SWTOR Conquest Changes Coming in Patch 5.8

Bioware is making some changes to conquest with Game Update 5.8. Here are the details.

Conquest Changes Coming in 5.8 | 03.01.2018, 10:05 AM

Hey folks,

In Game Update 5.8, we’re giving the Conquest system a pretty big overhaul. This thread is meant to talk through all of the changes that are coming and to answer any follow-up questions that you have! For starters, we wanted to resolve the reward delivery issues we have had in the past. While the team was in there, they decided to give the system a touch up.

The user interface (UI) is the first place you will notice changes, as the entire Conquest UI has been reworked. You will notice that the top bar has been updated to separate your Solo and Guild Conquests from each other. The solo tab will clearly list the current Conquest Objectives and your progress towards your personal goal. The Guild tab (called Guild Invasions) will show the planetary leaderboards and Guild rewards along with two new things. A section which shows a contribution leaderboard within your Guild and a button ‘Current Conquerors’ which is a list of what planets are being conquered by what Guild.

There are a number of changes coming to Conquest objectives:

  • Completing objectives will now award credits, experience points, and Command Experience in addition to their Conquest points.
  • Conquest point values for all objectives have been rebalanced across the board.
  • In addition to one-time and repeatable, there are now also daily objectives. Some current objectives will change type with 5.8.
  • The Invasion bonus for Conquest objectives has been removed.
  • The Stronghold bonus still applies but has been changed. Each owned Stronghold counts for a 25% bonus, up to a max of 150%. Sorry to all you “Stronghold full of chairs” owners out there.
  • Weekly Conquests are no longer on a set schedule and will be randomly selected each week. The exception to this rule is that Conquests that coincide with recurring events will still be on a set schedule (such as the Gree event).

On the Guild Conquest front, we have gone even further on changes. We have untied the Guild rewards from the Conquest leaderboards, with the exception of the Guild in first place as they will still receive the Conqueror title and planetary bonuses. A big change is that now every planet falls into one of three designated Invasion Targets. These targets differ by the minimum Conquest Points thresholds that we call “Planetary Yields.” These thresholds determine the minimum points a Guild has to earn to receive those Conquests rewards. The higher the yield the harder it is for the Guild to receive the reward, but also means a better reward.

We made this change to encourage more leaderboard competition among similarly sized Guilds, smaller Guilds going after smaller Yields, etc. Note that this is not a restriction, just a recommendation. If a larger Guild wants to go for lesser rewards in a smaller yield, they can, and the same is true of a smaller Guild trying to go for the highest yield.

This is an overview of the Conquest changes you can expect to see in Game Update 5.8! Let us know your thoughts and any questions you may have.


Conquest Changes Coming in 5.8 | 03.01.2018, 10:28 AM
Originally Posted by jedikranma View Post
does that mean anyone not in the top ten can get flagship encryptions for completing the conquest points or is that still only for top 10

Anyone can get them now.

Originally Posted by Medullah View Post
This is how I read this as well and thank you, thank you, thank you. So just to make sure Eric/Keith/et all, this means if I have 6 empty strongholds I still get the 150%? So I can finally start decorating and taking my time?

Six empty Strongholds does mean 150% bonus, yes.


Conquest Changes Coming in 5.8 | 03.01.2018, 10:35 AM
Originally Posted by ninjonxb View Post
I am a little confused by exactly what this change will mean.

Will it basically be that each planet will be good for a certain size guild?

If that is the case, I am curious why it is completely optional.
Like I agree that a guild should be able to say “I’m tiny but strong” and compete against bigger guilds, but if bigger guilds can do less for the same reward it is just going to be abused.
I am curious how this will be addressed?

Let me try to let it out with an example and see if I can make more sense of it. Let’s say a Conquest has 3 planets that you can invade…

Planet 1
Low point requirement to complete
Low reward for completing that conquest

Planet 2
Medium point requirement to complete
Medium reward for completing that conquest

Planet 3
High point requirement to complete
High reward for completing that conquest

If you look at planet 1, since there is a lower point requirement to complete the Conquest, it is loosely targeted at smaller guilds. However, since it is easier to complete, it means less rewards. If a large Guild still wanted to go for it, they still can. It will obviously be easier for them with larger player contribution, but they would be sacrificing conquest rewards to do so (since planet 2 and 3 would reward more).

