who quit the game just after 4.0 came out and sold her account for $800, but with that, came a shit load of cartel items, coins, achievements, nim op gear and luckily for her, a specific name said buyer wanted that my friend had on the server (without using funny characters etc). But that was before the fall of SWTOR, so trying to sell it now? My man, good luck is all I can say.

Rompe you gotta talk some sense to these Half Blind deluded Fanbois & Girls 🙂 They are lost in Drowning Swtor & lack of Development there like some Heavily Indoctrinated Religious Nutties are.

Really hope that these Fanbois & Girls see the light & snap out of it. #IhaveADream #FoolsWorshipKeithTheSugarCoater

My man, there is that old saying that you cannot help someone if they won’t help themselves. This applies in spades to those fanbois who see only what they want to see every time Keith regurgitates his bullshit drivel. All we can do is wait it out. BW Austin is doing a fantastic job in making the most tacked on fanboi question their loyalties. It will just take time for them to open their eyes.

It’s sad but even on the forums there are still people saying expansion here and there. I just wonder if they read the same roadmap or they skimmed the passages?

Those fanboi’s are nothing but fools. And fools see not the same tree, a wise man sees. 🙂

(OP Is Rompe Himself)

See what happens when you drink the Cool-Aid? I swear, the smallest thing like putting a postage stamp on an envelope correctly would make this guy glee with excitement. Wish I could be as happy as he is when given a crumb of bread off the floor that a mouse wouldn’t even touch.

Sorry to say I couldn’t get through it.

Just from the title he said Expansion confirmed when Keith in his wisdom has said they will continue to put out little to no content very infrequently as he felt this was better than a traditional expansion.

The reason the forum post, even Keith has said he failed to produce a roadmap despite having worked on it for 4 months was because they used it as a carrot (or should that be plankton) to keep stringing the community along. No Content in January tell them to expect the Roadmap, No Content in February tell them to expect the Roadmap. Come February, Roadmaps aren’t working here is a forum post of things you already knew for the next 2 months.

Keith played you for fools and some people bought it. If EA are wondering why the game is loosing so many players look at how the producer is treating the community. But that is okay as I’m sure the next big thing will be stringing people along all summer with double xp events and talk of 6.0 which wont be an expansion just some QoL tweeks and the next reskined items in the CM.

Seems another year with very little content and ofcourse nothing for pvp . I hope they recover they mind and give us again our pvp sets as always and not this boxes system.

It truly makes me wonder how the fuck BW Austin does not have a date locked down yet for the end of S9. I mean, what the fuck do these guys do all day? The new content is minimal while recycling endlessly old events and pretending they are new again, they have a very low footprint in the forums, they have nothing locked down more then a month ahead. So truly, what the holy hell do these shit clowns do all day?

Hey guys check this retard: Reworking the conquest system takes resources, and from their feedback,
its a pretty integral and popular part of the game, so if it leads
people to participate in it more than theh have, it is considered “new”
to the new participants. New vendor systems and rewards are also
equivalent to new content.

And, so far all of the white knight whales are – as usual – blind to the truth, because they choose to be that way. Let them sink and drown on the SS Failure.

[I am Amodin, and I AM the OP of my post]

Well let’s be honest really, what could you say to defend this farcical road map and having your hopes for a 6.0 expansion crushed that doesn’t ride the freight train of delusion?

There is a part of me that wishes for a community-made project that could put EA/Bioware to shame…

Even we can do a better job than them!

IE: using RPG Maker or even Ren’Py (SOMETHING!) to make a fully playable stand alone single-player version of SWTOR (with SWTOR BGMs and voices acting).

Come on, guys!

Can it be done?

I really wonder if SWTOR will get the ‘Emulator Treatment’ if it shuts down? :p Brilliant people who did custom level design and level editors went on to get recruited or hired on by LucasArts back in the day (Yves Borckmans!) Fact of the matter is, the wrong people are in charge of SWTOR. And I’m sick of people saying give the developers, coders, programmers and writer of SWTOR slack. They are all to blame for what happened or what is happening now. They only listen to a few of the minor groups of the fan consumers – Arcann Romance?!?! smh

I think someone was working on a SWTOR emulator awhile back but nothing ever came of it. I believe they managed to make the login screen and character creation screens work. But with no interest in the project made it shut down.

