GW2 A Bug in the System Achievements Guide

GW2 A Bug in the System Story and Sandswept Isles Map achievements guide.

Meta Achievement

Completing 35 achievements under A Bug in the System will reward you with the Mastery achievement worth 21 AP and reward you with an Olmakhan Mantle box.


Story Achievements

Tracking the Scientist

The solution for the puzzle at the end is as follows. You have to make sure that the colored squares don’t overlap.


Gate-Crasher – 1 AP

Reach the tracking network hub quickly, without provoking the Inquest. You have 5 minutes to do this so this is kinda tricky and may require multiple attempts until you learn the route. You need to avoid the Attack Drones circles while activating green gear icons that allow you to proceed deeper into the facility. In some of the later rooms you will need to activate multiple green gear icons in rapid succession to remove the red screens that block your path. The green gears become inactivated after a few seconds when the attack drones repairs them so you have to move fast. You are allowed 2 detections as the third detection will automatically put you in combat. For the first two detections you can use the dialogue options to avoid an incident.


I Make This Golem Look Good – 2 AP

Remain undetected while infiltrating the Inquest facility inside a golem. You cannot let any of the drone circles touches your golem even once. You will get an invisibility skill a bit deeper into the story instance that allow you to remain invisible while staying still. You can use this for attack drones circles later on.

You get this achievement once you have made it to the end and after you have solved the puzzle. You may have to solve the puzzle on the first try as the achievement doesn’t seem to pop up otherwise.

Talk to the Fist – 1 AP

Be combative during questioning by Inquest Guards. For this one you have to get detected by the Attack Drones. When the notification pops up, you will want to pick the sword option to fight. It appears you may need to do this twice (as in get detected by drones twice and pick the fight options twice) as the achievement doesn’t pop up the first time you pick the fight option.


The Test Subject

Drones Disabled – 2 AP

Disable the drones in lab Sigma-05. First make sure you grab the console right at the beginning of the instance that tell you that the password is password. Then you need to navigate through the first floor without letting any of the attack drones see you. Once you get past the drones, there will be a console near the elevator that allow you to deactivate the drone controls.


Inquest Redundancies – 1 AP

Defeat all of the Inquest in lab Sigma-05. This includes the small groups of Inquest on the first two floors as well as the entire room of Inquest on the 3rd floor. You have to murder all the Inquest (not including Attack Drones) for this achievement.


Inquest –Specimen Liberator 1 AP

Release the healthy control specimens from lab Sigma-05. There are four specimens on the second floor that you need to release for this achievement.


A Kindness Repaid

Cabbage Shredder – 1 AP

Arbitrarily ruin a perfectly good vegetable crop. When you start to follow the Mysterious Charr on a skimmer, use your skimmer to run over a patch of cabbage on the way. It will give you this achievement when you move across it.


Impressionable Youth – 1 AP

Convince the cubs about the way they can best help their village. When the cubs summon the Elite Olmakhan Sand Effigy, you have to becareful to not get hit by the shockwave attack from the Effigy as that can down you and disqualify you for the achievement. The easiest way is to bring a ranged weapon and just run circles around the Effigy as the shockwaves then can’t hit you and you have enough time to react. CC him when you see the CC bar pop up and avoid the circle attacks he throws out.


X-R3R-M1N-8 – 2 AP

Defeat the Mark II Beta Exterminator Golem in under 3 minutes.If you don’t have good DPS I would suggest bring a friend as the timer is a bit tight solo. The way this fight works is that the golem will summon a bunch of smaller golem adds. Killing them will cause them to drop Volatile Ley Energy you can pick up and then use special action key on the boss. You need to do this about ~3-4 times to remove the 4 stacks of Extreme Protection on the Exterminator Golem. Once all 4 stacks of Extreme Protection are removed, the Exterminator Golem will become stunned and spawn a smaller Unstable Exterminator Core. You want to use burst DPS here on the Exterminator Core as any damage % you deal to it will be transferred to the Exterminator golem. Do watch out for the explosion circle from the Exterminator Core as getting hit by it can cause the Exterminator Golem to activate early.