TLDR – Small planets mean small rewards, big planets mean big rewards.

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Ah Classic Bioware update.
UI overhaul to get people to replay old stale content.
Bioware Masters of the Reskin.

Low level PvP gear vendors, pretty much half of the conversations for each heroic, gear vendors on the fleet and on planets and, last but not least, expertise and class-specific main stats.

Eh, I guess you have a point here. But tbh Conquest was always yet another useless time sink for me. When you think about it, there’s really no actual rewards for either participating or winning.

Saw this exact same comment on Eric the “Fake Excitement boy at Livestreams” Tweet. This is truly well said & 110% correct.. Sad But True.. “Metallica 4ever” <3 Shame on you Swtor's Eaware crew.. Shame on.. :/ #WhenWasLastNewEventGivenAndDontMeanDvsLCrap

I wonder if the Cartel Market will get yet another update! We don’t have enough tabs in that pile of code waste. Add moar.

They already announced that another CM update is indeed part of the exciting content coming this year!

Anthem looks really good. At any rate I’ll try it, the hype looks good but eventually I come to SWTOR because the new games usually lacks something totally appealing. Since it’s Bioware I’ll give it a chance.

I’m soooo impressed that Eric Musco can be sarcastic with the the whole “Sorry to all you “Stronghold full of chairs” owners out there” remark… FUQ’N A55h073! Start putting up Decorations FROM PACKS as Direct Sales on Cartel Market! Get rid of the NPC limit in Strongholds for they are just all Dioramas now anyways.

Good, hate the hideous min-maxer strongholds full of shit. Now they have utility equal to their appearance.

As Biofail again misses the mark by a wiiiiiiiiiide maring. That should be trademarked. Missing the mark since 2006! TM

Anyway, here’s why conquest is still absolute horseshit. You make an overarching competition program between guilds where winning is 10000% not worth spending the time, effort, and in most cases resources/credits to do when the “prizes” are useless and you can get the same useful guild rewards for just finishing Top 10.

Conqueror of Planet X title and cheevo, for show with no practical purpose. Your guild name across the planet when people go there and an overpriced walker you can only use on that planet….in the week after you conqueror it…..when 99.999% of the time there is no reason to go back to that planet because the ensuing week you are conquering a different planet. Anything I’m missing?

So now, you “revamp” the whole thing by making it so there’s still nothing better for winning, but pretty much EVERY GUILD can get the 2nd place rewards just by hitting a threshold that will surely be obtainable. Yay, small guilds will be able to get some small rewards, woot woot!!!!

These changes are good. Conquest still sucks and is boring. The game is not shutting down in 3 weeks, who the hell even believes that stuff?

These changes mean practically nothing. The game is dead. Jason Schreier’s article was very specific: there have been internal discussion about ending SWTOR. He never claimed to know the outcome of that discussion.

The rumors spread and gained momentum because it’s obvious to anyone who cares that Bioware Austin is delibrately kept understaffed, and key positions on the SWTOR team have deliberately not been replaced, such as the talented Operations and story teams, settling for shuttling in a former lead from time to time to help out, as with KOTET/KOTFE.

While the game may not be shut down in “3 weeks” even a year, it is clear as day that Bioware has been keeping it on life support for some time. While AAA mmo’s such as WOW and FFXIV have full commitment, publishing substantial new content on a regular basis, SWTOR has struggled to release new content. I challenge anyone who objects to compare patchnotes of the recent FFXIV update, and any 3 month update they’ve released since their last major expansion (summer 17) and compare that with what has been added to SWTOR in that same time.

Whatever happens, it’s still a dead game.

We have known all of the above, and repeated it on these forums, since more than 2 years ago. Initially with the obvious shift from a massive and promising multiplayer game to a solo player game, and the release of KOTFE, and then through a series of underwhelming updates, including Chapters, disappointing Star Fortresses and Uprisings, a 2nd solo player focused update and KOTET, and in 2017 very very limited content of a few flashpoints, one operation given in pieces, and a daily area, all spread out throughout a period longer than 12 months.

