Black Desert Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 Guide

Kakao has released a guide for the new Black Spirit’s Adventure 2.

Black Spirit’s Adventure 2

The next stage of Black Spirit’s Adventure is here! Play our new mini board game and travel through Balenos with Black Spirit’s Adventure 2.

Get moving and explore the Nodes of Balenos to win useful items. You can choose between multiple options at each Node you land on: Combat, Gather, Explore, Excavate, Rest.

Game Access

Black Spirit’s Adventure is open to all Adventurers. Press the ESC button and click on Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 to open up the minigame window and start playing.

Basic Terms

Here are some basic terms to help you play Black Spirit’s Adventure 2.


If you collect all Treasure Map Pieces, a Treasure Chest icon will appear on a Node and upon arrival on that Node, the Treasure Map item will be sent via in-game Mail. The Treasure Map will launch a special in-game Quest.

Nodes with Treasure Map Pieces: Velia, Coastal Cave, Balenos Forest, Olvia, Coastal Cliff, Imp Cave, Altar of Agris, Goblin Cave, Cron Castle Site, Cron Castle.

You can always click on the question mark icon on the left side of the Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 window to get additional information while playing the game!

▲  Press on the question mark icon on the left to get more information on Black Spirit’s Adventure 2.

Click on the icon again to close the information window when you are done.

Basic Walkthrough

When you start playing Black Spirit’s Adventure 2, you will see that when you click on a Node, you will see a menu with the possible options for that Node.

Choose from one of the options to move Black Spirit to that Node.

▲  Click on a Node to see what Black Spirit can do there.

The picture on each Node represents the possible item you can get from that Node.

If you choose Combat, you will be switched to another window and on the lower right-hand corner of that window, you will see the “Roll Dice” button. Roll the dice to see if you will be victorious.

If you have a Combat Card from Exploring another Node, you can access it from the left-hand side of the Combat window.

The difficulty of each Combat is fixed. The more difficult the Combat, the better the chance of getting a good item.

One of the following options will activate at random: Obtain Item; Combat; Special Event. Special Event includes getting cards useful for Combat as well as cards which will increase the grade of items that you can win from Combat.

By chance, Bosses (Red Nose and Giath) may appear on another Node after victory from a Combat. You can battle the Bosses only once a day. Once you defeat a boss, another boss will not appear until the next day.

Move to the relevant Node and battle it out with the Bosses!

  • Due to constant updates and changes to the game, this game guide may not reflect the current Game content and is subject to change with further notice.

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18 replies on “Black Desert Black Spirit’s Adventure 2 Guide”

I wonder about one thing & the guide doesn’t explain anything about it, what’s the point to level our black spirit? if anyone have any info regarding this plz share.

Btw I warn anyone who wanna try to fight Giath or RN that the requirements to win is crazy even 100% impossible unless you have a really good card that will reduce this requirements so don’t attempt it unless you have a good card else you will just waste your chance for nothing.

That’s why I am asking, i got an Elixir of Fury which decreases difficulty by 2. Does anybody know what are requirements to beat a difficulty 3 enemy?

just fyi, it is by no means impossible. it says Product of the dice, not the sum. Ergo 5×3=15, not 5+3=8.

“The Treasure Map will launch a special in-game Quest.”

Finished the map and no quest on my Black Spirit, where do you get it??

So… what’s the point of leveling up the black spirit? someone else asked about it but didnt get an answer, instead, ppl answered his question about fighting bosses

I am getting the idea that the level of the black spirit influences your odds of winning a combat battle. Every level I gained, I seemed to roll higher with the dice. Haven’t paid attention to the “roll an even number” ones too much, so don’t know wether or not those are also influenced, but so far I’ve had better odds with rolling higher. Then again, it’s all RNG, so might just be lucky lately.

During a Boss Fight, the window closed itself before I could roll the dice, and when I re-opened the BS Adventure, the Boss Fight is not available and it says 21:23… Fuck this fucking glitched-ass, error-filled game.

I dont understand anything at all. Some of the combat ask for 15+ dice rolls when you have a max of 12. I just lost to Red Nose when it said roll an even number. I rolled 4. I’ve collected 9+ map pieces and it says 3/4. Ive rolled higher than what monsters want to be killed and lost. What is this game?

When it asks for 15+, its asking for the product of the dices, so multiplication. When it asks for even number, it is also the product so 1 and 3 would produce an odd number. There are 4 types of map pieces in the game, you must get all 4 to complete the treasure quest, it is possible to get the same ones repeatedly.

Why doesn’t it say that anywhere .-. as far as I can tell none of this is explained and is just stupid.

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