The Road to Rata Primus

Stimulus and Response – 2 AP

Solve the comm lab’s hive-mind experiment in only 3 steps. This is the puzzle inside Western Complex. You can do this outside the story as well so don’t worry if you failed it inside the story step.

To get there, follow the dotted line. Remember to follow the pipes from the comm tower and it will lead you to the tunnel entrance.


Once inside, you have to get past three screens with security buttons. These don’t matter for the achievement. The only annoying one is the last screen with six buttons but with enough pressing you will open the screen eventually.

Past the last screen is a room with two Branded Kraits inside. Verify that the order of buttons at the back is OFF/ON/ON/OFF, then ON/ON/ON/ON. If you don’t see that pattern, relog and come back. Now with that pattern, you need to press only three controllers for the achievement (there are four controllers from left to right so I will mark them as 1, 2, 3, 4). Make sure you wait a few seconds after pressing each controller to give the Krait time to shoot the buttons or the achievement won’t trigger. Press the controllers 1, 3, and 4, skipping the second controller and wait a few seconds after pressing each controller.


A Branded Blast – 1 AP

When you are taking the transport system in the Eastern Complex (for the Road to Rata Primus story step), there is a Branded Wyvern that will breath its fire attack from time to time. All you need to do is to get hit by this attack for the achievement. If you somehow missed it the first time, just come back to try again.


Faster Than Light – 1 AP

Activate the 4 door controls in the Invariant Enclave Lab in under 35 seconds.(you can relog to reset it if you mess up)

  1. First platform: Press red button, then blue button. Do not touch door. Portal across to 2nd platform.
  2. Second platform: Activate door, press button, run back to first platform .
  3. First Platform: Press red button and activate the door for first platform. Go through portal to 3rd platform (make sure you wait for the cannon to shoot the exit portal to 3rd platform first before jumping in through the entrance portal or it will port you back to second platform).
  4. Third platform: Activate door. Then run back to first platform, press red button, then teleport to 4th platform. Activate door.

The first platform you can run up has two controls: blue button reset entrance portal to this platform and red button turn the cannon twice to shoot out an exit portal. The other platforms have either a single blue button or a white button (you don’t need to touch).


The Charge

Inquest.Info – 1 AP

Found all the classified Inquest data in Rata Primus. There are six Confidental documents you need to acquire. Four are in the top level (marked as red circles) and two are in the bottom level that you get access to as you progress deeper into the instance (one is at the very end after you meet Gorrik). The four top ones are very easy to find since they are guarded by a group of golems. Below are the pictures of the bottom ones for reference.


Saving Skritt – 1 AP

Find Subject S in the poisonous corridor and evacuate him to the airship. You will need the new Bond of Life mastery so you can heal your mount while carrying the skritt through poisonous gas. The skritt can be found in the northern section of the map, near the bottom with the massive fire. You will see a bunch of pipes forming a tunnel leading down to a hole with green poison gas oozing out. Once you grab the skritt, hop on your springer and jump back up. Then run back to the airship with the skritt for the acheivement.


Awake End – 2 AP

Stop Commander Lonai from killing and Awakening any of the citizens of Divinity’s Reach. This can be an annoying achievement. When Lonai ports to Divinity’s Reach, you have to kill the Dying Stars she spits out ASAP as they can kill off citizens. Additionally, when she goes to Awaken a dead citizen, she will gain a break bar that you need to break ASAP to prevent any of the dead citizens from being awakened. It is best to do with a friend or two.


Collection Achievements

There are two series of Collection achievements for this episode, giving you an ascended 32 slot bag and an ascended backpack respectively.

Lasting Bonds Collection

This collection rewards you with a 32 slot ascended bag as the final reward. See guide to this series of 3 collections here.

