GW2 Living World S4 Episode 2 Trailer

GW2 Living World Season 4 Episode 2 is coming out March 6 and here is the trailer for it.
Along with the new episode you can expect a new mastery, legendary dagger, and a new map.

  • Vadim Karpov

    And a lot of crazy achievements you need to get another part of ISIS outfit. Maybe shoulders this time?

  • iqValentin


    This trailer is so different to all of the previous trailer; it’s awesome, it’s fun, it’s fresh, I LOVE IT.

    Also, I really hope they release the whole song for that version of Fear not this night; sounds A-MA-ZING.

    • Dehh

      Fucking cringe.

      • god, you’re cool.

  • Alex Veis-Horn

    Amazing trailer and so beatiful version of ‘Fear not this Night’. But I hoped to see more content. At least new fractal.

  • King Taku

    After the terrible teasers for the previous episode and the feedback they got they reaaally stepped it up with this one. I hope the episode and the map can keep it up, I am hyped

  • Raizel

    Worst trailer ever made by anet imo…I just hope that content will be better that trailer.
    One last thing, is that weapon at the end the new leg dagger? If so, that’s WAY worse than Incinerator.

    • Talindra

      Take your depression meds and turn off the internet.

      • Asfu

        Too bad he’s right, it looks like crap.

    • Liberatus Blair

      Crap that´s better than the usual crap, I hope they improve in this direction further

    • Verthiss

      This dagger is actually a bad-ass legendary weapon with high lore significance.
      Inci is just a crappy welder 😛

    • Madeleine Leroy

      I think you folks should look for some other game to play…

  • Kris Piedel

    love the new trailer !!!! I wish the greatsword would have came with the dagger

    • Robbie Frost

      There are 5 more episodes (presumably) in season 4, and 5 more legendaries. So we can probably expect one per episode.

  • Abu

    Im content I seen a nice looking trailer that makes me want to go right in

  • Alicii in Wonderland

    Trailer is so much different but i like it so much better… got the feeling that completely different person worked on it. The song in the end were so cool.
    Good job anet!

  • Calixtus

    Best ever trailer Anet. Fresh and new.

  • nadrian3k

    I like it…tho…it looks more like a trailer for a new fractal or raid rather then a season.

  • lithlius

    It felt very story focused, rather than random scenes with story dialogue in the back. i like it.
    Also i dont know if thats their intention but this ” Fear not the night” version feels like a Joko’s version, Just like Joko makes his own version of history now also he gets his own version of the soundtrack.

    Anyone else find it fitting that they had ” issues” with the episode, one might say they that before release they found ” A bug in the system” lol

  • Alot

    After watching the trailer for a few moments, I decided to not push the play button. I’d prefer a bit of a surprise for a change. Well, as much of a surprise as is possible with such a descriptive title -.-

    • When have their trailers given EVERYTHING away? lol

      • Alot

        They’ve never given away everything. Just the content, major plot points and conclusions. I want to see if going in blind gives a superior experience.

    • Alastor999

      Watch, you avoid all the spoilers in the trailers and then the FIRST vendor on the new map sells something that spoils the major plot twist of the ep.

  • Alastor999

    Is it just me or does the so-called “Legendary” dagger look like a glorified re-skin of the Centurion’s Claw?

    • Burn Bicz, BURN

      It does and it’s lame as fck

      • answerer

        by that logic you think the Sohothin skin, and Shining Blade are lame as fck as well

    • Ayakaru

      It is, because the Centurion’s Claw is a mimickry of the KhanUr’s claw, just like the Fiery Dragon Sword is a mimickry of Sohothin

      • BluJasmine

        I thought the same thing!

  • FrycoN

    This legendary dagger looks like ordinay weapon..

    • Zavos

      Its the Charr version of the Shining Blade. Except with actual historical relevance.

      • Ayakaru

        You mean the Khan-Ur’s sacred dagger?
        That would be crappy, but then again, the Shining Blade was not spared lorefriendlyness either

      • Suan

        What relevance? That it was a weapon used by a no name Charr tittled Khan-Ur that unified the Charr race and later got assassinated by “weak” humans? Just like The Shining Blade, Claw of the Khan-Ur is nothing more than a symbol to represent something. I guess it was significant to unite humans and Charrs so they can focus on Elder Dragons. But there’s nothing really cool about it since there was only one [real] Khan-Ur so the weapon itself was more of way to a -insert a name of Charr that wanted real power and be the only ruler, read Khan-Ur-. It still better than no story legendaries but, imo it is pretty much the same as The Shining Blade, just with exception that TSB is a new one and in like 500 years human kids gonna say stories about Commander and Livia that used the blade to kill the last Mursaat.