Yeah, that was about the time before the Makeb expansion. Then they ran into issues they could not overcome code wise as well, interest in SWTOR as a emulator was weak (Probably thanks to the Galaxies emulator), and then it died in the ass. I cannot see anyone putting in the effort to make an emulator for SWTOR, given how many peeps walked away from the game these past several years. Still, we can all hope. Especially for a Oricon Era SWTOR.

Hello Feckers! “Keith” here, as you can see i own this game i can do whatever i please, you can all moan and groan here in your little dulfy space still iam the master losers. I’m gonna continue delivering the amount of content that pleases me and don’t worry i have my litle group of followers (whales) who will keep this game a float for years and years to come. Long live SWTOR!!!

Not anymore since i assumed the role as lead producer, now i am the master. Musco that’s a different story he’s everyones pet.

Here I thought your whole Martyr complex had faded but now I see you are still the same. They were not being “bullies” but asked a question which little Kaelin went off and started the whole poodoo rolling. If you like by all means answer the question instead of playing the whole martyr bullshit. I honestly thought you were better than that

It does seem to like to pick and choose what parts of the post it copies so I’m not convinced it isn’t just some smack ass.

Ugh, just release Anthem early, so it flops as we all know it will, and then BioWaste can finally be shut down.
Like they should have been 5 years ago.

With Mass Effect on the shelf indefinitely, I just hope EA gives Dragon Age to another studio who will love it right, then they can shut down Bioware because the Bioware we have now, is not the one we all loved once upon a time. But I would not be surprised if EA does shelf Dragon Age, or give it to another studio (along with Mass Effect) but give the middle finger to us all and turn it in the LOTR Shadow Of Mordor 2 type of game with all those loot boxes in a fucking single player game.

Obligatory FUCK YOU EA. 🙂

[OP is Rompe Himself!]

Dragon Age Franchise for Cd Projekt Red <3 Then we get Brothels back like they should be there.. Eaware took them away after 2nd so Crappy DAI didn't have any. #InCdProjektRedIveTrustedForYears

Oh fuck yeah, I forgot all about the brothel that suited every taste in DAO. And with the mods you could get for it, that made the game even greater. Still watching a dwarf make out with your human was, and forever will be creepy as hell.

*Sigh* I miss that version of Bioware that gave us DAO, KOTOR, Mass Effect and Jade Empire.

Nobody ever mentions “Jade Empire”. I guess it’s the runt of the litter. But I loved it. Being a martial arts fan (and a practitioner in my younger age lol) I always asked myself why there wasn’t a proper martial arts RPG. BioWare (the REAL BioWare that is) gave it to me.

I struggle to remember a bad game those guys ever did. Sure, they made slightly less popular or even a bit worse games. But a really bad one? Can’t really remember one…

Not sure. Isn’t the Madden franchise their own in conjunction with the founder of the series? I know the history of the Madden franchise is a little messy (Bethesda was involved in developing one of the many releases at one point in the 80’s). But either way, if it is EA’s from the beginning, that game sells huge numbers every year. Wasn’t EA once upon a time all about Sport games? Then they got greedy and went all Godzilla on the gaming industry and wrecked the little dev studios, to become the monstrosity it is today.

Madden is sorta their own – the NFL and everything associated with it isn’t. If their NFL partnership went bye-bye they could still churn out Madden copies, only now it’d involve fictional teams and players.

Dragon Age?

Which went from “Awesome!” to “Oh come on, really?” to “Why am I playing an MMO simulator?”

I don’t think, it’s wise to shut down Bioware, tbh. The players are more angry with EA, but they have rather a good relationship with Bioware’s story-games and their characteristics (choice-dialogs, cinematics and very good voice-acting). But, frankly, the decision to create a new franchise (Anthem) instead of putting good effort on the Mass-Effect-franchise, is wrong… but it’s too late now, i guess…They had the wrong creators; people that inherited the Mass-Effect-franchise, instead of the people that created it. I would have made a sort of continuation of the original trilogy; Also, i think, EA wants to make fast profits; a bit like Apple or many other companies… they invest, sell and move on…fast…this is something that does not really work well with creative and quality goals or with certain products…i’d say. But, yeah, money must be made at some point…

For the sake of accuracy, it should be noted that those people that created Mass Effect that were still working at Bioware when Andromeda was being developed CHOSE to work on Anthem instead because they were burnt out on Mass Effect and wanted to work on a new IP instead of rehashing an old one. It was not purely an EA decision.

