Black Desert Introducing the 3D Minimap

Black Desert Online is adding in the 3D Minimap with today’s patch. Here is what you can expect.

Realize the elevation! See the distance! Introducing 3D Minimap!

On February 28th, 3D Minimap has been added to Black Desert Online. The button on the upper left-hand corner indicates the type of Minimap you are currently using. Press it to toggle between 2D and 3D. Displaying the Auto-run Path and setting a destination will work the same way as in the 2D Minimap.

You can use the 3D Minimap to easily visualize the topography of the area around you. The land will be represented in orange, with white gridlines to represent the topographic layout of the land. Paths available for Auto-run (including roads) will be represented by bright orange brick patterns. Buildings and objects will represented in blue. In places such as northern Valencia where there are no roads, you can look out for the bright orange brick patterns to help you navigate the area. Generally, the 3D Minimap represents much of the same topographical information as in the World Map.

The red/yellow circles representing Monsters and white squares representing other Adventurers will also be in the 3D Minimap.

▲World Map (left) and the 3D Minimap (right)

▲Compared to the 2D Minimap (left), you can see buildings more clearly on the 3D Minimap (right).

▲Following the Auto-run Path can make the journey between Shakatu and Valencia much easier.

The 3D Minimap is in quarter view by default but when you are in an area where the topography is difficult to make out with the default view, the 3D Minimap will automatically switch to top view. When it is difficult to navigate with the 3D Minimap because of the topography blocking your view of your surroundings or your destination, the Rotate Minimap feature could become helpful. When you have the Rotate Minimap option on, the Minimap will not point North but adjust to whichever direction your Character is facing. Therefore, you can move your Character to adjust the orientation of your Minimap. The Rotate Minimap option can be found in Settings>Game>General>Use Minimap Rotation.

The set destination function will remain the same. Since the 3D Minimap is in quarter view by default, you will be able to select further destinations than in the 2D Minimap, which is always in top view. You will also be able to select destinations further and more precisely because you will be able to see buildings and differences in elevation more clearly.

For example, when you are in Asula Highland and facing north you can see Elric Shrine both by eye and with the 3D Minimap. Although you could’ve checked this information on the World Map, you can now also use the 3D Minimap to spot such structures at a much further distances than possible in the 2D Minimap. Depending on the topography and situation, you may be able to see even further destinations on the 3D Minimap.

▲ In general, if the topography is blocking your view in the quarter view the 3D Minimap should automatically switch to top view.

▲Elric Shrine, as seen from Asula Highland can also be seen on the 3D Minimap.

▲The two Nodes, as seen on the World Map

If you are in the Desert or the Great Ocean, you will be able to see much more detail with the 3D Minimap than with the 2D Minimap. However, all objects and buildings that would normally be marked in blue will disappear, making it difficult to navigate.   The topography of underground caves such as those in the Abandoned Mine or the Basilisk Den cannot be seen on the 3D Minimap.

Furthermore, the functions pointing you in the direction of your Party Members, Quest targets, or Quest objective regions are not included in the 3D Minimap. However, functions to show Quest objective regions and special areas marked by Pets are expected to be added to the 3D Minimap in the future.

▲ In the Desert, buildings will not be marked on the 3D Minimap.

▲ In the Abandoned Mine, the Monsters are shown but you cannot see the surrounding topography.

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