SWTOR Cartel Market Update – March 5

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – March 5

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  • Sozinho

    I like the Xoxaan’s armor set. Maybe it’s time to get one.

    • “Keith”

      While you are there, you should also buy the rancor and even the nathema comp, why not? Support SWTOR, #showthelove!!, make SWTOR great again!

      • Magnus Rolstad Jordal

        You mean make Anthem great? :p

        • “Keith”

          Anthem? what’s that?

          • Sorotia

            Anthem is one of the reasons ToR is on life support…most of BW is working on that failboat of a game while ToR rots.

            • “Keith”

              Don’t worry, players like this Sozinho keep this boat afloat, we have still SWTOR until 2023 so resub now! show SWTOR some LOVE!

          • Jep Fareborn

            “Keith” shouldn’t you be using your time more constructively like job hunting or ass-kissing other game studios like Musco is right now?

            • “Keith”

              Don’t have time for that i spend my day playing SWTOR and leveling my toons to max cxp.

              • Jep Fareborn

                You must have orange cheetos / cheese doodle fingers just playing all the time – have fun answering phones and in-game chat helpdesk again in the near future – you must have very good ‘friends’ up at the top…

              • “Keith”

                I’m the producer not the pet that’s Mosco’s job…

              • “Keith”

                LOL i don’t even have time for developing swtor trololol…

        • “Keith”

          oh you meant Nathema…yes buy 2 or 3 why not?

        • Disqus this

          Might as well be “Make Anthem Great again.” given the bulk of swtor money and resources were sent their till 2019 and Anthems release.

          2018 in swtor is about to be the worst yet.

  • Jep Fareborn

    Why does EA / Bioware keep posting the same goddamn Direct Sale Items over and over??? Satele Shan, Tulak Horde, and now Xoxaan AGAIN?! Post some new Direct Sales, you lousy lazy FUQs! Epic fail of a computer video game cosmetic Sales Team. I trust an Avon door-to-door salesman more than the idiots running this Cartel Market. Or just institute pay-to-unlock for Collections, already!…and post Direct Sales for Stronghold Decorations FROM PACKS.

    • swtorista

      Because that’s their strategy? listen to the last badfeeling podcast episode.

  • Ann Nonymous

    The more I look at this the more it sounds like they gave Keith the mandate to give the remaining player base the illusion that they are giving it something new every week, yet everything has been reheated several times. Look at the new upcoming patch: a way of grinding conquest (which was already grinding by itself), a few “new” old companions…

  • Amodin

    They can’t make Anthem without ‘Nathema’.


  • Kaelin

    Boring this time.

  • LOL they are still selling single use dyes for $30 a pop. What a bunch of little fucking assholes.

    • Meelis S

      Why not the suckers will buy it because you know … the emo roleplayers will buy them 😀

      Nice content as usual from Bioware. My upvote to drain the suckers wallets 🙂

    • John Kosto

      I am all about giving shit to the Cartel Market and the sheep that buy overpriced cosmetic crap, but 1050 Cartel Coins cost $10 and NOT $30… I don’t even know how you came up with that number. Exaggerating about it kinda makes your argument totally invalid and it makes you look bad.

      • Bryan

        To be fair it says 1100 and that’s 50% off so that would mean the normal price is $20 right? I haven’t played the game hardly at all in 2 years so i certainly don’t remember the values but I always thought the dyes were extremely overpriced.

        • Nemesis

          where it says 50% off? Since they are selling they are obviously not overpriced, not everyone lives in 3rd world country, sorry man.

        • John Kosto

          The black/black dye actually says 30% off, but that’s not even a real discount. Whenever it’s offered as a direct sale, it’s always offered at a “discount”. So you will never really find it at 1400-1500 CC, which would make it cost about $15 practically.

          The black/black dye costs $10, and yes, it’s still a ridiculous price. Everything in the CM is overpriced and totally not worth spending real money on this stupid game. I wish they would charge the expansions instead, like they used to, while delivering much more (and better) content at the same time.

          • Thundertrain

            Not defending any of this cartel market stuff, but the black/black dye has been a permanent item in the market since they did the big re-design this year. Cost is normally 1500 CC each.

    • Vyro The Virus

      $30? Where the hell did you get that information?

  • LucasFaun

    the black on black is good.
    other is just crap

  • Naq

    2600 credits, Darth Twinge shows up at your stronghold dressed as a mummy! *Gets out her wallet* Oh…its just Xoxaan armor….bleh who cares?

    • Darth Twinge

      Well, damn, I should start making house calls. How much would you pay for a Breton Templar in your ESO apt?

      • Drivan

        3k gold and/or a ginvite to a guild that runs Trials 4-5 nights a week… 😉

        • Naq

          I’m a Nightblade healer, I’m not allowed to run Trials, its against the law.

          • Drivan

            Lol, well the good news is that with the data-mined changes that are coming, who knows when, not only are fire staves(and fire abilities in general) getting a great buff, but NB healers are gonna get some love.

            You could always look at the pure ranged Bow/Staff or Bow/Bow build, but Stam Warden Bow/Bow is the Bomb-shadiggity!

            • Naq

              I looked for a bit, but couldn’t find them. I was hoping it was something to do with Shrewd Offering, but all I found was old info. Fingers crossed I guess.

          • Leah

            pfttt, nightblade healers are highly underappreciated, by people who don’t know any better.

  • fubarz
  • Jep Fareborn

    Viva La France? SWTOR official site default to French? 😀

    • Darth Gnaw

      looks english for me.
      Did you get hacked by a frog?

  • Can any of the creature type companions craft?

    • Darth Gnaw

      No. cartel market creatures and droids can not craft.

      • That’s what I thought. Well the ugly bastard still looks interesting enough to follow me around and take the hits (Clicks CLAIM ITEM).

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