So yeah, this is not news. Everyone in here knows and recognizes at this point, even the white knights, that we are talking about a sad relic of the past, when it comes to SWTOR. Does that mean that the game is dead? No…. I kinda wish that it was dead though. Does that mean that the game is shutting down? I will believe it when I see it. Rumors by some guy who writes a clickbait article on Kotaku are not enough. Maybe the game will go in maintentance mode in 4 months. Maybe it will not. I am not expecting a huge new massive expansion with 6.0, but I do know that it will happen.

It’s pointless to keep repeating how “this game is dying” . Especially for something as trivial as Conquest revamp. The revamp of Conquest is IRRELEVANT with the future of the game. If it’s dying, it’s not because they are changing Conquest.

it’s dead; not dying. There is no commitment to providing the personnel required for maintaining the game, let alone for hiring talented staff to create abundant quality content. That’s why the game is dead. They may have all sorts of ideas, but at the end of the day, they don’t have the talent, let alone the bodies to do it. period. That’s why tweaking conquest or giving Theron corn-rows won’t fix it, and such updates are inconsequential.

I’d agree on most things. I’d add that the the games suffered not due to diverting playstyle decisions from x to y, but as you said, they made such poor quality patches/updates for whatever decision they went with. If you’re making a change, fine, but it has to be great. And we got mediocre at best.

There might by a sliver of hope if Disney have kicked them up the arse, ‘cos EA do not have another 5 years to make a new game no matter what the exclusive licence might say. The fans will decide. And I think that’s been decided. There will have been a get-out clause for Disney. That’s just business. I’m not expecting it to be pulled from EA, just a warning shot to up their game.

I mean, how much do EA still want the licence compared to making their own IP’s? That’s what’ll be interesting. Fingers crossed EA actually value the licence and April’s budget means they have to add value to the 3 SW games they already have (and Battlefront won’t get an update, the sequel will), ‘cos they can’t just start making a new one any time soon – that’s too many staff needed and too little staff available.

A new expansion for SWTOR would take a year but less staff. Even that could be too late if disney are looking for change. Lastly, EA saying “we still want the licence, Disney, we’ll sort it out,” and then pulling SWTOR’s plug (as everyone fears based on a rumor/discussion), is a slap to fans and disney.

Game is not dead. An mmo being dead would mean all sververs have been shutdown. In other words, you can’t access any of your toons. People overuse the term “game is dead”.

“The Stronghold bonus still applies but has been changed. Each owned Stronghold counts for a 25% bonus, up to a max of 150%. Sorry to all you “Stronghold full of chairs” owners out there.”

I have procrastinated in decorating fucking Yavin and Tattoine for YEARS….. so thank you. Yes, I did not want to have to spend hours with the most idiotic decoration system (the hooks) to fully decorate 6 strongholds. Then again, I don’t do conquest very often…

Sorry to all you “Stronghold full of chairs” owners out there.

Fine by me lol. I hated trying to decorate a stronghold up to 100%, and wasting credits on opening floors I wasn’t ever going to use.

it is: “You may not transfer your Account and/or any associated subscriptions to a third party,”

Scroll further down for a Comment was deleted post. You will see a person reply to “Guest” with the following comment ” 400 bucks lol .”

Because it’s against ToS, genius. And again, there’s no such thing as a “top” SWTOR account. Nobody cares. This is like saying you’re selling a “top” gaming console and what you have to offer is an Atari Jaguar. Get out of here.

[OP is Fred G]

They should really take out the guild aspect of Conquest and make it Republic vs. Empire or Light Side vs. Dark Side.

Yeah like we don’t have that already. I have like a gazillion DS points on my toons (ok, they are limited to 100) and have zero idea what to do with those.

It does seem that all that is happening is a new tab is being put into the interface and some achievements are going to be time gated so you have to come back each day for those crafting points. Which will likely be worth few points as Keith continues to try and force group and pvp play onto the players, to justify his obsession with these two aspects of the game over everything else.

Keiths reliance of raiders as his primary source of feedback maybe the second worse thing to happen to the game. The first of course being the man himself being put in charge and determination that the game will be all about group content regardless of how many players this loses.

Mother fucker, SWTOR has give 0 shits about raiders since 3.0 was released. All class changes were the result of PvP feedback, which in a lot of ways screwed over raiders. Almost all content since then is mostly for socially retarded people who want to solo everything in this game. SWTOR started out as a MMO which implies serving content for GROUPS of people to do. If people want to go do solo quests, decorate their houses or play dress-up, there are many other games out there better suited for these kind of things.