EA has already downsized Bioware teams and closed some of them.

Mass effect was one setback. Anthem will be probably last one because its MMO. If it fails then it will be over. EA doesnt care if Bioware will be closed. They buy new gaming company and proceed. Thats how they do business. Get the most out of them until they shut them down. They do that to eliminate small gaming company rivals that has already created the name and known franchise or titles in gaming community. Buy it up use them and then dismantle and move on.

Just an article from January that points to an older Kotaku article. That ship has sailed with the last article from them this is old news.

They seem to take it one step further than the Kotaku article and say support for SWTOR is probably going to be phased out as opposed to its up in the air.

And who can deny the evidence of how badly SWTOR is doing or the claim that rather than an expansion Keith prefers small updates, good job Keith likes very little content stretched across the entire year cause thats what he is delivering. But then again this is a guy who wants you to buy instant 50 boast for your companions because you find their 3 battle cries so amazing. Sure they will be sold by some conquest vendor but the real goal is to sell them in the Cartel market.

As it stands they just want to take advantage of fans stringing them along all the while offering direct sale items from the old gambling packs. One thing you can count on is that BW/EA will treat Anthem the same way.

Half bullshit, half very interesting content.

The part I dismiss as bullshit is speculation on the future of TOR.

The part I found very interesting are the resources being diverted from BioWare, Austin to work on “Anthem”. That’s not bull, it’s fact. And it’s important to weight TOR’s place in EA’s scale of priorities.

That “bullshit” Kotaku article affected Bioware so much that they removed server health population meters completely and ignored forums paying subbers to remove those rumors. Instead they now showed 2018 roadmap and that confirmed what Kotaku said.

Yeah Bioware just proved themself being full of shit towards their playerbase that are left playing.

It’s no secret that the population of players playing SWTOR diminishes more every year, and that’s not what the Kotaku article was about. Where exactly did the 2018 roadmap say that SWTOR is shutting down? Because if it didn’t say that, which it didn’t, then it didn’t confirm anything.

No one disagrees that SWTOR is a mess and is not putting out content, that still doesn’t make the Kotaku and Forbes articles any less bullshit.

Not surprised at all. They are keeping it alive till the other game is ready…now does it cater to the same fan base? I am not convinced at all. Anthem seems so remote to what Bioware has been doing, was known for (in a good way, before EA distorted everything) in the past.

Not interested whatsoever in a co-op game featuring big flying exosuits/mech suits.

And if Anthem crashes like we all think it will, it could be the end of Bioware anyway, taking SWTOR with it.

Healthier than ever? That’s why they had to merge servers, right? Because the game is doing so well.

Ha! Yeah, right.

Maybe BW Austin has figured out there are some sad peeps out there who would resub if they made certain companions romancible now. I always wanted Thana Vesh (What can I say, I love the mean bitch), but it would not make me resub.

Yeah I know she wasn’t a companion. She is the only person who I would love to have seen a romance scene with.

I always left Thana alive. The thought of her running amok around the galaxy and getting caught repeatedly always brought a smile to my face.

So for 2018 we are getting an op boss (not an op, jsut a boss), the old companions that they took away but which were available anyway on Odessen, a sentence to say “i luv you” or something a long those lines with Arcann (none of the companions has any dialog after recruiting them anyway unless it is tied to Kofte/Kotet) and more grinding… nope, not going back to swtor.

You know it’s sad when they have to do two sections to companions and two sections to operations just to make this bullshit “roadmap” look more substantial than it already is. Fucking pile of snake oil salesmen.

Hey guys.

Completely off topic now.

(Speaking of which: do you guys remember when there was one particular Dulfy post that broke the 1,000 comments mark? I thought a post like this one could go up to those marks. What do you guys think? Is the game exodus reaching Dulfy? Are there more people leaving here than coming? It would be a nice discussion…)

It seems JJ Abrams has come and said somewhere that people that didn’t like “TLJ” are threatened by women, or something like that… Oh boy, and the excuses keep pilling up.

I found this guy. He does a good explanation on this. I agree with what he says. AND he uses a TOR cinematic trailer, “Hope”.

If you guys think JJ is somehow going to save Ep IX, think again. He’s not. He’s too immersed in the SJW nonsense propagating in Hollywood right now to do a good movie.

