GW2 Gemstore Update–Mini Lucky Lantern Puppy

GW2 Gemstore today added the Mini Lucky Lantern Puppy for 400 gems.

Mini Lucky Lantern Puppy – 400 gems

Returning Items/Discounts


  • Dragon Mask Skin – 210 gems (30% OFF)
  • Phoenix Kite Glider – 280 gems (30% OFF)
  • Lion Mask Skin – 210 gems (30% OFF)

Returning Items

  • Raizel


    • Ayakaru

      See official statement on the forum.
      There were issues, but the original plan was to release today (the trailer that is)

  • archie

    Oh come on, where’s Zodiac Armor? Been waiting for a while now, but got some masks instead…

    Good price for dyeable glider, at least.

    • Alot

      The Zodiac, during the Chinese new year? Don’t be silly.

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