The moment this game fails to convince players to engage in group content is the moment the game will shut down. Solo games don’t require dedicated servers….Also, solo content players should not fucking complain because they received the most attention in the last 2 years

Where in hell did you ever see the game and Keith trying to accommodate raiders? By releasing a new op in segments over the course of a year and a half after 2 years without ANY ops? The lack of any sense in your post leaves me baffled.

A little harsh of a reply but I have to agree. I especially like the “space barbie dressing” part as this is exactly what this game has become. Look at all those “raiding” groups these days. No clue what they are doing, but endless showing off their shiny armour and stupid emotes and ugly mounts.

You are a special kind of retarded, of the very little content Keith has added it has all been aimed at group play with the exception of trying to get Cartel Sales out of people that wanted to play space barbie or home design. All his added in the last 8 months is Flashpoints which is group play or Operation Bosses which is group play or new PvP maps which is group play. And look at the state of the game.

More so you don’t seem to know when Keith took over as he wasn’t anything to do with the 2 years without a raid. That had nothing to do with Keith as a producer, which therefore has nothing to do with my comment, since Keith has taken over though we have seen servers down to 5 and EA talking of stopping development. Why because this move to raiding has not been profitable as people that were financing the game are leaving cause the only content is few group activities.

And where it take it to new height of Stupidity if the game never previously catered to Raiders, which is no doubt because it was built on the premise of 8 individual class stories and BW story telling did he come in and decide he could ignore story focus on group content and it would keep the game alive. After 6 years of ignoring raiders how many players could he possible be playing the game that were raiders, damn few because if you wanted to raid you wouldn’t play tor the same goes if you wanted a fps you wouldn’t play WoW.

You are either misinformed or purposely ignoring the facts. SWTOR was never a single player game. Everything from class and planetary missions to fps, pvp and ops was designed to be played in groups. Remember the old Heroics2+ or 4? Sure, then they fucked it all up by going 90% solo content and by fucking up the levelling in the game.

I said story not solo.

Though most people did the story and the planetary missions solo because sadly the game didn’t make it easy to offer assistance as you locked others out of kills/objectives if you ran over to help and if you grouped in story instances only the owner got credit.

What I did say is that Story was the 4th Pillar they were going to bring to the MMO. That the first 50 levels was story focused, choices in dialogue, the illusion of choice in actions, individual class dialogue and stories. Which was the lure, if I wanted a real open world feel to the worlds this isn’t the game for me. If I want PvP I’d go elsewhere after they removed Ilum as the engine couldn’t cope, hell if I want Operations or group play I can get better elsewhere. My old raid group laugh about redoing KP or TOS for the 1000th time when we are raiding in WOW and how much more it offers for that style of play.

So if you are marketing your game as experience your own Star Wars Story, you have made most content soloable (90% by your own account) that is the type of player you will have playing your game. Hard Core PvPers don’t come to SWTOR to play a few instanced battlegrounds with the awful balancing and slow seasons. So the idea that the game would be that much more successful if they ignored what the majority of the players want (i.e. the content they are currently enjoying) and then focus solely on hard core PvP then they are going to alienate their players who were happy with the solo story focus and for what. The hope that some PVPer would come back. The same goes for raiding, if you like raiding subscribe and get in game and flesh out those servers, it is what they need. But I think they have found that Keiths focus on group play has driven off the story/solo players that were playing and yet few raiders and group players have bothered to come back as other games offer more in these fields.

You seem to be missing the fact that all the content we are getting now,
and forever probably, is leftovers from the abandoned kotet chapters (abandoned because of the massive sub loss the solo chapter expansions were causing.)
Keith doesn’t have the staff or ability to do anything with swtor other
than reuse the assets that already exist, he is not making any decisions
other than what discarded pile of shit to start polishing.

1. The Operation bosses had been announced long before Keith got in command, and after the few dedicated players that still like to raid had been asking for a new operation for years prior to that. You are very naive if you think that Keith makes the decisions for this game.

2. All the new Flashpoints that have been added to the game have a SOLO player mode, and move the story forward.

3. The state of the game is like this, because starting with KOTFE back in 2015 and continuing with KOTET in 2016, the population has declined dramatically. No wonder, since this story is extremely boring, without replay value, and if there is no group content in a MMO game, players leave. That’s a rule.

