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SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Feb 26

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indeed. thats what i dont understand.
You already have an audience that wants more and bigger content for products already built and willing to pay for it, but instead let’s invest as little as possible into those people, and put all our eggs into this high risk ip that no one has heard of and is floundering in production, and if it doesn’t work, well just close shop all together.

Simple reason: Even at its height, Swtor never, ever made the sort of money Destiny has. And Papa EA wants in on that action. So they can definitely earn continued small bucks with Swtor, or risk it all and go for the home run and hope Anthem mimics Destiny’s success and more importantly, Destiny’s revenue, and drown them in cash, and in effect, get Papa EA’s foot in the door for more to come in Destiny/Anthem style games.

The casualty list if Anthem fails, is anything Bioware related, including the decrepid remains of Swtor.

(OP is Rompe Himself)

Because Papa EA has never been a pioneer in gaming, only a “copy the leader” type. Outside of their sports titles (Madden and FIFA still make a lot of $$$$), Papa EA either will buy a company with a successful and loved game/franchise (Westwood, Visceral, Maxis and the list goes on), drain it for all it’s worth and shut them down, or take a said bought studio (Bioware being the current example), and have them make a new ip, trying to emulate a title currently popular.

It is a shit system, responsible for the death of many epic game franchises (R.I.P. Command & Conquer), but it has made Papa EA the second biggest gaming company in the world because of it (behind Activision Blizzard whos Destiny success, Papa EA wants to clone).

(OP is Rompe Himself)

Even if Anthem succeeds SWTOR is destined for the scrap heap. It will be sooner if Anthem is a huge loser but nothing is going to make EA suddenly dump a bunch of resources back into SWTOR. It’s just not something they do. About the only thing that could work is pressure direct from the Mouse House but why would they push for SWTOR, a game that has zero connection to their SW timeline at all? SWTOR, for all intents and purposes, is a sinking ship past the point of being saved from going down.

[OP is Fred G]

You know what is ever worse?

Anthem is essentially Destiny 2. So EA will be late to the part (like always really) and then probably wonder why the hell they can’t get sales as Ubisoft or Acti-Blizz.

So for those who haven’t kept up with the politics of the loot boxes.
In Hawaii they are 4 bills being voted on and expected to pass regarding loot boxes.
The 1st set of bills have similar wording and say that Loot boxes are to be considered gambling This bill defines loot boxes as “(1) A randomized reward or rewards; or “(2) A virtual item which can be redeemed to directly or indirectly receive a randomized reward or rewards.” The bill goes on to game that contains the ability to purchase loot boxes can legally be sold to anyone under the age of 21, which is the legal gambling age in the state.
If this bill passes publishers will not be allowed to update or change the game to include loot boxes and still be allowed to sell it in the state of Hawaii after the game has been released.

The 2nd set of bills requires games that include in game purchases and/or loot boxes will be required to print “Warning: contains in-game purchases and gambling-like mechanisms which may be harmful or addictive.” on the game box and include it in the principal art work for any online sales and advertisement.

Apparently the video game publishing community wasn’t taking this seriously until last week and now that Hawaii is actually bringing these 4 bills to a vote they have sent lobbyists to the state to try to get these bills struck down. Chris Lee of Hawaii has a couple interviews where he has said that he had been ignored until their state legislature actually began discussing the bills and now dozens of lobbyists from the gaming community are at the Hawaii State Capitol building all day everyday.
In an interview with one lobbyist Lee stated that his research shows that the video games industry makes almost DOUBLE what the film industry in Hollywood makes and he was wondering why lobbyists for the game publishers were trying to claim that these limits to loot boxes were potentially dangerous to a multi billion dollar a year industry.

If I can find his most recent video again I’ll post it for you all.

If these bills pass other states will follow along. If this happens SWTOR’s cartel market will suffer, so I bet that is why they are moving nearly everything to direct purchase and limiting their production of new Cartel Crates.

Then begins the court challenges, That can take years still it gets to the Supreme Court (unless some how it gets fast tracked).

The law will still already be passed though so the damage to their shitty business model will already be done. Let them fight it for years. At least two things will happen from it, irreparable damage to the business model and a precedent for this horseshit will at least be set. Finally. Which is what people have wanted all along.