You can quote me on that, when the movie is released.

I dont believe he will say something so controversial, it is more likely we have a case of broken telephone. But he has stated that the reactions to TLJ wont make him change the idea and direction for ep9, so there’s that.

Or maybe his comments were completely taken out of context. I haven’t really looked at them, so I’m at fault there too, if that’s the case…

Yeah I sincerely doubt he or anyone on his position will straight out say something like this. I mean, those guys spend as much time being schooled what to say by their pr teams, as they spend filming. Like the other day when many sites broke the “news” that Lukas will direct the Obi-Wan movie. Lately every “news” are such a click bait…

Hahaha I like this youtube guy, really funny.
”Jar Jar Abrams” haha ”Kathleen Kennedy and her SJW farts” hahahaha

He’s right though, Mary Sue (oh I mean) Rey character is rubbish, didn’t evolve, just instant uber.
Wanted to see her go from scavanger to jedi over the 3 movies but she did it in less than a week in movie time!!!
Vice Admiral Holdo aka laura Dern was just terrible.
Less said about Jar Jar Rose the better.
Got nothing to do with women hating, I was looking forward to a ‘something something pretty jedi something'(I have her poster on my wall in my office and bobble head on the desk) and loved the idea in Rogue One the lead was Jyn Erso.
Satele Shan who doesn’t like Satele??
It was just shitty story telling.

Satele is awesomeness incarnate. I was hoping for a little more “Shan powa” either in KotFE, or as it turned out, maybe KotET would make a little more sense.

Instead, we now have the son… Well, there’s sexism for ya: I’d prefer to help Satele fight some dark menace coming from the bowels of the universe than to have pretty boy Theran and his betrayal.

Satele was one of my fav sw characters before the game was even released. It only took that “hope” trailer for me to instantly like her. Too bad the game itself couldnt deliver the same for her character.

Just imagine if Disney had the BALLS to do a proper movie about Satele. Imagine Daisy Ridley as Satele.

Man, there’s so much they could have done. So many places they could go…

Well here’s hope that the new movies these GoT guys will be making will be in the Old Republic era times. Ofc here’s hope they will make them right and just 🙂
Although I wouldnt mind tv show about that period.

I’ve said this time and time again:

Make us a Revan movie. Not the story in KotOR, we already know what went down there. And it was awesome.

No, make it about when Revan turned against the Jedi Order, and he and Malak take the fight to the Mandalorians. I would gladly give my hard earned money to see that.

And since it’s Disney and they’re swimming in cash, I’d put Tom Cruise as Revan. And Vin Diesel as Malak. The rest of the cast you could just fill with Ewoks. I’d STILL go and see it.


Jedi vs Mandalorians in an all out war? YES PLEASE!! I wouldnt even care who they cast lol
And it is officially canon too, cause Kanan said the Jedi won the war with the Mandalorians in one episode of Rebels last year. So just show it!! The same way they got the idea about Rogue One from one line of the crawl, they can use that one line for this. And tbh I wouldnt mind if it isnt Revan himself, as long as they just show us that conflict and show it right

Mary sue revan would be the worst character to make a movie of ever, take off your fan glasses for a second and just think of the millions of ways they would ruin it.

Well, there’s that too…

Of course I mean GOOD movies, not bad ones. If they can take Luke fucking Skywalker and ruin HIM… They can ruin ANYBODY.

Tom Cruise cant be in a starwars film. He refuses to allow his face to be on toys and clothing. It has always limited his film selection.

I take Tom Cruise over Daisy Ridley, the chick who played potato sack Tico or the new Han Soy-lo any day.

All three of which have more personality, charm and ability then Dick Weed Cruise every day of the week. Just because your male ego was wounded by a female kicking ass doesn’t make her a lesser actor.

Daisy Ridley can’t act and she can’t fight. Why would you want her ruin a nicely established character with her absolute lack of skills and talent?

The movie was a visual spectacular with over a wasted half hour or more of useless plot lines that did NOTHING. No effect for the time wasted, nothing to show for it beyond some really weak character ‘growth’. Loved the idea as well of seeing Rey grow into her power as Luke did, not instantly become her generation of The Chosen One in one film. NOTHING to do with being racist or having issues with women. A shitty story is a shitty story. You cannot put a flower in an asshole and call it a vase. It is what it is and now whinny ass excuses will change that.