4. What move to raiding? Are you delusional? People have stopped playing this game because it doesn’t put out ANY CONTENT since more than a year ago. No one is catering ANYTHING to raiders, as we still have the same exact operations brought to current level, once again, advertised as endgame content.

5. Learn grammar and syntax. Your post hurts my eyes.

6. Your best argument was that “I am retarded”. Imagine how idiotic were all the rest of your arguments. The only way this game will be saved is if they actually release 10 times the amount of group content they released in 2017. But that’s not going to happen, sadly.

1) When was the Operation boss announced? You are saying, before Keith got into command, but you previously stated that Keith was responsible for the 2 years when there were no raids, as you brought it up on my dislike of the guys focus on group content at the exclusion of what made SWTOR unique. Which was long before he became the producer (I don’t know why you are equating producer with command but wanted to use you syntax even if it is wrong). The Operation has been slowly developed over the year Keith was producer, even if it was announced before he took over, it was his decision on how to go about releasing it and the resources to allocated to it. As to what his job is, please enlighten me, as the producer of the game what he is responsible for, and who it is that is making the decisions. Or is it some nameless faceless EA overlord, who pulls the strings from the shadows, cause I’m sure that is believable and not just a childish way to deflect responsibility.

2) Just because something has a solo option that makes it solo play. By your logic anything that can be done in a group is group play. Since you can group up for all the content that means that by your own argument everything that has been added is group play. Further since everything that has been added for the last 3 years can be repeated its all repeatable group play. That or just tagging a solo option no more makes something solo content than tagging a group option on makes it group play.

3) Which is strange because they stated that KOTFE was the most successful expansion the game has had. Perhaps successful because it was marketed as a return to traditional Bioware Story Telling with a focus on story content. So please show how the most successful expansion means the population was in dramatic decline at the same time as being the most successful expansion. Or is this your assumption that because you think something it must be true, that same as the rule you mention, is that a rule, would I be able to find it somewhere or is it you think it should be a rule?

4) Raid Boss Tyth Added 04/18/2017, raid bosses Aivela and Esne added 07/11/2017, Raid Boss Nahut added 11/28/2017, Raid Boss Scyva added 01/23/2018. As opposed to a couple of flashpoints, one story chapter and some empty rooms with hooks in. The focus has been on raiding, aside from that its been flashpoints, PvP and the Cartel market. So explain how 4 raid bosses as opposed to the little other content is not a focus on raiding. You ask if I’m delusion, I must ask, given you have said there is nothing for raiders what you think those 4 bosses are? Do you think that raid bosses are for solo play or something? Do you even know what the state of the game has been in 2017?

5) Yet you continue to reply. Can’t hurt you that much. You need to learn to read though, my comment was the focus was on group and PvP play. You on the other hand are trying to make it all about raiding, so if you want to make personal request of me. I would ask you learn to read and then respond to what is written and not try make it all about raiding.

6) I’m not sure if I would call it my best argument, though given your ranting about raiding and then claiming there are no raid content added in the last year; despite 4 bosses having been added with more updates including raid content than any other type. It is hard to see how you can then claim the focus hasn’t been on raid and group play which has the game in the awful state that it currently is in. You can’t blame Kotfe or kotet for the current state of the game as when they launched the servers were comparably healthy. Its been the last year and the last 6 months in particular that has seen server mergers, the removal of serve pop information and population decline even on those 5 servers. You are saying raiding and group play is important, yet it would seen despite this being the focus, your not bothering with those new raid bosses. I’m a little surprised, that given when I want to raid this is not my game of choice as it has never been a focus why a focus on raiding is what will save it when they are such a long way behind other games that offer so much more for raiders. Can’t be that many hard core raiders that waited out 2 years between raids and didn’t think lets go somewhere else where there are new raids at least every year.

I admire your hate for King Keith.
I too think he’s overrated but the current state of SWTOR would be the same if he focused the past year on single player story content only.

SWTOR’s doom was about 3 maybe 4 years ago when EA started pulling resources away to work on other games like Battlefront,Mass Effect Andromeda and now Anthem and leave Bioware Austin short staffed and under funded.
So Keith’s predecessor Charles Boyd (think that was his name) decided to do KOTFE/KOTET and that drove away a lot of players, both single player and group players (it was a terrible story).