IG-6417 Collection

This collection rewards you with an ascended backpack. However, it is timegated on the second collection and may require at least a week to complete. See the guide to the collections here.

Map Achievements

Event Achievements

Insuppressible – 3 AP

This achievement is earned by killing any of the Mark III Suppression Golems that spawns around Rata Primus. This event has multiple spawn points all around Rata Primus so it is not hard to find one of them up.


Rescue Ranger – 1 AP

Rescue all skritt for Subject S on your way to the beach. This event starts at middle of Rata Primus near the body of water. There will be an Escaped Test Subject you can talk to to start the event.


There will be two events, first to rescue Subject S and then a subsequent event to escort Subject S to the beach. Along the way are skritt cages. Open all of them and let them join Subject S for the achievement. It is okay if some of the skritt die but you need to open all the cages along the way (check for skritt cages at intersections in the tunnels as some are placed out of the way).


Stormbreak – 5 AP

This is the achievement for participating in the meta event Gathering Storms which ends in you killing the champion djinn (Zohaqan)in a cave north of Calon Islet.The meta starts at Atholma Waypoint with escorting the elders.


The Queen and I – 3 AP

This is an achievement for killing the Champion Beetle Queen. There is usually a pre-event that starts just east of Atholma around the heart where beetles will attack the livestock and you have to defend the livestock. After that event one of the NPCs will take you to the beetle nest where you will fight Abiri, the Beetle Queen.


The Specimen Chamber – 9 AP

This is an achievement that require you to do the Specimen Chamber meta a couple times at least as the Champion Simulacrum you encounter in the Specimen Chamber is random each time. Specimen Chamber meta occurs in the Western Complex inside the tunnels fairly often. You will need to wait for the seepage to drain the laser array’s power, do a defense event against 50 waves of Inquest and then you will be able to enter the Specimen Chamber, Each meta spawns two random champions and you need to kill all six at least once for the completion of this achievement.

  • Simulacrum of Jord Ironfrost
  • Simulacrum of Beyn, Scion of Thorns
  • Simulacrum of Destroyer Crematus
  • Simulacrum of Tlati, the Unchained
  • Simulacrum of Varkesh, the Branded
  • Simulacrum of Subject Beta


Three Golem Monte – 1 AP

On top of the Western Complex is a Master Examination Golem that spawns periodically with an event. Interact with it and he will spawn the Golem Eye Exam event. The event has 5 rounds and each rounds gets harder. When each round starts, a bunch of golems will lineup and one of the golems will receive a lightning strike. Remember which golem it is and then they will break formation and run to a random spot. You need to find that golem and interact with it. If you found the correct golem, you will see confetti animation. Otherwise you will get knocked back. You will need to do this correctly for all 5 rounds to receive the achievement.

The first rounds are easier due to larger and less golems but round 5 has a bunch of really tiny golems that are hard to track.


Wynern Whacker – 3 AP

Slay the champion Branded wyvern outside the Western Complex. The branded Wyvern you need to kill is Dominus Crystallum by Cerberus Watchtowers POI. Getting there is a bit tricky. The easiest way is to use the jackal sand portal atop Western Complex and then use the jump pads by foot (mounts don’t work on jump pads).


Misc Achievements

Honorary Olmakhan – 5 AP, The Hunter title

There are five Prestige hunting targets you need to kill in The Hunting Grounds area. They are on a 15-20 mins timer and are about champion level difficulty. They do have very little HP and die quick. You need to kill all 5 for the achievement and title.

  • Tufani
  • Ilani
  • Skaa
  • Ubaya
  • Feesi


Magnetic Attraction– 2 AP, Magnetic Personality title

This is a pretty fun achievement to do. Grab a Magneton Hammer and then start hitting the Magneton Capacitors in the air with your #1 skill. This will cause you to get “attracted” to the capacitor you are targeting and you will float towards it since it is low graivity. For this achievement you will need to grab 8 of the blue orbs in the space above you. So the trick is to use the #1 skill to get close or higher than the orb then use #3 skill to drop down to the ground when you are right on top of these blue orbs.