I dont mind the chicks in the flick or that Rey lifts all the rocks like she grew up using those powers, I just didnt like the story at all.

Rey is a Mary Sue. She is perfect at everything she does. There is no hero’s journey. Characters like her should never be written. It’s a sign of stupid.

Rose serves no purpose. She is useless. She should not exist.

Holdo is an idiot. She is vice admiral? Why? Probably slept her way up the ranks, because she shows zero skills at anything.

Leia? She was cool once. Now she’s crap.

Well, 3 months late to the conversation, I think I covered that just fine with my comment without claiming any sexist bs that makes you sound like you didnt watch the movie or will ever have a decent relationship.
If you actually are interested in how Holdo became a Vice Admiral, try watching the shitty movie without that stick up your ass because its clearly explained by a main character.

Asoka Tanno, Leia Organa, Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren, Mara Jade, and even Padme are all female characters that the longtime fans of Star Wars love (well maybe not Padme). Evidence once again that Jar Jar Abraham doesn’t know the basic lore or has even followed Star Wars over the years.

Well that road map is a bit of disappointing news. bioware is no longer capable of even knowing what they are capable of 90 days out now and must bring it back to 60 days. Thats a pretty small window for a game company.

Combine that with how little they are actually producing as far as repeatable content goes and part of what they are doing is just another, “Hey dumbass players! Do that same old, stale content again.” AKA as Conquest revamp.

If you did already know, you should now. swtor isn’t doing well at all and if that is the best bioware can do. Things do not look to be getting better in 2018.

😀 i still avoid EA games and BF2 also. There are plenty of fun games out there that doesnt have dirty EA hands reached yet.

i still play some EA games but they are the command and conquer games from like a decade ago when they actually put forth some effort

Which they almost certainly will, because credulous morons have never stopped buying that garbage on command for even a day.
This shit works two ways, mate –there’d be no gambling bags if there were no easily-led little idiots buying them.



Buying them.

SWTOR has turned into the Last Jedi. The writing is on the same level.

Now we just need Mako wearing a potato sack crashing into our ship.

SWTOR is not on the same level as Last Jedi. SWTOR’s writing is far superior to Last Jedi’s, in a different league in fact! That’s why I think it’s absolutely pathetic that people pay to see last jedi when they can have some of SWTOR for free. It’s also pathetic that SWTOR isn’t canon.


This patch notes is really lacklustre and content is missing. If we had a skeleton crew now its just a skull crew.


Don’t weep for Star Wars. Disney doesn’t need EA’s help to fuck it up and whatever developer they’ll go for next will have their oversight.
Mickey Mouse is not your savior. You will be remembering the prequels fondly.


Why are there so many people saying “I’m here to tell you this game sucks but I’m not a troll.” ?
If you don’t like a game anymore, just uninstall it and be done with it. If you do not like the direction of the game (I can sympathise) than say that this is insufficient.

But the commenters who are going “Lol I left this game two years ago stop playing I’m not a troll. Seriously not a troll.” Are either trolls or complete idiots who like wasting their time.

I bought LOTR online. I quit it after a month. I never once again visited any site for it, official or fansite, to loudly proclaim how butthurt I’m with the game. I had the revolutionary idea of playing a game I liked instead.

Sure, the current state of SWTOR is shitty. Will “die biofail die” comments make any difference? No, the only thing they’ll do is make you look like a special education teenager who is on an angst trip. If you are a subscriber who thinks his money is being wasted, either cancel or complain on their site for the lack of content.

Now if you want to go full autism and ree at the game like Chris Chan at Sanic’s blue arms, go get your old SWTOR dvd and yell at it in your own little room.

It is not entertaining and you are serving no purpose. Go play ESO, Guild Wars or whatever game you want and be happy with that game. Don’t spam here, its not good for your blood pressure and wastes my and your time both.

Oh you poor little thing you. That’s it, let the butthurt flow from you. What a trial it must be for you to have to deal with people that have different opinions than you do. However do you handle the horror of every day life?

[OP Don Loco]

Now, all you idiots just took the bait better than the Democractic party took the peepee tapes ruse cruise.

I said complaints are only valid from TOR players. Not ex-tor players.

If you subscribed, go to SWTOR’s forums and complain to your heart’s desire.

If you play the game, go complain.

If you don’t play the game, go do something else.