  • Zavos

    New map is going to have Elonian climate, likely northern Elona (probably southwest of crystal desert) to account for Inquest presence
    Legendary dagger is Claw of the Khan-Ur, without any doubt.
    We get the orders of shadow guy, the turncoat and a comic relief charr. And Mr D. coy.
    Inquest. Lots of inquest.
    Risen going Praise Joko. As if Palawa needed to be any more threatening.

    • Gerald Tarrant

      Praise Joko!

  • Ardenwolfe

    Awesome trailer. Did anyone else notice the portrait’s arm move?

    • KJ

      It did do a little shake didn’t it! Its so minor though, how in the heck did you notice that?

      • I was expecting a jump scare and was looking for a tell

    • Neltisen

      Hand move? Well, whole Joko on portrait moved, he was breathing and changed facial expression (yeh, noticed on first play)

  • Emilia Kwaśniewska

    The trailer is totally awesome and i’m excited as hell, but… ?
    When i saw “A man with a plan im my mind instantly heard this…

    • Daniel Vítek

      I laughted as hell this was exactly on my mind too

  • thor

    yeah… that was the best trailer that anet has ever released.

    • KJ

      Holy shit… they put some time into this! That “Fear not this Night” rendition is powerful.

      • Kaleb

        Now where do we get this rendition? Must have!

        • LB

          Wondering the same thing. I love it.

  • KJ

    Creating Yesterday’s Tomorrow…. Today! lol

  • Ainseland

    o yesh all items i bought from TP for next legendary dagger is ready

  • Suan

    Very interesting trailer, can’t wait to play the episode. after watching it I kinda feel that were gonna get only Braham and Rox [probably to catch up and make up maybe?] and no Rytlock or Canach..

    I’m a little sad though, dagger was the weapon I was waiting for and told myself that there’s no way 2nd one will be uglier than Incinerator but.. here it is. I know it has a lore behind it and it is very cool.. but it looks sooo meh.. and it’s gonna be huge I bet. Oh well, I’ll probably go for it anyway since dagger is a weapon I use a lot and Incinerator is just a fucking “no”.

    • lithlius

      My issue with dagger is that if you played GW1 and had the Hall of Monuments, you get a dagger skin almost exactly like that one, ofcourse without particle effects or such. They say its the Claw of Kahn Ur but i dont know where people getting that from

      • Suan

        “Claw of the Khan-Ur – is described as a ungue with two blades jutting forward and two blades backwards, set with four gems; red, black, gray, and gold, for each of the children of the first Khan-Ur”

    • Gerald Tarrant

      We better not. I, personally, would like to see Braham gone from the game completely. They would be better off developing Rox’s character instead of focusing on the repeated tantrums and whining episodes of that Norn loser. With Eir gone, he’s completey unnecessary to the story and the game. Please, Anet, devise some clever and hopefully drawn out and bloody means of killing off this piece of flotsam.

      I’d pay 10,000 gems to be able to have an optional instance where I get to kill Braham in game, but that’s a dragon I’m sure I’ll have to keep chasing 🙂 But I know there’s many, MANY others out there who would relish the opportunity to drop a finisher on him!

      • Trillium

        Yep, so much yep.
        We must sacrifice Braham in a terrifying ritual to bring Eir from the dead. That would be awesome.

    • Matthias Olander

      Braham can go fuck himself for all i care. He’s been nothing but a massive pain in the ass since the day i “recruited” him. So much so that i’m convinced that he’s a sleeper agent for some enemy faction out to screw me over and if he’s making a new appearance i better get the option to kill him as the traitor he is…

    • René Plougsgaard

      funny how “i dont like” fills up this shit rather then joy .

  • Emil33

    Anyone else getting a Resident Evil “Hive” vibe from this? LOL

  • Taiwan Wolf

    Will this one have a new renown heart that finally adds Infinite Combat Skritt Tonic?

  • Tsar CUBE

    A great improvement to the way they do trailers, well done anet.

  • PJ

    Thought there’d be insects, left disappointed

    • KJ

      Well there was one you missed! When it says at the end “A bug in the system”, there is a little beatle that crawls behind the text as it fades to black.

      You may not be disappointed once the story is actually released, Joko and his army of Awakened are clearly modeled with an Egyption influence – and the idea of a ‘bug’ seems to have a double meaning, the Inquest leaving flaw or a bug in their design to release Joko and his awakened army, as well as the beatles and crawlies one might associate with Egyptian mummies.. all of which may be released upon Tyria.

  • Katsulas Lews

    Oh my god, yeah, I’ve got to agree with everyone saying that this is the best trailer they’ve released yet. Gave me chills, well done.

  • Mike Yorku

    Audio track hype!

  • Corrderio

    >Grumpy Guardian

    Are they sure they didn’t mix Brahm and me up?

  • Jalen Dmello


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