Tales of Elona – 2 AP

You will find Ewyn on a tall rock near the Hunting Grounds. Talk to him and select the option to listen to the stories of the people he lost. You will then need to interact with four rock piles for the achievement.


Bounties, Races and Adventures


Sandswept Isles Bounty Hunter – 1 AP

Complete a bounty from each bounty board location

  • Atholma Bounty Board
  • Anniogel Encampment Bounty Board


Sandswept Isles Champion Hunter – 3 AP

Defeat each champion bounty in the Sandswept Isles at least once

Atholma Bounty Board

  • Ironshell
  • Oakenscorn
  • Exterminator IG-04
  • Emogg the Soulbeast

Anniogel Encampment Bounty Board

  • Vebis the Inquisitor
  • Magneton Manipulator
  • The Prickly Pair
  • Crystalwing
  • Nepheretes

Sandswept Isles Legendary Hunter – 2 AP

Seneb the Desecrated comes from the Anniogel bounty board while Starcaller comes from the Atholma bounty board.


Race to the Finish: Olmakhan Docks – 1 AP

Score first, second or third in the race starting at Olmakhan Docks. This race is a bit buggy and sometimes it doesn’t count when you cross the finish line.


Race to the Finish: Inquest Facility –  1 AP

Score first, second or third in the race starting at Northern Complex Coves. This race uses the skimmer and you will get a special action skill during the race that allow you to boost your skimmer up in the air to reach some of the checkpoints that are higher in the air.This race is a bit buggy and sometimes it doesn’t count when you cross the finish line.


Track Record – 1 AP

Complete both the Olmakhan Docks and the Inquest Facility race.


Crystal Corral – 2 AP

Fairly easy to get gold as you only need a time of 4:30 for gold. Follow the path below and use your griffon. You can use the jump pad between #1 and #2 to get high enough to use griffon to glide to #3.


Griffon Expert – 2 AP

The course is a bit tricky since ti requires you to fly up immediately after a dive but once you get used to it, it is fairly easy to get gold at 30s. Getting to the adventure start location can be a bit tricky as the adventure is inside a cube structure in the air. It is easiest to climb the middle of Rata Primus and then run over.


Mastery Insights

There are four Mastery Insights on this map but they are all fairly easy to reach.


  • Atholma – 0:00
  • The Hunting Grounds – 1:05
  • Invariant Enclave – 2:24
  • Rata Primus – 4:32
  • I got “Stimulus and Response” (the 3 step thing) right away by accident, but for some reason my story froze up and wouldn’t proceed until I logged off and back on.

  • Joelle Jansen

    For magnetic attraction, you can do most if not all of the blue orbs with a mount as well. The blue swirly thing also levitates you as you’re mounted, so you get quite a bit of altitude to start with. I found it way easier to actually hit the orbs doing that, haha!

  • Zeric

    For the Stimulus and Response achievement you need to press in this order.

  • Rohan Shadowmane

    For the ‘faster than light’ achievement, the combo above didn’t work for me. What i figured out i could use instead is:
    Red, Blue, EnterPortal, Button, PlatformBlue, Glideback — Red, Blue, Button, EnterPortal, Button, PlatformWhite X3 — GlideBack, Red, EnterPortal, Button.

    • Rav

      The guide works fine 🙂 You just need to tap the button on 2nd platform for it to shoot a “dud” portal while the blue portal stays on 1st platform. Just did it using this guide. Worked for me fine

      • Doghouse

        No. As of today, certainly, the guide is broken. It looks to me like a bug has been fixed.