Populations across all the servers dropped.
People moved to the slightly higher servers to attempt to continue to play group content.
Hence why servers needed merged which took years of people complaining but I still believe the only reason why they actually did the merge was to save money on running costs.

SWTOR can not continue to ask for MMORPG subscription money when they don’t deliver MMORPG content for everyone.
Keith can’t do anything to fix this.
Unless he can talk EA executives to give him devs and money then he’s pissing against the wind and all anyone currently subscribing to SWTOR are doing is delaying the inevitable.

Let’s take the one aspect of the game left that aint broke and halfway worth doing and Screw with it.

What is worth doing the conquest? the 25+50 k of credits? The 2+2 crafting mats? C’mon there’s nothing worth doing it for and this won’t change.

Only good thing is that we can finally remove all the crap from our strongholds and decorate them to our likes instead of just filling them up to the brim with junk.

You could have always decorated them to your liking. Nothing and nobody was stopping you.

You said, ‘ What is worth doing the conquest…there’s nothing worth doing it for and this wont change. ‘. By that logic, you don’t care if you get the 100% bonus of conquest from Strongholds.

Ah Classic Bioware update.UI overhaul to get people to replay old stale content.Bioware Masters of the Reskin.

thanks for sharing that. Interesting. Rumors… but it doesn’t take a genius to think that in the 5 years disney have made 3 films, EA have made 2 games, both without much love. Disney’s Star Wars films have eclipsed $4 billion in worldwide ticket sales. There is money to be made, just doesn’t explain why EA aren’t cashing in. I don’t quite get how offering up an exclusive licence would help, as EA or whoever would still have to look at up to 5 yrs dev time per game. They could fund 2-3 games to come out 2020,2021, 2022, and make everyone happy, but right now, you look at the dev’s out there that guarantee quality, you’d be better off trying to see if Valve, Rockstar, Cd project Red fancied making a game each and keeping a large percentage of cash earnings as part of an individual licence with each dev. The battle of potential bad games meaning bad sales vs EA’s instant cash offer and EA then taking the financial risk for me is pointless. Battlefront sold loads. I see little risk going to valve etc. A rockstar SW game would be massive.

Lastly, looking at Anthem’s issues, what the heck would make disney think that EA would put the best resources on the job even if they “promise, really promise, to make a new SW game ASAP. And it’ll be huuuuuge!”

Either way, I’m concerned all this impacts SWTOR. If loot boxes get compromised, EA will just pull the plug. And if disney pull the licence, the same.

I don’t think Disney would want to cancel EA’s licence. These two companies are just so similar… Both wanna just release a product (movie/game) which is a huge boom (because of SW name) and earn loads of money instantly. The times when SW used to have depth are gone.

At least Disney makes some good content on the side. Not necessarily Star Wars, but they’ve made some good movies. EA, on the other hand….

lol, bran. still trolling and trashing the game I see, even after ALL these years. how’s that doomsday prophecy of yours working out? rofl you loser

God I hope not.

I really hate EA having Star Wars… but I also really, really don’t want Activision or Ubisoft in charge of it either.

It’s like being given the choice of dying by electrocution, by falling from a great height or being beheaded. Regardless of which you choose… you still end up dead in the end.

They should make planetary objectives, like missions or w/e on each invasion planet. There would only be a handful of them and require a bit of leg work. Completing them would unlock a guild point bonus for the objectives on that planet.

The objectives would have a competitive element to them so only the first (few) groups that complete the objective will earn the bonus.

The objectives could be PvP specific or they could be a series of PvE missions/instances or even crafting turn-ins.

Either way, doing them would require specific attention and focus and merely having a larger guild wouldn’t default you to an easy victory since you would also have to have specific people actually TRYING to do the objectives.

..The rest of what they said above I more or less agree with.

yeah I kinda need reasons to revisit old worlds I just hope they do something to fix lag on Alderaan I won’t set foot in there its the only planet that lags my pc IDK why lol

Go into your preferences, drop to your graphics settings, and go to the dropbox for “grass rendering distance”, set that to the closest setting (medium I believe), then go to the sliders for grass and tree detail, and slide them down to about 15 or lower. That will still give you framerate drops when you’re staring off into the distance, BUT it should make alderaan infinitely more playable, especially from a 3/4 top-down view (congrats, you’re now Space Link :P)

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