GW2 Gemstore Update–Branded Mount Skins and Appearance Options

GW2 gemstore updated today with the Branded Mount skins pack for 1600 gems and several new appearance options in the total makeover kit.


Branded Mount Skins Pack – 1600 gems













Total Makeover Kit Appearance Options

New Eye Colors


New Charr Hairstyle


New Charr Face (Female)


New Charr Horns


Upcoming Items

Chat codes taken from that_shaman’s post on reddit.

Inquest Exo-Suit Outfit – [&C0sAAAA=]


Forged Backpack and Glider


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50 replies on “GW2 Gemstore Update–Branded Mount Skins and Appearance Options”

Branded Mount skins, Sweet!… and won’t break the bank!
Shouted that one out on one of their live feeds when they first introduced the mounts, hopefully they have a Mistfire set in the works as well 🙂

I think this is one mount set I would leave “as is” The branded look is too cool especially on the bunny and griffin to change all the dyes. Ill be buying this evening for sure 🙂

Branded Mount looks great and finally they don’t cost half of kidney, sadly without ability to buy them separately I just cannot afford them 🙁

Nice mount skin!!!! and decent pricing… This is what they shouldve been doing all along… Bravo ANet…. Late is better than never and thx for listening 🙂 Will buy asap.

It would be fun if they released thematic mounts for all the dragons 🙂 Necromancer dashing about on risen mounts 😀

Is the glow always white? Or does it only seem this way in the youtube link because dulfy kept setting it to light pink? I’d really like this pack if I could make the glow effect various colors.

Well. That’s the exact answer i was looking for. *-*
That’s also the exact answer my wallet was not waiting for. ^^

I love almost everything they added in this patch, especially the branded mount skins (THEY ARE AWESOME <3) and I seriously can't wait for the Forged Glider, but wtf is going on with the Inquest Exo-Suit Outfit once again!? What is this thing they do with open chest and stomach areas in armor sets and outfits? The outfit looks otherwise amazing and would be a must buy for any asura or holosmith, but this said detail just looks riddiculous and ruins the whole outfit. There's no reason to have an open stomach area in a damn exo-suit?

Aesthetic value. Just majority of the players didn’t fully utilize tattoo during character customization.

Ah, if you preview the outfit you can then preview dyes from the TP and it shows you what those dyes would look like on that outfit. You can preview 4 dyes at a time, this outfit has 4 dye channels but the holo-bits aren’t one of them.

I just tried it with 4 Abyss, 4 Sky Blue, 4 Red and 4 Celestial dyes and in all cases the holo-bits remained the same white colour.

Yep, it’d be an insta-buy for me if it didn’t have a bare stomach and holographic six pack.

Oh well, I’ll stick with the Dynamics Exo-Suit then.

IT’S OVER 9000!!!!!!

I would love that headgear piece! The rest of the outfit looks.. kind a… how to put it…. Gay?

right because saiyan armor is the height of modern masculine appeal.

all its missing is the decapitation shoulderpads.

also im glad theyre adding a whole pack of skins for less than 2000
even if its kind of one theme, i was worried theyd pull some 2k gem shit again

I got roasted for getting this wrong the last time. Is it a 1600 gem pack or a 2000 gem pack on discount for this one appearance?

It is 2k pack, it’s 1600 for now. [at least that’s what the store shows] Probably gonna be changed next week to 2k.

Pity. I’ve been off GW2 lately and I don’t think I’d be able to amass 500 gold in time to buy this. Nice to see we past releasing the junk 5 packs though.

If I remember correctly, when the Halloween mounts were on sale, it was the discounted price for the whole duration. I think the 2000 price point will probably apply when they phase out then back in the monthly rotations.

its a 2000 pack for all mounts on sale for 1600 according to the in-game gem store.

i dont remember it ever not being on sale though so 1600 is the base price as far as i care.

I was dreading the day they’d add Branded Griffon and I’d be forced to buy it.
Luckily for me, it looks nothing like the mob branded griffon, and in fact looks kinda shit. Like basic griffon.

My valet is safe.

I like that they’re highly customizable. I have a bloodstone-themed sylvari, and I was able to make each of the mounts look like bloodstone infused beasties!

I will definitely be all over that forged glider. After killing enough of those guys riding them out in Elona, it’s time we had one of our own.

I saw a charr today with some amazing, shiny horns! x.x I don’t get it, how did they get them? They were wearing an outfit so that wasn’t an effect form a helmet or something;;

Various infusions show their effects even on outfits. It could very well be the infusion producing the shine or possibly even a charr wielding the Juggernaut

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