        You talk about a “dud” portal – and that’s also shown in the video. But that’s not what now happens. The button on the second platform works, shoots a new entrance portal, and removes the previous one. Meaning that there’s now no portal on the first platform for the player to go through at Step 3 – and a different solution is needed.

        • LB

          This, exactly. The button on platform 2 (the one directly across from where you start) shoots a new entrance portal, not a “dud”.

          • Doghouse

            I found out the hard way, over too many tries, that, sometimes, portals didn’t shoot. I don’t know whether that’s a bug or a feature.

      • Doghouse

        There still seems to be a bug of some sort here (or maybe it’s deliberate, or a matter of timing). I’ve noticed that the portal controls don’t ALWAYS shoot a portal for me. But I’m struggling to find a reliable sequence.

        • Doghouse

          OK – out of the story, Rohan’s “Start on the left platform” worked well for me (nice trick, because it saves the hassle of getting to that platform – which seems the hardest one to get). I also slotted the button press on the first platform into one of the Blue (Entrance Portal) resets there, to save time.

          • Doghouse again…

            (Should have said that i didn’t bother to jump on the console, and still made it it time.)

      • Any Leon

        the blue portal moved as soon as i press the button like in sec.

    • RedShade

      (oriented from the start platform facing the back) I used:
      Login or re-log on left platform, door button
      Glide to start platform: door button
      Red, Blue
      Teleport to back platform: door button
      Jump up on the platform’s control panel to very top spire
      Jump and glide to right platform: door button

      I can’t think of a faster route for now. 1 teleport and 2 glides between nearby platforms.
      The only challenge is that last jump between far back and the right platform from the top of the control panel spire, which I missed once or twice

      • Aerinndis Athyrium

        Tried the other ways and could never get it quick enough.This one worked perfectly! I practiced hopping to the top spire of the control panel a couple of times so I was sure where to hop up before I made the actual attempt. I got it first time I tried this and got the achieve. Great work around!

    • Sam

      I couldn’t do it on time like Dulfy did, so I started from 4 then I glided to 1 and did 1>2>3 like Dulfy said.
      It can be done outside the story or inside the story.
      Relog resets the thing.

    • Any Leon

      what you mean PlatformBlue? the dulfy one not work for me at all. The portal just disappear.

      • Rohan Shadowmane

        The Blue button, on the platform, after you’ve gone through a portal……

    • Rohan Shadowmane

      “Button” refers to the activation button, not any of the portal Buttons

  • Ardenwolfe

    Bless you for posting these guides!

  • Gland

    Yeah, I think you have to do the puzzle first try for “I Make This Golem Look Good”. My first time through I did everything right up until that just because I didn’t understand what the puzzle was first try. Such BS.

  • Jesse Wan

    I managed to do the Saving Skritt achievement with no Bond of Life Mastery by hopping on two sets of pipes.

  • Ares Zax

    For the Cabbage Shredder achieve, it doesn’t have to be a skimmer mount. Running over the cabbages on any mount works fine. (I did it on a Raptor.) I do not know if running over it on foot also counts.

  • Any Leon

    If “Faster than Light not working” go my way : (you can mark the south platform first)
    1. South platform : [Red] > [Blue] > enter Portal to north.
    2. North platform : Active door > [Blue] > run back south platform.
    3. West platform : Active door > [Red] > [Blue] > enter Portal to West > Active door > [White] > run back to south portal
    4. East platform : [Red] (wait till gun turn to other side)> Enter portal to East > Active door.

    • Valeria Leshchenko

      In 4), you need to press [Red] twice, as after first press it turns back to 3). Tried your way, but still couldn’t manage to do it in time (mb cause i’m playing like a potato).

    • You can use for the last jump : Experimental Teleportation Gun [&AgHPIQAA]
      This work well

    • Doghouse

      As someone pointed out in other comments on this, you can make it MUCH easier for yourself if you START your attempt on the final, hardest platform – the left-hand one as seen from the one with the controls. Work your way over there while you figure out the controls, then log out and back in again to reset the puzzle. If you now start by hitting the door button on your platform, then run/glide to the “first” one and hit the button there as well, that’s half the puzzle done – including the hardest part – before you even shoot your first gate. Now just do the other two as normal.