But as everything does evolve What you think it will do most likely take a turn you did not see coming For better or worse. Just remember virtual currency is now part of the exchange market today (Bitcoins)

Keith you are still the second best at Trolling. Your master Mickey does it alot better. He has Lord JJ and others that can do it better then you ever could 😛

True but that’s only because of my limited resources $$….Still i have my personal swtor whales horde to troll them hard! very hard! fools!

It can take years assuming they have a case, which they won’t. Hopefully it gets struck out on first challenge.

(OP is Rompe Himself)

Why was that baby allowed in there? Annoying. As was the lame ass surfing intro. This guy hurts his cause with some of the goofiness he employs. In another video he had some stereotypical “gamer dude” up at the podium rambling on with nonsense.

Aside from that I hope they nail companies like EA to the wall on this crap. Could that rep for ESA have been less prepared? LOL. What a moron. I think he had one note on his tablet: “Mention the ESRB! That’ll solve everything!”

Only issue *for SWTOR anyways* is that when you buy a cartel crate you are aware of what’s in the crate and you always get get a set number of items. Even if you get doubles on an item or an item you don’t want you can still sell it on the GTN. Also, parents of children should be the ones responsible for what their children play and purchase.

And that is part of the issue here, the fact that these games are marketed to kids and they contain gambling type mechanics. Chris Lee and the people that represent Hawaii wan’t something that informs parents that the game includes micro transactions and gambling type mechanics. This is in order to help parents make more informed decisions as to if they want to buy these types of games for their kids.

First off you’re given a broad idea of what you CAN get in those cartel crates, but it doesn’t outline specifically what the odds are. I’ve open crates that I bought, on the GTN cause fuck this game, and some of them had one fucking silver (which is really bronze if we’re being honest) item in them with nothing but “Chance Cubes” thrown in for even more slot machine rolls. And those draw from every pack in the fucking game. So tell me how I’m supposed to be aware of what I’m getting?

Secondly selling something on the GTN means nothing. It’s trading real currency for virtual currency. Some items are objectively worth more meaning that if your slot roll is better you get more virtual funbucks. Which is as close to shooting craps as you can get without picking up the dice.

Thirdly, shut up. I’m a parent. I can manage what games my child might pick up and play because I myself am an avid gamer and understand what’s happening in the industry. Most parents are not, nor should they be expected to keep up to date on that level when they have jobs and other responsibilities. A single mother working two jobs shouldn’t also be expected to go onto fucking Kotaku, Rock Paper Shotgun, or whatever other site and keep up to date on this shit. The industry is supposed to let consumers know what is in the product that they are buying. But the fact is they don’t. The industry doesn’t advertise or display the information correctly anywhere. Go to a BestBuy or whatever the fuck you have, or even go on Steam. There is not a single warning in the ESRB rating, on the website/Steam page, or on the box itself that these games have microtransactions that can be akin to gambling.

“Also if this bill passes publishers will not be allowed to update or
change the game to include loot boxes and still be allowed to sell it in
the state of Hawaii after the game has been released.”

This part I’m unsure about. If you do include loot boxes in a later update it should then be set to the criteria for sale of games with loot boxes, not banned outright.

Shit!!! Is STO selling ships in gambling packs now?? It has been quite a few years since I last played it. Didn’t realise they are going the lottery route with their shop too. That is sad.

Lets be realistic here, this game has passed the point of no return somewhere around the fishtaco dillema. Its been all downhill since then. RNG has changed the entire gaming industry and we all went along with the content versus chance ratio. The chances of getting new content are zero as swtor revenue is zero or close to it. Just enjoy what is left for the time being and pls keep bashing cm every tuesday its so enjoyable…

More like Mondays….and then they *might* change up the CM with adding another Direct Sale item during the middle of the week.

And thats mostly YOUR fault – not your’s, branky (no offense meant) but the fault of all those players who jumped on that bullshit grant new “Dark vs Light” event a year ago, starting a whole bunch of new chars, running the whole old content again and again, flashpoints, ops, again and again just for some silly titles and gear and mounts that don’t improve your char (please forget that silly xp bonus armor) in anyway for actually content or new content.

YOU lads & laddies gave the BW/EA plot for endlessly replaying replayed content a big YES, a big YES WE WANT. And you got your answer.

I denied this bullshit. Still standing strong with 0% achievement of that event – and i’m proud of it.

