Black Desert First Look At The New Drieghan Region

Pearl Abyss has released some new screenshots of the upcoming new region Drieghan.

Drieghan is a very mountainous region and some climbing may be necessary to reach some of the areas. This region will come to KR servers very soon but there is current no release date for NA/EU.

  • Razyiel

    OMG, this looks awesome – BDO has the best and most detailed worldbuilding I have ever seen.

    • deepriver

      It’s amazing to me that this is so closely on the heels of the Kama map. My only fear is that it will be prohibitively high level for newer players. I am really hoping for newer content that is not for elite players only.

  • M. K.

    Awesome, what lvl will that zone be?

  • Symphonixz


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