      • Michael Huard

        This is why I read the comments

  • forgotten zealot

    it’s branded forgotten, not krait…

  • Sam

    Did anybody received the achievement Three Golem Monte?
    I did it correctly 5 times with a group and it seems no one got it.

    • Carlos Rodrigo

      how long does the event take to start? i waited around 1 hour and it didnt start

      • Vekerur

        It has 3 different spots on the man, and they spawn in 5-10 min.

    • Vekerur

      I got it, but only for the third time, even if i did the prev. 2 attemts right too.

    • Carlos Rodrigo

      finally i got 5 golems in the event but it didnt give the achivament. i think there is a bug

    • Ardenwolfe

      Same. Got all five the first time and no achievement. 🙁

    • Carlos Rodrigo


  • Dani Riedell

    Hi Dulfy!
    For Inquest.Info, there’s actually seven documents to find, four up on the top and three on the other levels. 🙂

    • Nope there is only 6. I did this multiple times and helped some friends doing it, always 6

    • godsie

      I found 7 too

      • The achievement marker thingie will say you got 7 since it counts the first one as 2 for some reason.

  • Asket

    You don’t need Mastery for Saving Skritt.

    Just run on the pipe that starts near skritt’s safe zone and you can make it.

  • Raizel

    Griffon expert but no Griffon master? This sounds strange.

  • Nicci Costin

    Each new map has presented a jumping puzzle, has anyone found one for the isles yet?

    • Ardenwolfe

      As far as we know, there is none this time.

      • DD

        Istan didn’t have a jp too.

    • There’re many pressing puzzle game! LOL

  • Benjamin Schultz

    hey, i wanna do the achivements for the “Road to Rata Primus” story part but dont know what story star on the map i need to use. There is no story star with this name on the map

    • Urud

      Those achievements are in the open world, you don’t need to complete them inside the story. Just go inside the lab and play with the buttons.

  • MithranAkanere

    The video and guide for Faster than Light are utterly wrong. As always, nobody will edit this to fix that. In the video pressing the second blue control will not make it shoot the blue portal. So it was a video recorded when this was bugged.

    This is the way to do it ASAP without map reload trickery:

    1. West platform (first one): Press Blue arrow, press Red. Enter Portal.

    2. East platform: Press Blue, press Door button. Go back to west platform.
    3. West platform. Press Red arrow, press Door button, press Blue. Enter Portal.

    4. North platform. Press White arrow, press Door button. Go back o west platform.
    5. West platform, Press red arrow, enter portal.

    6. South platform. Press door button.

  • Jerry Aethers

    For the Three Golem Monte, there are three locations:

    My experience with this is as follows:
    The North location tends to spawn most often.
    The South East location spawns the second most often.
    The North West location spawns the least often.

    When I completed the Examination, solo, correctly choosing each golem on the first try, I was awarded the Achievement.

    I frequently caught the Examination Golem waiting at the North location for someone to start the examination event.

  • Doomer1

    So as many know the backpack can’t be completed because the Fishing event is bugged and has been shut down by the developers. The update on Tuesday 3/20/18 didn’t apply a fix to it, so hopefully we will see an update to that event next Tuesday. Forums have quite a few posts on this, figued it was worth sharing here if people were unaware.

  • Kissa

    Anyone get a glitch in “Stop assault on Gorricks lab”? Everything is killed but the doors won’t open for me!

    • Lya

      Did you figure this out Kissa? I have the same problem.. going to chuck myself off a bridge….. in game of course.. 😮

      • Kissa

        No, I just had to restart and redo the entire instance. 🙁

        • Lya

          Thanks for replying. Yeah I did that too 😡

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