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GW2 Fractal Random Mistlock Instabilities

Arenanet is introducing Fractal Random Mistlock Instabilities in the upcoming patch.
A message from Benjamin Arnold, Content Programmer – Fractals / Raids:

Mistlock Instabilities were designed as a way to add variation to gameplay and difficulty when players are repeating the same fractals multiple times. The intent was to provide unique challenges and promote new playstyles based on which instabilities are active for a given fractal scale. Unfortunately, the original implementation did not quite succeed at this.

Initially, instabilities were hard coded for each scale, and would change only if we manually altered them on patch days. As a result, rather than feeling like the gameplay varied at Tier 4, you got the same set of instabilities every time you did a fractal, and it got stale, or worse, felt consistently un-fun. In addition, the manual nature of the instability list was hard for designers to maintain.

In the very near future, instabilities will be randomly assigned to each scale, and will change each week, with one instability at Tier 2, two instabilities at Tier 3, and three instabilities at Tier 4. Instabilities will be enabled via a per-map whitelist, so designers can easily update which instabilities will ever be available for a certain fractal.

We believe that this added variation will improve the fractal experience for dedicated players, and help keep daily achievements from feeling stale or unchallenging. Going forward we will continue to look for new instabilities to add and improvements to implement, in order to make the system more enjoyable and understandable.


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9 replies on “GW2 Fractal Random Mistlock Instabilities”

It may be a lazy fix, but in essence still seems to add some level of variation in the fractal experience and difficulty week to week, which is kinda cool. For people that run T4s on a consistent basis, I think this will be a welcome change.

Unfortunately, I think that this change will have the unintended consequence of further reinforcing a “meta” in Fractals, since some instabilities are tougher than others, and will only spur players to stick to the “LF BS/Chrono/Druid/DPS” meta. Fractals was meant to be the “dungeon-lite” experience, where you could just grab any four random strangers from LFG and head on in. In recent years we’ve seen the difficulty level of Fractals keep creeping up, part of what I call “the raidization of Fractals”. I have no objections to raids (I do them myself), but I think that we should keep Fractals for the people who prefer a more relaxed, anything-goes, end-game experience rather than constantly making it harder.

Then again… I suppose depending on how ANet codes this, we might just end up with groups constantly entering and exiting the Fractal until they get a set of instabilities they want.

Unless we get a 1- 5 group run option, it not going to be possible to beat meta for content 50 -100 fractal level. Even if you make your own group you will be eventually relegated to that set up.
Though ppl leaving and entering for the right instabilities , yeah i see that happening too

“randomly assigned to each scale, and will change each week” I think above poster is rightm there random each week not every instance load.

Well T4 are “meta-required”, I can agree with you on that, but T3’s are imho still in everything goes fun zone – I run them every week with pugs, and if there isn’t some idiot who has low AR, we usually manage without problems

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