If the rewards for replaying the content a dozend times over would at least some gear I could use for strenghtening my char, for HC or NiM mode raids, some item that levels up with 6.0, 7.0, etc the whole time sink would at least be worth something.
But for some shitty titles, mounts, useless armor … well, no.

That’s not true at all. The Dark VS Light event did not give any revenue to SWTOR, as it wasn’t targeted solely to new players, if at all.

The whole promotion of KOTFE and KOTET, where they eliminated group content for 2 years, and then tried to sell Uprisings as exciting new content (more like half assed lame attempts at shorter flashpoints but with non-existent replay value), while at the same time not actually producing a worthy story to keep players in game.

They even came up with Veteran and Master Mode of freaking CHAPTERS to convince players to keep playing this game.

The DvL event was nothing compared to their whole marketing strategy for the last 3 years now.

dont forget the idiots buying 150 cartel packs and taking mortgages out on their houses for it lol (note to fucktards no i dont really mean taking out a mortgage)

And I always thought I was the only one with 0% cheevos on this crap when every1 started to show up in their ridiculous xp armor sets and the fugly mount…

Tbh I sometimes do miss not having the chiss jedi master as a companion. Then I remember the state of the companion stories and how you basically have no interaction with them after the recruitment mission.

Keith’s predecessor (cant remember his name) left bioware because he missed eating certain fishtaco’s in los angeles. this story was received by the community as 1 of the most blatent lies to date. The term dillema ads a bit of sarcasm 🙂

Yeah the website works.
I can see all the usual forum rubbish, you know someone asks a question about the health of SWTOR or complains about it’s health and is met with the usual Bioware defenders that live in complete denial.

They may have been hacked again. That’s what happens when you run 8-10 year old CMS software. Yes, it’s that old.

The software bridge between the Drupal and vBulletin installs in an older one. There’s a newer one that costs along with the vBulletin upgrade but it appears they don’t want to pay for it.

Just as proof since I know someone will come by and say I’m wrong:

The forums: name=”generator” content=”vBulletin 3.8.5″

Release date: Mar 12, 2010

I’ve not been able to get a version off of the drupal install without making it obvious in their logs but considering the software bridge doesn;t work for the newer versions, it;s got be be around the same time.

Considering how out of date the info and pages are on, I cannot say I am surprised with your post.

Let me ask a question…do they seriously have the balls or audacity to think that they can keep this pathetic ,abhorrent game alive till 2023 because’s impossible given SWTOR’s technical limitations (I.E the Hero Engine)…frankly..i don’t see SWTOR lasting past the summer at this rate.

Here’s a BIG fuck you Biofail/Egotistical Assholes…just fuck you both

Hello Feckers, “Keith” here, so fun reading all your whinings, i bet you were all banned by my faithfull, loyal and nasty “pet” Musco. Oh well what a pity. SWTOR is healthier than EVER, CM is a sucess. I’m prety sure we’re gonna win GAME OF THE YEAR, cause we deserve it, also expect this year to be as goos as 2017 our best year ever, so you whiners suck it up!

At first I was going to say Disney Canon, but then I also saw KOTOR and TFU2 featured on there, ruling that out.

I think his point was that SWTOR is not displayed prominently on the front page, but a game like Force Unleashed II, released earlier then SWTOR is.

The fact you have to use the search function to find SWTOR also makes Kubrickian’s point. Now back to your den of bullshit Keith and come up with more delusions about the state of SWTOR to insult us with. 🙂

Nahhh he’s not saying that. The game IS on the starwars site, there are some lazy bois out there who think it is not but it is. You have to search for the game because the think is not NEW anymore. Insult?

^ Look who’s talking… Now back to your den of bullshit trying to kill SWTOR when it’s more alive than ever, way to waste your time..

“You have to search for the game because the think is not NEW anymore.”

Force Unleashed II came out in 2010, yet gets front page. Hardly what you would call a new game, given SWTOR came out the following year. *shrug*

“Now back to your den of bullshit trying to kill SWTOR”

Umm, isn’t that YOUR job currently, slowly killing off SWTOR? 😛

And as always, remember the BW Austin theme song:

Try again, he wrote: No mention of SWTOR on the official Star Wars website…..and he was wrong cause the game can be found if you search for it, so he was wrong and you’re wrong both are wrong, killing swtor? i think that’s your job at least you can try but you will fail over and over again here in your “safe dulfy space” LONG LIVE SWTOR!! I’m the king!

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