If you require a brand new Star Wars MMO to have fun in your life, oh boy you are royally screwed.

I guess you all forgot to read that part. But yeah, go on and whine about how you stopped playing this game a year ago and how butthurt you still are.

I can understand how all that subscription money you spent burns you, but that’s how MMO’s work. That’s why I very seldom play any of them.

But suck it up buttercup. If you don’t play, don’t complain. You are just being a shill for another MMO what people already know of.

I do not have to deal with you. You are just a line of letters on the internet. I just come to check for patch notes because BW does not put them up in advance like most companies do. I just read down to enjoy the freakshow sometimes.

I also tend not to give shits about other’s opinions. I just figured you were all acting very stupid and I am not surprised that my superior reasoning finds no purchase in you.

Never the less I am euphoric, not because I made your bitter lives more bitter, but because I’m going to watch some Rick and Morty.

“I do not have to deal with you. You are just a line of letters on the internet. I just come to check for patch notes because BW does not put them up in advance like most companies do. I just read down to enjoy the freakshow sometimes.”

So you’re aliar AND a hypocrite. Because if you’re only here for “the patch notes” you don’t have to scroll down for that.

You don’t even have to comment. You are “superior” to those idiots, aren’t you?

Boy, you are one of “those”, aren’t you? The world has to conform to your own premisses. If not you get “hurt”. What is it that my good friend John Kosto used to call you types?

Oh I know: a “special snowflake”.

But you should really make an effort in trying to make sense. You say you don’t care about others’ opinions. Yet here you are, demanding that everyone else do your bidding. You are funny.

Who said only TOR players were allowed to complain? Are you making the rules now?

Who died and made YOU king? Or queen, for that matter.

Let me tell YOU something. you don’t get to tell ME what to do. I will do as I damn well please. If you don’t play, you don’t get to complain???

I get it now. You are confused. Let me help you ONCE MORE (you’re welcome, by the way).


Now, before your Rick and Morty starts, go to the bathroom. Reach down. That’s it, near your ass. Feel that cork? Take it out. It will make you feel SO much better…

I won the moment you all made the angry replies.

None of you get internet trolling and it is quite fun.

I bet if I said I was about to go to a mcdonalds and slam on the bartop until I get my “mulan sauce” you would believe it too.

I referenced the euphoric atheist and rick and morty fan memes and you still fall for it. You never had a clue you were getting the trololo.

Now know for all time that I owned you and it was quite a laugh. Thanks for the fun times.

Oh, and the only the Real Americans get to stay. Send the rest back to their shitholes! Build that wall! #MAGA!

Oh my God! You aren’t just stupid.

You are a clinical case.

I take it all back. All that I said.

Won’t make fun of the mentally insane.

Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery.

Suuuuuure… I’ll just go do… something, anything, demented guy/girl. Whatever floats your boat suits me just fine…

I must have missed the part where you made me bitter. How odd. Sorry cupcake, you don’t have any pull one way or the other on how I feel but by all means keep feeling superior. You are ‘winning’ at the internet right?

Oh my fucking God, you sanctimonious dink-whistle, will you just shut the fuck up, already?

Christ, what a prat.

[Your true and obd’t servant, DBG]

You had me going there. Really enjoying what you wrote. I was ready to upvote you…

… until that 3rd point you made.

Hell, even that 3rd point makes almost absolute sense, if not for one fatal flaw in your argument.

So let me help you get off of that high horse you came ridding in:

You are absolutely right when it comes to most games. Don’t like WoW? Go try ESO out. Don’t fancy that one? Guild Wars 2 might be better for you. Nice game, but you don’t like the lore? Well, if you enjoyed the Lord of the Rings movies, maybe LOTRO is better. Don’t like THAT one either? Well, then there’s…

I could go on. As you very well know.

Now: when it comes to STAR WARS… Damn, how many Star Wars MMO’s are there? Let me get on Google, see what is out there… Nope, only this one…

Serving no purpose? As when we voiced our discontent over the Single-Player direction of Kot**? If people didn’t complain, maybe BW would have not changed their policies.

If it’s a waste of your time, then why don’t you take your own advice and go play the game? If you want to come here, be prepared for a lot of people that are not happy with the content that is being presented.

Don’t blame us if there are no other Star Wars MMO’s. It’s not our policy. We didn’t give the exclusive to EA. They have it. They have to deal with us.

And so do you.